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Modeselektor feat. Flohio

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Modeselektor feat. Tommy Cash

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Indie-poppers Montevideo (not from Uruguay, but from Belgium) delivering their third full-length album after a six year silence. Expect maybe a touch of Vampire Weekend and a whiff of dEUS, or a more introverted Goose. Temperplane refers to the flying machines, by the way, not the geometric figures. Just so you know.
  • Vinyl LP (TSRLP35)
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California Son

New album from right-leaning firebrand and former hero Morrissey. It's a covers LP with appearances by members of Green Day, Grizzly Bear and Broken Social Scene all of whom must have missed the memo about his toxicity amongst the more liberal thinking music industry and fans of his former band. Thankfully though there's no be-quiffed interpretations of Skrewdriver songs.    


Yes it is Maximum Joy. I'm not exactly sure of why we've lost all their vowels but the press release describes this as a dramatic re-imagining by founding members Janine Rainforth and Charlie Llewellin. Maximum Joy were once described as "one of the Slits backed by the Gang of Four" which is pretty accurate indeed. Here we have a new line up with a new take on their sound marrying their original influences (Afrobeat, reggae, avant-garde jazz, funk and pop) with dark electronics, samples and effects.   

My Girlfriend
Apron EP

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Myriam Bleau
Lumens & Profits

Myriam Bleau brings the approaches of an experimental artist to bear on the materials of bass music electronics, spinning these elements together into hypnotising structures on Lumens & Profits. Lots of delicious moments where different crystalline synth lines or rhythmic stutter-planes fall in and out of overlap. Stimulating stuff on Where To Now?
  • Vinyl LP (WTNLP10)
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Seeing Sounds

Seeing Sounds was the third album by Pharrell Williams-led hip-hop-pop-rock-production duo N.E.R.D. This ain’t no ordinary vinyl version either - you get two bonus tracks! One of those tracks, a remix of Everyone Nose, features Kanye West, Pusha T and Lupe Fiasco. That’s a lot of ego for one track. 180g 2LP vinyl reissue on Universal.

Nathan Melja
Karibuni Music

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National Jazz Trio Of Scotland
Standards Vol. V

National Jazz Trio Of Scotland, in case you weren’t aware, are of course no such thing, being instead Bill Wells and collaborators. Standards Vol. V makes great use of Gerard Black’s tenor vocals. Some of the selections are true Standards (something from Fiddler On The Roof, a Scots ballad and a song from Shakespeare), and some are original. All are lush. Released by Karaoke Kalk.


Naytronix is the recording moniker of Nate Brenner, also the bassist of perennial indie favourites Tune-Yards. Air is Brenner’s third studio effort, formed from hundreds of musical sketches laid down during recording breaks from other projects and brought to life in collaboration with loads of other San Fran-based musicians. 
  • Vinyl LP (BOTCAVE01)
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One Instrument Sessions

One Instrument have just launched their One Instrument Sessions, a space for musicians to place to experiment with just one (1) instrument. The first release is from Neel, who here uses an E340 Cloud Generator and a Roland SH-01A for the two tracks to create deeply contemplative ambient music that betrays a deep familiarity with his tools.
  • Vinyl 12" (ONEINST002EP)
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Negative Gears
Negative Gears

The self-titled debut 12” EP from Sydney’s Negative Gears, consisting of seven tracks of fraught and taut post-punk, constantly on the verge of tipping over from hopelessness into outright anger. This issue from Static Shock Records follows a limited Australia-only vinyl pressing from Disinfect earlier this year. 

Neil Landstrumm
Shitting Diamonds On Jupiter

For more than 20 years, producer and DJ, Neil Landstrumm, has been putting out innovative techno tracks on a variety of top labels. From Peacefrog to Planet MU and Tresor - he’s been everywhere. Now, for the first time he lands on Running Back with what could be his best titled 12” yet - Shitting Diamonds On Jupiter.

Net Shaker
I'm So Cold

  • Vinyl LP (KSR57)
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Nico Casal

Most known for his work in film composition, Nico Cascal strikes out on his own terms with this debut LP Alone, luscious piano minimalism meeting subtle flourishes of electronic manipulation. Cascal is patient in his attempts to achieve his compositional aims, creating subtle music out of looping repetition and a love of the understatement.

Nicolas Jaar

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All Too Familiar

Nobody here turns away from the world of samples and creates an album with live instruments. Delightfully, All Too Familiar’s guitar-bass-drums-and keys set-up still produces some really head-knodding tracks, with the sonic breadth and fizzing play of ideas that you’d expect from Nobody’s past works. Cool stuff on Ubiquity Recordings.

