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Dark Cross the Ages: Dark Round the Edges + Dark Round the Edges Live

A rare classic for vintage psych-heads! Dark’s 1972 album Dark Round The Edges was originally private pressed, but its quality is so high that it has obtained quite a reputation over the years from those who know. This very welcome vinyl reissue couples the original record with a 2011 live performance! Wow.

Daughter Of Swords

Break up albums have a habit of being mopey and sad. And that's okay! But these forget the other kind of break up. The kind that offers a fresh start and a new beginning. Daughter Of Swords' Dawnbreaker is just that. Optimistic, hopeful, and grounded. Alexandra Sauser-Monnig captures that hope, and the fear, with this collection of comforting indie-folk songs.

David August
David August x Ron Trent x Rafael Anton Irisarri

David August surrenders two tracks from his D’Angelo album to a pair of very different producers, in order to see what very different results they hand back to him. Ron Trent works sweet house magic, as we knew he would, while Rafael Anton Irisarri takes the ‘Deconstruction’ part seriously, rendering the ‘Florence’ track into something cinematic and droning all of its own. EP on 99CHANTS.

David Bowie

After David Bowie released Let's Dance he was as big as he'd ever been and decided to strike while the iron was hot. The resulting album is 1984's Tonight, which was largely successful at keeping the general public interested in him. For all its commercial ambitions Tonight remained a Bowie album, with the video for Blue Jean really being a 20 minute short film. 

David Bowie
Never Let Me Down

What are we to make of the David Bowie album that the man himself disliked the most? The album he has described as being "awful", an album he wondered why he recorded? Whatever he thought of it, 1987's Never Let Me Down remains interesting because the man was so interesting, especially as it was conceived in tandem for the ridiculously over the top Glass Spider tour. 

David Bowie
Pin Ups (Picture Disc)

Pin Ups is David Bowie’s 1973 covers album, in which our hero sets aside his original songwriting (which was of course on fire at this point) in favour of a selection of his personal 60’s English favourites. The Who, The Kinks, Pink Floyd and The Yardbirds all get Bowied here, on an album that still divides many fans. Picture disc reissue edition.

David Bowie

A real treat for fans of the Duke here. 'DJ' was the second single from Bowie's album The Lodger. It's a track that inhabits the worlds of both Roxy Music and Talking Heads. It's getting released on a nice picture disc that includes an alternative mix and a version recorded for the Kenny Everett Show in 1979. I also recommend you watch the video for this track, it's pretty weird. As far as I can make out, it's just Dave smiling really widely in various places. 

David Byrne
Grown Backwards (Deluxe Edition)

Grown Backwards was David Byrne’s first for Nonesuch Records. It was originally released in the weird non-vinyl times that were 2004, so this reissue, 15 years later, is the first time it’s been released on vinyl. It sees Byrne being uncharacteristically personal and emotional. It includes a duet with Tropicalia star Caetano Veloso and a bunch of extra tracks. Double LP on Nonesuch.

David First
Same Animal, Different Cages Vol. 4: Sitar Music of North Brooklyn

Fourth album of Sitar Music of North Brooklyn from David First. On Same Animal, Different Cages First draws from the Indian raga to create his own more melodically repetitious improvisations. This entry is also much less of a solo affair than its predecessors, featuring a percussionist who forces First into a slightly more rigid structure. On Fabrica.
  • Vinyl LP (FABRE040.4)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

David Ian Roberts
Travelling Bright

Sumptuous, breezy folk from Cardiff-based multi-instrumentalist David Ian Roberts. Joined by Kirsten Miller, Daan Temmink and Aidan Thorne on cello, piano and double bass respectively, Roberts himself takes it away on various guitars, dulcimer, Hammond organ, kalimba, percussion and his affable, relaxed voice. Listen with your best rainbow jumper on.

David Toop / Jan Hendrickse / Cath Roberts / CUEE

A split here, containing a fresh and exciting collaboration on each side. On side A, experimental music’s elder statesman David Toop pairs with Jan Hendrikse in order to actualise a text score by Chieko Shiomi, very quietly. On side B, Cath Roberts, the sax leader of Sloth Racket, leads the large City University Experimental Ensemble in a performance of new work of hers. Out on multi.modal.

Davy Kehoe
The Pilot

Davy Kehoe’s 2017 release Short Passing Game was a dance release made with the heart of Neu! or Suicide - though judging by the amped-up speed this was a heart undergoing rapid palpitations. The speed on The Pilot is not quite as physically alarming, but the synergy of styles is just as potent, resembling a stretched out band jam as much as any electronic release.

