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Stray is the fourth album by New York-based post punk band Bambara. The theme of the album is death, set to a pummeling, brooding and atmospheric soundscape. They have toured with IDLES and 6 Music DJ Steve Lamacq is advocate. All you really need to know though is that their drummer is called Blaze.

Ben Frost
Catastrophic Deliquescence (Music from Fortitude 2015-2018)

Mute presents Catastrophic Deliquescence, a double white-vinyl release that collects together the original soundtrack work that Ben Frost composed for Sky Atlantic’s critically praised crime drama ‘Fortitude’, which ran for three seasons from 2015 to 2018. The Australian’s signature mixes of industrial and ambient music perfectly heightened the senses for the tension of the drama itself. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (STUMM167)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Craven Faults
Lowfold Reworks

Have you collected all three of the Craven Faults 12"s? Well you should have especially if you like beautifully rural organic synth patterns. Maybe this will get you started. A remix 12" featuring Pye Corner Audio, Don't DJ and President Bongo reworking tracks from the trilogy. Immersive nighttime listening guaranteed. 

Garcia Peoples
One Step Behind

Consisting of just two tracks, one of which is the astonishing 32-minute title song, One Step Behind sees Garcia Peoples release their third studio album in just over 18 months. The album’s ingenuity is down to the group’s two songwriters, Tom Malach and Danny Arakaki, who show how many influences and themes they’re able to contain in one structure and still keep it coherent. 

Have A Nice Life
Sea of Worry

Cheers. Same to you. Have A Nice Life are an industrial doom band worried for all our futures. Their third album sees the duo deep in the Sea of Worry they titled the album after asking themselves the 'what if we all die?' type questions that haunt us all. Their music has a beautiful hazy ebb and flow to it though that does help soothe the listener whilst they worry about everything. 

Holy Fuck

Deleter is the fifth album by Canadian Electronica band with the naughty name, Holy Fuck.The album goes from reletively minimal sounds to rapturous crescendo via krautrock’s motorik beats to deep house. Features guest performances from Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor, Angus Andrew of Liars and Nick Allbrook from Aussie band Pond.

琹の葉 kotonoha

Sold out - sorry!

Makaya McCraven
In The Moment (Deluxe Edition)

In The Moment by Makaya McCraven was more successful than anticipated upon its initial release in 2015 meaning the first pressing disappeared pretty quickly. Giles Peterson made it his album of the week and several US publications made it their album of the year. This is the first repressing of the Paris-born jazz drummer’s sophomore release since 2015, expanded to a 3LP set.

Pictish Trail
Thumb World

Scottish producer Johnny Lynch prepares the release of his eighth album as Pictish Trail, following four years on from his Scottish Album of the Year-winning Future Echoes. Probably his weirdest and most collaborative work yet, Thumb World was forged alongside visual artist Swatpaz, a process that had them both imagining that the music was taking place in a retro ‘80s arcade game world. 
  • Vinyl LP (FIRELP558X)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Last copy

Scott Walker

Contrary to what it may seem, ‘Tilt’ was not a complete shift in trajectory for the former pop star Scott Walker. Prior to its release in 1995, Walker had spent years finding ever more oblique methods to communicate his ideas, however, is undoubtedly true that ‘Tilt’ was his most daringly realised attempt yet. Desolate, ardently experimental, but also beautiful, a pathway which would lead to later opuses such ‘The Drift’, ‘Bish Bosch’, and ‘Soused’ - his collaborative LP with drone metal legends Sunn o))) .  
  • Vinyl Double LP (7798546)
  • £24.49 £18.99 (saving: £5.50)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Shit & Shine

YES YES YES YES it's another album from prolific Texan auteur Shit and Shine. Who knows what exact style it will be in this time but we're sure noise and electronics will feature as will slightly unsavoury song titles no doubt. It's on a delicious looking reverse card sleeve with what could be a balloon on the front. Just 300 copies so snap it up if you want to complete your collection.  

The Durutti Column

Sold out - sorry!

Songs Of Consumption

English psychedelic/shoegaze/krautrock act Toy are coming up to a decade in their existence, and, following the critical acclaim that greeted their fourth album Happy In The Hollow back in January this year, they turn to the songs that inspired them for this eight-track covers album, Songs of Consumption. It includes tracks from diverse artists such as The Troggs, Serge & Charlotte Gainsbourg and Nico. They got the idea from the 7” bonus single of covers that accompanied the Dinked and Rough Trade versions of Happy In The Hollow, and three of those are included here. 

Ty Segall
Pig Man Lives, Volume 1: Demos 2007-2017

If Ty Segall hasn't released enough music already then it's now time for the 4LP demos retrospective. This collection contains 47 sketches that became albums such as Manipulator and Freedom Goblin and is sequenced randomly so you fly back and forth in time. Seriously he's going to bankrupt his loyal fanbase at this rate.  


Justin Broadrick (Godflesh/Jesu/JK Flesh) and Kevin Martin (The Bug/King Midas Sound) got together to form Zonal. The pair had previously collaborated as Techno Animal. On Wrecked, Zonal mix bass, dub, noise and drone to make a gargantuan album of slowly corroding, brooding, shady sounds. A match made in heaven; Moor Mother brings lyrical fire to half the cuts.