Nocturnal Emissions
Songs of Love & Revolution

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Nocturnal Emissions
Viral Shedding

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Odonis Odonis

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Ola Fløttum

Death Waltz do what they do best and drop another film OST. This one consists of the tense, eerie orchestral pieces Ola Fløttum cooked up for 2017 flick Thelma. While things rarely rise above a medium-volume hum, the quietness of this score allows Fløttum to ratchet up tension in subtle yet potent ways. Anyone who’s a fan of the music from Let The Right One In or 2001: A Space Odyssey should check Thelma.

Oren Ambarchi, Crys Cole, Leif Elggren

This unholy alliance between Oren Ambarchi (AUS), Crys Cole (CAN) and Leif Elggren (SWE) took place at a residency in Stockholm’s EMS Studios in 2016. The story goes that the harsh winds blew off the windows, prompting the trio to take desperate measures to stay warm and record. Sounds more like a contact mic passing through a cow’s intestines to me. It’s a good sound.
  • Vinyl LP (UE 235)
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Spectral Sound, sister label of Ghostly International (Mark E, Matthew Dear), bring Osbourne back into the fold for their latest drop. Fools is the first thing that the one born Todd Osbourn has dropped on Ghostly since 2013’s Joe Goddard collaboration ‘Hold Up'. However, it’s clear from these tunes that the intervening years haven’t robbed him of his knack for crafting buoyant, funky leftfield house jams.
  • Vinyl 12" (SPC-142)
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Paco Sala
Our Love Is The Gold

Third studio album from dreamy synth-pop duo Paco Sala. Our Love Is The Gold the pair are not afraid to assert themselves and play to their strengths. As on past album the synth sounds are to die for and the vocal performance is heartbreaking and intense. Above all else they are not afraid to be themselves, relishing in their own quirks and idiosyncrasies. 

Palms Trax
To Paradise

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Up For The Down Stroke

Released a long four years after their debut album, 1974’s Up For The Down Stroke was where Parliament’s career really took off. Containing the title track, which was the group’s first significant hit, as well as ‘Testify’, the LP gets a 180g heavyweight vinyl re-issue this summer. 

People Plus
Third Space

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Together & Apart

Rough Trade front the debut LP from PicaPica. As it was with the group’s 2017 EP Spring And Shade, so it is again on Together & Apart. The harmonised vocals of Josienne Clarke and Samantha Whates take centre-stage here, and the interplay between them has shades of Camera Obscura as well as American folk artists like Gillian Welch, Emmylou Harris and Alison Krauss. Instrumentals on Together & Apart range from gentle acoustic strums to retro singer-songwriter rock.
  • Vinyl LP (RT0036LP)
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Pieces Of A Pensive State Of Mind
Missin' You EP

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Moon, Wisdom & Slackness

Pigeondust, aka Japanese DJ,  producer and member of the En Tokyo crew, Yuta Yamaoka, has made his latest album, Moon, Wisdom & Slackness, from samples, a process he views as collaborative. Hip-hop made with the spirit of jazz and a willingness to experiment running through its veins. On Cold Busted.

Potter & Tillman
N.Y. To L.A.: Coasting

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No. 1

Canadian band, Pottery, have built their sound on a foundation laid by post-punk weirdos Devo, Scottish indie-funksters Orange Juice and fellow Postcard band Josef K. Their sound can be challenging at times and hypnotic and blissful at others, this dichotomy weirdly makes the band function as one. On Partisan Records.


POW! release their fourth LP via Castle Face (Thee Oh Sees, Damaged Bug and all those other John Dwyer-type ventures). Shift is, you know, garage rock and that. Guitars are loud, tubs are thumped, vocals are shouted, that sort of thing. Shift's tunes are short and sharp and everyone seems to be going about things with a sense of fun. Job’s a good’un.

Primal Scream
Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Singles Volume 1

Primal Scream. They’re a band. Sometimes, most of Screamadelica aside they’re a rock ‘n’ roll band. Here we have Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Singles Vol. 1, a collection of singles with seventeen tracks that go all the way back to 1986’s Velocity Girl up to 1998’s Kill All Hippies. Double 180g vinyl LP on Columbia.

