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(Sandy) Alex G

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94 East
The Cookhouse 5

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Abdou El Omari
Nuits D' Ete

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Abdou El Omari
Nuits D' Ete Avec Naima Samih

Radio Martiko kicked things off with a reissue of Moroccan organ-composer Abdou El Omari’s 1976 LP Nuits D' Ete. With their second release they’re going one better - Nuits D' Ete Avec Naima Samih, a previously-unreleased collection of El Omari stuff. Some of this LP was made alongside the singer Naima Samih. Psychedelic north African Farfisa magic.

Abdou El Omari
Nuits De Printemps

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Abram Shook
The Neon Machine

Hailing from Austin, Texas, musician Abram Shook looks like he’s been beamed in from some alternative version of 2019 where the Seventies never ended, judging by the cover to fourth album The Neon Machine, but his Prince/Bowie party riffs and modern beats make his music some of the most loveable out there. 

A Beacon In The Husk

Dark ambient death metal? That’s what Profound Lore are calling it. This example is the latest from UK outfit Abyssal, marking their fourth album and quite an upping of the ante. A Beacon In The Husk is bigger, harsher and perhaps even proggier (check out the cover art) than anything they’ve done before.

AJ Pain

ACC Records gears up for its first release of brand new (i.e. non-archival) music from Bulgarian-born producer Stan Iordanov, a.k.a. AJ Pain. Described as “executive information music”, U-Heads is a seven-track album envisaging an alternative existence for industrial music, filtered through club soundscapes. 

Akiko Haruna

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Alberto Baldan Bembo
L'Amica Di Mia madre

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Albrecht La'Brooy

Albrecht La’Brooy is Australian electronic duo Sean La’Brooy and Alex Albrecht. Their new album of improvised gentle ambient sounds, Healesville, was recorded in a mud brick hut among a field of growing strawberries in Melbourne. The hut provided acoustically warm environment for the pair to make their music. At times, you can hear tractors and strawberry pickers talking on the recordings.  

Trembling Eyelids EP

An EP of cinematic indie-pop from Brazilian duo Aldo here. Trembling Eyelids is full of that sort of anthemic, chest-swelling bedroom songwriting that has worked so well for the likes of Hot Chip and Metronomy down the years. There’s also a slightly hypnagogic vibe to cuts like Trembling Eyelids’ title-track that will please fans of Ariel Pink and Johnny Jewel.

Alice Coltrane

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Alice Coltrane

Significant changes in Alice Coltrane’s life happened in 1977, the year Transcendence was released. She became a Swamini, teaching Hindu and began performing and recording devotional chants. It does mean she more-or-less left jazz behind, but there's some bluesy organ on here! This was one of two LPs she released that year. Reissue LP on Antactica Starts Here.

Alice Coltrane
Radha-Krsna Nama Sankirtana

Alice Coltrane changed her life in 1977 and became a Swamini, teaching the Hindu religion. This also marked a change in her music. She released two albums in one year, Radha-Krsna Nama Sankirtana was one of them. It saw her embracing devotional music and running with it. Reissue LP on Antarctica Starts Here.

Alice Coltrane

Alice Coltrane mixed a whole load of influences into her music. She was inspired by the music of India, R&B, gospel and spiritual. On her 1976 album, Eternity, she throws classical into the mix with a spellbinding album closer Spring Rounds, is her version of Stravinsky’s The Rite Of Spring. LP on Antarctica Starts Here.

Amato & Adriani
Presence Du Futur

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Ambien Baby
En Transito

Ambien Baby, named after the US sleeping pill….a baby, are a collaboration between two Vancouver-based producers, D Tiffany AKA Sophie Sweetland and NAP. El Transisto is a compilation album charting the progression of the dance duo from their inception in 2015 to 2019. Their mini LP come via RAMZi's label FATi Records.

Anthony Reynolds
A Painter’s Life

A Painter’s Life, the latest solo LP from former Jack And Jacques member Anthony Reynolds, is an album as rich and romantic as its title suggests. This is a glorious set of indie show-tunes that blends the stately swagger of Richard Hawley with avant-garde flourishes and some nice chamber-pop orchestration. The resulting record will end up plugging the You Are The Quarry-shaped hole in your life now that Morrissey has spoiled it for the rest of us. A Painter’s Life features contributions from Japan’s Robert Dean, Dub War’s Richard Glover and 60ft Dolls’ Carl Bevan to name but three.


