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Mosaik 2014

  • Vinyl LP (ITA086RMLP)
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Monty Roberts

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Lamin Fofana
Brancusi Sculpting Beyonce

How do approach the dire state of contemporary global affairs in art without doing so in a way that’s literal and reductive? It’s a quandary Lamin Fofana grapples with on 'Brancusi Sculpting Beyonce', using a form shattering kind of electronic experimentation to do so. The results are never less than fascinating, and suggests Lamin Fofana is an artist never satisfied with easy answers.

Laura Cannell
The Sky Untuned

Violins with alternative tunings? What ever next? The Sky Untuned by Laura Cannell uses violins alternative tunings and two recorders to make her minimalist fifth album. It was recorded live in a church in Norfolk. If you like Colin Stetson, Sarah Davachi, Sarah Neufield or Richard Dawson, among others, you should check this out. CD on Brawl Records.

Black Cats

15 years! Imagine doing the same thing for 15 years! I mean, that's not as old as Norman Records but still... it's impressive. To celebrate fifteen years Mule Musiq are releasing 12 12"s from their friends and loved ones. Number six, Black Cats, comes from Lawrence, who creates very atmospheric tracks using mellow piano and skipping bass. 

I Can Fool Anybody In This Town

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Lil Yachty
Nuthin' 2 Prove

He’s right, you know. At this point Lil Yachty really does have Nuthin’ 2 Prove. Despite still being just 21 years old the MC already has a classic album under his belt (2016’s Lil Boat) as well as a slew of massive singles and legions of followers. His third LP, full of the kind of bouncy beats and cheeky bars on which Yachty made his name, will only continue to grow his legend. Features Cardi B, Offset, Lil Baby and a bunch of others famous rappers.
  • Vinyl Double LP (7724056)
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Lip Talk

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Local Natives
Violet Street

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Imperial Flood

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Loren Connors & Daniel Carter
The Departing of a Dream, Vol. VII

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Hifalutin is the second album from Denmark's Lowly. After their debut the band wanted more and so with the help of a large warehouse and huge amount of microphones have created an album as dreamy as anything fellow Scandinavians Sigur Ros have done. But there's more to them than being dreamy, as they tackle R&B, spoken word and the more abstract musics too. On Bella Union.

Dear Hamlyn

I think it’s fair to say that Luluc make genuinely beautiful music. Dear Hamlyn was the duo’s debut album, originally released in 2008. This melancholic set of songs was written following the death of Zoe Randall’s father. The pair have drawn praise from the self-proclaimed 'journal of roots music', No Depression magazine and Legendary folk producer Joe Boyd. LP on Sub Pop - limited edition pearlescent silver vinyl version available if you’re quick.

The Rambler EP

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Mac McCaughan
Staring At Your Hologram

Mac McCaughan, formerly of Superchunk, released his solo debut, Non-Believers, last year. Now he’s decided to rework the whole thing, taking the indie rock of the original into semi-ambient territory, with long sections of electronic drift and occasional Robert Fripp-esque guitar. A surprising and welcome move. 500 copies on translucent yellow vinyl.

Hopefully, Again

Memphis Industries (Dutch Uncles, El Perro Del Mar) drop the debut LP from Roman duo Malihini. Hopefully, Again is one of those records of well-heeled retro-pop that are all the rage these days ever since Mac Demarco became supreme overlord of alternative music. Yacht rock, MOR, ye-ye and the lounge-indie of Whitney all get a look-in here.

Seven Steps Behind

Recent years have seen Daniele Mana switch out his Vaghe Stelle moniker and simply go by his surname. Seven Steps Behind, the first LP to be released under this new title, finds Mana finessing the torrid technotronica of the Vaghe Stelle stuff into elegant, balletic electronics. Cuts such as ‘Solo’ nod to Bala Club, Leonce and Arca.


Could an album that covers sadism, scientology, and Winnie the Pooh be any good? That’s the question Mansun poses with their seminal (second, not 6th) album Six. We’ll let you be the judge. You can finally get your paws on a remastered release of this massive 1998 effort, which is pretty much the finest blueprint any late-stage progressive rock could ever ask for.

Marco Bernardi
Plat + Form P.F.

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Mark Lanegan Band

It's safe to say that Mark Lanegan knows everyone. For his 2004 album Bubblegum he drafted in members of Queens of the Stone Age, Afghan Whigs, Guns 'n' Roses as well as his own ex-wife. His voice has become a somewhat malleable thing over the years but here growls what it is good at - whiskey-soaked bluesy churns about death, guns and alcohol. 

