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Super Wings
My Love Is For You

‘70s Nigerian rock band, Super Wings, have a history that is blessed by the wonderful names of band members and scarred by tragedy. They were led by Spud Nathan who was killed in car crash in 1974. The car was driven by guitarist Manford Best, who the fans blamed as his previous actions had caused the car to have ‘bad juju’. Their second album, My Love Is For You, is one of those records that time has turned into a classic.  Good Find have lovingly reissued this relatively obscure album for it to evaluated once again. LP, limited to 250 copies.

Swan's Chamber
Swan's Chamber

The eponymous Swan's Chamber is the work of one multi-instrumentalist called Taylor Ross. I'm no expert in classical music, but to my ears Ross has created an album of cheery and pleasant chamber music using the guitar, piano and recorded. Whether or not this is for you, I think we can all agree it's wonderful music like this still gets made.

Think I'm Gonna Feel Better / Reflections

Swervedriver are the latest band of a shoegaze tinge to re-unite (or did they ever actually go away?) In any case they've just released a new album on Rock Action and to celebrate even further here is a 12" of non album tracks for Record Store Day 2019. Both songs are covers in  fact  - by two of my favourite artists - Gene Clark and the Supremes. Nice choices lads.  
  • Vinyl 12" (1881)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Ode To eSwatini

Bristol-based beatmaker and artist Sydney returns with a new seven-track mini-album, inspired by a trip to the African state formerly known as Swaziland. Ode To eSwatini was the result of a collaboration with local musicians Ralph Smit and Mwesigwa Kisaakye, and mixes deep house, hip-hop beats and jazz textures. 

Synkro & Arovane / Marenn
Transmission / Get Together

Confirmed vintage synth addict Joe Synkro McBride hot swaps a pair of collaborators for his own imprint. Uwe Zahn a.k.a. Arovane’s contributions to the A-side help bring about some Solar Fields-esque melancholy downtempo. Over on the B, dub skanks lead in for some atmospheric drum ’n’ bass with Marenn Sukie.
  • Vinyl 12" (SMSK003)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Ted Dicks
Virgin Witch (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

One out of leftfield for you folks. Ted Dicks was incredibly successful in the 60s with his music partner Myles Rudge, producing a long list of popular novelty songs including Right Said Fred, and Hole In The Ground. Working solo Dicks also made the Catweasle theme tune and scored a couple of films, including Virgin Witch which was a racey and x-certified film about lesbian witches. The music itself is a mix of baroque pop and jazz that you would ‘obviously’ expect from a raunchy horror film.

Teenage Fanclub

Thirteen, Teenage Fanclub’s third album was unfairly treated by critics upon release. This may be as it followed up a bona fide classic in Bandwagonesque. Whatever the reason, it was unfair and with this reissue, it’s time to listen and enjoy with fresh ears. The album saw the band referencing their heroes Big Star with the album’s title and The Byrds with closing track Gene Clark. Initial pressings come with a bonus 7” single.


For his fifth album, Michael Benjamin Lerner wanted to do it alone. Though previous Telekinesis albums have seen Lerner playing everything, Effluxion is the first where he has handled everything up to the production. A power-pop record with a spectacular sense of intent, and is filled with the catchy hooks and uplifting choruses we expect.

Skulls & Plants

Greek artists Panagiotis Melidis (Larry Gus) and Stathis Kalatzis (Mr. Statik) have recently joined forces as Territroy (yes, it's meant to be spelled like that). Their debut LP Skulls & Plants has emerged through Dekmantel’s UFO offshoot, the more out-there arm of the label that has also fronted work by Randomer and Anthony Parasole. This is a set of highly idiosyncratic electronic compositions that synthesise techno, leftfield hip-hop, loops, drone and a bunch of other strange styles. The resulting blend makes Skulls & Plants come across like a mix of Muslimgauze, RAMZi and The Future Sound Of London.