Electronica maestro Tristan Douglas brings his third studio album under his Antwood moniker to the Planet Mu imprint. Delphi tells the story of the romantic adventures, triumphs and disappointments of the titular central character (who was co-created with Douglas’ girlfriend Olivia Dreisinger) through the use of a repeated musical motif.
  • Vinyl LP (ZIQ408)
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Arctic Monkeys
My Propeller

My Propeller was initially taken from the Arctic Monkeys third album Humbug. It showcases the darker sound of the album as the Sheffield scamps started to grow up and explore more mature territories. What it lacks in tunefulness it makes up in a kind of brooding intensity. 7" re-press on Domino with Joining the Dots on t'other side. 

Arctic Monkeys
The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala

The oddly titled The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala was a track taken from Arctic Monkeys fourth album Suck It and See. It's a melodic treat of a song on an album that has sometimes been accused of being too hard edged. Lots of lyrical twists and turns and stadium-ready rock here. The only downside is that the B side features Miles Kane. 
  • Vinyl 7" (RUG422)
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Ariel Kalma
Nuits Blanches au Studio 116

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Realm Of The Infinite

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Becoming Real
Mist Face

After a few years out of the spotlight Becoming Real returns with another set of future-forward dancefloor experiments. The Mist Face EP sees the one born Toby Ridler doing what he does best - alchemising grime, minimal techno, sadboy hip-hop and other styles into seven Fade To Mind-esque club constructions. Nguzunguzu, Murlo and Mr. Mitch are the sort of related artists you’re working with on Mist Face.
  • Vinyl LP (LEX137EP)
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Ben Klock
Before One

Before One, logically enough, is the immediate precursor to Ben Klock’s full-length album One. You know Ben Klock, and you know his reliable brand of big-room Berlin techno: endlessly compelling for the body, and sometimes even the mind. What a pro. Re-pressed 12” on Berghain’s Ostgut Ton label.


Weed-obsessed stoner rock band, Bongzilla, originally released their debut album, Stash, in 1999. On its 20th anniversary, a reissue seems quite appropriate. The album contains all the downtuned riffage you could want plus lyrics about smoking weed, bongs and weed in general. Don’t do drugs, kids, but you can listen to Bongzilla.

Methods For Attaining Extreme Altitudes

Bongzilla are a stoner rock/heavy metal band from Madison, Wisconsin. They formed in the mid-90s and are now back together following a 6 year break. Methods For Attaining Extreme Altitudes was their debut EP, originally released in 1998. The EP's three tracks clock in at an impressive total of 25 minutes. Rock on!


French-born and Berlin-based producer Pauline Canavesio - a.k.a. BORA - attempts to define the indefinable through music on her latest album Noyée (meaning ‘Drown’) which she describes as “an attempt on existence”. At times it is tempestuous and roiling with emotion, at others calm and contemplative. 
  • Vinyl LP (FTR6LP)
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Burning House

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Buzz Kull

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Chris Gantry

Check it out, someone found a new way to refer to Nashville in their album title: Nashlantis! Amazing. Nashlantis belongs to veteran country songwriter Chris Gantry, who here treats us to the benefit of his five decades of rich experience. He gets respect from the new guard too, with guest vocals from Edith Frost and big Bill Callahan on here. Out on Drag City.

Chris Rivers

'G.I.T.U.' stands for Greatest in the Universe which is what we presume Chris Rivers thinks either he or his new album is. Rivers may be confident but so far his career has been in the shadow of his dad Big Pun,famous for his work with Fat Joe and the Terror Squad. It's time then for Chris to step out from the shadows of his father and tell the story of his life experiences so far.  

Cold Showers
Love and Regret

Los Angeles-based shoegaze/punk merchants Cold Showers deliver a re-pressing of their 2012 debut album Love and Regret, coming in tandem with the release of their third studio effort Motionless in 2019. Infused with melodies alongside their angular soundscapes, it’s an appropriate time to revisit an influential debut. 