Primal Scream
Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Singles Volume 2

Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Singles Vol. 2 is the second part, believe it or not, of a career spanning singles compilation by Primal Scream. This installment covers the period from 2000 to 2016 and features tracks such as Country Girl and Accelerator, along with collaborations with Kate Moss and Sky Ferreira. Double 180g LP on Columbia.

In Time: The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003

In Time: The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003 covers the band’s most commercially successful period. It includes tracks from the popular albums Green, Out Of Time and Automatic For The People as well as the single Bad Day. One of the band’s biggest hits, Shiny Happy People, was left off the compilation presumably because everyone hates it. Reissue double LP on Concord.


R.H.G.T. - Red Hook Grain Terminal to you, Jordan Edge to his mum - drops a cassette of brutalised electronica through the always excellent Opal Tapes (D.U.D.S., Gondwana). Depersonalisation has three modes: abrasive deconstructed club fare that sits at the limit of what Yves Tumor could come up with; hissing lo-fi beats that sound like a really beaten-up Madlib record being played on a really beaten-up turntable; and forays into pure industrial noise ala Prurient. Depersonalisation is not exactly easy on the ears, but it’s very good stuff.
  • Tape (OPAL137)
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Der Endless Dream

Radare’s 'Der Endless Dream' is all saloon bar menace, with its twanging guitar, halting drums, and droning organ. The German group have a tremendous sense of style and appreciation for high drama. It’s a cliche but this is music fit for soundtracks, and it’s all too telling that Twin Peaks is referenced as you easily imagine this blared out of the roadhouse speakers.
  • Vinyl LP (LP07739)
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Radiante Pourpre

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Ralph Heidl / Homo Ludens
Moments of Resonance

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Down 2 Earth Vol. 3

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Regno Maggiore

Regno Maggiore kicks off his recorded career with Astroveliero, a six track EP that layers up lots of very enjoyable sounds. Field recordings, unidentifiable samples, percussion and instruments: all are brought together and placed in fine balance with one another for compelling and original tracks. 12” EP.
  • Vinyl 12" (GODCUTS003)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Reinhold Friedl
Music For Piano…Spring / Flower / Cracker / Stream

Reinhold Freidl is the main man of Zeitkratzer, but he is just as effective as a solo operator as he is at the helm of that great avant-group. Music For Piano… Spring / Flower / Cracker / Stream is an all-acoustic grand piano record, with Friedl going deep inside the guts of the piano, wringing out all kinds of unearthly sounds. Released by Holotype Editions.
  • Vinyl LP (HOLO8)
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Fond Reflections

This has got to be good news for a certain breed of early 4AD worshippers. Rema Rema made one EP back in 1980 before splitting up and ending up in such bands as Renegade Soundwave, The Wolfgang Press and Adam and the Ants. Fast forward to now and some pretty committed people have got together to try to stitch together what would have been their debut LP by way of live recordings, alternate takes and rehearsal recordings.   


Reptaliens are influenced by sci-fi literature and art - their second album Valis takes its name from a Philip K. Dick novel. Their music takes its cues from the spacey weirdness of Todd Rundgren, the experimental lounge jazz of Gary Wilson and the comforting sounds of Broadcast.  After starting as a duo with no aspirations other than to please themselves, members were added and they became a band, hitting the road with STRFKR, Cults and Of Montreal. On Captured Tracks.

Rich The Kid
The World Is Yours 2

Last year, breakout rapper Rich The Kid shot straight to no.2 in the US with his debut album The World Is Yours. In 2019, Dimitri Roger is looking to go one better with the direct sequel The World Is Yours 2, featuring superstar collabs with Young Thug, Offset, Ty Dolla Sign and Miguel among others. 
  • Vinyl LP (7752744)
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Richard Einhorn
The Prowler (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Horror movie soundtrack fans, how are you doing? It's been a long time since October so maybe you've felt slightly neglected? Well, here's one for you, the soundtrack for Joseph Zito's slasher The Prowler. The soundtrack by Richard Einhorn combines the electronic with the orchestral to provide a suitably unsettling backdrop to the film. On Waxwork.
  • Vinyl Double LP (WW060)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Richard Pinhas

Another fine Richard Pinhas reissue! This one, 1982’s L’Ethique, is Richard’s fifth album since concluding Heldon, and the last one he made before a long, decade-plus break from music. A notable album then.  L’Ethique is a spacey, jazzy, rocky experience, with lots of rad instrumental shapes thrown. Plenty of fine synthy action too. Reissued by Bureau B.

