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Alec Cheer
Night Kaleidoscope (Original Soundtrack)

For the  soundtrack to Grant McPhee’s multi-faceted indie detective film, Night Kaleidoscope, Alec Cheer looks to the heavyweights for inspiration. The sounds of John Carpenter, Brian Eno, Goblin and  Fabio Frizzi have all played their part in shaping this dark and dazzling electronic work. LP on Trunk.

Alone In The Woods
Alone In The Woods

Instrumental duo, Alone In The Woods, are inspired by both orchestral and hip-hop sounds. On their self-titled debut, they express their inspirations with the use of warm synth tones and a blend of downtempo beats and ambient production. Limited Edition forest-burst green vinyl on Burning Witches Records.

Red Devil

A fearsome electronic journey on Red Devil sees Angel-Ho explore violent and menacing textures over nine tracks. The immediate impression suggests an influence from Coil, in their uniquely paranoid and oppressed way, but contemporary grime and techno influences lend a modern energy and dance floor potential. 

New Wave Of Nature

Following releases on Forbidden Planet, LL.M. and Pinkman, Annanan lands on Opal Tapes sister label Black Opal with a fine 4-track EP. Opening with the woody stomp, dreamy keys and squelchy bass of the titular cut and onto the lost in the night, melancholy of 'Bomb'. Over on the flipside 'Sphere' thumps with chunky drums, sci-fi electronics and spectral melodies. The EP closes with the sinister groove of 'Gone' which utilises the hefty skeletal drums which are present throughout the EP which ride underneath a quivering synth and dread filled piano. Tidy stuff throughout as ever from Black Opal.

Annie Anxiety
Soul Possession

Check out the personnel on this one: for her 1984 debut album, Annie Anxiety managed to assemble members of Crass, African Head Charge, Flux Of Pink Indians and more, all under the production oversight of the legendary Adrian Sherwood. Soul Possession is the result, a weird and amazing industrial dub odyssey that still sounds like little else. This DAIS reissue is the first vinyl release for this album in three decades.

Aretha Franklin
Atlantic Records 1960s Collection

Aretha Franklin undoubtedly possessed one of the greatest voices ever committed to wax. To celebrate the Queen of Soul’s life and work we have Atlantic Records: 1960s Collection - a 6 LP box set featuring her ‘60s albums and an LP of studio outtakes. Each LP is pressed on 140g vinyl, on Atlantic Records.

Vinkelvolten II

Bauri returns to B12 offshoot FireScope Records (Derek Carr, Steven Rutter) with the follow-up to 2017’s Vinkelvolten EP. Vinkelvolten II is another salvo of friendly downtempo electro. There’s a bit of an Oliver Postgate vibe to this thing, particularly on the twinkly and trip-hop-influenced title track and ‘Cocoon’. Boards Of Canada also spring to mind at points.

BFTT / Upsammy
Blue 03

Whities release the latest volume of their excellent Blue series (Lanark Artefax, Tessela). Blue 03 fronts two tracks apiece from Leeds-based BFTT and Dutch producer Upsammy. As with pretty much everything else that Nic Tasker’s label drops this is an EP of forward-thinking techno that will satisfy both body and mind.

Bingo Trappers

Lo-fi Dutch duo, Bingo Trappers, released their first records through Shrimper, a label that has also released records by Lou Barlow, Woods and Herman Dune, to name a few. They play fab, melodic, psychedelic ‘60s style stuff that will have fans of lo-fi pop turning cartwheels with excitement - imagine The Seeds jamming with a Mike Nesmith-fronted The Monkees. Elizabethan is their new album. Limited edition of 275 copies in screen printed sleeve on Morc/Grapefruit.

Black Merlin

The adventurous George Thompson released Kosua as Black Merlin earlier this year. The album blends Thompson’s Papua New Guinea field recordings with industrial ambience and drones, resulting in sinister-sounding exotica. His new EP Void for Berceuse Heroique exchanges exotica for chilly vintage machinery, with minimal throbs, heavily ‘verbed drones and the occasional twinkly arpeggio.  

