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Ben Vince & Jacob Samuel
I'll Stick Around

Recent records from both Ben Vince and Jacob Samuel have found the pair experimenting with electronics and whatnot, but this new collaborative LP I’ll Stick Around sees them getting back to basics. 'Basics' for this saxophonist and pianist still count as an expansive free composition-style that combines classic avant-jazz stylings with post-minimalism and the cerebral expanses of discrete music, but you get what we mean - they’re using wood-and-metal instruments again rather than bleep-bloop toys.

Blood Orange
Angel's Pulse

Oh here he is again. He gets where water won't....and stop sprawling so much on the sleeve. Sit up straight man. Maybe he has good reason to be tired as this mixtape release comes just months after his previous album proper Negro Swan. So it's being marketed as a mixtape rather than an album which seems to mean that it is an addendum of sorts to his last record - a series of sketches and ideas made in the months since. There's guests such as Toro Y Moi and Porches helping out. 

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
I Made A Place

Ooh it's been a long while since a fully original Bonnie 'Prince' Billy album. The last one was in the middle of the Obama presidency in fact - and to think people had the wherewithal to moan about that tenancy. Now, just as the world is ending we get a proper new BPB album because he realises that there is never a right time for a new album from one of the more loved artists of his generation. Let's just celebrate him whilst he is alive and healthy.   

Akuma No Uta

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Danny Brown

Detroit rapper Danny Brown returns with the brilliantly titled ‘Uknowhatimsayin¿’, his follow-up to the industrial and post-punk tinged modern classic ‘Atrocity Exhibition’. The screwball MC has straddled the line between rap superstar and experimental music deity since the release of his breakthrough album ‘XXX’ way back in 2011, meaning you’re just as likely to see him reviewed in The Wire as seeing him lend a verse on a track with rap royalty. ‘Uknowhatimsayin¿’ is an alternative rap record released on the legendary Warp Records, complete with production from A Tribe Called Quest legend Q-tip and guest spots from Run The Jewels, Blood Orange, and hyped underground MC JPEGMAFIA. Danny has once again reimagined what a hip hop album can and should be with his latest opus.

Éliane Radigue

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Emptyset are a London-based electronic duo made up of James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas. They made their latest album, Blossoms, using Machine Learning Technology. Ginzburg is known as a solo artist and as the person who runs the label Subtext and co-runs Arc Light Editions. Purgas curated the Wysing Arts Centre’s annual music festival and has lectured and written books on electronic music. It’s fair to say they know their stuff.

Gene Clark
No Other

Originally released in 1974 to critical praise but little commercial impact, The Byrds’ founder Gene Clark poured his heart and soul - and quite a lot of his own money - into No Other, a massively ambitious and strikingly beautiful record spanning psychedelia, country, folk and soul. For its 45th anniversary, 4AD are re-issuing the re-mastered album on CD and LP, and also in a lavish box-set containing a myriad of alternate mixes and bonus tracks, a documentary film and extensive liner notes and essays. 

Hiro Kone
A Fossil Begins To Bray

Most music is defined by what is there, Hiro Kone's has long been defined by what is not. Her electronic sound art is made all the more potent for her ability and willingness to create space, which here serves not only the musical but the political. 'A Fossil Beings To Bray' stands in opposition to excess and in her words, "techno-fascism".
  • Vinyl LP (DAIS143LPC2)
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Lightning Bolt
Sonic Citadel

The press release for Sonic Citadel, the new album from Lightning Bolt, tells us who drummer Brian Chippendale has collaborated with from Bjork to Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and about an ace computer game he wrote called Thumper. What you want to know, I reckon, is that this is the Providence, Rhode Island noise rock duo’s ninth album and it will blow your mind. On Thrill Jockey.

Matt Christensen / Circle Bros

Matt Christensen was the guitarist and singer for Zelienpole, a band on the edges of slowcore, post-rock and shoegaze. His solo work is similar, but a more spacious and eerie. Wim Lecluyse who runs Morc Records, records under the name Circle Bros and has a sound that, over the years, has changed from ambient to song-based project. Their split single is available through Morc Records.
  • Vinyl LP (morc 078)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Colorado is the first album by Neil Young & Crazy Horse since the epic Psychedelic Pill in 2012. The band believe that they had it in them to make an album that was equal to their best material, so they got together and gave it a go. This particular incarnation of Crazy Horse include Nils Lofgren on guitar and piano. 

