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We're here to try to make Mondays great again with a rundown of all the best bits of upcoming vinyl you can take delivery of once all this R***** S**** D** rubbish is out the way. The future is bright, the future is orange (vinyl)....and other colours.  
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Abul Mogard
Above All Dreams

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Billie Marten
Feeding Seahorses By Hand

Ripon's finest sweet voiced folk singer returns with her second album. Isabella Sophie Tweddle  - for that is her real name - made waves with her earlier more sensibly titled album Writing of Blues and Yellows which could have easily garnered comparisons to Laura Veirs. This time she's stripped it back to a more lo-fi sound. Could be interesting.   

För Meditation

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Chris Carter
Archival Recordings 1973 – 1977

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David Shire
The Conversation (Original Movie Soundtrack)

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Dennis Young
Portastudio Ambient Tapes

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Dinosaur Pile-Up
Celebrity Mansions

After a four-year gap, Leeds’ post-grunge heroes Dinosaur Pile-Up return with their fourth studio album Celebrity Mansions. As has been frontman Matt Bigland’s style for the best part of a decade by now, it promises big melodies delivered with ferocious force, evidenced by lead single 'Thrash Metal Cassette'.

Earthen Sea
Grass and Trees

Jacob Long - a man also known as Earthen Sea and someone who looks like Warren Ellis if he’d started out on synths instead of fiddles - returns to Kranky with new LP Grass And Trees. Long states that his aim with these compositions was to simplify and declutter his practice, and that sense of order really benefits this record. The tracks of Grass And Trees pull back from dub techno until only the ambiences remain, kind of like early Nicolas Jaar with even fewer beats.

Errant Monks
The Limit Experience

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Green Seagull
Simeon Brown / Belladonna

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Hot Chip
A Bath Full of Ecstasy

How nice of them. Hot Chip got lots of pleasure from making this latest album of theirs and they want to pass that joy onto the listener. Some may say that it would have been even nicer of them to keep it to themselves. That said if they bring some joy into some peoples world who are we to argue. Expect joyful dance pop led by a tiny voice.   

Jon Collin
Water and Rock Music Volume II

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Induction Party

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Original Cast Recording
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Once More Time With Feeling

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Your Church On My Bonfire

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Together & Apart

Rough Trade front the debut LP from PicaPica. As it was with the group’s 2017 EP Spring And Shade, so it is again on Together & Apart. The harmonised vocals of Josienne Clarke and Samantha Whates take centre-stage here, and the interplay between them has shades of Camera Obscura as well as American folk artists like Gillian Welch, Emmylou Harris and Alison Krauss. Instrumentals on Together & Apart range from gentle acoustic strums to retro singer-songwriter rock.


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The Divine Comedy
Office Politics

Ever the master of wry observation and pat humour about everyday life, even as he approaches the fourth decade of his career, veteran songwriter Neil Hannon rolls out the 12th the Divine Comedy album, Office Politics. This time, however, Hannon is apparently changing up the chamber-pop formula by introducing synthesisers… stay tuned! 

The Home Current
No Friction ​/ ​Leave Your Fears (Remix)

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The Intelligence
Un-Psychedelic In Peavey City

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The Myrrors
Curved Entrances

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The Wedding Present
The Complete Ukrainian John Peel Sessions

The excellent Hatch Records (Nine Black Alps, Napoleon IIIrd) are the ones behind this Wedding Present reissue. They’ve tacked all kinds of bonus goodies onto this new edition of the band’s famous Ukrainian-language John Peel outings. Not only are all three of the live sessions included here, but there is also an informative booklet and a DVD featuring interviews, concert videos and footage from a rare BBC2 show on The Wedding Present. New artwork, too - they weren’t lying when they put Complete in the title of The Complete Ukrainian John Peel Sessions.

Thee Oh Sees
Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion

'Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion' is an early live cut of sorts from the prolific garage/psych rock outfit Thee Oh Sees. The idea was to have the group tour in a van across various settings of Los Angeles and play a gig at various weird and wonderful locations. Minimal camera equipment, petrol powered engines and a pedalboard in a trusty suitcase feature here, as the band play a delightfully weird, trippy, folky and droney take on a number of tracks. An intriguing collection which provides insight into the warped mind of Mr. Dwyer. 

This Is Tunng...Magpie Bites and Other Cuts

7” single tracks, B-sides and other rarities from consistently under-rated ‘folktronica’ pioneers Tunng have finally been collected from throughout their career. 20 tracks of slanted indie-pop and synth-powered curios spanning from 2004 to 2018 are presented over four sides of vinyl or one CD.