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Anderson .Paak

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Bruce Springsteen
Western Stars

You’re not The Boss of me, now! And you’re not so big! Except you are, because you’re Bruce Springsteen.* Western Stars finds bossman Brucie back from Broadway and turning in another set of paeans to The Common American. ‘Hitch Hikin’’, ‘Tucson Train’ and ‘Sleepy Joe’s Cafe’ are the sort of things he could have called his tracks at any point in his discography. Sounds like a Bruce Springsteen album, though a bit mellower and more wistful than some of his previous efforts. *On a side note - why do people call Springsteen ‘The Boss’ anyway? If he’s meant to be on the side of the working man, why does he consistently side with management? Surely it couldn’t be that dear Bruce licks boots? [editorial note: Bruce has said in the past he does not like the name because he dislikes bosses and I will not stand idly by while his good name is dragged through the dirt.]
  • CD (19075941972)


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David Bowie
The 'Mercury' Demos

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What's Inside Is More Than Just Ham

Coventry’s FEET will follow their UK tour this summer with the release of their debut album. Its title apparently inspired by a hot dog, What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham was the result of natural experimentation encouraged by producer Cam Blackwood. Contains recent UK Top 10 Vinyl Chart single ‘English Weather’. 
  • Vinyl LP (0855380008906)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • CD (0855380008920)

Joe Hisaishi
Studio Ghibli 7-inch Box Set

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Joe Hisaishi’s work for Studio Ghibli is some of the finest and most important film composition of the past few decades. This beautiful box set contains five 7”s that collect pieces Hisaishi wrote for My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Laputa: Castle In The Sky. Remastered from the original tapes and the fifth vinyl comes on green vinyl. Joe Hisaishi’s Studio Ghibli 7-inch Box Set is a really lovely piece.
  • Vinyl 7" box set (TJKA-10021)
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  • Limited edition
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Kate Tempest
The Book of Traps and Lessons

If you believe what you read, Kate Tempest has been working on The Book of Traps and Lessons - her third album - since she unleashed her classic debut Everybody’s Down in 2014. Whether this has been five years in the making or not, we’ve still been looking forward to it. She worked on the album with none other than Rick Rubin and South London producer, Dan Carey, who also worked on her 2017 album, Let Them Eat Chaos. On Fiction.
  • CD (B3038502)
  • CD (B3009502)
  • Vinyl LP (B3009601)

Kyle Craft
Showboat Honey

The third LP from Sub Pop’s Kyle Craft is also the first he’s made with a full-time backing band. They’re called Showboat Honey, and the album that they’ve helped create is also called Showboat Honey. Craft cuts a charismatic figure here, presenting an impassioned rocker schtick ala Ezra Furman but with a bit more grungy bite in his grooves.
  • Vinyl LP (SP1311)
  • CD (SPCD1311)

Mark Lanegan Band
Somebody's Knocking

Somebody’s Knocking is the eleventh solo album by ex-Screaming Trees frontman, Mark Lanegan. Lanegan says that Joy Division, The Stooges, Love and, perhaps surprisingly, New Order have all influenced this album. Despite having always been a fan of electronic music, the sounds are now making their way into his otherwise fags-and-whiskey-drenched gruff rock sound as it’s what he listens to most these days.  
  • CD (HVNLP166CD)
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  • Vinyl Double LP (HVNLP166C)
  • Coloured vinyl

Nighttime Stories

Pelican returns! Nighttime Stories is their first full release in six years, appearing on the reliably strong Southern Lord (aka the Sunn O))) label). These nine instrumentals are of course heavy and dark, but they are also as vividly detailed as you could want, with lots of intricacies beneath the dense chugs.
  • CD (LORD270CD)
  • Vinyl Double LP (LORD270)
  • Limited edition


Prince’s archives must be one of the most lusted-after collections of presumed wonder in modern music, so plenty of people will be delighted to see this major new release. Originals features fifteen songs that Prince wrote for other artists (most of them hits), except that here we finally get to hear the great man’s original versions recorded himself, all but one of them previously unreleased. Damn.
  • Vinyl Double LP (0603497851768)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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  • CD (0603497851782)
  • Vinyl Double LP (0603497851928)

The Great Unlearning

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Richard Reed Parry
Quiet River of Dust Vol. 2

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This Is Not A Safe Place

Probably one of the best reformations yet, Ride have been better than ever in recent years and this is the follow up to the much loved Weather Diaries. Lead single Future Love is a sparkling slice of upbeat shoegaze with bodes well for the rest of the album. They have proved once again their worth and the only question left is....hat or no hat? 
  • Vinyl Double LP (WEBB570LP)

Scarfo (pre Kills)

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Ignorance Is Bliss

Act like a wasteman? That’s not Skepta. Lips any girl? That’s not Skepta. Drop the eagerly-anticipated follow-up to his Mercury Prize-winning LP Konnichiwa? That is Skepta, actually. Ignorance Is Bliss is the Boy Better Know mogul’s first full-length to drop since his ascendence into the upper echelons of the cultural sphere, and with all eyes on him he’s pulled out the stops on this one. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (BBKS015LP)
  • CD (BBKS015CD)

The Wedding Present
Go Out And Get 'Em Boy!

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Two Door Cinema Club
False Alarm

Northern Irish indie rock band Two Door Cinema Club fourth album, False Alarm, finds them in a creative mood. They’re pretty confident in their abilities, four albums in, so have been making an experimental off-kilter blend future pop, funk, soul and disco - with pleasing results. LP and CD on Prolifica Inc.
  • CD (PROINC002CD)