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I'm currently eating line-caught salmon and stroking a hand-reared dog in Scotland but before I went I hand-selected the best pre-orders for this week's round up. Hope you enjoy them. Greetings from near a wave somewhere...
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Abul Mogard
And We Are Passing Through Silently

Abul Mogard does great stuff with his synthesiser(s), and And We Are Passing Through Silently presents a particular corner of his practice: his elaborate reworkings (to call them ‘remixes’ doesn’t feel quite right) of other people’s tracks. Aisha Devi and Becoming Animal are two of those who get the Mogard treatment, and the results are lush. Out on Houndstooth.

Alfa Mist

Bloody hell just how many jazz musicians are there in London right now? Alfa Mist's is a more chilled out approach than some of his peers, letting incredibly smooth keys provide the bedroom for for some delightfully relaxed improvisations. Named for the methodology with which it shares a name, Structuralism is as cerebral as you need it to be. On Sekito.

Antoni Maiovvi
Housewife (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Berlin based producer Antoni Maiovvi, who also goes under the names Pleasure Model and Ketsueki Sakuru, has worked on soundtracks before (Abdullah, Yellow). But for Can Evrenol’s horror Housewife, Maiovvi takes a massive step away from his Italio-synth-disco inspired production and provides an eerie and hellish orchestrated backing. But of course, he’s done a disco mix of the title track for good measure.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BWR027LP)
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Black Peaches
Fire In The Hole

Second album from sonic globetrotters Black Peaches, fronted by Hot Chip and sometime Scritti Politti member Rob Smaughton. Following in the footsteps of 2016 debut, Fire In The Hole promises more virtuosic musicianship and blending of genres and eras, ranging from country and rock to funk and tropicalia. 

The Four Horsemen Of The Electrocalypse

Sun Sea Sky Productions has worked with Bluetech to bring together his (you guessed it) four Four Horsemen of the Electrocalypse EPs to make one lovely eight-panel digipak with some proper cosmic art by Justin Totemical. Expect mellow electronica and digital downtempo. For fans of Jean Michel-Jarre, Tangerine Dream, and Orbital.   

C Joynes & The Furlong Bray
The Borametz Tree

'The Borametz Tree' is the latest work from guitar savant C Joynes who has previously released records on Leith Hill Recordings, The Great Pop Supplement, Bo'Weavil Recordings etc. He is joined by folky post-rockers Dead Rat Orchestra, appearing as The Furlong Bay alongside Cam Deas and Nick Jonah Davis -- with whom he released the 'Split Electric' LP, also on Manchester-based imprint Thread Recordings. Together they create sweeping pastoral epics, shimmering with C Joynes beautiful, signature post-American Primitive style strings - making for a record that is palpable and nuanced. 

Callum Easter
Here Or Nowhere

Joining Actress in the avant-garde leaning musicians who could have been professional football players club, Callum Easter releases his debut on Lost Map Records. On Here Or Nowhere Easter writes minimal pop songs that do their best to hold themselves together. Easter's voice is a charmingly untutored thing, communicating a real warmth over the lo-fi production.

Carla dal Forno
So Much Better

Australian singer/songwriter Carla dal Forno makes spooky, spacious music with a voice reminiscent of Nico. Following her atmospheric masterpiece You Know What It’s Like on Blackest Ever Black in 2016 she has released a couple of EPs. Now she has set up her own label, Kallista, for a new 7”, So Much Better. 
  • Vinyl 7" (KALLISTA001)
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Caterina Barbieri
Ecstatic Computation

Caterina Barbieri is one of modern minimalism’s most curious and vital thinkers, exploring a kind of heightened lysergic trance. Ecstatic Computation is a key title, this is, after all, a piece of truly ecstatic music, Barbieri using modular machines and syncopated patterns for the purpose of extreme sensory overload. It’s as valuable as anything from this utterly singular composer.

Com Truise
Persuasion System

Los Angeles based Com Truise returns to Ghostly International for his follow up to 2017’s Iteration. This mini LP see the producer take a re-approach to his craft, taking a fresh palette of sounds and techniques whilst retaining his signature 80s/VHS warmth, and of course the Linn Drum is still highly prevalent.

Current 93
Invocations Of Almost

The press release suggests Current 93 have dreamt their latest album, Invocations Of Almost, but I can assure you that it exists in the physical world too. The music here is made to accompany David Tibet’s art exhibition. In a typical Current 93-style move the CD version contains 59 minutes of music as Tibet turns 59 years old. The vinyl edition is slightly shorter in duration.

Davy Kehoe
The Pilot

Davy Kehoe’s 2017 release Short Passing Game was a dance release made with the heart of Neu! or Suicide - though judging by the amped-up speed this was a heart undergoing rapid palpitations. The speed on The Pilot is not quite as physically alarming, but the synergy of styles is just as potent, resembling a stretched out band jam as much as any electronic release.

