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The future...what is going to happen? Well, Brexit may not be sorted out in any of our lifetimes but at least we can look forward to records to soundtrack the deadlock. Here are the latest batch. Get stuck in.   
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Bill Seaman
The Topologies Of Blue

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Cage The Elephant
Social Cues

Cage The Elephant’s finest moment will always be the time when singer Matt Schultz guested on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. The image of him air-guitaring along with R.E.M.’s ‘Shiny Happy People’ - and the subsequent ribbing of him by Simon Amstell - will linger long in the Norman Records™ hive mind. That said, if you were going to make a ‘best of the rest’ list for Cage The Elephant then their fifth LP Social Cues would have a shot of being amongst it. This is canny art-blues in the Black Keys/Alabama Shakes vein. Der-ner dun-dun derr.

Chameleons Vox
Where In The World

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Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria
Are Sing Sinck, Sing

These two seem to be good friends now. The Godspeed person and the Growing lad are now officially a duo having toured together mainly to play the songs off Efrim's recent Pissing Stars opus. Everything went so well on stage that they decided to work together in a more permanent fashion and these are the first fruits. It's a heartwarming tale.   

Efterklang & Karsten Fundal
Leaves - The Colour Of Falling

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Feeder are back! In their first new material since 2017s critically appraised 'Best Of' they return to cover the Go Betweens 1987 album it's entirety. Maybe not. Instead we get more of their punk-edged escapades where they blend American and British influences as if there was no water at all between the two places. 


Third studio album from Russian psychedelic pop outfit Gnoomes, a newly expanded quartet thanks to the addition of Masha Piankova on synths. Trailed by wonderful lead single ‘Sword In The Stone’, MU! aims to capture the pulsating sonic assaults of the group’s live shows, following the huge success of their recent European tours. 

A Fine Mess

It's not like Interpol to be able to come up with a title for any of their records - they were possibly watching the Laurel and Hardy film when they came up with this one. It was recorded during time spent with Dave Fridmann (big drum alert) while they were in the middle of their Big World Tour and serves as a mini snapshot of where the band find themselves post Marauder.   

Jane Weaver
Loops In The Secret Society

Here comes Manchester chanteuse Jane Weaver with a project that sees her re-work elements from her last two studio albums The Silver Globe and Modern Kosmology, interspersed with brand new ambient pieces over two slabs of vinyl. Loops In The Secret Society is a product of the mesmerising British tour that Jane Weaver kicked off in October last year which saw the source material expanded and reworked. 

kandodo 3

How much do kan a kando do if a kando kandodo? Well, 3 apparently. On k3, kandodo 3 have created four sides of vinyl worth of well practiced exploratory psych-rock. This is music for fans of the Heads, maybe unsurprisingly as that band's Simon Price leads the kandodo 3. It's vibes all the way... way... way... down. On Rooster Rock.

Keel Her
With Kindness

Winchester's finest Keel Her was once extremely prolific with a host of releases going back to when Rose Keeler Schaefler was just 14 and indeed made an album with similarly prolific guy R Stevie Moore. Things have been quiet in the last few years as she battled other demons but now she is back with a new splurge of material which will hopefully cement the promise shown by her earlier releases.  

Loyle Carner
Not Waving, But Drowning

Loyle Carner returns with Not Waving, But Drowning - his much-anticipated follow-up to 2017’s Yesterday’s Gone. The rapper manages something that many artists fail to do - balancing popularity whilst actually being pretty good. Expect more sharp, observational lyrics and effortless flow. Sampha, Jorja Smith and Jordan Rakei are among the guests stars. LP and CD on AMF.


Drums? Tick. Bass? Tick. Reverby vocals? Tick. Yes yes, looks like we've got ourselves a classic case of the no-waves. Nots are now a three piece, having shed a synth player since their last record. This makes 3 an incredibly cold record, one that is anchored by its rhythms and liberated by its lyricism. On Upset The Rhythm. 

Polypores & Field Lines Cartographer
The Blow Volume 6

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Sarah Davachi
Pale Bloom

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Sigur Rós
Ágætis byrjun (20th Anniversary Edition)

Sigur Rós mark the 20th anniversary of their 1999 breakthrough Ágætis Byrjun with an expanded re-issue on vinyl and CD. Rarities, demos and a full 95-minute live concert provide the final word on the spectral majesty of an album that provided the foundations for the Icelandic post-rockers’ acclaimed career. 

Nothing Great About Britain

Grime up-and-comer slowthai could be a big fan of mid-2000’s indie also-rans The Holloways - there’s a chance that Nothing Great About Britain is titled after the ‘Generator’ group’s 2006 LP So This Is Great Britain?. Mind you, that’s pretty much where the similarities between the acts end. The Northampton MC goes hard on his debut full-length, blending the sharp-tongued fury of early Dizzee Rascal with the observational nous of Mike Skinner. Probably the start of something.

Sunn O)))
Life Metal

Here they come again, churning away. This time slo-mo metallers Sunn O))) have recorded with grumpy recording engineer Steve Albini who, when answering the phone from the big hairy guys said "Sure, this will be fun". And fun it was as the band drafted in violin ace Hildur Guðnadóttir (Mum, Pan Sonic) to add textures and all sorts to the ever expanding brew. Also Anthony Pateras guests on pipe organ.      

Suso Saiz
Nothing Is Objective

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The Rifles
Freedom Run

The country may be in a mess but here is some good news...there's a new the Rifles re-issue! Guess where it was recorded.. go on... Paul Weller's studio! It's full of the sort of soulful pop/rock the band are known for. Billions of bands who started ten are so years ago have fallen by the wayside but you have to hand it to the Rifles... they are still here.   
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Violent Femmes
Hallowed Ground

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