Richard Reed Parry
Quiet River of Dust Vol. 2

Richard Reed Parry is of course part of that colossus of a super-indie band Arcade Fire, but there has always been more to his musicianship than that. Quiet River of Dust Vol.2 is the second part of his newest solo work, which draws considerably on folk and composed music for a really rather rich song-suite. Out on Epitaph.

Rob Burger
The Grid

An understudy and collaborator with jazz and avant-garde legends going as far back as Max Roach and Laurie Anderson, and then immersing himself in session and soundtrack work, Rob Burger is one of the most consistently undervalued figures in music over the last quarter of a century. The Grid is his latest solo album. 

Robert Hood
Master Builder

Detroit techno innovator Robert Hood released his classic album Internal Empire in 1994. It was a classic of minimal techno. It is being reissued to celebrate its 25th anniversary. To add extra weight to those celebrations there's,  a re-cut of the album’s single, Master Builder. On Tresor.

Robert Hood
Reflector / Rotate

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Rolando Simmons
Summer Diary One EP

Ok, so it’s the depths of winter here and in Rolando Simmons native Sweden, but that’s not put him off trying to remind us that the sun does occasionally shine. Summer Diary One EP is the producer’s first recording for Analogical Force and is equipped with enough melody and punchy bass grooves to make us feel like it’s summer once again. 5-track 12” EP on Analogical Force.

Roy Harper

Here’s a chance for the uninitiated to get into some poetic and jazz-flecked folk rock. Roy Harper is reissuing a few of his albums via his own Science Friction label. Folkjokeopus was originally released in 1969. It was produced by Shel Talmy (The Kinks, The Who) and featured pianist Nicky Hopkins (The Rolling Stones) and drummer Clem Cattini (Cliff Richard, Lou Reed). Harper has influenced the likes of Jethro Tull, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd and more recently, Joanna Newsom and Jonathan Wilson.

Ruf Dug
Ruf Dug presents The Committee

On this genre-blending five-track EP of dub, soul and jazz, Manchester-based record store owner and producer Ruf Dug assembles a cast of friends and musical fellow-travellers to present The Committee. Recorded in less than a fortnight at the collective’s own studio in South London, this short but immensely fun collection is a testament to the powers of collaboration. 
  • Vinyl 12" (RS026)
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Occasional Visits

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Russell E. L. Butler

Four tracks on twelve inches of wax, from Bermuda artist Russell E.L. Butler. Petty is probably the closest that Butler has yet come to real floor-filling techno, though don’t worry, there are still plenty of sonic and conceptual details to revel in from this experimental producer. 12” EP on Spectral.
  • Vinyl 12" (SPC-141)
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Sâd Hu

Sâd Hu is the collaborative project from Manuel Peraud and Francis Ferguson. The duo have known each other for years and with Aghori finally come together. The result is heavy and droning, with a focus on texture that draws from Peraud's visual practice. Ferguson's years as a techno producer clearly also came in handy.
  • Vinyl 12" (AP013)
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The Serpents Eggs

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Sam Ashley & Werner Durand
I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good / Love Among The Immortals

Werner Durand and Sam Ashley (son of Robert) have known one another since 1984, but only now have they taken to the studio for a recorded collaboration. I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good / Love Among The Immortals features two side-long pieces of shamanic minimalism with wind instruments, spoken word and electronics. Captures some of that crucial Ashley flavour. On Unseen Worlds.
  • Vinyl LP (UW23LP)
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Samana is the name of the project created by Rebecca Rose Harris and Franklin Mockett. Together, in the glorious Welsh valleys, the pair made Ascensions, an album of lonely and intense meditation on isolation. It comes out as incredibly rich dream pop, that can seeps into every crack and crevice. On FatCat.

Sarathy Korwar
More Arriving

Sarathy Korwar now lives in the UK. He was born in the USA and grew up in India. His music has grown from a Jazz foundation to incorporate traditional and modern indian, electronic, rap and folk sounds over time. More Arriving is his second album and is fired up by a divided Britain and his own experiences of living here. Confrontational, at times abrasive, Korwar is sending his passionate message out there.
  • Vinyl LP (BAY112V)
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  • Vinyl LP (BAY112VO)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Scott Gilmore
Two Roomed Motel

Two Roomed Motel plunges you into a an American world precisely as evocative as that title might suggest: this is San Fernando music, by Scott Gilmore. His style is rooted in the liberated Californian 70’s, where psychedelia, electronic experimentation, weird grooves and harmonised pop all sit well together. Scott’s new album is released by Crammed Discs.