The Sisters

Before Chris Martin and Co. vied for world domination with the likes of U2 and….oh some other bands. Before the thought of marrying Hollywood superstars, let alone consciously uncoupling from them, had entered Mr. Martin’s head, Coldplay released a double 7” EP called Brothers & Sisters. Now it’s being reissued by Fierce Panda as two 7” singles. This one is The Sisters and features the songs 'Brothers & Sisters' and 'Only Superstition'. 
  • Vinyl 7" (ning424B)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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The Brothers

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Ocean Hug

A seemingly innocuous side-project from Speedy Ortiz’s Andy Molholt and Ava Luna’s Julian Fader which began at a performing arts summer camp, Coughy is one of the most wildly creative and fluid bands in recent memory. Ocean Hug is their ridiculously fertile debut album released a few months back, and it gets a limited edition white vinyl issue. 
  • Vinyl LP (JNR294LPC1)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Christ - The Album

Now even Crass get the luxury boxset treatment. However there's a catch as this was released as a box set first time round  - always ahead of their time this lot. Christ- The Album was their fourth album originally released in 1982 and it contained one disc of new material and a further album containing a live show. The fact that it took a year to record had a profound effect on the band as they realised that such a gestation period would render their political statements dated. Further recordings were made quickly with a more back to basics approach but this is the one they sweated over. 

Davide Luciani
Calming Counts

Calming Counts by Davide Luciani explores various sounds from noise, rock, drone and minimal music. Luciani is an electronic producer, based in Berlin, with a background in the Italian noise-rock scene. Both his previous and current work have influenced the sounds on this recording. The cover was illustrated by epic Swedish musician Anna von Hausswolff - don’t know how this affects the music, but at least it shows he has friends in high places.  

A Bridge Between Lovers

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Dennis Young
Portastudio Ambient Tapes

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Der Blutharsch / Skullflower
Angel of Darkness

Fresh from their recent controversy, UK noise mongers Skullflower hook up with Austrian kraut-rockers Der Blutharsch for a joint album of dark psychedelia. Originally released on a quickly sold out cassette tape, this is an eyeball melting sunburst yellow and red coloured vinyl edition on Dead Seed Productions.    

Dude York

Dude York’s second LP for Hardly Art - third if you count a Christmas album they made back in 2017 - finds the Seattle trio rockin’ harder than ever before. Falling is an album full of great grungy chugs and pretty, melodic and very pop-punk vocals. The press release says Falling would do well ‘sandwiched between Jimmy Eat World and Third Eye Blind’ on alternative radio - wouldn’t we all eh?

Dylan Moon
Only The Blues

Dylan Moon is the perfect name for someone who makes music like this. Only The Blues, the Californian artist’s debut LP, is a set of dreamy bedroom guitar pieces. The manner in which Moon’s quiet voice dips in and out of the textures here is pitched somewhere between Arthur Russell, Nick Drake and R.E.M. - which is to say that Only The Blues is a lovely listen.


Alexandra Drewchin’s Eartheater project continues to go from strength to strength, but it’s her 2015 debut album Metalepsis that gets a re-issue treatment courtesy of Hausu Mountain. Four years later, it’s still striking, like a seriously avant-garde take on the bucolic work of Seventies English folk artists. 

Electric Moon

Recorded on an emotional evening in Feldkirch, Austria, in 2018 by German acid-rock act Electric Moon, Hugodelia is one of the greatest live albums this tight-knit group has ever produced. Over a dozen albums’ worth of experience in generating intricately woven yet unpretentious psychedelia has gone into a mesmerising performance! 

Speicher 110

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Fabio Orsi
Each Day Moon Tide

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Flame 2 (Burial & The Bug)
Dive / Rain

Next instalment of dream collaboration between night bus dweller Burial and bass bin enthusiast The Bug as Flame (2). Released on The Bug's Kevin Martin's Pressure imprint, these two bass music heavyweights again collide for two more blurry dubbed out highly atmospheric tracks that are sure not to disappoint fans of either artist. 

The Journey

FRAME, a project by Andrea Benedetti and Eugenio Vatta are all about the particular atmosphere of a movie theatre, and have since 1992 been creating powerfully evocative soundscapes to that effect for audiences. Here in front of us we have the FRAME sound distilled into album form. The Journey is released by Glacial Movements.

Francis Lung
A Dream Is U

Genuinely warm and beautiful pop ballads from ex WU LYF man Francis Lung. Gone are the barely contained chaos and snarls of his past life and in its place is A Dream Is U, something almost... comforting. Captures that pleasant pastoral psychedelia the Beatles occasionally reached for. On Memphis Industries.

