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Andrew Liles
Monstrous Medical Mishaps (Horrendous Hospitals and Disastrous Dentistry)

The ever busy, ever mystic Andrew Liles (of Nurse With Wound and Current 93) is dabbling into Matmos territory with the latest installment of his Monster series, which has a medical theme. Monstrous Medical Mishaps (Horrendous Hospitals and Disastrous Dentistry) uses manipulated samples of medical equipment for rhythm tracks, then laying all sorts of sounds on top. Edition of 300 LPs on Blackest Rainbow.


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Hardijs Lediņš
Tiny Crabs Of Deep Waters

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Exile One
Exile One

In 1970 Gordon Henderson moved to Guadeloupe to pursue a career in music. By 1973 he'd started his own back, Exile One. This reissue on Tidal Wave Music, of their 1974 debut, shows off the band's ability to mix together funk, soul, reggae, calypso and Haitian music. The result is fun as hell and demands that you get up and dance.

Minor Poet
The Good News

Remember the days when seeing the Sub Pop label on a record meant that you were buying some sort of lo-to-mid-fi rock produced by Jack Endino or Steve Fisk? Those days are long gone. Sub Pop’s roster has expanded in all directions so you don’t know what you’ll get. With Minor Poet they have a bedroom artist, Andrew Carter, who makes music that seemingly mixes Phil Spector, The Beach Boys, ‘70s pop and Animal Collective. The Good News is his new EP and follows on from 2017’s And How! LP.

Stuart A. Staples
Music for Claire Denis' High Life

Tindersticks have worked with film director Clair Denis several times before but now it's time for gravel voiced frontman Stuart A Staples to do the honours. Here he soundtracks Denis first English language film High Life set for release this year. Though Staples goes alone there is a further treat for Tindersticks fans as the track Willow which closes the film is included here and credited as a full band effort.  

The Wee DJs
3 Waves

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Gary Gritness
The Legend of Cherenkov Blue

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In The Land Of

In The Land Of is the eighth album by highly-rated Canadian indie band, Wintersleep. It was produced by Tony Doogan who has worked with Belle and Sebastian and Mogwai. This, sound-wise, probably lands somewhere between the sound of the two bands as they embrace the quiet/loud dynamic. On Dine Alone.

Jack Waterson
Adrian Younge presents Jack Waterson

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Doctor Umezu Diva

Doctor Umezu Diva is a three way collaboration between sax player Kazutoki Umezu, the legendary Midori Takada and Ichiko Hashimoto on keys. The result is Diva, a jazz album like no other. The whole album has an incredibly loss feel, like the trio are jamming at a party, but without any drop of unearned self-indulgence. Reissue on Studio Mule.

The Misz
The Lonely Crowd

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Potter & Tillman
N.Y. To L.A.: Coasting

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Haedron EP

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Hiroshi Matsui
Samba De Howa Howa

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The Janitors
15 Years of Fuzz and Folköl

Is there a rule that fuzz related musics needed to draw attention to it? Cardinal Fuzz are releasing 15 Years of Fuzz and Folköl by fuzz rockers The Janitors. These Swedes have stretched fuzz as far as it will go, so it's fascinating to here how the band has changed over the decade and a half it's existed. That they got through several bands worth of band members too probably helps.


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Primal Scream
Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Singles Volume 2

Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Singles Vol. 2 is the second part, believe it or not, of a career spanning singles compilation by Primal Scream. This installment covers the period from 2000 to 2016 and features tracks such as Country Girl and Accelerator, along with collaborations with Kate Moss and Sky Ferreira. Double 180g LP on Columbia.

Paco Sala
Our Love Is The Gold

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Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
Once - Music from the Motion Picture

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People Plus
Third Space

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Basic Rhythm
On The Threshold

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Carl Craig
Detroit Love Vol. 2

After kicking off his Detroit Love series with a mix from Stacey Pullen, head-honcho Carl Craig is the one who steps up to bat this time around. Detroit Love Vol. 2 goes two ways depending on what format you pick. The CD is a mix that features some of Craig’s favourite tunes both old and new - rare gems from the likes of Ectomorph sit alongside cuts by Octave One, Mr. G and Craig himself. Eight of the choicest morsels make it to vinyl in their full, unmixed form - this includes exclusives from Claude Von Stroke and C2/DJ Minx as well as first-time-in-ages vinyl outings for Ectomorph and Rhythim Is Rhythim.