Deadbeat & Camara
Trinity Thirty

Languid dream-folksters Cowboy Junkies released their trickling classic The Trinity Sessions in 1988. To celebrate the thirty-year anniversary, Deadbeat (Scott Monteith) & (Fatima) Camara, both Canadian Berliners, have covered the the whole thing for your neo-nostalgic listening pleasure. Sounds like electronic slowcore.

Death and Vanilla
Are You A Dreamer?

Super Swedes Death and Vanilla return for their first album since 2015's To Where The Wild Things Are. The group peddle a lovingly retro form of synth and dream pop which has drawn comparisons to Broadcast, Cocteau Twins and is heavily influenced by library music, German Krautrock and 60s psych. I daresay you are going to love it. 

Deena Abdelwahed
Khonnar Remixes

Deena Abdelwahed’s 2018 LP Khonnar spawns a remix set on InFiné. The terse, broiling club-adjacent beats of that full-length record were always going to be fertile ground for potential remixes, and it seems like the quartet of Lord Of The Isles, Ital Tek, M.E.S.H. and Karen Gwyer each threw themselves into proceedings with gusto here. With Khonnar Remixes Abdelwahed's star continues to ascend.

Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt
Desert Sessions

Dean Blunt is known for his genre-hopping and maverick approach to making music. He was previously one half of the duo Hype Williams. Delroy Edwards is from L.A. but now lives in New York and has previously work with Ron Morelli, found of the L.I.E.S. label. The pair met in the desert for a musical face-off in 2017. Here, in these grooves is what went down. LP on L.A. Club Resource.

Delta Rain Dance (Glenn Astro)

See, Glenn Astro’s new Delta Rain Dance, yeah - it’s a Trancemission right, but it’s also a Transmission. Get it? So what that means is that the first side (the Trancemisison) of this album is all pretty keys and dub techno with the techno taken out, while the second (the Transmission) brings things back to the floor through some leftfield house and dub techno with the techno left in. Think Grouper, Garrett and Ross From Friends.

Dennis Young
Sojourn / Release

Dennis Young, one of the percussionists in the legendark post-punk/art-wave group Liquid Liquid, recorded a number of tape only releases for Daehan Electronics in the 80s after his band broke up. On Sojourn / Release label and musician worked to restore this lost New Age masterpiece, which Young recorded on old analogue synths. 

Dennis Young
Visions / Release

Liquid Liquid were one of the greatest bands to come out of 80s New York. After the band's end percussionist Dennis Young released a couple of cassette only albums with experimental South Korean label Daehan Electronics. On Visions / Release brings Young's skill at making you dance and plants in firmly in the world of new age. 

Derek Bailey & Tony Coe

A fabulous reissue of a session by free-improvising guitar supremo Derek Bailey and reeds player Tony Coe. The two players dance around each other, with timbres and pitches responding to one another with great dexterity. The clarinet and acoustic guitar sound great together, with modernist rigour and free-flowing expression in equal measure. Time is reissued by Honest Jon’s.

Transmission Response

Diagram is the solo recording moniker of Icelandic musician Hákon Aðalsteinsson, who normally fronts neo-psych outfit The Third Sound and plays guitar in The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Transmission Response, his first album by himself, is 12 tracks of synth-inflected post-punk and dream-pop. 
  • Vinyl LP (FC114V12)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Dimitris Petsetakis
On Shores

Greek electronic composer Dimitris Petsetakis has been working with the Into The Light label to ensure that his legacy is well-represented. On Shores features two tracks that were previously part of a 1991 album (Missing Links), and a whole load of other material that has never before heard the light of day. Loads to discover and love her for fans of electronic experimentation, new age, minimalism and more.


A limited edition splatter-vinyl version of the latest 12” EP from veteran Grammy-winning pop producer Diplo, whose talents extend into hip-hop and club music as well as shiny chart hits. This 16-minute collection, featuring rising British rapper Octavian among others, was originally released back in February this year. Fresh of his recent cameo in Pokémon Detective Pikachu.
  • Vinyl 12" (BEC5543988)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Dive Reflex Service

Ooo mysterious artist releases debut album ooOoooo how spooky... Dive Reflex Service are a member of Bristol's underground music scene, and make lush beats that show as much mastery of bass as atmospherics. So downtempo it'll slow your heart rate. LIMBWAX001 is released on uh, Limbo Tapes. Catchy name. 

Divino Nino

Heavily rhythmical and soulful Latinx guitar-pop rules on Foam, the latest effort from bi-lingual Spanish/English outfit Divino Nino. Hailing from Chicago but founded on a childhood friendship from Bogota between between guitarist Camilo Medina and bassist Javier Forero, these ten tracks are masterfully observed marriages of different musical traditions. 