Friendly Fires

In the eight years after indie/dance band Friendly Fires' album Pala, there was very little activity. Then suddenly they released a couple of singles and started playing live shows. The cat is now out of the bag and fans will be delighted to hear that album No.3, Inflorescent, is here. It was produced by the band and others including Disclosure. 
  • Vinyl LP (7754155)
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  • Vinyl LP (7754158)
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Gabríel Ólafs
Absent Minded

Discovered on a televised Icelandic talent show at the age of just 19, composer and pianist Gabríel Ólafs was snapped up by One Little Indian. Later this month, he releases his first studio album Absent Minded, which the musician himself describes as “a score to a non-existent film”. 

Galya Bisengalieva
EP Two

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Gender Roles

Gender Roles are a group from Brighton with colourful hair who blend pop-punk and post-hardcore. This is a set of traits that sets them squarely in the middle of ‘Bands That Big Scary Monsters Should Sign’ venn-diagram. BSM have done just that, snapping up the trio for the release of their debut LP PRANG. Some of it’s quiet, some of it’s loud. Some of it sounds like Blakfish, some of it sounds like early Biffy Clyro.

About Work The Dancefloor

About Work The Dancefloor by Georgia is euphoric electro-pop that defines the ecstacy of dancing the night, and the early morning, away. It mirrors Georgia’s own experiences with club culture and showcases her ability to blend her influences into a concise dancefloor banger. Includes a remix by The Black Madonna. On Domino.

Started Out

Georgia is a woman who makes electronic music. Started Out shows the influence of the Chicago house scene of the ‘80s and ‘90s on her music. She used a bunch of kit that the likes of Frankie Knuckles and Mr. Fingers used - 909 drum machines, analogue synths and the like. This 12” includes a remix by Tuff City Kids. On Domino.

Heaven is Humming

Finally arriving a frustrating three years after their immensely promising debut EP Dusk of Punk, it’s time for the first full-length album from Los Angeles’ experimental rockers Goon. Heaven Is Humming takes very familiar sounds from the annals of punk and indie but makes them into something elemental. 

Harry Bertoia
Experimental I / Mechanical I

A project endeavouring to resurrect the archive of Harry Bertoia’s groundbreaking work with his Sonambient label, Experimental I / Mechanical I presents some entirely unheard work from his vaults, and is so titled because of the nature of the songs selected. CD edition includes bonus track ‘Long Sounds’. 


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Henrik Lindstrand

Henrick Lindstrand’s latest solo work, Nattresan, is deep, thoughtful and sweet-sounding in equal measure. The Swedish composer and musician recorded the album during the wee small hours in his Copenhagen studio. The serenity of his suburban surroundings are reflected in the sounds Lindstrand has committed to tape. 

Herdís Stefánsdóttir
The Sun Is Also A Star (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Sun Is Also A Star. Can’t argue with that, I suppose. Ry Russo-Young roped in East Of My Youth’s Herdís Stefánsdóttir to score his adaptation of Nicola Yoon’s young adult novel. The Icelandic artist delivered Russo-Young a set of contemporary classical chamber compositions with a strong whiff of Ólafur Arnalds to them. Here they are, rent away from the screen and pressed onto vinyl.

Himesh Patel
Yesterday (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Imagine that The Beatles were wiped from history. Everyone had forgotten they existed, apart from you, and you were the only person to remember all of their songs. You might be able to make a bob or two. That’s the premise of the new film, Yesterday, written by Richard Curtis and Directed by Danny Boyle. And here’s the soundtrack, you’ll probably know some of the songs, performed here by Himesh Patel.
  • Vinyl Double LP (7785019)
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The Unforgiving Current

Manchester-based songwriter Ryan Kennedy was inspired by his recent move to Tokyo on his fourth Horsebeach album The Unforgiving Current. The lonely, nocturnal travelogue feel of the record expresses that indescribable sense of loneliness that, weirdly, only comes in extremely populous city centres. 

Mediterranean Winds

London producer J-Walk returns his third album 'Mediterranean Winds', another suite of tracks that specifically aims to capture the feel of a particular time and place. But what time and what place? If only he'd left some clues... With sonics inspired by the soundtrack works of Brian Eno and Vangelis, it never loses the soulful bent of its creator. 

Ja Wan Koo
The Villainess (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Villainess is a critically acclaimed South Korean action thriller directed by Jung Byung-Gil. The film takes inspiration from films such as Kill Bill, Nikita and South Korean classic, Oldboy. The soundtrack is by Ja Wan Koo who has also written soundtracks for Proof Of Innocence, Cheese In The Trap and Duck Town. 