Mark Mulcahy
Taking Baby Steps

Mark 'bloody' Mulcahy. Thom Yorke's favourite singer no less and if anyone knows about singing it will be Thom. This is a taster single from the Miracle Legion man's forthcoming album The Gus and the B side contains a certain J Mascis on guitar. Mark Mulcahy may not be a household name but he should be. Maybe this is his time.   
  • Vinyl 7" (SHADE 25)
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  • Limited edition

Heaven in the Dark Earth

What do you get when you get two math rock stalwarts who've worked with the likes of Earth, Exes and Sex Swing and reconnect them after they drifted apart. The answer it turns out, is Markers. On Heaven in the Dark Earth, Jason Carty and Jodie Cox make vulnerable sounding stripped back post-rock in the vein of Rodan's more introspective moments.

Martin Bartlett
Anecdotal Electronics: Live Experiments & Other Recordings

Vinyl compilation exploring the mysteriously little-known career of experimental music composer Martin Bartlett, who studied under the likes of John Cage and recorded with home-made and self-adjusted electronic equipment before his sudden death in 1993. Companion piece to a separately released CD-only compilation Ankle On: Electronic & Orchestral Works. 
  • Vinyl LP (ALE009)
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Maryanne Amacher

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Matthew Herbert Big Band
The State Between Us

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Also known as Basic Channel and Rhythm & Sound - but you knew that already - Berlin-based production duo Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus reissue some of their 90s productions under their Maurizio moniker on 12” vinyl. The two-track ‘M-4’, which dates from 1995 and formed part of Maurizio’s M-series of releases, is one of these. Dub-techno doesn't get much more seminal than this.
  • Vinyl 12" (M-4)
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Kick Out The Jams

  • Vinyl LP (0081227971595)
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Merry Airbrakes
Merry Airbrakes

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Metro Crowd

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Michel Roques

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Mike Cooper
Distant Songs Of Madmen

Distant Songs of Madmen was recorded live in Palermo during a solo set by Mike Cooper. It's a mix of free improvisations on guitar with some digital trickery as well as some traditional folk covers and original songs. There is a wonderful feeling of traditional blues alongside a sense of unpredictable, electric experimentation.
  • Vinyl LP (BW24)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Minimal Violence

Massive techno with ridiculous arena synths and squares riding the bass lines. Pretty old school sound that also approaches perhaps even the hardstyle flavor from Minimal Violence. The duo, consisting of Vancouver local heroes Ashlee Luk and Lida P, covers just about every base of the heavy techno spectrum on their debut album InDreams.

Happy Birthday!

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Motor City Drum Ensemble
Raw Cuts Remixes

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Motor City Drum Ensemble
Send A Prayer EP

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Seeing Sounds

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Nicholas Britell
If Beale Street Could Talk

Anyone who has seen Barry Jenkins' film If Beale Street Could Talk will inevitably mention the fabulous soundtrack by Nicholas Britell. Fluttering horns mimic fluttering hearts, blooming strings a love in bloom, a tender string note the delicate balance of a relationship walking the tightrope of growing up black in '70s America. Along with Britell's masterful work are fantastic period songs from the likes of Nina Simone, Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

Nick Zammuto
We The Animals: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Nick Zammuto’s score for critically-acclaimed indie flick We The Animals gets released via Temporary Residence. Zammuto’s music here hits the sweet-spot of gorgeous synthetic ambiences that one finds in the screen work of Mogwai. There is an extra-tender, extra-fragile, Postal Service-y beauty to cuts such as ‘It Was My Grave’ that is very moving.

Nico Casal

Most known for his work in film composition, Nico Cascal strikes out on his own terms with this debut LP Alone, luscious piano minimalism meeting subtle flourishes of electronic manipulation. Cascal is patient in his attempts to achieve his compositional aims, creating subtle music out of looping repetition and a love of the understatement.


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Normal Brain
Lady Maid

The most honest label in the world WRWTFWW (look it up) have reissued the long out of print album Lady Maid by Normal Brain. First released in 1981, that album showed how playful electronic music could be. Yukio Fujimoto used a number of synths to produce the album, but most alluring, he also used a Texas Instruments Speak & Spell. 

The Sea At Night

Incubated and constructed over a long period of time, The Sea At Night is now ready to be discovered. The three members of Oblong have gotten together here and there to bring their favourite sounds into dialogue with one another. Electroacoustic play, library music feels, vintage krautrock pulsings, lots to be enjoyed here. On MemeTune.

Paul White
Shaker Notes

Paul White is the instrumental hip-hop artist and electronic producer behind tunes like "Where You Gonna Go", but on 'Shaker Notes', his debut record for the R&S imprint, he goes into singer-songwriter territory. Well, as singer-songwriter as Paul White can get: it's a record about personal grief and romantic loss, but it's filtered through his usual experimental tricks and vignettes, with plenty of off-kilter percussion, distanced vocals and enveloping electronic layers. There's sax too. Gotta have sax.
  • CD (RS1410CD)
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Paula Frazer & Tarnation
What Is And Was

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Pauline Oliveros
Reverberations I

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Prins Thomas

Norwegian producer Prins Thomas has a surprise in store on his sixth LP Ambitions - he’s started using vocals! Well, kind of anyway. Lead single ‘Feel The Love’ features Thomas layering dreamy, reverb-drenched sampled harmonies over the kind of Nordic Balearicism we’ve come to know and love him for. It sets the tone nicely for the rest of Ambitions, a record on which Thomas claims direct inspiration from Haruomi Hosono, Ricardo Villalobos, Shinichi Atobe and a few others.