The Dots

Marathon Artists (Pond, Courtney Barnett) front the debut LP from ALASKALASKA here. The Dots is a peppy first salvo from the group, a record of perky leftfield electro-pop numbers that nods to Fever Ray, Fujiya & Miyagi and fellow south Londoners Hot Chip. Best to get a copy of The Dots and learn the words so you can be in the know come festival season.

Causa Sui
Summer Sessions Vol. 3

Vinyl re-issue of the Summer Sessions series by Danish instrumental psych- / stoner-rock band Causa Sui, originally released between 2008 and 2009 and with the aid of saxophonist Johan Riedelow, which defined the group’s sound. Complete with fresh packaging from El Paraiso, Vol. 3 includes the swirling heat-haze of ‘Venice By the Sea’.

Down 2 Earth Vol. 3

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Bleu Nuit
Le Jardin Des Memoires

Requiem Pour Un Twister is a lovely little Parisian imprint that specialises in post-punk, Krautrock, psych-rock and various other DIY guitar persuasions. Their latest release is Le Jardin Des Memoires, an LP from Bleu Nuit that synthesises all of the best bits of Deerhunter, Atlas Sound, Real Estate and Ty Segall. Le Jardin Des Memoires is one for the coming summer.

Ian Hultquist
Assassination Nation (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Assassination Nation is a blackly comedic film that has made an impact, no doubt with some help from this fine score work. Ian Hultquist, he of Passion Pitt fame, provides the soundtrack, using his tasty synth collection to match the film’s vivid moods. This soundtrack release includes all of Hultquist’s cues and themes, as well as other songs featured in the film. On Lakeshore Records.

Don't DJ

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Jonathan Richman

Vinyl version of last year’s SA studio album by the legendary Jonathan Richman, former leader of The Modern Lovers and one of the most influential figures in indie music. This is a collection of raga-inspired music, sparked when Richman read a book about 19th century Indian mystic Ramakrishna. I route to the 'Astral Plane' perhaps? Eh? Eh?

Why Me?

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Here come the warm J-E-T-S. This is a new team-up between serial club botherers Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar, and on their wackily-named first LP ZOOSPA the pair use their know-how to create thick, metallic-sounding beats. There’s not really one style you can pin down here - rather, J-E-T-S have that kind of mish-mash R ‘n’ B/hip-hop/EDM sound that works so well for Hudson Mohawke. ZOOSPA is bolstered by some great guest appearances from (among others) Dawn Richard and Mykki Blanco.

Edinburgh Leisure
Die Gefahr Im Jazz

You might remember ********, the rudely named duo from Domino’s Weird World sublabel. One of them, Ailie Ormston, has been doing some fab solo electronic music on the side. Here’s what the other one, a T Fraser, has been up to. Edinburgh Leisure is a duo with Keith Farquhar and takes unconventional “idle authorship” approaches to instrumentation (everyday objects), lyricism (RhymeZone) and fair use (hacked Apple device sounds, etc.). This lot are always worth checking out.

Nightmares On Wax
Back To Nature - Ricardo Villalobos Remixes

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Samana is the name of the project created by Rebecca Rose Harris and Franklin Mockett. Together, in the glorious Welsh valleys, the pair made Ascensions, an album of lonely and intense meditation on isolation. It comes out as incredibly rich dream pop, that can seeps into every crack and crevice. On FatCat.

Chris Orrick
Out To Sea

Chris Orrick, the Michigan rapper famed for his bleak view of an admittedly bleak world, has returned with his fifth studio album to date, 'Out To Sea'. Lyrically, expect brutal, almost Steinbeckian viewpoints of everyday problems facing America. Sonically, expect stripped-back beats and spacious instrumentation. Stick it to the man!


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Katsunori Sawa
Premium Gardens

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