DJ Guy

A dive into the expansive vaults of Cardiff producer and artist DJ Guy on the Unthanks imprint. 12” EP UNTHANK 12 selects six off-cut tracks made between 1993 and 1995, and although the  dancefloor is very much in mind, they also evoke the acid-drenched soundscapes that have garnered Guy such a cult following. 
  • Vinyl 12" (UNTHANK012)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

DJ Nate
Take Off Mode

With Take Off Mode, DJ Nate bookends the Tens with two of its finest footwork collections. As with 2010’s Da Trak Genious, this LP compiles some of the juke and battle trax that the Chicago native has laid down in the intervening decade. Given that this period includes the years in which Nate was temporarily paralysed from the neck down, Take Off Mode also stands as something of a triumphant return. Tense, explosive tunes in the Teklife vein.

DJ Yoda
Home Cooking

DJ Yoda, an artist much beloved of the summer festival circuit, here develops his craft beyond funky beatmaking, bringing in live instrumental artists to complement his samples and tasty turntablism. Songs are the key here, with musicians like Theon Cross, Nubya Garcia and Eva Lazarus helping Yoda craft a real jazz and soul mood. Home Cooking is released by Lewis Recordings.

Doctor Umezu Diva

Doctor Umezu Diva is a three way collaboration between sax player Kazutoki Umezu, the legendary Midori Takada and Ichiko Hashimoto on keys. The result is Diva, a jazz album like no other. The whole album has an incredibly loss feel, like the trio are jamming at a party, but without any drop of unearned self-indulgence. Reissue on Studio Mule.

Dolphin Midwives
Liminal Garden

Sage Fisher came to the conclusion that Dolphin Midwives was a good moniker for a band and so this the name that heads up this lovely album of harp, voice and electronic processing. The album is a tranquil ride through the natural world blending organic and electronic sounds with a little help from Jason Powers (The Decemberists) in the producers chair. 

Dolphins Into The Future / Lieven Martens Moana
Songs Of Gold, Incandescent

Dolphins Into The Future, aka Lieven Martens Moana is a closely thought-out project that expresses its creator’s experiences through field recordings and songs, each presented with a varying degree of treatments. These pieces, first available in a myriad of other ways, are here compiled onto a private press LP in an edition of only 170.

Dome 1

The year was 1980, and with their band Wire in free-fall Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis figured that they could either sit around feeling sorry for themselves or get on with making music. They took the latter approach, and the next two years yielded four LPs of experimental work under the name Dome. Their debut Dome 1 set out the duo’s stall very well indeed - people who are interested in the post-post-punk investigations of This Heat will take a particular shine to this one. Now Dome 1 has been reissued by Editions Mego.

Domenico Crisci

Techno that sounds like a collapsing building from Domenico Crisci. I've never heard music that sounds so much like its foundations have been shaken. On Velvet Crisci is not interested in giving you time to warm up, instead going full throttle all the time. Big, dark and distorted. Just how I like it. On Black Opal.

Don't DJ

Laniakea, Don’t DJ’s first outing on Honest Jon’s, finds the one born Florian Meyer turning in some of his most detailed and intriguing work yet. These four long tracks develop the producer’s clattering loop-techno style by adding in some new age-inspired pads, grain-delayed drones and flashes of noise. It’s an unusual combination, one that’s guaranteed to make any of Laniakea’s cuts stand out in a mix. File next to Tresque and Duckett. His moniker remains valuable advice for everyone.

Dragon Welding
Dragon Welding

Dragon Welding is the new project and first solo album by The Wolfhounds guitarist Andy Golding. The albums sees his music straying into the post-rock/drone experimentalism of Moonshake and the krautrock of Neu. Ant Chapman of Collapsed Lung mastered the album and it features a guest appearance from Alice Golding of The Othyrs. On A Turntable Friend.


Drama were making electronic music before it was cool. In the late '70s and into the '80s, bands in Eric Simpson and Don Stagg's local Ontario, Canada, were playing in guitar rock bands. Loneliness is the band's debut LP from 1978 and it's a brooding piece of electronica which shifts between New-Wave and Krautrock.


Colorado metal group Dreadnought serve up their fourth LP (first for Profound Lore). Emergence is another set of ambitious songs from the Denver group. Cuts like ‘Besieged’ are a bit doomy, a bit proggy, a bit black metal-y. An album like Emergence makes sense on a label that has also released records by Wayfarer and Bell Witch.