Bone Head
Soft Power

Having previously worked as one half of DVA Damas and sitting on the imaginary dividing line between techno and post-punk, Los Angeles-based Joe Cocherell unveils his new solo project Bone Head and its debut release Soft Power on Warp subsidiary Arcola. Four tracks of minimal techno and insurrectionary spirit. 
  • Vinyl 12" (ARC15)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Boogie Down Productions
Criminal Minded

In listing the greatest albums in hip-hop history, one title never seems to stray from the upper echelons, no matter how many years pass: Boogie Down Productions’ undisputed classic from 1986, Criminal Minded. Released amidst a battle between BDP and MC Shan that would redefine the New York rap landscape as it was then known, the album, which features the songs “South Bronx,” “Criminal Minded” and “The Bridge is Over,” captures the excitement, urgency and raw power that embodies hip-hop culture as we know it, with KRS-One’s aggressive yet intelligent lyricism backed by Scott La Rock’s hard-hitting, stripped-down beats. A true classic.

Bruno Sanfilippo

A collection of piano pieces inspired by mechanical toys, dolls, puppets and the circus sounds like it could soundtrack a freaky horror film, but this is Pianette by Bruno Sanfilippo. This is about the positive and pleasant memories that these things invoke. And, of course, it will be beautiful. Digipak CD on ad21.

Bryce Hackford

Style-roving New York producer Bryce Hackford is here with a EP on Youth. With previous work tracing from synthpop to ambient, this here trio of new tunes is all rather wonky, improvised lo-fi house. The A is particularly heavy and minimal with a pair of chunky cuts, all twanging bass and carbonised drones. Bryce reserves the B for a more melodic focus to the hooks.

Capital Punishment
This Is Capital Punishment

Right, this is getting ridiculous. It was a pretty far fetched idea for us to expect to believe that the earlier Capital Punishment re-issue was made 35 years ago by an all future star line up including Ben Stiller. Now we are told that the quartet including Supreme Court Justice judge Peter Swann, professor Peter Zusi, actor/TV 'funny' man Ben Stiller and Kriss Roebling, whose family built the Brooklyn Bridge have gone back into the studio to make new material.  You expect us to believe this? 
  • Vinyl LP (CT290LPC1)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Céline Gillain
Bad Woman

Céline Gillain deals in maximal pop, well, a skewiff interpretation of it. It’s experimental pop in the truest sense, one that doesn’t sacrifice any of pop’s sensory appeal while tearing forcefully at the genres seams. The 6-track LP comes out via the Drama label, and is a testament to Gillain’s singular vision.

Champagne Dub

Capitol K’s Faith And Industry drops an LP by psychedelic groove-jazzers Champagne Dub. Given that the band contains members of Melt Yourself Down, Acoustic Ladyland and The Comet Is Coming it was always likely that Drops would be an intense affair. The band’s trick is to keep things fun even when it gets heavy - ‘Gatito Ven’, for instance, combines the weight of Free Nelson Mandoomjazz with the propulsive rhythms of Boredoms’ drum period.

Cowboy Flying Saucer / Magoo
Heavily Sedated NOW! / Sons And Daughters Of Disaster

After a seven year break, Magoo are back. This time they’re sharing a 7” with London band, Cowboy Flying Saucer. Magoo’s experimental DIY ethic with pop sensibilities saw them being picked up by Chemikal Underground Records in the late ‘90s before moving to pastures new. As a teaser for their first album in 7 years, Magoo offer up a a twisted slice of cosmic rock with 'Sons And Daughters Of Disaster' whilst Cowboy Flying Saucer contribute the motorik/arty/punky track 'Heavily Sedated NOW!' 7” on Sparrowhawk.

Danny Elfman
Batman (Original Motion Picture Score)

Tim Burton’s Batman was released in 1989, the first film to be awarded a 12 certificate. It featured Michael Keaton as Batman, Jack Nicholson as The Joker and songs by Prince. To celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary we have the Original Motion Picture Score by Danny Elfman. It is pressed on 180g black vinyl and features artwork by Kilian Eng.

David Allred
The Transition

David Allred’s The Transition arrives on Erased Tapes (A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Nils Frahm). There’s a nice interplay of chamber composition, folk music and close harmony going on here. ‘The Garden’, for instance, is the sort of thing you imagine Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears might have got up to were they alive today.

Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt
Desert Sessions

Dean Blunt is known for his genre-hopping and maverick approach to making music. He was previously one half of the duo Hype Williams. Delroy Edwards is from L.A. but now lives in New York and has previously work with Ron Morelli, found of the L.I.E.S. label. The pair met in the desert for a musical face-off in 2017. Here, in these grooves is what went down. LP on L.A. Club Resource.

Demian Licht & Eomac

The third record in Eomac’s ETXC series sees the Eotrax boss join forces with Demian Licht for a record of experimental electronic fare. On these two tracks the producers busy themselves with combing the outer reaches of techno. Their explorations see them end up in a no man’s land between dub techno, deconstructed club music and synthetic ambience.

Discrete Circuit & Mark Broom

Some techno-ass techno here from Discrete Circuit and Mark Broom. The pair have crossed paths before, but MBDC is the first time that they produced a body of work together. They come through with three big-room tools that occasionally have an acid whiff to them (see ‘MBDC2’). H4L gives ‘MBDC2’ a skittering electro flip to close out the record.
  • Vinyl 12" (ASTRAY002.1)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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DMX Krew
What Happened to Peace?

The man makes a good point - What Happened To Peace? We may never know, but at least nothing much has happened to DMX Krew in the 20-odd years that the one born Edward Upton has been releasing music. This new EP, like so many of his others, sees the Breakin’ Records boss serve up yet more slamming electro goodness.

Dr. John
Gris Gris (Original MONO Mix)

Gris Gris was the debut album by Dr. John, originally released in 1968. A mystical swamp-thing of a record, Dr. John mixes blues, psychedelia and proto-funk. It is arguably his finest work. Contains his masterpiece I Walk On Gilded Splinters. Reissue of the original mono mix, sourced from the master tapes on Jackpot.

Welcome To Our New Age House

Originally released in '94/'95, Welcome to Our New Age House by Dreamscape is deceptively titled for those unaware of Ed Marshall's club tunes. A photographer from New York, Marshall originally released these meditative club tunes on his own label. They have subsequently become rarities, now reissued by World Building.   

E-Talking / Laksa
Blue 04

E-Talking and Laksa contribute a track each to the latest entry of Whities’ Blue series (BFTT, Lanark Artefax). ‘Telephone Rose’ may be E-Talking’s solo debut (they’re active as part of French duo Nummer) but the aesthetic is remarkably fully-formed here. The tune oscillates between cavernous big-room techno and trippy samples to hypnotic effect. On the flip Laksa brings some soundsystem heat similar to his recent drops for Ilian Tape.
  • Vinyl 12" (WHYTBLU04)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Edgar Wappenhalter

Steve Marreyt is back with a self-titled LP, under his Edgar Wappenhalter handle. His first proper release in yonks (2010) -- unless you count the stupidly small batches of cassettes from a year or two ago -- arrives with three long and fully formed drone-folk sound-collages. Utilising mainly vocals and samples, the first side comprises a voice-only lamentation in dedication to the sadly passed Dutch artist Herman Bisschop. The flip is sample-heavy, layered and intense yet crystal clear. LP on Morc, in a limited edition of 150 only, in a screen-printed sleeve.

ElpH vs Coil
Worship The Glitch

More Coil!!! If you like the stuff they do on purpose but feel like you're missing out on their accidents, then this is the release for you. ElpH as it turns out is not another artist, but the name they gave to the spirit causing their equipment to glitch. And on Worship the Glitch, they do just that. Harnessing the mistakes to make something spectral.

Falling In Love With Sadness

The first solo album in a little while for the busy multi-project artist that is Emika. Falling In Love With Sadness is perhaps a richer, denser listen than past Emika, with her dramatic voice sitting in a soundbed of big spacey synths and melodic hooks. Released on the artist’s own Emika Records label.

En Dag

En Dag is a collaboration between Rick Tomlinson and Chris Walmsley of Voice Of The Seven Woods and Pete Hedley. It was recorded in one day in Stockholm as Tomlinson and Walmsley toured Voice Of The Seven Woods first album. It has never been released, until now, that is! Lp on Voix, limited to 300 copies.

