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Brittany Howard

The debut solo album from modern American rock icon Brittany Howard, also known as the lead singer of Alabama Shakes and Thunderbitch. Jaime is named for Howard’s sister, who died from a rare form of cancer as a teen, and it should provide another platform for the singer’s ferocious voice. 

Everything But The Girl
Walking Wounded

Originally released in 1996, the year after the Todd Terry mix of ‘Missing’ had destroyed charts throughout Europe, Walking Wounded was the undisputed commercial high-water-mark for Everything But The Girl. Housing four UK Top 40 singles - including two Top 10 hits in the title track and ‘Wrong’ - the album went platinum in Britain. Now, it’s been re-mastered via half-speed technology at Abbey Road for a well-deserved vinyl re-issue. 

FKA twigs

One of the most anticipated sophomore album releases of the decade is finally upon us! Released over half a decade ago, Tahliah Debrett Barnett’s debut FKA twigs album LP1 was one of the most thrillingly original and forward-thinking pop releases in years, its shifting rhythms and immersive soundscapes informing a great deal of subsequent music. The intervening years have seen Barnett suffer physical and emotional upheaval, something that’s informed the sound and themes of Magdalene. Features production from Nicolas Jaar.

Giant Swan
Giant Swan

With a recently announced UK tour coming later this year, Giant Swan - a noise-rock project conceived by Robin Stewart and Harry Wright that grew out of their roles as guitarists in The Naturals - release their long-awaited and much-anticipated self-titled debut album. Early indications are that it will successfully translate their live energy onto record, and could be one of the finest British underground releases of 2019. 

A I A : Alien Observer

AIA: Alien Observer was the second part of a two part album series by Liz Harris (aka Grouper) and is the marginally more accessible of the two discs. Here Harris uses her voice to create vocal drones and loops that mesh with her simple, organic instrumentation. As always it's superbly crafted groggy and sleepy ambience with moments of true beauty by one of the most important ambient artists of her day.   
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Guided By Voices
Sweating The Plague

Robert Pollard slams his hand down hard on the top of his guitar amplifier. Sweat pours from his brow; his eyes, heavily-bagged from the sleepless nights, glower with deranged intensity; his clothes are now but rags, ripped and filthy. ‘Again! Dammit, again! We’ll play … the songs … again.’ ‘B… but Robert’, pipes up one of his fellow Guided By Voices members - it’s hard to tell which seeing as all of the band are now a huddled mass, cowering in the darkest corner of the rehearsal room - ‘Robert, we’re exhausted. We’ve been in this room for three days, playing melodious indie-rock in the Hüsker Dü/Pavement mould non-stop, and we simply can’t go on any further. We need rest. We need food. We need to see our families. We’ve already released two LPs in 2019 anyway - isn’t that enough?’ ‘No!’ shouts Robert, punching a hole in the wall to emphasise his point. ‘No. We go again. We’ll be in here rehearsing our new record Sweating The Plague until it’s done, and it’s done why I say it’s done. Kapeesh?’ ‘Y… yes Robert.’

James McVinnie / Tom Jenkinson
All Night Chroma

Composed by Tom Jenkinson of Squarepusher fame and performed by renowned organist James McVinnie, All Night Chroma came about after a commission from No-Nation with PRSF for Music. The songs debuted as ‘The Secret Life of Organs’ in 2016 with a short live run, and the material has now been re-arranged for a studio release on Warp Records. 

King Crimson
In The Court of The Crimson King (An Observation By King Crimson) [50th Anniversary Edition]

A 50th anniversary edition of one of rock music’s most iconic debut albums - not least for its iconic and unsettling artwork. King Crimson’s In The Court of The Crimson King was one of the first proper visions for progressive rock, and comes on a re-mastered 2xLP package featuring alternate takes of albums tracks on disc two, or a 3xCD + Blu-Ray set. 

Kurt Vile
Childish Prodigy (10th Anniversary Edition)

Matador re-releases Kurt Vile’s 2009 album Childish Prodigy on light-blue coloured vinyl to mark its 10th anniversary. It was the third solo record from Vile in a little under two years, released around a year after he had quit The War On Drugs (that band’s lead singer, Adam Granduciel, was still a key member of Vile’s backing band The Violators) and the point at which his career really began to pick up momentum. Includes a purple 7” single of ‘He’s Alright’, originally hidden away as a bonus track on the CD. 
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Prefab Sprout
Jordan: The Comeback

Part of a wider re-issue campaign co-ordinated by Sony with the band’s Paddy and Martin McAloon, Prefab Sprout are repackaging their 1990 fifth album Jordan: The Comeback - and, significantly, it’s the first time it’s been released internationally on vinyl. The album arguably represented the group’s most successful attempt to embrace different sounds into their modernist pop aesthetic. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (19075944641)
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Monster (25th Anniversary Edition)

Originally released in 1994, at a time when the band decided to tour again after a live hiatus but had enjoyed their greatest commercial successes yet, Monster occupies an odd place in R.E.M.’s story. Often described as a “rock” album (ironic quote marks intended) and characterised by a rawer, scruffier guitar sound, this curious album gets a 25th anniversary re-issue courtesy of Craft. LP, 2xCD and 2xLP re-mastered versions are available, but the deluxe box-set version is the eye-catcher, featuring five CDs including demos, live shows and a special 2019 mix, on top of a Blu-Ray disc that includes the Road Movie film, plus music videos for all six of Monster’s singles. 

Richard Hawley
Coles Corner

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Virginia band Turnover turn over (ahem) a new leaf on new LP Altogether. Where once this band dealt in angst-ridden emo, now they’re all about the pop stuff. Tracks like ‘Plant Sugar’ skip along with the breezy abandon of Blossoms while ‘Much After Feeling’ is basically Toro Y Moi. There are certainly parallels in development between Turnover and Ceremony.

Tyler, The Creator

Despite only just being released, Igor has already been pretty much universally recognised as one of the best records of Tyler, The Creator’s career. And who could deny this thing? The latest LP from the OFWGKTA badboy-turned-goodboy is as gorgeous as they come, a heady brew of neo-soul, The Neptunes-esque beats, hypnagogic pop and outsider art. More of this please.