The Amazons
Future Dust

Arriving almost exactly two years after their Top Ten debut album, Future Dust is the sophomore effort from much-hyped British garage rockers The Amazons. This time, they’ve doubled down on their retro sound and gone even heavier, influenced by the woozy blues stews of Howlin’ Wolf to the rock hurricanes of Led Zeppelin. 

The Congos
Back In The Black Ark

This 2010 album is notable for getting the gang back together, several decades after Heart Of The Congos, for a mighty new session. With Lee “Scratch” Perry at the controls, Back in the Black Ark has the full gorgeous weight of that Jamaican reggae heritage: the spirit of the Black Ark is back. And now it's back again, with this handy Utopia reissue.

The Dandelion Set & Alan Moore
A Thousand Strands

The Dandelion Set are a weird psychedelic pop duo comprising of Glyn ‘Bigga’ Bush and PK Chown. The pair have been in bands such as Lightning Head, Rockers Hi-Fi, Mr. Liquorice and James Beige. A Thousand Strands is their debut album but contains material recorded between 1975 and 2015. Legendary comic book writer Alan Moore contributes vocals, lyrics and sleeve notes.

The Drums

Now where have we heard that title before? What they lack in originality though they make up in....um.....um....ah I know... explanations for band member departures. This is their second album since founding member Jacob Graham left to 'concentrate on his puppetry' and sees Jonny Pierce draft in a drummer for the first time. The press release bleats that this is their best collection of songs yet.   

The Gotobeds
Debt Begins at 30

There are many reasons to like Pennsylvania band The Gotobeds. Chief among them are the noisy racket they make, another is that Pavement’s Bob Nastanovich loves ‘em. Their new album, Debt Begins At 30, which is their third, has guest appearances all over the place, most notably from members of Protomartyr and Silkworm.

The Head and The Heart
Living Mirage

American indie-folksters The Head and The Heart return with their fourth studio album. Recorded in legendary locations connected with the Great American Songbook, including the Joshua Tree National Park and studios in Nashville and L.A., Living Mirage is a series of “vignettes” of ennui and redemption, according to lead singer Jon Russell. 

The Janitors
15 Years of Fuzz and Folköl

Is there a rule that fuzz related musics needed to draw attention to it? Cardinal Fuzz are releasing 15 Years of Fuzz and Folköl by fuzz rockers The Janitors. These Swedes have stretched fuzz as far as it will go, so it's fascinating to here how the band has changed over the decade and a half it's existed. That they got through several bands worth of band members too probably helps.

The King Khan Experience
Turkey Ride

The product of bohemian adventures in Bordeaux and Berlin, The King Khan Experience’s odd Turkey Ride gets a reissue after close to two decades. It might as well be several decades older; real feelgood rock ’n’ roll psych vibes going on here. Bonus points for Sophie Crumb’s cover art: children quite understandably staring at a turkey sporting a saddle and, er, a human bottom.

The Lemonheads
Take It Easy

Possibly the low point on the Lemonheads recent Varshons II album was a trundle through the Eagles Take it Easy. The song is too ubiquitous for any further traction to be gained from it perhaps but in any case here it is released on a 7" backed with a Matthew Cullen production of the track which promises a journey into Kraftwerk territories.   
  • Vinyl 7" (FIRE567S)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

The Misz
The Lonely Crowd

The Lonely Crowd features songs by synth-songer The Misz taken from different cassette releases they've appeared on. There's a immaturity to these recordings,  but not in a bad way. The Misz were still figuring out what exactly they wanted to do leading to some delightful improvisation. Sleek yet bold, this is very cool music.

The Morning Echoes Of Detroit
Echoes Of The Gospel

The Morning Echoes Of Detroit are gospel group. They formed way back in the pre-back-in-the-day days of the 1940s. Echoes Of The Gospel was originally released in 1967. Singer/songwriter Kelley Stoltz sent a copy of this album to Third Man Records as a thank you gift. The label were so pleased they decided to reissue it. LP on Third Man Records, remastered from original 1967 master tapes by Warren Defever.