No Tracks In The Snow

Delve into the early days of Mkl Anderson’s long-running Drekka recording project, with a selection of late 90’s / early 2000’s tracks. No Tracks In The Snow is full of highly personal moments and memories, expressed through industrial ambience and a cinematic scope. Released by Dais Records.
  • Vinyl LP (DAIS128LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Dressy Bessy
Fast Faster Disaster

20 years into their career, Denver, Colorado indie-rockers Dressy Bessy release their eighth album, Fast Faster Disaster. The band follow an if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it philosophy. For fans this means more sharp lyrical content, earworming melodies and some rockin’ tunes. The band have connections with the Elephant 6 collective in that guitarist, John Hill, also plays for Apples In Stereo.

Light Mirror

Drowse’s second album for current label The Flenser was inspired by singer Kyle Bates’ relocation to the wildernesses of Iceland on an artist residency. It might sound like yet another Bon Iver copy, but Light Mirror promises to be a touching experience, Bates exploring his own fears and confronting his self-sabotaging tendencies. 

E.R.P. / Duplex

Split 12" between E.R.P. and Duplex on Frustrated Funk. The a-side features a proper hefty dancefloor weapon from E.R.P., sneaky drums making way for a proper crunchy bass line. On the flip is more spaced out affair from Duplex. All whooshing synths and that. Would make for a decent ambient tune if not for the drums. 
  • Vinyl 12" (FR-DPX)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Last copy

Edinburgh Leisure
Die Gefahr Im Jazz

You might remember ********, the rudely named duo from Domino’s Weird World sublabel. One of them, Ailie Ormston, has been doing some fab solo electronic music on the side. Here’s what the other one, a T Fraser, has been up to. Edinburgh Leisure is a duo with Keith Farquhar and takes unconventional “idle authorship” approaches to instrumentation (everyday objects), lyricism (RhymeZone) and fair use (hacked Apple device sounds, etc.). This lot are always worth checking out.

Edson Frederico
Edson Frederico E A Transa

If you're one of the 585 people who want this on discogs but don't want to pay the £494 asking price, you're in luck. Music On Vinyl have reissued Edson Frederico's E A Transa, one of the few albums Frederico ever release. A great ambassador of the more easy listening side of Brazil's 70s scene, a fusion of jazz, funk, bossanova and more.

Spires Burn / Release

Elder’s 2012 EP Spires Burn/Release gets reissued by Stickman Records (Motorpsycho, The Wedding Present). This is a superb stoner/doom two-track, one that combines some utterly brutal low end with the sort of vocals that would make James Hetfield feel like a proud father. A curiously overlooked moment in Elder’s catalogue, Spires Burn/Release definitely deserves its second shot at fame.

Electronic Sound
Issue 52 & Vinyl Bundle

Issue 52 of the well-respected publication Electronic Sound arrives in typically fine style, with many of the fancy pages of this issue taken up with an in-depth feature on cover star Amon Tobin. You can read that feature while listening to the exclusive Tobin 7” that comes bundled with the magazine, which also features a Moog feature and Thurston Moore on Luc Ferrari. Nice!

Elephant9 with Reine Fiske
Psychedelic Backfire II

Norwegian post-jazz supergroup Elephant9 spent some quality time in front of an audience over the course of four nights in a small Oslo venue, and they recorded the results for two album releases. Psychedelic Backfire II features the guest presence of Reine Fiske, whose rhythm guitar fits right in with the rich and remarkable Elephant9 sound. Four lengthy live cuts.

Elizabethan Collar

No doubt about it: an elegant euphemism for a pet cone makes for an excellent namesake. This is the first Elizabethan Collar material since their 2014 and 2015 cassettes for stylish experimental electronics imprint /\\Aught. It picks up precisely where those two left off with several cuts of mid-fi minimal electronics, often built around gritty, modulated sequences.

Point Defects

“Creating a composition means making decisions”, reminds the press release for this debut album by Berlin duo Ellicist (Thomas Chousos a.k.a., Tadklimp and Florian Zimmer of Saroos and Driftmachine). We’re happy to report that the pair succeeded in making the decisions necessary to produce an album, and Morr Music can prove it. Textural, organic kitchen sink sample collages.

The Fuzz

Ellis is an indie rock/slowcore/dream pop singer/songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario. The Ellis name is play on her own initials: Linnea Sigglekow - L.S. Her debut EP is called The Fuzz. If you’ve invested time and money into fellow Canadians Alvvays or perhaps Mazzy Star or Berkshire’s shoegaze heroes, Slowdive, then Ellis may be the artist for you. 6-track 12” on Fat Possum.