Sequoyah Murray
Penalties Of Love

Penalties of Love is the debut mini-album release from the frighteningly talented instrumentalist and singer Sequoyah Murray. Consisting of four tracks and largely self-produced (with the assistance of James Ginzburg and David Corney) it shows the 22 year old to be a purveyor of mature and modern R&B. 


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SFV Acid
Fire Zone

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Sgt. Elyas
Tubular Moanings Of A Galactic Refrigerator

Hey Sgt. Elyas (Pollet), French guitarist and experimental composer. Is your refrigerator moaning? Yes it is, apparently. In a rather tubular fashion. The album is two twenty-minute works comprising many varied, guitar-driven soundscapes. Drone, ambient, dark ambient and experimental designs leave a haunting taste in the mouth.
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  • Tape (APHELION012-K7)
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She Keeps Bees

Hamburg’s BB*ISLAND presents the first She Keeps Bees album in four years. Kinship finds Jessica Larrabee and Andy LaPlant joined by Eric Maltz and Last Good Tooth’s Kevin Sullivan and Penn Sultan. Larrabee’s brooding songs reflect family loss, political woes and the disenchantment currently facing anyone paying attention to our betrayal of the planet.

Short-Term Memory
Plus or Minus Two

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Silent Meditation

Father and son duo Eric and Ben Antonow launched this project on Kickstarter, ultimately hitting their funding goal nine times over. Some will scoff, though a record filled only with silence has its uses and meanings. As the title suggests, the release has been arranged mainly with meditation in mind. Plays just as well at 45 as at 33⅓.

Ignorance Is Bliss

Act like a wasteman? That’s not Skepta. Lips any girl? That’s not Skepta. Drop the eagerly-anticipated follow-up to his Mercury Prize-winning LP Konnichiwa? That is Skepta, actually. Ignorance Is Bliss is the Boy Better Know mogul’s first full-length to drop since his ascendence into the upper echelons of the cultural sphere, and with all eyes on him he’s pulled out the stops on this one. 

Slow White Fall
Total EP

Oliver Ho aka Broken English Club aka Zov Zov aka Slow White Fall is, and I mean this in the best possible way, a very noisy boy. Here, on Total EP, he uses guitars, drums and synths, to create a proper industrial droning racket that is as likely to make you think of Tony Conrad as it is Godflesh. On Downwards.
  • Vinyl 12" (LINO82)
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Smashing Pumpkins

The Smashing Pumpkins are so excited about the release of their brand new album that they’ve given it two or three titles! Shiny And Oh So Bright, Vol. 1 / LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun. (didn’t I tell you?) is the first Smashing Pumpkins album for four years, and it notably features founder members like James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin for the first time this millenium. Released by Napalm Records.

Smuggler Brothers

This one's for the fans of the hot new things, 'library music'. Smuggler Brothers are from Sicily, and so are perfectly pitched to draw from Italy's rich history of library music, while incorporating influences from all the cultures who touch the mediterranean. Musione is progressive-funk that's not afraid to give itself over to other musical traditions. 

Snow Patrol
When It’s All Over We Still Have To Clear Up

When It’s Over We Still Have To Clear Up. As much as it pains us to say it, Snow Patrol are correct. It appears that what is being cleared up here are the golden years of the Northern Irish group. A decade on from ‘Chasing Cars’ and eighteen years after the initial release of When It’s Over… the band are re-releasing their sophomore LP. It’s a perfectly clement collection of soft-rock, but the fact that you can picture a young Marcus Mumford lustily belting these tunes out in his university dormitory somewhat taints the experience. Comes with a couple of bonus tracks.

Manta Ray (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

As alumni of Yann Tiersen and Tindersticks, the duo of Mathieu Gabry and Christine Ott, working here as Snowdrops, are well prepared to make sweet soundtrack music for the film Manta Ray. They’ve got both an Ondes Martenot and a Mellotron, as well as an MS2000, so they are really something to be reckoned with. On Gizeh,

Grim Town

22-year-old Northern-Irish singer-songwriter SOAK releasing her second full-length album, Grim Town. We haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but the first two singles Knock Me Off My Feet and Everybody Loves You suggest it’s got plenty of great and catchy pop songs to make you wonder what you've done with your life so far.


Another round of rhyme-spittin’ polemics from Anticon co-founder Sole. Focused on the lyrical theme of anarchism, this one for Fake Four Inc is a bit unusual as it draws in a gritty, self-produced No Wave environment for the MC’s disgruntled lines. Recorded half in central Denver, half in the Maine hinterlands.