The Mover
Final Sickness

The Mover apparently survived his Final Sickness in 1993, as the music is still here with us in 2019. Planet Phuture are doing us all a favour here with a reissue with this heavy classic, which is crammed with drum machines and synth details as far as you can here. Techno with industrial and electro leanings, you’ll surely want to hear Final Sickness again. The Mover is, of course, Marc Arcardipane real name Marc Trauner - legendary German techno producer and founder of Planet Core Productions, Dance Ecstasy 2001 etc.

The Resonars
No Exit

No Exit is the 7th album by Tuscon, Arizona band, The Resonars. Whilst there’s definitely a whiff of Oasis about this, there’s a stronger sense of the glorious vocal harmonies and melodies of bands such as The Hollies and Big Star. The band is a vehicle for the songwriting talents of Matt Rendon. He has also released a one-off psychedelic album under the name Butterscotch Cathedral. On Trouble In Mind.

The Shamen

A classic early 90s dance album and a landmark work by The Shamen marking their gravitation from psych-rock to psych-rave, the employment of the naughty, naughty, very naughty Mr C and, sadly, the final contributions from the sweet-voiced Will Sinnott. With a bulging cast of mixers and producers from Paul Oakenfold and Orbital to The Beatmasters and Meat Beat Manifesto, it also comes in many versions. Here is one of them.

The Wee DJs
3 Waves

After releasing records from Binary Digit, Binaural and Transonic Flow, Dream Ticket’s fourth edition comes courtesy of The Wee DJs. The Edinburgh artist - known as Dave Paton to his mates - serves up a quartet of mid-set hoofers on 3 Waves. Blending influences from electro, Miami bass and acid house, the cuts here wouldn’t sound out of place if dropped in a Jerome Hill mix.

Theo Parrish / Marcellus Pittman
Essential Selections Vol. 2

Essential Selections Vol. 2 was originally issued way back in 2002, a time when Detroit heads Theo Parrish & Marcellus Pittman (spelled ‘Marsellus’ on some early pressings) were just starting to make a name for themselves. Obviously now both of them are massive, and as such this Sound Signature reissue acts as both a victory lap and a time capsule. The pair’s syrupy, percussion-heavy deep house style remains a languid joy.

Thomas Mahmoud

Thomas Mahmoud is the latest artiste to appear on the ever-intriguing Tapeworm tape label. Univorm is a suite built up out of sonic detritus: the ‘mistakes’ and offcuts that you might usually expect producers to be trying to eliminate. But by deftly assembling and processing such sounds, Mahmoud has produced a tape that is compelling indeed.

Todd Snider
Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol. 3

It needn’t really be mentioned what style of music is going to be on a record called 'Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol. 3', a record whose cover features a giant image of a log cabin. Suffice to say it’s pretty rustic stuff, with the folk singer Todd Snider writing every piece of music, and playing each instrument on this twelve-track album which comes out via Aimless Records.  


Vowelophobe Tracey releases his debut album Biostar on Dial (also of Lawrence, Roman Flugel and Efdemin). On it the Netherlands-based producer explores the aesthetics of acid, without committing to its over bearing heaviness. The result is fascinating, acid bass that seems to float in the air, completely untethered.

Kristen Musik Fran Ragsved

Horrible noise from Treriksroset aka Tommy Carlsson. Carlsson has been active in Stockholm's underground for many years, whisking together or sort of crunches and squeals for maximum devastation. Kristen Musik Fran Ragsved easily ranks among his most intense releases. Recorded in mono. On Harbinger Sound. 

Trust Obey
Fear & Bullets (The Crow Comic Accompaniment in conjunction with James O' Barr)

Back in 1994 John Bergin (Trust Obey) hooked up James O’Barr. For those who don’t know, O’Barr is author of acclaimed comic book series The Crow, and his collaboration with Bergin spawned a musical companion piece to the book entitled Fear & Bullets. This 25th anniversary edition of Fear & Bullets features tracks from both the 1994 and 1998 versions of the LP as well as some previously-unreleased demos. O’Barr completists will be tempted by the poster that depicts O’Barr’s first-ever drawing of Crow. Musically it’s very of-the-time - Nine Inch Nails were clearly a huge influence on Bergin back then.
  • Vinyl LP (ETR078)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Skyview Drive