Deaf Center
Low Distance

Eight years after Owl Splinters the Norwegian two-piece made up of Miasmah records head Erik K. Skodvin (Svarte Greiner) and Otto A. Totland (Nest) return for their third full length album. Comparatively stripped back they once again show their skills at weaving mysterious and captivating electronics and ambient soundscapes which can both enthral and unnerve.

Deaf Center / Svarte Greiner
Owl Splinters / Twin

An hour and a half of unravelling electro-acoustic Norse folk doom, gorgeous pitter-pattering piano and lots and lots of spooooky cello drones? That’ll be 2011’s Owl Splinters by Deaf Center (Erik Skodvin and Otto A. Totland), along with its companion piece Twin by Skodvin’s Svarte Greiner pseudonym. Here it is reissued in full with new cover photographs by Joshua Zucker-Pluda.

Domenico Crisci

Techno that sounds like a collapsing building from Domenico Crisci. I've never heard music that sounds so much like its foundations have been shaken. On Velvet Crisci is not interested in giving you time to warm up, instead going full throttle all the time. Big, dark and distorted. Just how I like it. On Black Opal.

Useless Coordinates

Long-awaited debut album from Leeds’ very own Drahla on Brooklyn indie imprint Captured Tracks. Mixing wiry, raw post-punk with the dark and volatile textures of art-rock and Luciel Brown’s abstract lyrical preoccupations, Useless Coordinates was recorded in short gaps between hard touring throughout 2018.

Full Upon Her Burning Lips

Dylan Carlson looks older all of a sudden. Mind you, Earth have been putting out records for some 30 years and, to be honest, I’m probably remembering what he looked like from a picture in 1991. Anyway, this is the new album pre-grunge metal duo Earth and it’s called Full Upon Her Burning. LP and CD on Sargent House.

Éliane Radigue
Œuvres électroniques

Esteemed French ambient composer Eliane Radigue is honoured with a mammoth set. Œuvres électroniques covers a good chunk of Radigue’s work in the second half of the 20th Century. Up until the year 2000 Radigue had spent thirty years exploring synthesiser composition, working largely with the ARP 2500. The pieces she made tend to shift slowly, with tones slipping slowly from aquatic gurgles to abrasive drones to eerie chords. They’re works that reward patience, and this bumper collection of her output allows the listener to get to know her work intimately. 16 hours of mind-bending pure drone incl. Chry-ptus, Ψ 847, Adnos, Les Chants de Milarepa, Jetsun Mila, Trilogie de la Mort etc.

Evil Blizzard

This live double album captures Evil Blizzard - the Preston band known for their four bassists and fondness for rubber masks - headlining Summer Rock Solstice Festival in 2018. The sound falls in various places between classic heavy metal and positively grizzy sludge - with the bass turned up to 11.
  • Vinyl Double LP (CANKLP004)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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Halo Maud
Des Bras / Andy Votel Remix

Another lovely single from the ever wonderful Heavenly label. This 7" features 'Des Bras' by Halo Maud, as well as a remix from Finders Keepers boss Andy Votel. The original track is a lush dream-poppy wonder, anchored by the titular Maud's beautiful French singing. It's on the vocals that Votel really went to work for the remix, creating something worthy of the original.

Holly Herndon

Like it or lump it, A.I. and other forms of automation are playing increasing roles in everyday human life. It’ll be good and bad, but it won’t be stopped. Tech pop boffin Holly Herndon’s newun PROTO looks to the exciting and optimistic possibilities of ensuring such changes are on human terms. The tracks were created with assistance from her specially trained A.I., Spawn. Attabot, Spawn. **All pre-orders will go into a hat to win a test pressing or two tickets to see her live at the Barbican** 

Demedim Mi

Insanlar is a group containing DJ Baris K and multi-instrumentalist Cem Yıldız. They've come together to create a blend of traditional Turkish rhythms with off-kilter techno beats which pulses with electronic effects and analog instrumentation. Insanlar means 'humankind' and their music tries to capture that with all the array of messy emotions that contains.  

John Coltrane
Coltrane '58: The Prestige Recordings

Craft recordings celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Prestige Records label and the 60th of John Coltrane’s output as leader and co-leader in 1958. A massive 37 tracks represents his huge output from the time, working with such greats as Donald Byrd, Art Taylor, Red Garland, and many other incredible players. Comes with extensive liner notes, photos and an essay.

Karenn (Blawan & Pariah)
Kind of Green

Producers Blawan and Pariah rejoin forces under their Karenn moniker for a new EP on the Voam imprint. After not releasing for almost 5 years they are back with vigor and a futurist glance on techno. From filthy pounders 'Rek' and 'Salz', to skippier breaks that smack of broken machines whirring into life.

