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Yesterday's May Bank Holiday washout hasn't dampened our spirits. Ok, it has a bit. But the pre-orders keep coming regardless. Here are the best ones this week...
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Arlo Day
Bad Timing

Then I look at you, and the world's alright with me. Just one look at you, and I know it's gonna be *deep breath* an Arlo Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (Arlo Day, Arlo Day, Arlo Day, Arlo Day…) Day’s debut (more like DAY-but, eh ladies and gentlemen?) EP contains none of the positive vibes of the old William Withers’ tune. Bad Timing is, in fact, a set of regret-filled bedroom indie in the vein of King Krule and Angel Olsen. Sorry for misleading you. It’s good, though!

Astral Social Club & Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra
Plasma Splice Trifle

Some substantial time in the making, here is the recorded team-up of Yorkshire’s finest ecstatic noise-bliss project Astral Social Club with Grumbling Fur, aka Daniel O’Sullivan and Alexander Tucker. What a potent trio. Loads of sonic material here, for good time overloads. Released by VHF, who can always be counted on for some quality wild stuff.

Bill Callahan
Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest

Guess what? Bill Callahan got married....and fathered a child. Lovely news but what it has meant is that Bill's music has taken a back seat in recent years to the rigours and glories of family life. He's more that made up for it though with this 20 track album of new material. Don't panic though, not an endless double album these are short, sharp compositions exemplifying his songwriting talents.         

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
Trout Mask Replica

Well, what can be said about this masterpiece of a record that hasn't been uttered a hundred times before? A timely reissue then of Captain Beefheart's absurdist, Dadaist epic romp through art-blues, 'Trout Mask Replica'. None other than Jack White himself has seen fit to re-re-vinyl-ise this at his Third Man record plant. Complete with original cover art tracked down from its 1969 source. On 180-gram black double LP.
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Craven Faults
Nunroyd Works

These Craven Faults records have faultless in their depiction of West Yorkshire as breeding ground for kraut rock and analogue synth experiments. I've regularly trudged the canal paths with them on my personal stereo. This third (final) instalment sees the project reach the cities where the vegetation gives way to post industrial wastelands and back gardens bedecked with white rose flags. Essential.    

David Bowie

A real treat for fans of the Duke here. 'DJ' was the second single from Bowie's album The Lodger. It's a track that inhabits the worlds of both Roxy Music and Talking Heads. It's getting released on a nice picture disc that includes an alternative mix and a version recorded for the Kenny Everett Show in 1979. I also recommend you watch the video for this track, it's pretty weird. As far as I can make out, it's just Dave smiling really widely in various places. 

Doug Tuttle
Dream Road

Doug Tuttle was one half of the duo MMoss with his then girlfriend, Rachel Neveu. When their relationship, and band, broke up, he set off for Massachusetts where he’s been making solo albums ever since. Dream Road, his fourth album, is another collection of songs that recall classic ‘60s & ‘70s American pop and rock with more than a touch of country and psych.


Warm on the heels of last November’s Zauberberg reissue, it’s the equally welcome Königsforst. Following on from its predecessor, it has all the fundamentals of the signature Gas sound: thickets of grainy, slowed-down strings and brass ushered along by mucky, throbbing kicks into lush forested reveries.

All That Ever Could Have Been

Molly are at it again with what might be the most shoegaze album title I've ever heard. All That Ever Could Have Been is the band's debut album, and builds on the titanic promises of Glimpse, their 2017 EP. Dreamy shoegaze that could fell a damn. Genuinely awe-inspiring stuff. On Sonic Cathedral.

Peggy Gou

The latest addition to the long-running, legendary DJ-Kicks series arrives in the bijou form of Peggy Gou. From South Korea, via Berlin's Berghain to your living room. 18 tracks personally selected by Gou from her formative years and eclectic record collection. There's disco, house, electro and Aphex Twin for your listening enjoyment here. On mixed CD and unmixed double LP.
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  • !K7

Samuel Kerridge & Taylor Burch
The Other

Samuel Kerridge and Taylor Burch’s The Other is one of those records that sounds like it’s permanently on the edge of collapse. Kerridge’s productions feature synths that zip around the mix and drums that appear to be frantically pedalling, cartoon-style, to avoid falling off the edge of a cliff. Set against all this techno-anarchy, Burch’s all-too-calm pieces of spoken word take on a chilling character. Think Alice Glass dialling in some vox on a Vatican Shadow LP and you’ve got The Other.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DNSKER03)
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The Claim
The New Industrial Ballads

It's always driven me a bit crackers when modern folk artists sing about dingly dells and wenches on horseback rather than continue the folk tradition by singing about issues of the day. The Claim couldn't claim (ha!) to be a folk band but the returning Medway Scene band here sing about such 2019 issues as economic migration and the changing industrial landscape. True folk music then but expect more thoughtful and literate English guitar pop from this long running concern.  

The Flying Lizards
The Secret Dub Life Of The Flying Lizards

Here's an interesting one. You'll know the Flying Lizards for their smash interpretation of Barrett Strong's 'Money' and an even better (if less successful take on James Brown's 'Sex Machine'). But behind the post-modern fun was a group of well renowned experimental musicians led by David Cunningham. This album was recorded in 1978 but not released until 1995 and features Cunningham 'remixing' tracks recorded in Jamaica by Jah Lloyd - a fact made more difficult in that Cunningham was only given a mono master tape to work with.       

Weezer (Teal Album)

Weezer have been delighting fans all over the world since 1994 with their fun brand of post-grunge guitar pop. They have a penchant for naming more-or-less every other album by colour. Weezer, or The Teal Album is an album of covers headed up by their now infamous cover of Toto’s Africa. Elsewhere there’s versions of songs that were originally by TLC, Black Sabbath, Tears For Fears and ELO, amongst others.