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Ben Vince
Don’t Give Your Life

Ben Vince has many strings to his bow (reeds to his saxophone...?). He is a saxophonist, improviser, producer, you name it. Returning with his second solo LP 'Don't Give Your Life', you can expect sax experimentation that bridges the gap between Terry Riley and Gilbert Artman. Double elpee on Thirty Three Thirty Three.


At the time, just after the turn of a new century, Vespertine felt like a logical progression from Homogenic, released four years previously. The increased orchestral presence is rich and lush, backed with more considered, detailed beats and songs which travel from the dark and folkloric to movingly romantic. 

Charlotte de Witte
Brussels EP

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Connan Mockasin

Though he didn’t know it when he was making his sophomore LP back in 2013, history would come to see Connan Mockasin’s Caramel as part of the wave of indie chill vibes albums™ that crested with Mac Demarco’s Salad Days the following year. Nevertheless, the Kiwi Ariel Pink did at least as decent a job as ol’ Mac with Caramel, a record of psych-pop as treacley as the title suggests.

Doug Tuttle
Dream Road

Doug Tuttle was one half of the duo MMoss with his then girlfriend, Rachel Neveu. When their relationship, and band, broke up, he set off for Massachusetts where he’s been making solo albums ever since. Dream Road, his fourth album, is another collection of songs that recall classic ‘60s & ‘70s American pop and rock with more than a touch of country and psych.


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East Man & Walton
Horse Mouth / Gunshot

East Man (Anthoney Hart) kicked off Hi Tek Sounds back in 2018 with his own Stop Flapping Your Gums EP. The label’s second drops sees Hart back in East Man mode and mixing it with Eski-techno specialist Walton. Their collaboration yields expected results - both ‘Horse Mouth’ and ‘Gunshot’ are po-faced soundsystem bangers full of snatched hypeman vocals, ‘Pulse X’ bass beats and rumbling sub.
  • Vinyl 12" (HTS002)
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Eddie Prévost
Matching Mix

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Francesco Giannico
Les Mondes Imaginaires

Italian sound artist Francesco Giannico returns to Time Released Sound with another LP of tender ambient compositions. Les Mondes Imaginaires contains that kind of blissed-out folktronica that dissolves into a pleasant warmth as soon as it hits your ears. It’s a lovely record that befits lovely packaging, and in Time Released Sound’s handmade editions it has got just that.
  • CD (TRS084)
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Fred Ventura

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Graham Reznick
Glass Angles

If he’s not a familiar name to you, Graham Reznick has had a hand in some of the most haunting soundtrack work of the last decade, scoring video games and movies. Now, he delivers a debut solo album titled Glass Angles, taking inspiration from the night-time streets of his home city of Los Angeles.
  • Vinyl LP (DWO6)
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Gunnar Haslam
Seasick Acid

Gunnar Haslam promises us Seasick Acid on his third release for The Bunker New York (Marco Shuttle, Donato Dozzy). He definitely delivers on this front - these tracks front up lurching 303s that will make you feel like you’re raving on the high seas. ‘Seasick Version’ is more drum-heavy and ‘Leeward Tripping’ has a dubby vibe to it, but generally this thing doesn't mess around. Basically, Seasick Acid is an EP of good old-fashioned acid techno. Arr matey.

Warmer Weather EP

Making its debut on the Sound In Silence imprint, HIN is a coming together of two childhood friends who’ve each found their own successes in different bands. Jerome Alexander (of Message To Bears) and Justin Lee Radford (of the Kids And The Cosmos) explore dreamy ambient electronica on their EP Warmer Weather.