You Know

Spotlight-shy rock drummer, Jake Waltzman, plied his trade in a number of Magic City - that’s Birmingham, Alabama - bands such as Vulture Whale, Ham Bagby and The Wes McDonald Plan. He’s now rebranded himself as Jaco and become less shy, getting front and centre to blast out some indie rock and power pop grooves on his new album, You Know.
  • Vinyl LP (CCR34LP)
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Jay-Jay Johanson

Accompanying four-track 12” single release to go with Jay-Jay Johanson’s new studio album Kings Cross. Boasts exclusive Jeanne Added duet ‘Fever’, album tracks ‘Heard Somebody Whistle’ and ‘Not Time Yet’, plus a bonus dub version of ‘Not Time Yet’. Given his Nordic upbringing, it should be no surprise to hear his vocals have been described as "melancholic".
  • Vinyl 12" (29MU025)
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Jeff Mills
The Director's Cut Chapter 4

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Jenna Sutela
nimiia vibié

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Joshua Sabin

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Julee Cruise
The Voice of Love

This was the second Julee Cruise album following on from the hugely successful 'Floating Into the night' (which featured the classic Twin Peaks theme 'Falling'). This album contained further collaborations with David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti and translated some of their score-based material into more song-based compositions. 

Junior Loves
Banner / Nore

A highly limited-edition 10” vinyl edition of AA-sided single ‘Banner / Nore’ from London-based musician and producer Junior Loves. The two tracks form a brace of no-nonsense club bangers, each featuring a companion alternative version, along with hand-drawn artwork adorning the front cover. 

K15 & SMBD
Earth State EP

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Next to The Sun

Kaina Castillo, born in Chicago but whose Guatemalan and Venezuelan heritage is evident in her pulsating music, has taken three years of strong EPs and singles to get to the release of her debut full-length album Next To The Sun. Exploring ideas of identity through Latin-influenced R&B joints, it could be one of the year’s finest debuts! 

Kashmere Stage Band
Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974

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Keith Emerson & Goblin
The Church

In which the fairly proggy Italian group Goblin team up with the extremely proggy Keith Emerson to soundtrack a Dario Argento horror flick. Dating from 1989, Emerson takes the film’s title La Chiesa (The Church) literally, by sticking mostly to a huge-sounding church organ. 
  • Vinyl LP (DW138)
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Kevin Hufnagel & Natasha Kermani
Imitation Girl (Original Soundtrack)

The soundtrack to last year’s curious film Imitation Girl, directed by Natasha Kermani and co-scored with Kevin Hufnagel, is as strange and otherworldly as the movie itself. Concerning a girl who mysteriously materialises in the middle of a desert, it’s constructed from lonely guitar work and alien soundscapes. 
  • Vinyl LP (BWR032LP)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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Kutcha Butcha

Kutcha Butcha is the solo project of Sebastian Rochford, the remarkable drummer behind outfits like Acoustic Ladyland and Polar Bear. NDYA is 100% Rochford (he produced and mixed it too), and features an international range of sounds from this ever-inventive sound producer. Out on Half Baked Bread Records.

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
Butterfly (Original Series Soundtrack)

Butterfly was aired on ITV in 2018. It is about the family of a young girl who realises she is a trans girl. Stranger Things score composers Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein were asked to score the three-part drama given their ability to bring out natural, human qualities in the electronic music. Dixon & Stein also play in the band S U R V I V E.
  • Vinyl LP (LSINV216LP)
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Lala Lala

Lala Lala is the recording moniker of songwriter Lillie West from Chicago. She only decided to embark on a career as a musician back in 2014. Her debut album, Sleepyhead, followed two years later. It’s lo-mid-fi indie rock with melodies that will get stuck in your head with ease and a slacker-ish stomp that will remind you of many ‘90s US bands. 

Liam Gallagher
One of Us

Please please please pleeeeeeeeeease let this new Liam Gallagher single be a cover of ABBA’s heartbreak anthem ‘One Of Us’. Can you imagine - the man with a fork, in his world of soup, belting out one of Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid’s most achingly beautiful compositions. I mean, it’s not going to be - the writing credits alone tell us that 'One Of Us' is an LG original - but that’s not going to stop us dreaming. England expects.
  • Vinyl 7" (0190295397920)
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Lina Tullgren
Free Cell

A significant expansion on the aesthetics of her ambitious 2017 debut album Won, Lina Tullgren could win a much bigger fanbase with her sophomore effort Free Cell. Dynamic and tense, while retaining the elements of introversion and reflection that made her debut so acclaimed, Captured Tracks have got themselves another real diamond. 