Skyview Drive is the latest record from Nashville band Ttotals (not a typo). On it they explore their notion of "The Outer Blues", that is a sense of the blues more holistic than just its musical signifiers. For their blues, Ttotals are not afraid to be deep and patient and bold. On Great Ape Records.
  • Vinyl LP (GAR01)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy


Israel-born and Germany-based duo TV.OUT pull no punches on their new self-titled EP. It’s their second release on Long Island Electrical Systems. From German new beat to Dutch electro, this has it going on. The four tracks are perfect for dancefloor drama or cutting loose for dancefloor insanity. 12" 4-track EP on L.I.E.S.


Tyga - a man, it should be noted, who is not exactly renowned for his good taste - dropped a single called ‘Taste’ back in 2018. A track that featured Offset and saw Tyga rhyme the word ‘claim’ with itself three times in almost as many seconds, it turned out to be his biggest hit since the (in)famous ‘Rack City’ seven years earlier. Now 'Taste' is given the ultimate accolade of a massive hit single - the commemorative picture disc edition. Looks nice eh.

USA Nails
Life Cinema

Sort-of-post-hardcore sort-of-supergroup USA Nails (containing members of Future Of The Left, Kong, Death Pedals and others) drop their fourth album. Life Cinema finds the band raging once more about all the nonsense with a funny fury. Any more like this and people will start calling USA Nails the British answer to Pissed Jeans. Life Cinema is the first LP to be released through Dipped In Gold.

Burden Of Sight

Burden Of Sight is the debut album by Oakland, California black/death metal troupe, Vale. The band display their dismay at the various imbalances in their hometown through guttural screams, howls, roars and riffs. It is also worth pointing out that the bass player is called Thaddeus Perkins. It was recorded by Greg Wilkinson who has previously worked with High On Fire and Autopsy, among others. On The Flenser.

Chevance - Outremusique pour enfants 1974-1985

Take an eye-opening spin through the catalogue of Chevance, Philippe Gavardin’s experimental sub-label, wherein all manner of experiments were published. Linguists, chansons, free-leaning jazz, poetics and unclassifiable abstractions are all featured in this survey of the most intriguing moments of those eleven years of activity. Really, the only way to get an impression is to dive into Outremusique pour enfants yourself! Compilation on Born Bad.

Displaced Soundtracks Vol. 2

DJ Tennis aka Manfredi Romano, assembles some stellar club producers to make the soundtrack to an imaginary film on Displaced Soundtracks Vol. 2, released on Romano's label, Life and Death. With tracks from Vatican Shadow, Scuba, DJ Nobu and Ninos du Brasil among others, it's a deeply layered album which shifts in tone from track to track. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (LAD040)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Moodsetters: From The Amphonic & Soundstage Library

A very fine suite of library music, curated by Moodsetters from Syd Dale’s Amphonic & Sound Stage library. Whether you are filled with a thrill by the sight of names like Paddy Kingsland and Anne Dudley, or whether you don’t care who any of these people are, you will love the cool, weird, atmospheric library tracks gathered here on this Buried Treasure LP.

This Is Frafra Power: New Music From Bongo, Bolgatanga, Ghana — Upper East Region

This Is Frafra is a collection of music sourced and recorded by Francis Ayamga (that’s King Ayisoba’s drummer) in his studio in northern Ghana. It is therefore a snapshot of a group of artists that few outside the region will have heard before, so what a fine resource this is. Vivid and exciting and intimate music. Released on Makkum with the assistance of The Ex’s Arnold de Boer.

