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Rings Around Saturn
Rings Around Saturn

Melbourne techno producer Rory McPike is back as Rings Around Saturn. His new, self-titled album flows with a range of abstract and dance-floor styles. McPike stylishly applies his considerable talents to 11 tracks here, delivering fizzing, pulsating new wave techno and imposing abstract electronics on a double-pack LP. 300 copies only. On Brokntoys records.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BT30)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Rival Consoles

Rival Consoles is otherwise known by his non-robot name, Ryan Lee West, a dude with a lot of electronic equipment who makes some truly subversive IDM. His new EP, entitled 'Sonne', contains six original tracks based around analogue synths which act to create his rhythms. West is obsessed with the synthesis of music and colour which makes for a record developing in many different sonic shades: it's best called lush.

Robert Hood

The latest instalment in the ever-growing catalogue of stellar mixes in the 'DJ-Kicks' series arrives from truly a giant. It's pioneering Detroit techno legend Robert Hood of course. The Motor City's very own, and a founding member of Underground Resistance with Banks and Mills, Hood laid down a blueprint for minimal techno. His DJ-Kicks here presents a crucial, timeless snapshot of techno history: 22 tracks on a mixed CD including 4 of his own, new exclusives to this release. Also on double unmixed LP, on !K7.

Robotiko Rejekto

To celebrate their thirtieth release Optimo Trax have looked back, found this gem from 1987 that label boss JD Twitch loved, and thought it would be a fitting treat to release it for it’s anniversary as well. Produced by Ralf Henrich and Andreas Tomalla, Rejekto was techno before it was techno, with a slamming 80s snare.
  • Vinyl 12" (OT030)
  • £10.99 £9.89 (saving: £1.10)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Roger Doyle
Oizzo No

The Irish composer’s ultra-rare 1975 debut is a wonderland of head-spinning tape collage, densely dissonant strings, and woozily detuned pianos, where uilleann pipes meet the avant garde. There’s a strong Uncle Meat-era Mothers of Invention flavour in the copious tape-speed manipulation, tricksy melodies and echoes of Edgard Varèse. Though Doyle was signed to U2’s short-lived Mother Records, it’s more useful to note his appearance on the Nurse With Wound list, and their label United Dairies.

RS Produções
Bagdad Style

Portugal's seemingly infinite well of talent keeps emerging via the always on point Príncipe label. RS Produções are a crew of youngsters currently bringing plenty of fire to the dance. 'Bagdad Style' was produced by posse core members DJ Narciso and Nuno Beats and brings eight cuts of stripped back, percussive grooves via Batida, electro/house and Kuduro mutations, that'll ignite a dancefloor and have plenty of booty's shakin'. Consistent heat from the label that brought us DJ Marfox, Niagara, DJ Lycox, Nídia Minaj, DJ Lilocox, P. Adrix etc.

Ruskin & Broom

So, it's time for a new Ruskin & Broom EP! James Ruskin and Mark Broom -- stalwarts both of the UK Techno scene -- are together and continuing their collaborative techno project. 'Domwen' features 3 new slices of razor-edged techno -- heavy on the bass, deep of groove with surreal synths. Tasty 12" on Blueprint.

Ryley Walker
The Lillywhite Sessions

Dave Matthews Band recorded an album with producer Steve Lillywhite which was scrapped at the label’s behest. Now, this bit confuses me - the press release here describe the album in terms I would not match with Dave Matthews Band such as ‘art rock’ and ‘masterpiece’. However, they are terms I can associate with Ryley Walker who has tried his hand at re-recording the album, The Lillywhite Sessions. Although the Dave Matthews Band version was scrapped, some tracks showed up on their 2002 album Busted Stuff. From hearing those tracks I think they might sound rather fine in the hands of Ryley Walker. LP and CD on Dead Oceans.

Samantha Glass
Nine Memories Between Impression & Imprint

Samantha Glass returns to Texan label HoloDeck (Dylan Cameron, Derek Rogers) with a new LP. Nine Memories Between Impression & Imprint is another collection of retro-futurist bedroom electronica from Glass. The overall impression of the record is that of a moth-eaten copy of an Italians Do It Better album. There are similarities with fellow HoloDeck artist Marie Davidson.