Glacial Industries ain’t no ambient label, no matter what their name my suggest. Nope, what we have here from Irish artist ELLLL is beat-tastic to its core: three tracks to get things moving in a hard but intriguing style. Two of the tracks are relatively straight down the line, while the third might get a bit weirder. Confectionary is a delectable set, on 12” vinyl.
  • Vinyl 12" (G1ND004)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Boy Meets Girl

Endon are a Japanese noise-metal band. The noise they make is widely described as catastrophic. They seem to operate by balancing elements that don’t necessarily fit together - ferocity and vulnerability, terrifying noise and fun - and in the case of their new album Boy Meets Girl, love and horror. LP and CD on Thrill Jockey.

Epic Beard Men
This Was Supposed To Be Fun

Second release but first official full-length album from indie-rap collaboration project Epic Beard Men, consisting of Sage Francis and B. Dolan. Following on from their debut EP Season 1 released last year, This Was Supposed To Be Fun marries the carefully curated results of crate-digging with lyrics that mix gravity with levity. 

Eric Copeland
Trogg Modal Vol. 1 (Remixes)

Eric Copeland’s excellent first Trogg Modal LP gets served four ways on this remix set. With its set of lo-fi freak beats, Copeland’s album provides rich pickings for the quartet of Parris, RAMZi, Lokler and Gerry Read to feast upon. As such we get everything from EBM to Balearic house to anti-techno (Lokier, RAMZi and Parris in that order) across Trogg Modal Vol. 1 (Remixes).

Eva-Maria Houben
Erwartung 1 und 2

Eva Maria-Houben presents a few more insights into her quiet, sparse world with Erwartung 1 and 2. This piece extracts a crucial chord from Arnold Schonberg’s dramatic piece of the same name and uses it to create a new piece very much her own, unhurriedly moving through the perfectly-chosen notes. Presented here in versions for piano and for organ. Released by Second Edition.

Explode Into Colors

Fake Laugh
Honesty / Surrounded

We loved his debut self titled album from last year which promised a new talent who could get close to the classic 80s indie songwriters like Roddy Frame or Paddy McAloon. Kamran Khan has the sort of talent that it's hard to bottle  - a fluid melodicism that makes his dream pop glide above everything else in the genre.  

English Weather

NME-touted FEET hail from Coventry, and here’s their debut single. The cover is a bit 1994 alt-rock, isn’t it? So is the music, in fact. The song even bears an uncanny resemblance to ‘Stupid Girl’ by Garbage; just a bit less electronic and dancey, a bit more about the need to bring an umbrella when going outside in England.


Sprawling Europe wide psych project Fith return with their first release since their debut album, Swamp. A joyous explosion of free jazz, poetry, psych rock, electronics, and more. Their attitude is decidedly collective, which is probably why they sound like their having so much fun, even when the music itself takes a darker turn. On Outer Reaches.

So Glad / I Feel Him Moving

Floorplan, the duo of legendary producer Robert Hood and his daughter Lyric, come through with two slamming new DJ tools. ‘So Glad’ combines minimal techno, house, disco and gospel to ebullient effect, its choppy vocals and burbling bassline ricocheting around the club. On the flip, ‘I Feel Him Moving’ is a shuffling preacher-house delight in the vein of Simon’s ‘Free At Last’.

Floris Vanhoof
The Fluid Computer

Floris Vanhoof took the name for his album The Fluid Computer from a book that imagined a computer whose circuits channeled water rather than electrons. The music is appropriately liquid, with field recordings flowing into DIY circuits and then through tape recorders to make two side long tracks that woosh and slosh in equal measure. On KRAAK.

Seeing Other People

They keep promising to split after every album but it just doesn't happen. Maybe we'll be sixth time lucky with this one. They really should have gone after the despairing Hang described by us as 'the worst album of 2017' but here they are again for another try. You'll get an LP of demos if you are quick with the limited edition  - that's if you can stomach anymore.  

The Journey

FRAME, a project by Andrea Benedetti and Eugenio Vatta are all about the particular atmosphere of a movie theatre, and have since 1992 been creating powerfully evocative soundscapes to that effect for audiences. Here in front of us we have the FRAME sound distilled into album form. The Journey is released by Glacial Movements.

Freddie Gibbs
Shadow Of A Doubt

A much-needed re-issue of the second studio album by American rapper Freddie Gibbs, himself teaming up once again with producer Madlib for a collaboration in 2019. Shadow Of A Doubt was originally released back in 2015, and won much critical praise for Gibbs’s versatility and stylistic diversity. Vinyl edition includes five extra tracks compared to the CD version. 


LA pop duo Frenship double-down on the success of singles such as 'Capsize' and prepare to take the world by storm with their debut album, Vacation. The pair have been working together for six years, so they have really honed their craft. Vacation includes guest performances from Bastille and Yoke Lore. On Counter Records.