J Spaceman/ Sun City Girls
Mister Lonely (Music From A Film by Harmony Korine)

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J Sparrow
#000000365 (Dark365)

The first album in 9 years for electronic producer J. Sparrow. If you've been to a SubDub in the past few years or so you'll know this Leeds lad smashes out of the park each time. The intriguingly titled #000000365 (Dark365) shows off the producers' breadth of production skill. Released on Mala's iconic dubstep label Deep Medi. 
  • Vinyl Double 12" (MEDILP014)
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Keith Emerson & Goblin
The Church

In which the fairly proggy Italian group Goblin team up with the extremely proggy Keith Emerson to soundtrack a Dario Argento horror flick. Dating from 1989, Emerson takes the film’s title La Chiesa (The Church) literally, by sticking mostly to a huge-sounding church organ. 
  • Vinyl LP (DW138)
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Kira Kira

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Levon Vincent

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London Modular Alliance
Precious Materials

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Pollen Pt. 1

The excellent Metrist returns to the excellent Timedance (he’d previously released on the label as L.SAE) with an excellent new EP. Excellent. Pollen Pt. 1 is more of the punch-drunk (or should that be Punch Drunk?) anti-techno style that the Brighton-based producer has made his calling card in the past few years. The tracks here slop around the speakers like grog on a galley. Sounds a bit like Bergsonist.
  • Vinyl 12" (TIMEDANCE018)
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Mike Huckaby
The Tresor EP

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Nev Cottee
River's Edge

Nev Cottee, formely of Noel Gallagher approved rockers, Proud Mary, is a well established solo artist these days. His fourth solo album, River’s Edge, finds him in a confident mood, taking musical inspiration from Neil Young, Tom Waits and Scott Walker along with the widescreen production values of Spiritualized and Ennio Morricone. The album also features The Verve’s Nick McCabe on guitar.

Night Flight
Night Flight

Night Flight have been likened to Coldplay, although I’m not too sure they’re happy with that comparison. There is a video of them on Twitter covering a Steely Dan song with a strategically placed Big Star album in the background, though, perhaps this points more to their influences. Their self-titled debut album is made up from two previously released EPs and two brand new tracks.

Nirosta Steel
Some Say

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Nkono Teles
Party Beats

Throughout the 80’s the late Nkono Teles was one of West Africa’s most prolific producers, providing countless artists with a slick, funky reinterpretation of Afro-disco for the new decade. He occasionally made music of his own too, releasing three solo LPs during his lifetime. Teles plays all of the instruments on Party Beats to create a set of sophisticated tunes befitting of the album’s title. Now Party Beats has been reissued through BBE Africa.

Not Glass (Not Waving & Jay Glass Dubs)

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Object Collection
You Are Under Our Space Control

The experimental group Object Collection follow up their Fugazi opera with a remarkable suite of wide-ranging homemade modernism. This ‘space-opera’ involves texts by Sun Ra, astronomers and fictional space travellers, as well as sonic allusions to John Cage, sci-fi sound palettes, and avant-electroacoustics. There’s a lot going on in You Are Under Our Space Control, though it also feels eminently personal and within reach. Out on Slip.
  • Vinyl LP (SLP054LP)
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Palmbomen II
Memories of Cindy Pt. 1

Palmbomen II inaugurates a new series of four EPs, title Memories of Cindy. Part one contains six tracks of woozy nostalgia electronics, with melancholy synth melodies playing out over a vapourwave void of pre-sets and samples. Plenty of atmosphere, and sometimes some grooves too. 12” on Beats In Space, limited to 350 copies.

Paperclip People / LCD Soundsystem

Carl Craig’s alias Paperclip People had possibly its biggest impact with Throw, real chunky banger with disco flair as well as techno / house clout. LCD Soundsystem used to cover this one for extra-ecstatic effect in their live sets, and now they have very kindly recorded their version properly in the studio! LCD version, plus the original, on a 12” from Planet E.
  • Vinyl 12" (PLE65323-1)
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Patrick Cowley
Muscle Up

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Randomer & Hodge
Second Freeze / Simple As

Randomer follows up releases on Dekmantel, Clone and L.I.E.S, teaming up with Livity Sound's Hodge for an intense double-tracker on the reverse Livity Sound label. They go to town on this one. Metallic clanks, rapid-fire percussion and annihilating rhythm. Or is that mhtyhr gnitalihinna? 12" on dnuoS ytiviL.
  • Vinyl 12" (099YTIVIL)
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On Dry Land