Same Waves
Algorithm of Desire

‘Algorithm of Desire’ by Same Waves is an exercise in oddball electronic pop, both restrained and open-ended. Same Waves are a collaboration between Lindsay Anderson (L’ALTRA) and John Hughes, together making a sound of hushed eccentricity, welcome to scrapes of violin, plonking synths, and at times almost whispered vocals. The LP - which features contributions from the likes of Bill MacKay and Macie Stewart - is released by the Flau label.

Scandinavian Star

Lust For Youth/Oh No Ono’s Malthe Fischer returns as Scandinavian Star with the follow-up to the project's self-titled 2015 cassette. SOLAS is a record of ghostly electronics and techno malfunction. It takes the early Posh Isolation power electronics sound and chops ‘n’ screws it to mournfully beautiful effect. One could quite easily imagine this being released by Rabit’s Halcyon Veil imprint.

Quiet Witness

Sublunar Records boss and UNKNOT member Sciahri (Sciahriar Tavakoli) has his third bite of the Black Opal cherry. New EP Quiet Witness is a set of murky, mysterious techno that sounds like it was constructed largely from sonar signals. Anyone who’s dug recent drops by Pessimist or Sciarhri’s fellow Black Opal alumni Lyubocha should get to Quiet Witness sharpish.

Sea Pinks
Rockpool Blue

Rockpool Blue is the seventh album from Belfast’s guitar poppers, Sea Pinks. The album’s theme centres on embracing the sadness that tinges realising you have become an adult despite not really knowing how you got there and then realising it’s not all that bad after all. LP on CF Records, limited to 250 copies.

On Reflection

What happens when two Big Names in electronic music - to wit, Gold Panda and half of Simian Mobile Disco - join creative forces and make an album? Selling, that’s what. And likely the selling of the Selling record. Seems that GP provides the fuzzy warmth while Jas Shaw lends his shiny techno craft and between them good thing happen.

Serge Gainsbourg
Histoire De Melody Nelson

It's safe to say that Serge Gainsbourg wouldn't have fared well post #metoo and Operation Yew Tree. This 1971 LP was a concept album about a middle aged man running his Rolls Royce into a teenage girl who he later seduced. It was probably less romantic when Stuart Hall did this kind of thing because Gainsbourg had a gallic flair for words and music that took him between folk, easy listening a proto-hip-hop on an album often considered his masterpiece. 

5% Solution

Prayers have been answered! This sought after 4-track EP is a secret weapon, high on many a Detroit techno fiend's wants list. Originally released on Juan Atkins hallowed Metroplex imprint back in 1993 -- the same year Anthony "Shake" Shakir released his debut under the Shake handle on Kevin Saunderson's KMS sister label Trance Fusion. Shake has a unique, raw and quirky approach to techno which has always given his tracks a distinctive character and super funky sound. He's a real demon on his drum machines - you'll hear why he can count the likes of Autechre among his legion of fans. Shake is arguably Detroit techno's best kept secret - this record still sounds fresh twenty fives years after it was created.

Shelley Parker
Red Cotton

On ‘Red Cotton’, Shelley Parker’s debut EP for Hessle Audio, there’s this tremendous sense of place amidst the restless break-beats and looming menace. This is achieved by extensive use of field recordings, capturing the carnival near the London based artists home as well as her time spent with ballet dancers. The EP comes with a remix from Ploy.

Simon Finn
Pass The Distance

Pass The Distance by Simon Finn was originally released in 1970 and is a defining album in the history of psychedelic folk. It pushes the oddball leanings of Skip Spence and Pearls Before Swine to a new level of weird. One song only exists because one of his flatmates wrote down his mescaline-fuelled meanderings so he was able to remember them.  Finn is backed on the album by famous David Toop and Paul Burwell, two experts in free-improvising.
  • Vinyl LP (ASH103)
  • £23.99 £21.59 (saving: £2.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Steven Rutter & Kirk Degiorgio
Braconian Beta

The latest drop on Firescope Records finds label boss Steven Rutter (B12) team up with Kirk Degiorgio (As One) for an EP of retrofuturist club fare. Braconian Beta sees the two techno veterans using their old-school knowhow to show the young pretenders how it’s done. The stargazing techno tracks here are a similar brand of Detroit revivalism to Space Dimension Controller.

Straight Arrows
21st Century / Cyberbully

Sydney’s Straight Arrows return with 21st Century/ Cyberbully. In the press release it is implied that they are an A grade punk band, and they might just be right - a punk band in the sense that they channel ‘60s garage punk via a bit of ‘90s indie rock. The A side features gravelly vintage guitars and earworming qualities whilst the B side is a alternate version of the A side reworked by frontman Owen Penglis and Aussie DJ, DJ Soup. 7” limited to 200 hand numbered copies in wrap-around sleeve and hand stamped labels.

