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Gang Starr
Step In The Arena

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The Fall

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Here Lies Man
No Ground To Walk Upon

Third album from what if Black Sabbath but afrobeat band Here Lies Man. Of they've got the riffs alright, riffs aplenty. It's the rhythms that are so strikingly different. You probably won't hear Bill Ward bashing out the beats on No Ground To Walk Upon. In sum they're a party band who've managed to sneak in a bit of the the ol' \m/. Very tasty. 

Hasta El Cielo (Con Todo El Mundo in Dub)

After 2018's Con Todo El Mundo blew everyone's collective mind, Khruangbin have turned to legendary dub producer Scientist to freeze that album's tracks in time. Doing this has enabled the band to find the spaces in their music, and make them wide screen. Hasta El Cielo offers a different perspective on the band's psych sound.

Something Like A War

After a period of almost four years since their last studio album, during which time they’ve DJ’d and toured extensively and collaborated with the likes of Solange and Blood Orange, Kindness - a.k.a. Musician Adam Bainbridge - produce a double-LP effort Something Like a War. With a full-band backing for the upcoming 2019 tour, this ought to be Bainbridge’s masterpiece! 


For the twelfth Loscil album, inspiration has been taken from the photography of Alfred Stieglitz. This is a very wise decision, as the silvery shimmer of his cloud and sky photos meet their perfect sonic analogue in the sound of Equivalents, which drifts gorgeously along in classic Loscil / Kranky style.

Miles Davis

Rubberband was supposed to be the first album Miles Davis recorded for new label, Warner Bros in 1985 following his departure from Columbia. The tapes were left to gather dust and Tutu was released. Following completion work in 2017 and an EP taster version released for record store day, the full album is now being released. It features vocals from 12-time Grammy nominee Lidisi and Donnie Hatahway’s daughter, Lalah and drums by legendary percussionist, Steve Reid.

Minami Deutsch
With Dim Light

Here’s some spirited post-punkish, 60s psych-rock from Japan. Kyotaro Muila spearheaded Minami Deutsch in Tokyo in 2014, drawing together a bunch of minimal techno enthusiasts for the remaining instruments. This keenness for repetitive beats clearly informs the indulgent sections of these billowing tunes, but the songwriting is more elaborate and composed. The knitter’s nightmare of ‘Tangled Yarn’ is, unlike its title may suggest, deliriously relaxed and happy.

Minami Deutsch
Can’t Get There EP

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Neurosis & Jarboe
Neurosis & Jarboe

In 2003, two titans of heavyweight music joined forces on one CD: Jarboe of Swans fame, and the mighty Neurosis. The resulting self-titled album is a fearful monument of epic textures and dark words, fully-delivering on the vast promise of the collaboration. Bob Weston has remastered the album from scratch for this reissue, meaning even finer sonics. On Neurot.
  • Vinyl Double LP (NR114LP)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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Disco Jazz

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Ryuichi Sakamoto & Taylor Deupree
Live In London

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Section 25
Always Now

It's that time in musical history where we welcome a 5LP box set by Section 25. As well as the original album (think an adventurous Joy Division but from Blackpool) you get a disc on non album singles, a live show, a part improvised recording of an attempted follow up album and a recording of the car journey the band made to the studio. I jest of course. But this is a near holy grail for fans of second tier Factory records bands and to tempt you further each vinyl comes on a different colour and you get a 16 page booklet.   
  • Vinyl LP box set (FBN3-045)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

The B-52's
The B-52's

Kooky lyrics, nimble rhythms and irresistible pop harmonies met on The B-52’s self-titled debut album when it was released back in the summer of 1979, putting them at the front of the new-wave scene. This is a fortieth anniversary re-issue on vinyl, featuring printed lyric inserts. Eventually the SEO friend RuPaul would feature in one of their music videos.

The Utopia Strong
The Utopia Strong

If anyone was going to release the debut album by the Utopia Strong it was going to be Rocket. Steve Davis (of having an opinion about women snooker players' fame) and Kavus Torabi have maintained a solid DJing relationship for a while now. Together, with Michael J. York, they make music that sounds like Emeralds jamming with Cluster.