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A selection of albums from the near future available to pre-order with us now, hand-selected by a couple of our resident musos. 
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Agnes Obel

Myopia is the fourth album by the exceptional Berlin-based Danish singer / songwriter Agnes Obel. It is her first album in three years following 2016’s Citizen Of Glass. With a voice that most people would kill for, on Myopia, Obel explores themes of trust and doubt. Features the single Island Of Doom.
  • Vinyl LP (4837175)
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Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto
Two (Live at Sydney Opera House)

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Sarah Records put out a few classic indie records in their time by artists such as The Field Mice and The Orchids. Unisex, the second album by Reading three-piece, Blueboy, was no exception. This is the first vinyl reissue since its original 1994 release. After a bunch of singles and three albums the band went their separate ways joining bands such as Arabesque, Lovejoy and Another Sunny Day.
  • Vinyl LP (ACOLOUR014)

Tunes 2011 - 2019

Most of Burial’s output in the years since his game-changing LP altogether in one place. What’s not to like? There’s nothing new on ‘Tunes 2011-2019’, with the man who is maybe-possibly known to his mates as William Emmanuel Bevan selecting his favourite tunes from his excellent EP run of the past eight years. It’s interesting charting the progression of Burial’s music over the time-period, with his greyscale garage sound expanded to incorporate drone and dark ambient influences but still staying true to the project’s root style. ‘Tunes 2011-2019’ represents the first time some of these tunes have been released on CD.
  • CD (HDBCD048)

Donato Dozzy

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Guerilla Toss
What Would The Odd Do?

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Ghost Rider

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Pod Blotz
Transdimensional System

The creative outlet for Suzy Poling for 17 years and which has spawned a career that’s racked up well over two dozen vinyl and cassette albums, Transdimensional System is the latest outpouring from Pod Blotz. Intricately composed using samples collected from the Vintage Synthesizer Museum in California, and topped off with remarkable vocals. 
  • Vinyl LP (DAIS145LPC2)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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  • Vinyl LP (DAIS145LP)

Sandra Kerr & John Faulkner
The Music From Bagpuss

Hello all 40+ somethings out there. You'll remember big saggy 70s cloth cat Bagpuss from your favourite childhood television show and the beautifully constructed folk soundtrack it snored around? Brings back memories doesn't it? Well the soundtrack actually works as a lovely album even without the nostalgia associated with the cat and now you can get it on a wonderful Christmas present-ready 'shop window' edition vinyl or book back CD with all your favourite slightly hip people talking about the album in an accompanying book. Wake up, and look at this thing that I bring! 
  • CD (EARTHCD033X)

Squirrel Flower
I Was Born Swimming

Ella O’Connor Williams presents her debut album under her Squirrel Flower alter ego, a persona she adopted as a child. Having grown up surrounded by music, the 23 year old’s debut album I Was Born Swimming is another gem from the same kind of creative fountainhead that produced Soccer Mommy, Julien Baker and Frankie Cosmos. 
  • Vinyl LP (FTH366LP)

Tame Impala
The Slow Rush

“I’m being swept by this notion of time passing,” Kevin Parker explained to the New York Times about his new Tame Impala album earlier in 2019. “There’s something really intoxicating about it.” That preoccupation is at the centre of The Slow Rush, due for release on Valentine’s Day 2020 and 11 whole months after we got the first taste of new music ‘Borderline’ earlier this year. One of the most anticipated indie releases of recent years!
  • Vinyl Double LP (7757956)
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  • CD (7757960)
  • Vinyl Double LP (3521051)
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Following their first well-received collaboration way back in 2012, one which has had an incredible amount of influence on the sound of seven years of pop, dance music luminaries Hudson Mohawke and Lunice finally get together once more for their second TNGHT EP. Simply titled II and fronted by the excellent new single ‘Dollaz’, it seeks to have the same effect as its beloved predecessor. 
  • Vinyl 12" (WAP434LM)

Sorry To Bother You (Original Score)

Sorry To Bother You is a sci-fi dark comedy directed by Boots Riley. It stars Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson along with Terry Crews, Patton Oswalt, David Cross and Armie Hammer. The score is written and performed by Tune Yards. The film has a soundtrack by Californian hip-hop group The Coup. The difference being that the characters can’t hear the score but can hear the soundtrack, according to director Riley.
  • Vinyl LP (4AD0155LPE)
  • Limited edition

The Future Of What

Unwound were a post-hardcore trio from Olympia, Washington. The band released 8 albums in 10 years between 1991 and 2001. The Future of What was their fourth album was released in 1995 and came during their most productive period that saw them release 4 albums in two years. Excellent classic ‘90s shouty guitar stuff. 
  • Vinyl LP (NUM1293LP)
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Mind Hive

Mind Hive is the new album by post-punk legends Wire. It follows on from their critically acclaimed 2017 album, Silver / Lead. That album left fans and critics believing the band had found the form of their late ‘70s heyday. Mind Hive may well have improved on that - and there’s the enticing prospect of one song, Be Like Them, featuring lyrics written in 1977 which were recently rediscovered. 
  • Vinyl LP (PF25LP)
  • Vinyl LP (PF25LP2)
  • Indies-only

Ø (Mika Vainio)

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