Sonny & The Sunsets
Hairdressers From Heaven

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Sontag Shogun
It Billows Up

It Billows Up (it really does, you know) is the third LP from Brooklyn experimentalists Sontag Shogun. The trio's style brings together elements of free jazz, post-rock, drone, ambient and contemporary classical composition to create delicate and intricate soundscapes. On It Billows Up they come through with some of their most nuanced and tender compositions yet - it’s a record in the company artists like Dead Light and Snow Palms. Out via Youngbloods (Suplington, Annabel (lee)).

Sparrow Steeple
Tin Top Sorcerer

Charmingly shambolic garage rock set in the world of fantasy? It happens! Tin Top Sorcerer is a project from Sparrow Steeple, who are three of the members of Strapping Fieldhands. It takes the sinister and psychedelic that lies at the heart of all fairy tales and transfigures it (like a wizard!!) into something you can move your body to.
  • Vinyl LP (TIM144LP)
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Following will.i.am in having a name that is also a website address, SPIME.IM release Exaland. More than anyone else the band bring to mind the multimedia collective japes of Amnesia Scanner, even playing in the same musical ball pit as the Berlin duo. They also have a handle on vocal manipulation that recalls Holly Herndon.

Spiral Stairs
We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized

Third solo album from Pavement co-founder and guitarist Scott Kannberg, known professionally as Spiral Stairs. Recorded with a number of previous collaborators, including members of the short-lived Preston School of Industry, We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized promises some of the most immediately accessible music of Kannberg’s career. 

StabUdown Productions
Strange Rabbits

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Stella Donnelly
Beware of the Dogs

Stella Donnelly ain't going to take any shit. Abusive men, idiot bosses and clueless exes all get it in the ear on this debut album but, as on her debut EP Thrush Metal, she is armed with loads of lovely tunes. Her winsome, post-grunge songwriting has something in common with the early records of Liz Phair and she has a way of tempering her anger with an ability to bring out the beauty in the world. 

Stephen Bailey

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Steve Marino

Fluff is the debut solo album by Steve Marino. He is, however, an accomplished singer/songwriter who has been releasing albums under the Moor Hound moniker for the last decade. Reasons for his name change seem to, oddly perhaps, point to the fact he is now collaborating with producer Ben Lumsdaine.  Fans of Cass McCombs, Damien Jurado and Sun Kil Moon will enjoy this. LP and CD on Darling.

Strange Birds (Willie Burns & Ron Morelli)
Bird Shit

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Mountains and Plains

Stubbleman is the ego of Pascal Gabriel who has done literally everything in music including writing the Theme from S Express and worked with Dido, Kyle Minogue and Can amongst others. One thing he hasn't done is write an ambient album so this is what that is, using cinematic sounds and live piano to create a panoramic album inspired by a US road trip.     

Studio Mule

‘But I thought Studio Mule was just a label?’ we hear you cry. You’re right, but now the Japanese imprint has added an in-house band to its arsenal. On BGM label head Toshiya Kawasaki has assembled a crackpot team to help him reinterpret tracks from artists like Yellow Magic Orchestra and Burt Bacharach (though the version of Bacharach’s ‘The April Fools’ here draws more on the Yukihiro Takahashi cover) in a dreamy Balearic/City Pop style. Dip In The Pool’s Miyako Koda provides vocals on two songs.

The Eradication of Untruth

Looking at the cover of this record I was ready to start writing about metal. But no, turns out Submerged is a drum & bass producer so I'm going to have write about "sick beats" instead of "sick riffs". The Eradication of Untruth is about as intense as its title suggests, as Submerged approaches the genre with a hard as nails attitude.
  • Vinyl 12" (OHM50M)
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Rise And Shine

Substance is Berlin dance legend Peter Kuschnereit, who has also been known simply as DJ Pete. He is marking his 30th year in the biz with Rise & Shine, his debut solo EP for Ostgut Ton. Pete’s influence has found its way to the Berlin dance scene through his other job as an employee of the Hard Wax record store and as one of the DJs contributing to the Wax Treatment Party series, as well has his own releases and DJ sets where he draws from dubstep, grime, house and techno, adding a few twists along the way. 12" 5-track EP on Ostgut Ton.
  • Vinyl 12" (O-TON 115)
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Sun Ra
Media Dreams

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