Stray Ghost
A Shade Under Thirty

Stray Ghost, a.k.a., Anthony Saggers is now over 30, which is super old. Most likely, he made latest album A Shade Under Thirty while still under 30. Having chewed the fat with Highpoint Lowlife, Time Released Sound, 1631 and others, Saggers now brings his romantic, windswept piano plodathons to London label Phases.

Street Sects
The Kicking Mule

Debut album, End Position showed influences such as Chrome and Nine Inch Nails. Street Sects, the Austin, Texas post-punk industrial screamers change gear for album number two, The Kicking Mule. Here, they use Roxy Music, Brian Eno and Bowie’s Berlin trilogy as inspiration for it’s follow up, The Kicking Mule. there’s still plenty of rattling industrialism, screaming and Nine Inch Nails-ness, though. LP and CD on The Flenser.

Mani In Fuoco

Succhiamo returns to Antinote (Tolouse Low Trax, Alek Lee) with another dose of oddball Italo Disco. Mani In Fuoco builds on the good work Succhiamo put in on his Antinote debut back in 2017. That means you can expect more lopsided electro-disco grooves and more seasick synths. Anyone who’s been digging Cardopusher recently should give this a go.

The Purple Universe

‘90s clubbers may recognise the name Synectics. The duo of Marco Repetto and Stefan Riesen dropped a string of records on labels including Rephlex and Delirium back in the day. The Purple Universe, their only LP, came out in 1993 on the former. Now Musique Pour La Danse have resurrected the album for a reissue. The braindance-techno hybrids here are sometimes heavy, sometimes beautiful things that aren't dissimilar to what Rephlex boss Aphex Twin was up to contemporaneously. Three of the tunes here are being pressed on vinyl for the first time.

The Book Of AM
Part V: Night

The Book Of AM is a project begun in 1977 with esoteric philosophical intentions, and featuring words and sounds from around the world and across hundreds of years. Part V, representing Night, for some reason was not completed and never appeared with the rest of the collection, but this crack team, using overdubs and additional composition as well as mixing and mastering techniques, now present the completed final part! LP on Wah Wah.

The Boy Least Likely To
The Greatest Hits

The Boy Least Likely To are the boys that have done. I make that assumption based on the fact that they have The Greatest Hits album to shout about. The twee indie-pop band have released four albums in 15 years. They’ve taken the best bits, added their popular cover of George Michael’s Faith and a brand new song to make a fifth long-player. LP and CD on Young And Stupid.

The Detroit Cobras
Tried & True

The Detroit Cobras aimed to revive garage rock. As their name would suggest, they came from Detroit, the same Detroit scene as The White Stripes, although it could be said The Detroit Cobras were the trailblazers, as their first album was released a full year before The White Stripes self-titled debut. Tried And True, their fourth album, was released in 2007 and, true to form, contains a bunch of blues, rock and R&B tracks revamped and re-amped for the noughties...and beyond. Repress LP on Rough Trade.
  • Vinyl LP (RTRADLP356)
  • £15.49 £13.94 (saving: £1.55)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

The Doubtful Guest
Voyage To Blacklantis

Nowt has been heard from The Doubtful Guest in over a decade, but she returns now with the Voyage To Blacklantis EP. The breakcore super-pace has been jettisoned here for a suite of ambient electronics, with deep watery bass and woozy synth chord modulations. What a way to break a silence! 12” on Arcola.
  • Vinyl 12" (ARC10)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

The Dø
A Mouthful

A Mouthful was the debut album by Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy, better known as French/Finnish duo The Dø. It was originally released in 2008 and was critically well received. The album is a real mish-mash of styles, I mean they've really thrown everything at this, ranging from ethereal takes on PJ Harvey to rap. Reissue 2LP on Wagram.

The Modern Institute
Another Exhibition

Golden Teacher spin-off The Modern Institute stick it to the bourgeoisie art world with Another Exhibition, complete with a Pseuds’ Corner press release. I would warn against confusing this reissued cassette's staggeringly insipid title with the more recent Another Exhibition at the Modern Institute, but that would spoil the duo’s game. Gritty post-industrial post-techno, sound art and spoken word.