Only Human

Nelly Furtado is one of the the last decade's under appreciated pop greats. On Only Human Kieran Hebden, here as KH (though usually as Four Tet), takes Furtado's 2006 track 'Afraid', and with the help of a sauntering beat transforms it into one of 2019's tracks most likely to kick things up a notch. On his own Text label. 

Kilchhofer Anklin
Moto Perpetuo

The modular electro-acoustics of Benjamin Kilchhofer entwine with the microsound percussion of Michael Anklin on Moto Perpetuo, creating exquisitely detailed rhythmic atmospheres. Plenty of variation: the sound varies from grainy drones to spiritual gongs to insect ASMR to train horns. Like a withdrawn version of Floex’s Machinarium soundtrack. Lovely stuff.
  • Vinyl LP (Marionette09)
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Sometimes I feel like anything straightforward will become more complicated in Japan. Kukangendai take your regular bass, guitar and drums outfit and churn out relentless polyrhythmic tracks with punk esthetics. No funny business except their counting skills, and the result is Palm, both hypnotizing and rather confusing.

Ludovico Einaudi
Seven Days Walking - Day One

Seven Days Walking is a series of releases from the classical composer, Ludovico Einaudi. Beginning with Day One, the series focuses on recurring themes taking on different themes across the seven releases, which are to be released over seven months. Recording with piano, violin, viola and cello, the tracks are gentle ruminations which sweep the listener away with ease. 

Mac DeMarco
Here Comes The Cowboy

Now signed to his very own Mac's Record Label here comes dungaree totin' tunesmith with an album he knocked up in a couple of weeks in January. 2019. The subject matter here is cowboys - a word he uses as a term of endearment to his pals. Expect laid back songs masquerading as breezes...or the other way round. Whatever  - it will possibly be 2019s most laid back record. 

Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky

An odd pairing on paper, but the dreamy indie-folk falsetto of Marissa Nadler and the post-hardcore guitar landscaping of Stephen Brodsky (of Mutoid Man and Cave In among others) makes for one of 2019’s most intriguing collaboration albums. Striking contrasts of light and darkness make for a cinematic experience that’s both beautiful and unsettling. 

Mark Peters
New Routes Out Of Innerland

Remix album of Mark Peters' 2018 album Innerland. On New Routes Out of Innerland Peters offers a number of other musicians to apply their perspectives to his instrumental explorations of the north-west. Features the likes of Ulrich Schnauss, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Olga Wojciechowska. On Sonic Cathedral.

Minimal Violence

Massive techno with ridiculous arena synths and squares riding the bass lines. Pretty old school sound that also approaches perhaps even the hardstyle flavor from Minimal Violence. The duo, consisting of Vancouver local heroes Ashlee Luk and Lida P, covers just about every base of the heavy techno spectrum on their debut album InDreams.

Nouvelle Vague

Nouvelle Vague are famous for making electronic versions of punk and new wave classics. Over the past 15 years, a few of those covers have remained unreleased. Curiosities gathers them all together in one place. The most interesting songs on here are The Gun Club’s Sex Beat, Richard Hell & The Voidoids’ Blank Generation and Suicide’s Ghost Rider. On Kwaidan Records.

Orchestra Of Constant Distress
Cognitive Dissonance

Swedish four-piece Orchestra of Constant Distress, featuring members of Skull Defekts, Union Carbide Productions and Brainbombs, bring you their third album Cognitive Dissonance. It bears the weight of an uneasy mist of very pleasingly produced, crunching instrumental riff-sludge. Send it to your parliamentary representative today!

Dizzy Spells

Patience is the new project from Roxanne Clifford, formerly of indie tunesmiths Veronica Falls. Clifford finds a different backdrop for those melodies here, exploring the world of electronic pop. Dizzy Spells is her debut album. It was made with the help of Daft Punk collaborator Todd Edwards and Lewis Cook of Free Love and Happy Meals. It was engineered by Misha Hering of Virginia Wing. On Night School.

Phew / Oren Ambarchi / Jim O'Rourke
Patience Soup

Live recording of a performance featuring three heavy-weights of avant-garde and experimental music. Jim O'Rourke and Oren Ambarchi who have far too many previous collaborations to name, including Fennesz, Ulver, Faust play alongside Japanese avant-garde vocalist Phew. These masters of improv take a dynamic journey through the abstract and carry it with flawless tone and palette.

Popol Vuh
The Essential Album Collection Vol. 1

Prog rock-electronica outfit Popol Vuh probably reside in the shadows of Can and Neu when it comes to staking their claim as the most influential ‘70s band to come out of Germany in the 1970s. Nevertheless, they are still trailblazers when it comes to the use of the Moog synthesizer. They also hit it off with German filmmaker Werner Herzog, recording soundtracks to several classic films. 'The Essential Album Collection Vol. 1' includes; 'Affenstunde' (1970), 'Hosianna Mantra' (1972), 'Einsjäger & Siebenjäger' (1974), 'Aguirre' (1976), 'Nosferatu' (1978) 2LP.


