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With RSD out of the way we can get back to getting excited about actual new tunes. Including the following lively pre-orders that we've lovingly picked out for you...
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Singles Going Steady

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Charlemagne Palestine & Rrose
The Goldennn Meeenn + Sheeenn

The multiple letter way of spelling is irritating but it's one of the few derogatory things you can say about Charlemagne Palestine. Here he collaborates with Rrose (he's at it too) for a rendition of Palestine's classic 1976 era work The Golden Mean as performed at the Festival Variations in Nantes in March 2018. Expect even more notes than letters. 
  • Vinyl LP (EAUX1291)
  • CD (EAUX1291CD)


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Lost Souls

Doves were of course once Sub Sub who had an enormous hit with *that* song 'Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use)' but in a twist in the usual guitar band picks up synths career pattern put down their 303s and picked up guitars to become a decent big league emotional rock act as Doves. 'Lost Souls' is their debut album. Originally released in the year 2000.
  • Vinyl Double LP (856866)

Drab Majesty
Modern Mirror

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Pianoworks is one of those things that belies a deeply depressing message, the loss of childhood wonder and joy, with deeply beautiful and moving music. It is an album that was apparently 'recorded, re-recorded, and re-re-recorded in the span of nearly a decade', in Eluvium's quest for the perfect sound. Opener 'Recital' is meant to mimic just that, the recital of a piece of music. It does so in such a way that conveys the adherence to form and technique, but never loses a sense of magic from the simple act of playing piano. It is, as the press release states, 'uncomplicated as it is uncompromised'.
  • Vinyl Double LP (TRR299LP)

Flying Lotus

Fresh off making people throw up in the cinema with Kuso, Flying Lotus is back at it again with his latest album Flamagra. As always, the album is a frenetic maelstrom of hip-hop, R&B, jazz, soul, funk, beats, and whatever else Mr Lotus managed to put on between joints. He's also managed to fit in enough guests for a decent music festival with Solange, Tierra Whack and George Clinton appearing as well as lots (and lots) more.
  • Vinyl Double LP (WARPLP291)
  • CD (WARPCD291)

James Blake
Assume Form

Have you heard? Music is a secret. Release announced on the week the CD comes out with the vinyl coming 'some time in the future', you have to remember that this is a James Blake record not some kind of secret government experiment. Anyway the crybaby songster (we say that simply because it pisses him off so much) has a new record out which you can listen to and buy (maybe).    
  • Vinyl Double LP (7744189)
  • CD (7737607)

Sine Studies 3

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Penelope Trappes
Penelope Redeux

After her album Penelope Two, Penelope Trappes asked a number of musicians if they fancied a go at the tracks. The result is the pun-ily titled Penelope Redeux. She's managed to get everyone from Mogwai to Cosey Fanni Tutti to Throwing Snow on board to tackle her dark and brooding electronic compositions. 
  • Vinyl LP (HTH110)


It’s album ten in the bag for Warp veterans Plaid. Another fine set of energetic and melodic breakbeats, no doubt, although this one seems a bit darker than usual. The duo uses the triple-theme of “polyphony, pollution and politics” to springboard into varying levels of charm and unease. Polymer may also have taken its name from the legendary record label who released Spinal Tap's Smell the Glove.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (WARPLP303)
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The End of Radio

It's not too easy being a Shellac fan is it? Their studio records are few and far between and their tours seem to happen just when they feel like it. So here's something to get starved Shellac fans juicing at the mouth, it's a collection of the band's two Peel sessions including their 2004 live set in front of a small (lucky) audience. Full of alternative versions of tracks you now know and love, the band were known for testing out future material on these sessions. Essential. 
  • CD (TG424CD)
  • Vinyl Double LP (TG424LP)

Special Request

Special Request AKA Paul Woolford ostensibly makes music with minimal effort but still manages to break new ground in the electronic world. The apparent lackadaisical approach he takes to making the music certainly doesn’t come across in the high energy sounds he produces. Vortex is his new album and it is believed to have some of his friends worried about the inner workings of his mind. On Houndstooth.
  • Vinyl Double LP (HTH113)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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  • CD (HTH113CD)

The Heavy

Bath's The Heavy are one of those bands you know songs by but didn’t realise it. The best example is probably their song 'How You Like Me Now' from 2009 which seems to be everywhere on TV and film. Sons is their fifth album and like their other material, happily blends funk, hard rock and soul. On BMG.
  • Vinyl LP (4050538478754)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (4050538471359)

The Soft Cavalry
The Soft Cavalry

The Soft Cavalry are a brand new duo featuring Steve Clarke and his wife who just happens to be the rather talented Rachel Goswell from Slowdive. Their self-titled debut is filled with dreamy and dramatic songs that takes its cues from Pink Floyd, Talk Talk and Mansun. Double LP and CD on Bella Union.
  • CD (BELLA914CD)
  • Vinyl Double LP (BELLA914V)
  • Coloured vinyl