The Rolling Stones
Voodoo Lounge Uncut

Finally, the definitive document of The Rolling Stones' Voodoo Lounge tour. 'Voodoo Lounge Uncut' presents for the first time the full, unabridged performance from the Stones' 25th November, 1994 date at Miami's Joe Robbie Stadium. A full 10 songs included here were edited out of the original '90s release. Sheryl Crow, Robert Cray and Bo Diddley all guested and the tracks are presented in original running order. Gatefold triple LP on Eagle Rock. 

The Top Of The Poppers
Sing And Play The Hits Of David Bowie

Remember when you'd walk into Kwiksave or Checkpoint in the 70s and 80 and hear bad cover versions of the chart hits of the day playing over the tannoy? Well these were from Pickwick Records budget albums that were made to save money on using the real songs. So it was cheaper to get a load of session musicians into a studio, set them up, record and mix them then press the record rather than just play the original. Well here is a compilation of all these fake tracks that were made for David Bowie songs. Bowie is the perfect artist for this kind of insane folly. Apparently the man himself loved them and now is your chance to hear them for yourself.   

Thomas Newman
Skyfall (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Skyfall was one of the best Bond films of recent years, and its soundtrack wasn’t all that shabby either: in fact, Thomas Newman’s work here was nominated for a god-damned Oscar. This double LP set contains the whole soundtrack (but not the Adele theme song I’m afraid), presented beautifully. From Music On Vinyl.

tUnE-yArDs / U.S. Girls
Coat To Coast / Velvet 4

Artsy 4AD alt-poppers Tune-Yards and U.S. Girls commemorate their joint 4AD tour with a split seven; each has remixed a song from the other’s most recent 4AD album. Tune-Yards’ ‘Coast to Coast’ receives a tangy krautrock shot from U.S. Girls. In exchange, Tune-Yards leads U.S. Girls’ ‘Velvet 4 Sale’ down an avenue of shimmering electro-pop. Just to be clear: this is a release on 4AD by Tune-Yards and U.S. Girls.
  • Vinyl 7" (4AD0113)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Tyler Bates
Deadpool 2 (Original Motion Picture Score)

Deadpool - You know, the funny superhero one? Robin Hood: Men In Tights for millennials? No, me neither. Apparently you and this Norman Records™ description writer are in the minority though - enough people saw the first Deadpool flick that the studio commissioned a sequel. The OST for Deadpool 2 was handled by Marilyn Manson guitarist Tyler Bates (Guardians Of The Galaxy, John Wick). What with Deadpool being a satire (apparently) it made sense for Bates to turn in a typically swashbuckling blockbuster score in order to heighten the comic disconnect.

Urge Overkill

Urge Overkill are hardly prolific, they’ve released just 6 albums in 29 years. Saturation is their fourth album and was originally released in 1993. It’s arguably their career high-point, although their popularity peaked when they recorded Neil Diamond’s Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon for the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. Saturation is full of hook-laden guitar pop with the minor US hits, Sister Havana and Positive Bleeding being particularly splendid. The Lemonheads’ Evan Dando once declared this to be the best album of the ‘90s. Blue vinyl, 25th anniversary reissue on Porterhouse.

Utopia Cloak
Marina Garden

Utopia Cloak debuts on Film Records (Brainwaltzera, Steve Reich) with an album of carefully constructed electronica. The six cuts that make up Marina Garden draw from a few subsets of electronic music. Influences from synthwave, ambient pop, bedroom instrumentals and contemporary classical composition are all to be found across the record. Overall the thing has a bit of a Bonobo flex.

Valentino Mora

You can count on Spazio Disponibile for your glistening, minimal chillout musics. This one’s from IDO boss Valentino Mora, with four cuts of resonating, fourth-world downtempo techno. The rhythms clatter gently and delay off into the distance. The A is proper serene floor material while the flip gets a bit more tonal and New Agey.

True Stories, A Film By David Byrne: The Complete Soundtrack

You probably know the eighties Talking Heads album True Stories, but you might not know David Byrne’s directorial debut film of the same name. True Stories the movie has a soundtrack of its own: some tracks from the Heads album are replicated, but there is also material involving Terry Allen, Kronos Quartet and Meredith Monk! This Complete Soundtrack release includes rare and unreleased tracks, all in one comprehensive package at last.