Reptaliens are influenced by sci-fi literature and art - their second album Valis takes its name from a Philip K. Dick novel. Their music takes its cues from the spacey weirdness of Todd Rundgren, the experimental lounge jazz of Gary Wilson and the comforting sounds of Broadcast.  After starting as a duo with no aspirations other than to please themselves, members were added and they became a band, hitting the road with STRFKR, Cults and Of Montreal. On Captured Tracks.

Richard Hawley

Sheffield's most 1950s man returns with the first album not named after a part of Sheffield since his stunning debut Late Night Final. I'd do anything... anything to hear Richard Hawley make music as moving and intimate as that again but later records tend to be more fully arranged efforts with big production values. Still, he's a northern national treasure and we've be desperately trying to contact him or his management to get a message to him from a customer but no-one has yet responded. Can anyone help?   


Eine kleine Nachtmusik is a composition by Wolfgang Amad- wait a minute, this isn't by Mozart. Nachtmuziek is by Belgian musician Sonmi451 whose created an album of startlingly beautiful ambient music. There's a sense of movement here that marks it out from a lot of over ambient album, though it makes it no harder to get lost in. 

Space Cats
Something New

I won't lie, I was a bit disappointed to find this artwork did not feature actual cats. Instead there's the equally exciting five-person South African disco crew Space Cats. On Something New, first released in 1981, the Cats create absolutely unrelenting disco songs that are catchy and heartfelt. Reissue on Cultures Of Soul.

Terry Riley
A Rainbow In Curved Air

Terry Riley is the master of tape. Turning 8-second loops into musical instrumentation you can see how he is an inspiration for composers such as Phillip Glass  and William Basinski, you can also hear from this record The Who’s inspiration for Baba O’riley. The original, now classic 1969 release comes back once again.

The Murder Capital
Feeling Fades

The Murder Capital are set to release their debut album Feeling Fades on the 5th of April. Hailed by the NME as one of 2018's essential artists, the Dublin quintet are reportedly influenced by not only The Fall and Joy Division but electronic artists such as Björk which sets them apart from their other rock counterparts. They did a sold-out tour before recording a note so watch this space... 

The National
I Am Easy To Find

Album number 8 from Ohio success story The National. I Am Easy To Find is not just an album, it's also a short film directed by Mike Mills - the guy who directed 20th Century Women, not the R.E.M bassist. Mills co-produced the album with the band. It includes guest performances from a whole host of artists including Sharon Van Etten and Lisa Hannigan. 

Practice Magic And Seek Professional Help When Necessary

Toth seems to be America’s youngest bedroom indie music maker. Laidback, melancholy and lushly produced, Practice Magic and Seek Professional Help When Necessary sounds like a dreamy Soccer Mommy but fuller and with a hint of Kaputt-era Destroyer. Might very well be the perfect soundtrack for your lazy summer days. 

Vampire Weekend
Father Of The Bride

Vampire Weekend’s new album comes to us without any information other than the number of different formats there are (4). It’s their first album in five years, so yay! It’s called Father Of The Bride and features a bunch of guest artists including ex-Vampire Weekender Rostam Batmanglij. Early single suggest all the jokes people tell about the band will continue to have legs.

Vanishing Twin
The Age of Immunology

Vanishing Twin fuse ‘60s pop and electronic music in way similar to Broadcast et al. On The Age Of Immunology, their second full length, the band explore the full breadth of their sound by recording it in a variety of non-standard settings, including the Croatian island of Krk. Features some of the most vital flute interventions I've heard in years. On Fire.

Additive Noise Function: Formative UK, European and North American Electronica 1978-1984

Cherry Red are back at it again. Addictive Noise Function is a compilation of Western electronic music recorded between 1978 and 1984. This 32 track snapshot shows off everything from house and techno, ambient and musique concrète. Features tracks by Holger Czukay, D.A.F. and The Residents. File under: 101 things to make and with a synth.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (BREDT748)
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Witching Waves

London DIY post-punks Witching Waves have been steadily building up a cult following owing to their high-energy live set and constant gigging. Their new album Persistence finds them in an assertive mood, with confidence gained from previous records Fear Of Falling Down and Crystal Cafe. On Specialist Subject.

Young Scientist
Results, Not Answers

Young Scientist are one of the foremost bands from the first wave of Seattle’s alternative set. Back in the ‘70s before grunge was king, synths were the instrument de jour. Young Scientist took their inspiration from German electronic acts such Cluster, Harmonia and Tangerine Dream. Their album of hypnotic soundscapes, Results, Not Answers was originally released on cassette in 1979. Reissue on Bureau B.