LA’s Froth are back after two years away with their fourth album, Duress. Two years is hardly a long time to be away, but we're glad they're back. The album addresses such hot issues as the Yanny/Laurel debate. Their off-kilter shoegaze, psych, post-punk, slacker sound is all in check, which is the main thing, like. On Wichita.

Funky Doodle
Live From Yellowknife

Funky Doodle went to town sat upon a pony, the did a show on New Year's Day and called in macaroni. Live From Yellowknife is the one and only performance of Funk Doodle, a collaboration between DJ Richard, James K and Draveng. Together they brought in the new year the only way they knew how, with brooding and unsettling electronic drones.

Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD

Future continues to play the dark prince on his seventh studio LP. The Hndrxx persona has always taken Future’s air of narcotic-fugged honesty that little bit further - think of Hndrxx as Future’s Thin White Duke - and Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD is another set of cold-blooded trap tales from the superstar MC. Young Thug, Gunna and Travis Scott guest.
  • Vinyl Double LP (19075874291)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Gad Whip
Ward 24

Gad Whip are a post rock-cum-indie rock band from Yorkshire. Parallels will undoubtedly be drawn with The Fall due to vocalist, Pete Davies’ spoken, northern drawl and lyrics about Goat Bags and Grey Scale Quiche. Ward 24 is their latest single. On Fourth Dimension/X-Mist, limited to 150 copies.

Gary Davis
A Taste Of Chocolate (The Very Best Of)

Working since the 1980s Gary Davis' career has covered everything from disco to hip hop to house. A Taste Of Chocolate compiles some of his best work, as chosen by the man himself. Of the lot, probably best known is the sensual banger 'Gotta Get Your Love', whose whispered lyrics will send a shiver down the collective spine of any dancefloor. 

Gary Gritness
The Legend of Cherenkov Blue

Gary Gritness presents The Legend of Cherenkov Blue, a concept album. The story it tells is a futuristic Noir, featuring murderers, spies and lovers To tell the story Gritness has produced an incisive and visceral electro-funk that has the fluidity of something on Brainfeeder. It's actually on Hypercolour.

Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge
Get The Money feat. Vince Staples / Powerful One b/w Serato Control Tone

Limited edition double 7” picture-disc package containing two singles from Ghostface Killah’s Twelve Reasons To Die II project, originally released back in 2015 in conjunction with producer and composer Adrian Younge. ‘Get The Money’ features the dextrous flow of Vince Staples, now a mainstream star. 

Gil.Barte / Lostsoundbytes
Split EP

Following records from artists including Frak and Elements Of Joy, the latest drop in Brokntoys’s Discos Del Quebranto series is a split EP between French artist Gil.Barte and the Brussels-based LostSoundBytes. As we’ve come to expect from Brokntoys this is a set of brutalised, mangled electro. Gil.Barte’s A-sides have a sort of ultra-lo-fi Italo vibe, while the LostSoundBytes stuff strays close to Cardopusher’s recent work.

Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne
Queen Of The South (Original Series Soundtrack)

Of course, the one true Queen Of The South is the Scottish football club with arguably the best name of any sports team in Britain. Apparently there is also a crime drama from the U.S. with the same name but we’re not buying it. As such, we’re going to assume that this Giorgio Moroder/Raney Shockne collection has been put together not as an OST for the show but in order to be played on Dumfries match days. Noirish Italo-Disco will do nicely for a bit of goal music. ‘Mon the Queens!

Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
Once - Music from the Motion Picture

Back in 2006, the Frames leader Glen Hansard starred as a grizzled street musician who stalked and preyed on a young Czech woman. Rather than calling the police, she fell for him and the remainder was a heartfelt Irish romantic musical drama. Now you can get all the music from the film which will leave you teary-eyed as proof that obsessive behaviour can sometimes pay dividends. 

Golden Ashes
Gold Are The Ashes Of The Restorer

Gnaw Their Tongues / SEIROM creative engine Mories returns under yet another new guise as Golden Ashes, promising further lengthy explorations in drone rock and post-metal labelled with unwieldy song titles. Gold Are the Ashes of the Restorer is the project’s debut release, presented on CD and transparent yellow vinyl. 

Gore Tech
Geist Fibre

Drum & Bass, DnB, the hard stuff. Gore Tech isn't just about keeping you dry. He's been plying his trade down in Manchester for a good while now and Geist Fibre is the product of all that hard graft. The sort of dance music that goes down well with metal fans. Brutal, fast and dystopian. On Ohm Resistance.
  • Vinyl Double LP (OHM49M)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Grebenstein & Seefried
Raging Tender

Downwards offers us up another hard-hitting club 12”: nothing surprising there, but wait, Raging Tender is made up of songs! Grebenstein & Seefried is a producer & vocalist team-up, with dark lyrics delivered with dead eyes over the top of driving minimal Berlin technoid structures. Real club songs for the serious.