Mobilisation Generale - Protest and Spirit Jazz from France 1970-1976

French spiritual awakenings on Mobilisation Generale - Protest and Spirit Jazz from France 1970 - 1976. Coming from the cosmic school of Sun Ra, Ornette, Trane, Dolphy and The Art Ensemble of Chicago (whom appear on the first track), this compilation is the narrative of Europeans channeling free movement and the African American avant-garde. A soulful remedy for your winter blues. Out on double vinyl LP from Born Bad.

Welcome To Zamrock! Vol. 2: How Zambia’s Liberation Led To A Rock Revolution 1972-1977

Zamrock, in case you have been depriving yourself of its joy, is the sound that Zambia came up with in the 1970’s in response to the twin wonders of James Brown-esque funk and psychedelic rock from the likes of Jimi Hendrix. Welcome To Zamrock! Vol. 2 walks you through the story of the genre and gives you some amazing tracks to get funky with. Double LP edition and CD edition with book, on Now-Again.

Peace Radio Dublab

Radio Free Los Angeles - more commonly known as Dublab - drops a friends-and-family compilation. The non-profit internet broadcaster have made plenty of allies over the course of almost two decades in the game. On Peace Radio Dublab a selection of associates that includes Matthewdavid, Daedelus and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith offer up new material for the LP.

Space Is The Plaice

Big old super-compilation by the Pussyfoot label, featuring tracks from twenty-eight artists, all intersecting in some way with the theme of space, with all the attendant implications of prog wildness and synth-futurism. Artists featured included Ancient Lights with Flowdan, Jacknife Lee, Pye Corner Audio and Fantastic Plastic Machine: something here for everyone no doubt.

Mobilisation Generale - French Protest and Spirit Jazz 1970-1976

As anyone with even a passing knowledge of French history will tell you, the late 1960s was a period of protest unlike anything the country had seen before. Some great music came out of that time, from rock ‘n’ roll to ye-ye to jazz. It is the latter that Born Bad's Mobilisation Generale - French Protest and Spirit Jazz 1970-1976 concerns itself with. The compilation showcases a generation of Gallic jazzers drawing inspiration from the likes of Ornette Coleman and The Art Ensemble of Chicago to make inroads into all things funky, spiritual, astral and free. A timely release given all the gilets jaunes stuff going down as we type this.

Various (Caterina Barbieri, Space Afrika, Nkisi, Mannerfelt, Mumdance & Logos)
Shared Meanings

Here we have a 12” sampler featuring highlights from the huge Shared Meaning mix by Mumdance. It features tracks by Mumdance & Logos, Peder Mannerfelt, Kinega, Space Africa and Caterina Barbieri. The music ranges from Chicago house to Congolese techno to absorbing ambience. 5-track EP on Shared Meanings.
  • Vinyl 12" (Shared001)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Various (Pessimist, Overlook, Talker, Karim Maas)

UVB-76 Music has had a great 2018. As well as dropping some superb dark techno/d ‘n’ b through the main label they’ve also set up some cracking offshoots in the form of DROOGS and 4625. To that roster of sub-labels we can now add The Stone Tapes. STONETAPES001, the imprint’s debut drop, sees UVB bossmen Karim Maas, Overlook, Pessimist and Talker put up a track apiece. All of them are gonna sound mega in a dark room at 3AM.

Safari Disco Club

A long-awaited re-issue for the second studio album from French pop starlet Yelle. Real name Julie Budet, she capitalised on her support slot on Katy Perry’s world tour at the end of the Noughties with the unabashed brilliance of Safari Disco Club, which gets the 2xLP deluxe treatment on Because Music. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (BEC5543485)
  • £26.99 £24.29 (saving: £2.70)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy


British post-rocker yellow6 (Jon Attwood) gets into the festive spirit with merry6mas2018. Usually with Christmas albums you get at least some nod to the holidays. Not merry6mas2018. In fact, this LP is wholly comprised of offcuts from November’s 20th anniversary mega-album REFLECT. Mind you, the Jonny Greenwood-aping guitar instrumentals here are pretty enough to bring a certain brand of Xmas cheer to the table. Who's for eggnog?

Yumi Zouma

Yumi Zouma - almost certainly no relation to France and Chelsea centre-back Kurt - drop a new four-track EP via Cascine (Korallreven, Chad Valley). EP III is another one of those retro-ish, ‘80s-ish, Italo Disco-ish synth things which pass for indie music these days. Will please fans of Chairlift, Bon Iver, Wild Nothing and the rest of that rabble.
  • Vinyl 10" (CSN114LP)
  • £18.49 £16.64 (saving: £1.85)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

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