LF RMX 013 (Len Faki Mixes)

Len Faki makes it a baker’s dozen of drops in his LF RMX series. This latest set of edits from the Berghain resident finds Faki sprucing up originals from Planetary Assault Systems (Luke Slater to his mum and dad), Marcelus and Christian Vogel. Not only are the tracks on LF RMX 013 the sort of finessed dub techno that Faki has built his empire on all these years, but all of the proceeds from this release will be donated to the German children’s charity Straßenkinder e.V.. What’s not to like?
  • Vinyl 12" (LFRMX013)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Rocket Girl 20

Oooh - haven't they done well? Rocket Girl label is 20 so we're getting this lush 70 page book outlining their achievement alongside a a 16-track CD compilation a collectable 7” and flexi disc. It will be a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in 80s/90s independent labels as owner Vinita Joshi steered the label through tragedy, triumph and the odd Top of the Pops appearance. As well as the book and CD you also get a Mogwai flexi and a Bardo Pond/Azuza Plane split 7". 

Best Of Digital Danceforce Vol 1

Optimo’s digital venture Optimo Music Digital Danceforce are releasing a few ‘Best Of’ EPs. The 12” releases will consist of four tunes, each culled from the previously digital-only drops. The first one of these features jams from Perdu, Bergsonist, Tamburi Neri and Strapontin. When taken together these tracks make for a psychedelic, utopian mix of fourth-world techno.

Human Abstracts Vol. 1

First of a trilogy of EPs made in collaboration by the Endless Illusion and brokntoys imprints to showcase dance talent from around the world. Human Abstracts Vol. 1 includes brilliant yet odd floor-filling contributions from Vltra Delta Drive, Santoine, K100 Signal, Konsistent and Black Propaganda. 

Soundwalk Series - Footfalls

If you like soundwalks then you’ll love Footfalls, the first in a new series on Kate Carr’s Flaming Pines imprint. The walking, listening and sounding of recordists Nick Luscombe, Maria Papadomanolaki and Virgilio Oliveira populate this release - limited on a custom USB drive in a special tin.


Ethnoelectronics is a rare fusion collection originally circulated on cassette in 1986. Essentially, it does as the title suggests, with various artists contributing recordings that bring aspects of so-called ‘ethnic’ musics into contact with mid-80’s electronics. So flutes, Burundi rhythms, synth-sines, Tibetan voices and more all mix together in this sonic melting pot. Vinyl reissue on two LPs, from Black Sweat.

Sweet House Chicago

1989 LP of House from Chicago, titled Sweet House Chicago. Curated by DJ, producer, and Hot Mix 5 Records owner Mickey Oliver, these two LPs are stuffed to the brim with eight fine examples of the Chicago House sound in its undisputed prime. Includes Phortune, Ralphi Rosario, and a Larry Heard / Mickey Oliver production. Reissued by Still Music in vinyl and CD formats.

Outro Tempo II: Electronic and Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1984-1996

Another lovely compilation from Music From Memory featuring twenty tracks. On Outro Tempo II compiler John Gómez has the unenviable task of creating a legible picture of what Brazil's electronic underground was up to between 1984-1996. The result is magnificent, offering a view as nuanced and diverse as the country deserves. Featuring deep cuts from; May East, Dequinha E Zaba, Oharaska, Fausto Fawcett, R. H. Jackson, Edson Natale, Akira S, Low Key Hackers, Chance, Jorge Degas & Marcelo Salazar, Priscilla Ermel, Voluntários Da Pátria, Angel’s Breath, Fausto Fawcett and many more...

Jambú e Os Míticos Sons Da Amazônia

Jambú e Os Míticos Sons Da Amazônia is a compilation that takes a close at the musical output of the Brazilian city of Belém. It's musical output is usually overlooked for that of Brazil's metropolises but here we have the chance to address that. What you'll learn is that the musicians of Belém know how to throw a party. Maybe you'll want to go to one. 

Víkingur Ólafsson
Bach Reworks

Víkingur Ólafsson’s Bach Reworks is an intriguing and moving set of contemporary classical compositions. The pianist’s second LP for Deutsche Grammophon sees him interpreting the music of composers such as Ben Frost and Hans-Joachim Roedelius as they in turn attempt to spring something new from the inimitable repertoire of Johann Sebastian Bach. Nestled among the track list of Bach Reworks is a tender tribute to Ólafsson’s late friend Jóhann Jóhannsson.