Eraldo Bernocchi
Like A Fire That Consumes All Before It

Italian multi-instrumentalist Eraldo Bernocchi, releases a soundtrack to the documentary 'Cy Dear' documenting the life of the American artist, Cy Twombly. Released on Bernocchi's co-founded label, RareNoise, Like A Fire That Consumes All Before It is an atmospheric soundtrack suitable for the life of the influential artist.  

Ercilia Costa
My Torment

Death Is Not The End is a really cool little label. Since launching in 2014 they’ve carved out a niche of releasing grainy, somewhat haunting collections of early 20th Century folk musics from all around the world. Their latest reissue is My Torment, a 1930 LP made by Portuguese singer Ercilia Costa while she was across the border in Spain. A practitioner of the melodramatic Portuguese ballad style fado, here Costa wails her way through these 15 exquisite exercises in saudade.

Eric Copeland

A bunch of artists pile in on a couple of tracks from Eric Copeland’s 2017 LP Goofballs. The remixes here generally preserve the same zany machine malfunction vibe of the originals. Highlights include Physical Therapy’s halftime techno flip of ‘Mixer Shredder’ and Machine Woman’s snappy club refit of ‘Neckbone’. Also, NHK yx Koyxen’s version of ‘Neckbone’ makes you wonder what Wiley would be doing these if he’d ever developed an interest in electro.

Erik Griswold
Yokohama Flowers

Room40 (Merzbow, Lawrence English) drop an LP of piano explorations by label favourite Erik Griswold. The phrase ‘prepared piano’ can strike fear into the hearts of even the most adventurous music lover, but you’ll be pleased to hear that Yokohama Flowers manages to maintain a sense of warmth amidst all the dampened strings and heavy keys. Indeed, some of it kind of sounds like Beirut if you squint hard enough.

Esquivel & His Orchestra
King Of Space-Age Pop

As the title of this LP points out, Esquivel was The King Of Space-Age Pop, otherwise known as lounge music, lounge jazz or even space-age bachelor pad music. Mexican band leader Juan Garcia Esquivel was a pianist of some repute and wrote music for TV and film in the ‘50s and ‘60s. His music has influenced Stereolab’s more quirky moments. 180g LP on Vinyl Passion.


The latest release on Collapsing Market (Buttechno, Leif) is the debut LP from label co-founder Eszaid. With Eurosouvenir we find the one born Louis Vial exploring the failure of the European project in a style that hops around the borders of techno, ambient and musique concrete. The moody, skittering rhythms of cuts like 'XEU.4217' and ‘Alicante’ nod to Ron Morelli, Don’t DJ and Evitceles.

Fabio Frizzi
Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Fabio Frizzi, being one of those infinitely productive film-soundtracking Italians, naturally provided the soundtrack to brand new (but old-school) horror comedy film Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich. Yep, this is brand new Frizzi material, with all the dramatic cues and scary sonics you’d expect. Plus Richard Band’s Puppet Master theme. On Lakeshore Records.
  • Vinyl LP (LKS35258LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Last copy

FEAN (Piiptsjilling with Joachim Badenhorst, Sylvain Chauveau and Annelies Monseré)

Piiptsjilling (the brothers Jan and Romke Kleefstra, Mariska Baars and Rutger “Machinefabriek” Zuydervelt) rebrand as FEAN for this outing with guests Annelies Monseré, Sylvain Chauveau and Joachim Badenhorst. The team improvise delicate brooders with church organ, spoken and sung voice, woodwinds, bass and other to sober themes of ecological decay. Beautiful art design as well.


First release on Palto Flats by Japanese experimental dance music producer Foodman. Moriyama is a five track EP named for the district where Foodman lives, and features some of his most intriguing work to date. Using a combination of woodwind, vocals and loose rhythms, Foodman has created an ambience of warmth and comfort.

Francis M. Gri

From the music to the packaging, Decays by Francis M. Gri reflects decay in a number of ways. The music goes in cycles, building and falling, growing and decaying - beautiful sounds smothering less beautiful sounds and vice versa. The packaging shows moral decay in one version being way OTT, whilst another version is packaged to show physical decay. Only 50 copies of each on Time Released Sound.