Guadalupe Plata
Three Demons

Spaniards Guadalupe Plata have become perfectionists. Whereas on previous albums they were content with banging out tracks in a couple of takes, while recording Codigo Barras things reached the point that someone compared them to My Bloody Valentine. They don't sound like Kevin's lot mind, taking a more Americana/desert rock/post-punk approach for their songs.

Guerilla Welfare
The Nature Of Human Nature

Pioneering post-punkers Guerilla Welfare have a compilation of some of their choicest morsels released via Musique Plastique (Visible Cloaks, Colman). The tracks on The Nature Of Human Nature date from 1986-1991 and join the dots between Public Image Ltd., A Certain Ratio and Pablo’s Eye. Brian Eno & David Byrne’s My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts also looms large. Brilliant and vital stuff.

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley

Resurgent interest in the music of Gyedu Blay Ambolley spawns another reissue. One spin of 1982’s sophomore LP Ambolley is enough for you to understand why people are suddenly so keen on the Ghanaian artist’s music. This is a set of superbly funky highlife disco/boogie for which Ambolley is a charismatic and beguiling focal point. Original copies of Ambolley are very hard to track down, so nice one to Mr. Bongo for getting this new edition together.

Hammer / Atlus (Denis Sulta)

Denis Sulta, man about town, offers us SSSS-3 on Sulta Selects Silver Service, an offshoot of the regular Sulta Selects. The a-side features Belfast's Hammer with 'Dance Since', a bass heavy, 90s house influenced monster. Sulta himself appears on the b-side as Atlus, supposedly the Jekyll to his Hyde. 

Hand Habits

Hand Habits is the project of Meg Duffy, who has been a touring member of Kevin Morby's band. Don't worry we've not made a mistake with the album title, it is indeed placeholder which here stands for Duffy's interest in the undefined, in what lies between. The folk songs on placeholder build on this notion lyrically generously waiting to be endowed with meaning. 

Hardijs Lediņš
Tiny Crabs Of Deep Waters

Hardijs Lediņš, co-founding member of excellent and rather unsung Latvian experimenters NSRD, first released Tiny Crabs of Deep Waters in 1999. Despite its turn-of-the-century release, it sounds as if it may have been in gestation since NSRD’s 1980s heyday. Lots of charming, folk-tinged pads, tape and sample experiments, vintage synth effects and the like. That’s a great title, as well.

Harriet Brown
Mall Of Fortune

Get ready to hit the dancefloor with Mall Of Fortune, the second album from cool guy Harriet Brown. His beautiful falsetto vocals are soulful and funky, and they are supported by the slickest of production. Features guest vocal spots from Felicia Douglass and Ana Roxanne. Released by Innovative Leisure.


Haunter Records mainstay Heith strikes out on his own with the first release on his own SAUCERS imprint. To inaugurate the label he’s turned out Mud, an EP that takes in experimental electronics, dark ambient, Lotic’s club deconstructions and the weightless grime of Mr. Mitch. Mud is a nerve-jangling listen, but all the more thrilling for that fact.
  • Vinyl 12" (SAUCERS#1)
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  • Limited edition

Chemical Flowers

Another chapter of frowning, flexing, collaged gritscapes from London’s Helm - ol’ Luke Younger to his chums. Once again on PAN, with the usual excellent Becker treatment and all that, the album was recorded out in the sticks somewhere, allowing for a bit more ruminatory distance from the subject matter of exhausting urban motion.

Hieroglyphic Being
A Synthetic Love Life Vol 1

Hieroglyphic Being aka Jamal Moss has one of the most distinctive style of anyone working in electronic music today. On A Synthetic Love Life Vol 1 (the first of nine) is Moss at his best. Acid techno that's detailed and frenetic in a way that only one Aphex Twin can match. Moss is also a master of polyrhythms, on these four tracks they spiral out like fractals. 

Centipede Wisdom

HOO (standing for Holton’s Opulent Oog) is an intriguing collaboration between Nick Holton, songwriter with Black Hearted Brother, and former Slowdive member Ian McCutcheon. Their first album Centipede Wisdom offers droning guitars and swirling synth textures framed in fluid, freeform structures. 

Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch hail from San Francisco’s Bay Area. They channel proto-metal bands such as Blue Cheer and MC5. Seconds is, believe it or not, their second album. You know what you’re going to get here - high energy, in-your-face, fuzzy rock n roll - and why the hell not, Mothercruncher? It seems, also, that they’ve set themselves on a path to obvious album titles. I look forward to their third album - Dessert. LP and CD on Tee Pee

The Weathertenko

At Norman we get sent a lot of records that come with unnecessarily long and florid press releases. Sifting through them and trying to find out things like where the artist was born and what they had for dinner on the night they wrote the lead single can be a bit tedious. As such, Howes’ approach to the form is refreshingly streamlined. The write-up for Howes’ new EP The Weathertenko runs to a grand total of one word - ‘KILLA’. It’s an accurate description of The Weathertenko, an EP of degraded techno and digi-dancehall. 7" rather than 12" too. Less is more.


HXE continue 'club' music's trance revival. INDS is a four track EP on UIQ featuring what the press release enticingly calls "Industrial dancehall smackdown". To my ears they take the unrepentant melancholic intensity of industrial music and puts some euphoric trance shine on it. Extremely crying in the club.
  • Vinyl 10" (UIQ011)
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  • Limited edition
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Ian Hultquist
Assassination Nation (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Assassination Nation is a blackly comedic film that has made an impact, no doubt with some help from this fine score work. Ian Hultquist, he of Passion Pitt fame, provides the soundtrack, using his tasty synth collection to match the film’s vivid moods. This soundtrack release includes all of Hultquist’s cues and themes, as well as other songs featured in the film. On Lakeshore Records.

Interview Music

One of the very few bands with not one but two members named Rod, Idlewild have come a long way since their punk rock beginnings. The Scottish band are very adept and marrying their highlands heritage with a kind of widescreen poetic rock music that has garnered lots of comparisons to R.E.M. Here they are with their first since 2015's Everything Ever Written and shows them still as inspired as ever.     

Into U (Kaka Bootleg)

Anyone who’s put on an Ikonika mix over the past few months will have clocked the producer’s flip of ‘Into U’, a track by an extremely famous pop singer who shall remain unnamed. This ‘Kaka Bootleg’, which is the first Night Slugs drop of 2019, presents Ikonika’s version as both an instrumental and a vocal version. Both editions are the sort of sleek, shiny futuro-club jams on which the Night Slugs empire has been built. Any relation the ‘Kaka Bootleg’ has to the former Real Madrid and A.C. Milan player are purely coincidental.
  • Vinyl 12" (NSWL021)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Reaching The Source EP

Recent years have seen Liam Blackburn do bits as Ancestral Voices, but before switching names he made leftfield, dreamy breakbeat as Indigo. His 2013 EP Reaching The Source remains one of the most in-demand Indigo drops, and with good reason - this is a melancholy and beautiful set of slow drum & bass/IDM that takes influence from Burial and Shackleton. Now Reaching The Source has been re-pressed by Samurai Horo (FIS, Sam KDC).

Injury Reserve
Injury Reserve

Injury Reserve are a rap trio from Arizona. They mission is to make make experimental hip hop more accessible. This self-titled album is their debut although they’ve been together for 6 years. It follows two critically successful mixtapes - Live From The Dentist’s Office (2015) and Floss (2016). LP and Cd on Loma Vista.

Readjusting The Locks

Readjusting The Locks by Institute is the first album by the band since half of them upped sticks and moved from Austin to New York. It doesn’t seem to have held them back. They met up in Brooklyn in late 2018 and recorded an album of crisply produced scuzz rock, with the spirit of ‘77 inhabiting their thoughts and therefore the sounds they produced. On Sacred Bones.

A Fine Mess

It's not like Interpol to be able to come up with a title for any of their records - they were possibly watching the Laurel and Hardy film when they came up with this one. It was recorded during time spent with Dave Fridmann (big drum alert) while they were in the middle of their Big World Tour and serves as a mini snapshot of where the band find themselves post Marauder.   


The nomadic IVVVO returns to Rabit’s Halcyon Veil (700 Bliss, Chino Amobi) for the release of his third LP. Anyone familiar with the Bastet member’s previous solo work will find plenty to sink their teeth into on doG. Once again this is a set of tracks that sees IVVVO brutalising and bastardising various club, industrial and metal sonics. It kind of ends up sounding like Nine Inch Nails if they had Yves Tumor rather than Trent Reznor at the helm.
  • Vinyl Double LP (HALC021)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy


Here come the warm J-E-T-S. This is a new team-up between serial club botherers Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar, and on their wackily-named first LP ZOOSPA the pair use their know-how to create thick, metallic-sounding beats. There’s not really one style you can pin down here - rather, J-E-T-S have that kind of mish-mash R ‘n’ B/hip-hop/EDM sound that works so well for Hudson Mohawke. ZOOSPA is bolstered by some great guest appearances from (among others) Dawn Richard and Mykki Blanco.

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