Villa Abo
Carpet Proof Of Daily Reports

Jan Zware Svensson, who is also known as Frak and the guy who runs Borft records, takes a little trip back in time. 20-odd years ago, one of his early projects Villa Abo, made Stateside-style house tracks such as Ticketiketas and Tagetes. He’s at it again on Carpet Proof of Daily Reports. 300 hand-numbered copies. LP on iDEAL Recordings.

Wendell Harrison
Dreams Of A Love Supreme

Spiritual and soulful jazz from a man who was once literally awarded the title of 'Jazz Master'. Wendell Harrison was a pianist and tenor saxophonist who also taught music and published a magazine called TRIBE. Between all his other commitments he still managed to release some music, Dream Of A Love Supreme was first released in 1980 and is as much funk and R&B as it is jazz. Reissue on Tidal Waves Music.

White Denim
Side Effects

Apparently Side Effects is the eighth LP from White Denim, a fact that comes a surprise to a certain Norman Records™ writer who hadn’t been keeping tabs on the band. It feels like they’ve only been around for a couple of years!* Anyway, the prolific Texans stick to the formula on this new set, meaning that Side Effects is all urgent garage-pop beats and vaguely psychedelic arrangements. *Not true - it appears they’ve averaged almost an album a year since 2008.

Wild Daughter
Live At The Backstreet

Next up on that mysterious Tapeworm cassette label is a document of a live performance in a gentleman’s club, would you believe it. Wild Daughter really brought the sleaze to The Backstreet on this occasion, treating the audience to tracks like ‘Snatch’, ‘Mr. Midnight’ and ‘Carry Me Home’. Full of live immediacy.

In The Land Of

In The Land Of is the eighth album by highly-rated Canadian indie band, Wintersleep. It was produced by Tony Doogan who has worked with Belle and Sebastian and Mogwai. This, sound-wise, probably lands somewhere between the sound of the two bands as they embrace the quiet/loud dynamic. On Dine Alone.

World Brain
Peer To Peer

Remember when the internet, facilitated by the gaudy warblings of dial-up tones and the grey, aliased angles of Windows 95, was a mysterious new resource with untapped and untold possibilities? World Brain (one Lucas Ufo, also of Berlin popsperimenters Fenster) remembers, and here’s his charming take on the subject. Despite the optimistic nineties context, the style is largely eighties wave/pop/indie.

Ad Absurdum

Close followers of Alex Smoke’s work may have noticed that he released a few tracks as Wraetlic back in the early 2010’s. Now the Glaswegian producer has returned to the project to make Ad Absurdum, his first full-length crafted under the Wraetlic name. Across the LP we find Smoke blending the paranoid electronic song of Thom Yorke, Com Truise’s hypnagogic 80’s electro takes and Mount Kimbie’s juicy futuro-beats. Ad Absurdum is out through Huntleys & Palmers (Auntie Flo, Sophie).

Xeno & Oaklander

Xeno & Oaklander’s fine electronic partnership continues apace with new album Hypnos. So what’s new here? Well, for one thing, the monophonic synth era is over for Xeno & Oaklander, with polyphony galore flowing out all over Hypnos. Also some great French-language vocals. Out on Dais Records.

Honeymoon With Solitude

Honeymoon With Solitude by XVARR is the second release on Twin Womb, the label set up by XVARR and Egypte Erotique. It follows 2018’s Aeons Revolve 12”. It’s mainly synthy soundscapes that could soundtrack a late ‘70s or early ‘80s dystopian film. Some nice retro sounds. Cassette, limited to 100 hand numbered copies.

Xyn Cabal
Perfect Oracle

Athens via... the world? Perfect Oracle is the debut EP from Xyn Cabal who, informed by the tempestuous politics of Greece, has created tracks that borrow from all sorts of dance musics. It's the grime influence that is most audible, Xyn Cabal taking its sounds and rhythms and turning them into speed freaks. On Death Of Rave.