Patrick Cowley
Mechanical Fantasy Box

Patrick Cowley is probably best known as a Hi-NRG pioneer writing and producing hits for disco diva Sylvester. However he was also somewhat of an early electronic pioneer writing experimental electronic pieces inspired by Kraftwerk. Here are thirteen unreleased songs recorded between the years 1973 and 1980 showcasing these electronic work he recorded using only the primitive equipment available to him at the time. Proceeds to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.  

PJ Harvey
All About Eve (Original Music)

Verily, it is All About Eve these days - so much so that the BBC have even discussed Killing her! PJ Harvey seems to have been swept up in all the Eve-xcitement, composing a score to the West End adaptation of this ultra-famous old movie. Ol' Polly Jean keeps things ticking along nicely, her mostly-instrumental album interspersed with a couple of those Sussex Downs ballads she does so well. The All About Eve score is out on Invada.


Shorelights is the work of ambient techno's best Rod (Modell) of Deepchord, Echospace etc. and others alongside Walter Wasacz. We should be grateful for every morsel Modell throws at us (and there are many) as he is the master of deeply immersive and beautifully melancholic long form techno. Expect beautiful shimmering landscapes that will make your heart skip a beat. 

Steve Hauschildt

Steve Hauschildt has been long admired in these parts, firstly for his work with experimental electronic trio Emeralds and then as a solo artist with classic albums such as Where All Is Fled and Strands. His new album, Nonlin, is his sixth and sees him evolve yet further. Another classic? We shall see, but the chances are good.

Super Furry Animals

Super Furry Animals third album Guerilla is 20 years old. To celebrate its birthday we have an expanded reissue of the original album which includes a huge 25 bonus tracks. This was the album with the singles Northern Lites and Fire In My Heart, the latter being the one of the band’s more tender moments.

The Big Moon
Walking Like We Do

The Big Moon made a big splash in 2017 with debut album, Love In The 4th Dimension, which contained catchy hits such as Cupid. Now they’re back with their highly anticipated sophomore album, Walking Like We Do. Their previous success shows here as they were shipped off to Atlanta to record with renowned US producer Ben Allen III. Expect big things from The Big Moon.

The Fall
Room To Live

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The Wedding Present
George Best

The ever-prolific pioneers of UK indie, The Wedding Present, are embarking on an extensive reissue campaign, releasing five albums, two compilations and an EP from the band’s ‘80s and 90’s output, all of which are expanded multi-disc sets crammed with bonus material, extensive sleeve notes, art work and general Weddos emphemera. Most synonymous for their familiar depiction of relationships using acerbic wit, frontman David Gedge is a virtuoso when it comes to the bittersweet love song. Originally released in 1987, ‘George Best’ was the anticipated debut album by The Wedding Present, and saw the band do what they do best: create perfectly primitive, high-energy guitar-pop music about love and heartbreak. Lyrically some of Gedge’s most simple but much-loved songs; ‘George Best’ helped to create the Wedding Present’s definitive nuanced sound, and maintained their status as pillars of jangle pop. 

No Treasure But Hope

Nottingham stalwarts Tindersticks return with a twelfth full-length release - 'No Treasure But Hope'. Made in just five days, the record is an intentional change of direction for the five-piece. In a strive to create instinctual material, not overthinking and sanitising every element, the band yet again present a previously unseen side to themselves.

English Settlement

English Settlement was the moment when XTC decided to do what every band should do at some point in their lifetime  - make the sprawling over-indulged double album. Yet it was this freedom that enabled the band to play in different styles other than their hitherto seen arty agit pop. It marked a move towards the the eccentric and pastoral music they would subsequently mine over the rest of their career and it spawned a top 10 hit in Senses Working Overtime. It might take you a week to get through it but it will be worth it.