Freedom To Spend’s run of Rimarimba reissues continues with the band’s 1984 LP On Dry Land. With this record Robert Cox further explores the curious fourth-world sound that he’d begun to develop on Beyond The Horizon the previous year. As such, On Dry Land is pitched somewhere between the sampling experiments of Eno, Byrne and Cale, Midori Takada’s new age minimalism and 23 Skidoo’s avant-rock.
  • Vinyl LP (FTS6LP)
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Ryuichi Sakamoto - performed by Brussels Philharmonic and conducted by Dirk Brossé
Music for Film

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Service Animal / Crime Unit

RAVE026 brings some rare DIY tape release material into the respectable, DJ-friendly territory of vinyl. This is a split between Service Animal (head of Endangered Species) who provides some wild gabber workouts, and Crime Unit, who gets heavily scuzzed-up. Real nasty dancing fuel on The Death of Rave.
  • Vinyl 12" (RAVE026)
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Soichi Terada
Sounds From The Far East

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Sordid Sound System & Sutja Gutiérrez
Bend Your Standards EP

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Special Request
Bedroom Tapes

Bedroom Tapes sees techno wizard Special Request throwing it back to old cuts recorded onto cassette that were unearthed recently when moving house. Mastered by Matt Colton, who has similarly lent his talents to artists like James Blake and Hot Chip, the tracks retain every trace of the original recordings onto tape, hiss and all. A time capsule, if you will, for one of electronic music’s most enigmatic and talented main players.

Austin Funk

Originally released on tiny Texas-based indie Fable back in the seventies, Austin Funk is one of three albums released around that time by trombonist Michael Mordecai (who also features). Steamheat’s much sought-after rarity now gets a new life as part of the Jazzman re-issue series of hard-to-find jazz treasures. 

The Feelies
Here Before

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These New Puritans

Hidden was probably the first time we noticed that These New Puritans were no ordinary band. First up, leader Jack Barnett claimed that he was writing some of these pieces to be played on bassoon and they eventually brought in a Czech orchestra, a children's choir, a cream cracker and six foot African drums to help realise their vision. The result is a powerful and uncompromising album which unfathomably blends neo-classical with dancehall and electronica.    
  • Vinyl LP (ARC065)
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Tim Parkinson
Pleasure Island

Experimental composer Tim Parkinson loves to play, in every sense of the word, and thus a work titled Pleasure Island is an enticing prospect. This is actually Parkinson’s first work designed to be an album specifically, and it's a beguiling mixture of cheap electronic sound, group vocals, and bouncy drums. It’s a strange album, but in a very fun primary colour way. On Slip.
  • Vinyl LP (SLP053)
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Trash Kit

'Confidence' is the long awaited second album of London post-punk power trio Trash Kit. Featuring members of pop-punk trio Shopping and dance-pop trio Halo Halo (named after a multicoloured pudding). This record has all the restless momentum, playful melodies and rhythmic energy you would expect to find following their self-titled debut album. If you like things like X-Ray Spex, Erase Erata, Tom Tom club or you enjoy polyrhythms but you also like to dance then this is for you. 
  • Vinyl LP (UTR061LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition


Following the critical success she enjoyed with her 2017 debut LP Dissolve, producer, musician and composer Emily Underhill returns for her second Tusks album. Inviting comparisons with post-rock masters like Sigur Ros and Mogwai, Avalanche will be sure to boost Underhill’s profile even further. 

S&S Presents: Dreams

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As part of their 2018 festival, Dekmantel commissioned four artists to come up with new soundtracks for films from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and the EYE Filmmuseum. The contributors - Jordan GCZ, upsammy, Parrish Smith and Suzanne Kraft - each turned in intriguing work. Jordan GCZ and upsammy created some dubbed-out and slightly Balearic electronic atmospheres, Kraft turned in a tranquil ambience and Smith ended up on a Nurse With Wound tip. Their compositions are collected on the Scores 12”.
  • Vinyl 12" (DKMNTL 068)
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Wata Igarashi
Kioku EP

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Erotic Reruns

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