Line Spectrum

Line Spectrum is the latest boundary-pushing sonic exploration project from Ukranian, Oleg Puzan. Bruma is slowly evolving minimalism - so minimal in places that there are silent passages - that encapsulates field recordings and manipulated sounds. This will take you to a place where nature and tranquility are one and the same. Puzan has also released records as Dronny Darko via Cryo Chamber.


Logg is Leroy Burgess, aka the Godfather of Boogie and member of '70s Harlem R&B group, Black Ivory. This eponymous album, originally released in 1981, is regarded as one of the greatest post-disco albums ever made. It’s a breezy masterclass in tight, funky bass and cosmic synth sounds. On Be With.


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Second Process

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Odds Against Us

In 2018 Martyn suffered from a heart attack in his studio. He managed to take that horrific moment and channel it into Odds Against Us, a record that draws from drum'n'bass to gqom, and from post-dubstep to UKG. Despite all the touch stones, Martyn is much less married to BPMs than those genres can be across these three tracks.


A collision of techno and minimalist classical music, Masks - a New York duo consisting of Patricia’s Max Ravitz and Arp’s Alexis Georgopoulos - deliver their bluntly titled second effort EP2. Constructed from live performances and without overdubs, the EP consists of three original cuts and a Bookworms remix of ‘In This Room’. 
  • Vinyl 12" (ST013)
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Michael Donnelly
Why So Mute, Fond Lover?

Michael Donnelly is an experimental electronic musician making sound collages from 'broken gear and household appliances'. Although this sounds like a rather ramshackle affair, the end-product promises to be something magical. Having learned his chops in the band Rothko, Donnelly has decided to plough his own furrow on this particular project. Expect strange timbres and immersive sounds. 

Miles Atmospheric

Miles Atmospheric AKA Miles Sagnia makes techno that smacks you around the chops whilst simultaneously putting its arm around you. His new 4 track EP, Sky Healer, he produces four soundscapes to lose yourself in. He has previously released records through A.R.T., Finale Sessions and Atmospheric Existence Recordings, the latter being his own label.
  • Vinyl 12" (FS020)
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Mini Mansions
Guy Walks Into A Bar…

Five years after their self-titled album surprised many a critic, sounding completely unlike what you’d expect a QOTSA side-project to sound like, Mini Mansions deliver a follow-up. Guy Walks Into A Bar… sees the Queens’ bassist Michael Shuman lead his bandmates through a history of pop and rock ‘n’ roll, interpreting it in their unique way. 


Swedish doom lords/riff masters Monolord return for their third full length album in the form of Rust. Bringing back the sheer groovability to the genre they mix heavy rock and metal tonality with bombastic low frequency rumbling power. Mixing genre luminaries such as Electric Wizard and Sleep with polished finish.

MR TC & Lo Kindre

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Nicola Ratti

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Oberman Knocks
Remhex Coyles EP

Oberman Knocks will be giving conventional releases a rest for a little while to go into soundtrack production for a new film, but his latest EP for Aperture Records, a five-track effort entitled Remhex Coyles and more melodic than some previous works, will keep fans of his restlessly avant-garde material happy while he’s away. 

Oceans Of The Moon
Oceans Of The Moon

Described by Castle Face Records’ owner and Oh Sees’ frontman John Dwyer as “dance music for the infected”, this self-titled album from Oceans of The Moon - a new, nuts-and-bolts project by the veteran Rick Pelletier - is as bizarre as the unsettling black-and-white front cover.

Om Kalsoum
Alf Leila Wa Leila

Oum Kalthoum - ‘The Rose of the Nile’, ‘The 4th Pyramid of Egypt’ and without doubt one of the country’s defining musicians - recorded Alf Leila Wa Leila towards the end of her career. The 1969 LP featured some of Cairo’s finest musical talent of the age, with organist Hany Mehanna, guitarist Omar Khorshid and composer Baligh Hamdy all putting in a shift. The resulting record is a proud piece of early Egyptian pop, full of weeping strings and tear-stained vocals. Alf Leila Wa Leila is now reissued by new imprint Souma Records.

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