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With Phil out of the office on his honeymoon for the week things are all breezy and relaxed here at Norman Towers. So chill, in fact, that we nearly forgot to do this week's hand-picked preorders for you. Nearly.
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Brian Eno with Daniel Lanois and Roger Eno
Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks (Extended Edition)

First released in 1983 as the soundtrack to documentary film ‘For All Mankind’ about the Apollo moon landing, and now highly recognisable in its own right after use in countless films, TV shows, ads and the Olympics opening ceremony, Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois’ album Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks gets a deluxe re-mastered release. Also includes an entirely new album of 11 instrumental compositions re-imagining the soundtrack to the original documentary. 

Caroline K
Dont Believe It's Over

Caroline K - real name Caroline Kaye Walters - was one of the founders of Nocturnal Emissions, one of Britain’s most forward-thinking experimental groups of the Eighties. Mannequin Records now unearths a long-lost demo tape from K’s Brixton studio: four versions of a track titled ‘Don’t Believe It’s Over’ presented over a 12” EP. 
  • Vinyl 12" (MNQ 130)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Charles Hayward
Begin Anywhere

Charles Hayward is best known for being the drummer in ‘70s experimental rock band, This Heat and odd-prog band Camberwell Now. He has also played with Crass, The Raincoats, Gong and Phil Manzanera. Begin Anywhere seems like a different direction for him as he pours out his soul using just voice and piano.

Colin Potter

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High-school project turned full-time band Crumb release their first full-length album in June, following the warm reception given to their previous EPs Crumb (2016) and Locket (2017). Two years’ worth of intense touring have sharpened this Brooklyn four-piece’s mix of psychedelic rock and jazz, which can be heard on Jinx. 

David Bowie
Space Oddity

Space Oddity is the classic Bowie hit and, as with a lot of classic hits and records (and lets face it not-so-classic records) they continuously get repressed and reissued and recoloured and rewritten and reproduced and remastered etc etc. However, this sweet collection of 7"'s with posters and prints and all sorts is a real treat for fans of...urm...David Bowie. 

Depeche Mode
Black Celebration | The 12" Singles

The re-issue campaign for Depeche Mode’s singles, grouped in box sets specific to each album era, now reaches 1986’s Black Celebration. The point at which their synth-pop was getting darker and more distinctively gothic, this set contains both 12” versions of ‘A Question of Lust’ and ‘A Question of Time’, and one for the album’s final single ‘Stripped’. 

Depeche Mode
Music For The Masses | The 12" Singles

From 1987’s Music For The Masses onwards, there would be no looking back for Depeche Mode as they ascended to the realm of stadium-filling dark-pop overlords. The album that broken them in America, this latest box-set re-issue of 12” singles covers the era’s four singles - two discs each for massive hits ‘Behind The Wheel’, ‘Never Let Me Down Again’ and ‘Strangelove’, one for the under-rated ‘Little 15’. 

Cold House

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Mercedes Marxist

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JJ Cale
Stay Around

JJ Cale died in 2013. Stay Around the first album of new material to be released posthumously. Cale mastered the art of laid-back blues rock early on, and Stay Around is no exception to that formula. Indeed, lead single, Chasing You, is a typical slice of JJ Cale. He was a huge influence on Eric Clapton who covered two of his songs: Cocaine and After Midnight, but don’t let that put you off. LP & CD on Because Music. LP comes with a CD version of the album.

Richard Hawley
Late Night Final

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Sonic Youth
Battery Park, NYC: July 4th 2008

Hear Sonic Youth  in the twilight of their great and mighty career, performing live at New York’s Battery Park on the Fourth of July 2008 (USA! USA!). This storming and comprehensive live recording was previously only available with special pre-orders of The Eternal, but is now readily available, and on tasty vinyl too, Thanks Matador.

Suzanne Ciani
Flowers Of Evil

Finders Keepers have managed to dig out an entirely unheard and unreleased Suzanne Ciani piece from 1969: what glory days these are. Flowers Of Evil is inspired by Charles Baudelaire’s famed work of the same name, though he didn’t have a Buchla synthesizers to work with, and Ciani does. Great to be able to hear this piece at last, fifty years on.

The Night Café

Named after the telephone area code of their native Liverpool, indie quartet The Night Café present their debut album 0151, aiming to capitalise on the hype following a clutch of highly-rated EPs over the last couple of years. Packing in a whopping 18 tracks over four sides of vinyl, they’re not scared of being ambitious! 

The Raconteurs
Help Us Stranger

After more than a decade away (and by away we mean separately playing constantly in many various other groups), The Raconteurs unite for a third studio album, Help Us Stranger. With Brendan Benson and Jack White at the core, the group’s Nashville recording sessions yielded a rich bounty of rock, drawing on blues, soul, funk and country for a tasty all-American album. Help Us Stranger is released by White’s Third Man Records.

Thee Oh Sees
Grave Blockers

You’re thinking how on earth do Thee Oh Sees manage to put so many new records out, right? Well, in the case of this one it’s a reissue. Grave Blockers was originally released in 2006 and sees John Dwyer et al in a gentler mood, playing some psych-folk rather than the unhinged garage rock to which we’ve become accustomed.

Titus Andronicus
An Obelisk

An Obelisk is the the sixth album by Shakespeare-monikered New Jersey-ites, Titus Andronicus. This time they chose the legendary Bob Mould to produce their album. It was recorded in Steve Albini’s Chicago studio. All this has led to the band making a more concise, rockier record which clocks in at an efficient 38 minutes.

Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Soundtrack (Death Waltz Edition)

Twin Peaks soundtracks are always essential, and we make no exception for this new release on Death Waltz, containing the accompaniment to the recent third season (or the Limited Event Series if you are David Lynch). It has Angelo Badalamenti favourites new and old, naturally, but also extra great material from Chromatics, Johnny Jewel, and Krzysztof Penderecki’s motherfucking ‘Threnody For The Victims of Hiroshima’. All in a fancy double LP package.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DW150)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Vinyl Williams

Following a couple of LPs on Chaz Bundick’s Company and another for No Pain In Pop, the fourth album from Vinyl Williams comes courtesy of the wackily-named Requiem Pour Un Twister. Opal is a lovely psych-pop record that arrives just in time for summer. The ten tracks take in hypnagogic pop, MOR rock and chillwave alongside more conventionally psychedelic flavours. Williams’s old mate Bundick is invoked here along with Mild High Club and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.