No Passion All Technique

In a music industry where nothing is secret and even less is sacred, Protomartyr’s debut LP No Passion All Technique has long been a refreshing anomaly. Obviously the group are very big now, but no-one knew this back in 2012 - not them, not us, and certainly not the Urinal Cake label who released this record. A tiny run sold out, and the thing’s been neither re-pressed nor available on streaming services at any point since. This Domino reissue allows you to experience No Passion All Technique without paying megabucks for it on the vinyl black market. It’s a damn sight more raggedy than the band’s subsequent work, but the idiosyncrasies of No Passion All Technique work in its favour. Come and see how the post-punk band we deserve ended up like this.

Ralph Heidl / Homo Ludens
Moments of Resonance

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Richard Swift
The Atlantic Ocean

Poor Richard Swift. The singer and producer was a talented but troubled sort. As a producer he collaborated with all sorts of indie luminaries but he may end up best remembered for his ambitious sprawl of solo LPs. The Atlantic Ocean was his 2009 album -  a mixture of soul and pop where his ambitious arrangements hid darkly humorous lyrics about the music industry and hipster culture. 

Richard Swift
Ground Trouble Jaw / Walt Wolfman

The wonderfully voiced and sadly late Richard Swift first released Ground Trouble Jaw as a digital EP in 2008. Secretly Canadian are here to give it the vinyl treatment at least, aligning it with 2011’s Walt Wolfman EP for good measure. Both EPs represent Swift’s warmth and humour, kind voice and charming mixtures of indie, doo wop and R&B.

Riz Ortolani
House On The Edge Of The Park

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Robert Hood
Reflector / Rotate

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Sam Ashley & Werner Durand
I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good / Love Among The Immortals

Werner Durand and Sam Ashley (son of Robert) have known one another since 1984, but only now have they taken to the studio for a recorded collaboration. I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good / Love Among The Immortals features two side-long pieces of shamanic minimalism with wind instruments, spoken word and electronics. Captures some of that crucial Ashley flavour. On Unseen Worlds.
  • Vinyl LP (UW23LP)
  • £17.25 £15.53 (saving: £1.72)
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Scott Gilmore
Two Roomed Motel

Two Roomed Motel plunges you into a an American world precisely as evocative as that title might suggest: this is San Fernando music, by Scott Gilmore. His style is rooted in the liberated Californian 70’s, where psychedelia, electronic experimentation, weird grooves and harmonised pop all sit well together. Scott’s new album is released by Crammed Discs.

Scott Walker
Scott 3

On his third attempt at being the one and only Walker brother worth a damn, the not-yet-evil Scott Walker got more miserable and eerie, taking his baroque pop disciplines and the usual commanding baritone and marrying them with the darkest of lyrics. He hadn't quite regenerated into the avant-garde trickster who gets soused on the regular, but 'Scott 3' isn't the friendliest of pop records.

Scott Walker
Sings Jacques Brel

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Sequoyah Murray
Penalties Of Love

Penalties of Love is the debut mini-album release from the frighteningly talented instrumentalist and singer Sequoyah Murray. Consisting of four tracks and largely self-produced (with the assistance of James Ginzburg and David Corney) it shows the 22 year old to be a purveyor of mature and modern R&B. 


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Shackleton & Vengeance Tenfold
Sferic Ghost Transmits

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Slava Tsukerman
Liquid Sky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Liquid Sky is a super weird sci-fi flick from 1982 that has gained something of a cult following over the years. This is due in no small part to the fact that the film is seen as the year zero for electroclash, something that Slava Tsukerman’s soundtrack definitely has something to do with. Mind you, the music here is a damn sight stranger than your average Chicks On Speed tune. Tsukerman’s loping synth explorations here frequently cross over into coldwave, experimental electronics and early computer game soundtracks. Death Waltz feels like the right label to reissue the Liquid Sky score.

The Sun Also Rises

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Slow White Fall
Total EP

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Son Lux
At War With Walls & Mazes

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Sonar Base
We Attack At Dawn

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Sonny & The Sunsets
Hairdressers From Heaven

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Soundwalk Collective
What We Leave Behind Jean-Luc Godard Archives

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No.1 In Heaven (40th Anniversary Edition)

Total vintage Sparks goodness! No. 1 In Heaven has a wry sarcastic optimism in its title, but then again it does feature the Maels working with the legendary Giorgio Moroder, leading to an especially electro-vibed, synthed-up version of the Sparks sound. A match made in heaven right? Remastered reissue that features rare bonus tracks, some involving Peter Cook.