How to Download a Glass of Water

Reckno Records boss Chris Catlin drops a lovely new LP as Yaard through Kit (The Nag’s Head, Mary Lattimore). The excellently-titled How To Download A Glass Of Water is a set of curious, pleasantly weird electronica that is richly harmonious. Catlin's penchant for tripped-out rhythms and FM choirs recalls Coming On Strong-era Hot Chip. The Death Of Rave’s Teresa Winter collaborates on ‘What Now’.

My Krazy Life

YG’s debut LP My Krazy Life was one of the surprise hits of 2014. Despite making a decent name for himself on the mixtape circuit and managing to rope in the likes of Drake and Kendrick Lamar for guest features, no-one could have expected to be this LP to be as massive as it was. However, the success of singles like ‘Left, Right’, ‘Who Do You Love?’ and all-time classic ‘My Nigga’ sent My Krazy Life and YG stratospheric. This reissue allows you to relive the DJ Mustard-powered record in full and also gives us bonus jam ‘459’.
  • Vinyl Double LP (7727540)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

The Unreal Never Lived – Live At Roadburn 2012

YOB hail from Eugene, Oregon and play extremely heavy doom metal, which is the way it should be. Following a two year hiatus in the mid ‘00s they returned to great acclaim, Including a couple of ear-damaging sets at the Roadburn festival. The Unreal Never Lived- Live At Roadburn 2012 captures the band in fine form and is previously unreleased. Double LP and CD on Roadburn Records.

Live at Roadburn 2010

Give me YOB, me mama! YOB, me mama! YOB, until the morning come! (Un)Fortunately, a similar name is about the only musical similarity between this group and a beloved advert for a certain yoghurt-based breakfast drink. Live At Roadburn 2010 shows off the full might of the Oregon group’s cosmic doom sound. At the festival the band ripped through their set as if attempting to simultaneously summon demons and rip bongs.

Yoshimi Ueno
Taiko No Uminari

Work by Yoshimi Ueno can be very hard to come by, especially solo work: Taiko No Uminari is the only solo record Ueno ever made, and copies were rare until Studio Mule produced this vinyl reissue. Six pieces of beautiful and intimate jazz recorded musicians including Eiji Nakayama and Yasuaki Shimizu, all driven by Ueno’s deft drumwork.

Young Scientist
Results, Not Answers

Young Scientist are one of the foremost bands from the first wave of Seattle’s alternative set. Back in the ‘70s before grunge was king, synths were the instrument de jour. Young Scientist took their inspiration from German electronic acts such Cluster, Harmonia and Tangerine Dream. Their album of hypnotic soundscapes, Results, Not Answers was originally released on cassette in 1979. Reissue on Bureau B.


Copenhagener YWF serves up a pair of choons for fellow Danes Echocord. These are balanced on the flip by two remixes from the artist’s chums over at Berlin’s Freund Der Familie. YWF goes for crisp-rhythmed dub (‘Replaced’) and commuter train anxiety (‘All is Temporary’) while FDF keep it lush and minimal (‘Fdf’s Reshape’) as well as modulation-mad (‘Fdf’s Days of Doom Remix’).
  • Vinyl 12" (Echocord 082)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Zero Years Kid
Ongerijmde Rijmen

Very downtempo and psychedelic R&B from Zero Years Kid. Their debut album, Ongerijmde Rijmen has the Belgian and Irish duo having fun with their voices, as they do all manner of weird chopping, screwing and channel swapping. The lyrics express the pair becoming disillusioned with the world, a topic they tackle with levity and charm. 


The shadowy electronic artist known as Zomby moves over to Bedouin Records for his latest 12” EP. Consisting of five tracks of comparatively unreconstructed techno that sounds nothing like dubstep - at least in comparison to his previous outings - Vanta looks likely to be another fascinating addition to a discography that’s dipped a toe in basically every sub-genre of British dance music going. 

Zos Kia

Started by John Balance, Peter Christopherson, and John Gosling, ZOS KIA was continued by Gosling after they concentrated on Coil full time. 23 is an anthology of the project, including live recordings, alternate versions and rare and unreleased material. Harsh 80s industrial, a big gift for fans of Throbbing Gristle and Coil.

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