Sparrow Steeple
Tin Top Sorcerer

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Love & Decay

Love & Decay. Is there anything else? Not for Spotlights there ain’t. The Brooklyn group’s third LP is another set of heavyweight instrumental rock numbers. Across these eight tracks the band bring together the thick bottom-end of sludge metal, the sky-scraping ambiences of shoegaze and that sort of emoish post-rock thing American Football and Mineral are so well-known for. Love & Decay is out via Ipecac (Daughters, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez).

New Face

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Mountains and Plains

Stubbleman is the ego of Pascal Gabriel who has done literally everything in music including writing the Theme from S Express and worked with Dido, Kyle Minogue and Can amongst others. One thing he hasn't done is write an ambient album so this is what that is, using cinematic sounds and live piano to create a panoramic album inspired by a US road trip.     

After Life

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Force + Form

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Ode To eSwatini

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Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is generally one of the most unsettling albums I've heard in yonks. Tamayugé, a collaboration between Maya Kuroki and Tamara Filyavich, draws on their Japanese and Ukrainian heritages to create real domestic horror. Filyavich plinks and plonks using electronics while Kuroki sings like a possessed doll. 

Hissing Theatricals EP

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The Drums

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The Frightnrs
Never Answer / Questions (Dub)

The Frightnrs might be short of a vowel, but they’re certainly not short of a groove. This new Daptone 7” is a reissue of two 2012 tunes from the New York City rocksteady band. Both ‘Never Answer’ and ‘Questions (Dub)’ are delightful turns - the former’s got a great Alton Ellis thing going on, while the B-side is a very pretty dub.
  • Vinyl 7" (DAP-1121)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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The Gentleman Losers
Permanently Midnight

Sentimental Helsinkilaiset The Gentleman Losers (Samu and Ville Kuukka, aka Lessons) return after seven years of attention directed elsewhere. True to the meticulously-produced analogue texture and post-rock lounge style of previous releases, Permanently Midnight sounds like a snug, wintry log cabin recalled from a dingy Route 66 motel. Artfully presented by Grainy Records.

The Resonars
No Exit

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The Shamen

A classic early 90s dance album and a landmark work by The Shamen marking their gravitation from psych-rock to psych-rave, the employment of the naughty, naughty, very naughty Mr C and, sadly, the final contributions from the sweet-voiced Will Sinnott. With a bulging cast of mixers and producers from Paul Oakenfold and Orbital to The Beatmasters and Meat Beat Manifesto, it also comes in many versions. Here is one of them.

The Streets
The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living

This was the third the Streets album and the first to openly discuss the 'pressures' of fame. It was later described by Mike Skinner as a "guilt ridden indulgence" but is an interesting document of an artist trying to hold it together whilst slowly losing their mind. First re-pressing since the giddy year of 2006 and now comes on not one but two heavyweight discs.  

The Tomboys
Here We Come! The Tomboys!

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Theo Parrish / Marcellus Pittman
Essential Selections Vol. 2

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Theodore Shapiro
Destroyer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Thought Forms
Thought Forms

  • Vinyl LP (INV070LPSP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
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Skyview Drive

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The Man With The Iron Fists

As one might expect from a film co-written and directed by RZA, The Man With The Iron Fists comes with a pretty mighty soundtrack. RZA produces many of the beats here - the rest are handled by, among others, Isaac Hayes and BADBADNOTGOOD - and the whole thing generally oozes that special brand of class that one only gets from Wu-Tang joints. The list of vocalists on this thing is frankly ridiculous - Kanye West, Ghostface Killah, Danny Brown, Pharaohe Monch, Pusha T, Freddie Gibbs...

Vital Impetus

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Take Us Home: Boston Roots Reggae From 1979-1988

Boston isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of great reggae cities, but the east coast town was in fact an early U.S. adopter of the Jamaican sound. By the end of the ‘70s Boston had a healthy reggae scene of its own, chronicled here in Cultures Of Soul’s new compilation Take Us Home: Boston Roots Reggae From 1979-1988. Includes cuts by, among others, Lambsbread, a roots group formed from the ashes of legendary proto-punk band Death.

Rocket Girl 20

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Best Of Digital Danceforce Vol 1

Optimo’s digital venture Optimo Music Digital Danceforce are releasing a few ‘Best Of’ EPs. The 12” releases will consist of four tunes, each culled from the previously digital-only drops. The first one of these features jams from Perdu, Bergsonist, Tamburi Neri and Strapontin. When taken together these tracks make for a psychedelic, utopian mix of fourth-world techno.

Fragments du Monde Flottan

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Soundwalk Series - Footfalls

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