Profondo Rosso (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Having unsuccessfully reached out to composer Giorgio Gaslini and prog-rock stars Pink Floyd, filmmaker Dario Argento found Goblin to make the score for his 1975 film Deep Red (or Profondo Rosso in Italian). This beautiful 2xLP re-issue comes a gatefold cover with spot metallic ink, and is limited to 500 copies.

Greg Beato
Cum In Peace

Cum In Peace is a slice of old school, club ready wax from Miami’s Greg Beato (Beato by name, beato by nature). This limited edition 12” EP is released on his own Ni Un Pero label, the quality matches his releases for L.I.E.S. and Apron. He has also released music on Russian Torrent Versions.
  • Vinyl 12" (UNCUM 1)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Greg Beato
Dade EP

Greg Beato comes from Miami. Wasn’t he fortunate to be born with such a name given his chosen career? Anyway, with Dade EP, he presents an EP of varied sounds, underpinned by heavy bass. He is happy for you to experience this by testing out the subs in your car, by stretching the range of your pricey headphones or on the dancefloor for the full visceral effect. 5-track EP on Ni Un Pero.
  • Vinyl 12" (UNPE 02)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Hieroglyphic Being & The Truth Theory Trio
Journey Through The Outer Darkness

The incredibly prolific Hieroglyphic Being (and technically also his pseudo-backing band Truth Theory Trio) drops a new mini-LP. Journey Through The Outer Darkness has its origins in a 2016 festival performance. Upon seeing Jamal Moss’ show, the folk at Hivern Discs (John Talabot, Pional) became dead set on releasing the audio. Moss subsequently cleaned up eight of the cuts from that set for this release. As we’ve come to expect from Hieroglyphic Being/Moss, Journey Through The Outer Darkness is astral Detroit techno par excellence.


The merciless bounty hunters at Captured Tracks have pulled the net tight over another selection of indie ephemera. Mind you, HXXS’ MKDRONE is a mite more out there than the Mac Demarco-ish pop that the label has become known for. The Kansas City duo bring a sound here that takes the languid anti-punk of Micachu & The Shapes and smashes it together with some Alice Glass-y chip-tronica.
  • Vinyl 12" (CT294LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Jah Gumby
Humility: The Vibes of Jah G

A record of loud and clear dub from Hawaiian musician Jah Gumby here. Apparently Gumby (real name Ryan Murakami) can play ‘almost every instrument’ according to the press release for Humility: The Vibes Of Jah G. Whether that’s even possible is up for debate, but Murakami certainly does make the most of his talents on this LP. His dexterity on everything from guitar to keys to delay units leads the record to some interesting sonic crossovers - flamenco, lover’s rock, salsa and more are all mixed up with the rocksteady grooves.
  • Vinyl Double LP (AGS-LP005)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

The Cut Of The Warrior

Jarboe was a member of Swans until their initial break up in 1997. She has worked as a solo artist since 1991, amassing 11 solo albums and 8 collaborative albums. Her 12th solo album, The Cut Of The Warrior, is inspired by her affinity with Buddhism and features four tracks and three remixes. Byla, End Christian and Kris Force all guest. Oxblood coloured vinyl LP on Translation Loss Records.

Jim Wilson
God's Chorus

In 1992, David Carson and The Little Wolf Band released Medicine Songs, an album of atmospheric New Age folk and spoken-word songs. For the closer, Carson’s nephew (and the album's producer & keyboardist) Jim Wilson recorded crickets chirping in the backyard one night, then duplicated the recording and slowed one layer down by several octaves. Perhaps surprisingly, the result is a melodic, ghostly choral sound. The isolated recording has been on SoundCloud for six years and streamed a thousand billion times; enter Jonny Trunk to bring us a vinyl version at last. Cover illustration by young Cornish artist Bess Kirby.

Joe Hisaishi
Kaze No Densetsu - Nausicaä Of The Valley Of Wind: Symphony Version

Kaze No Densetsu contains music which is not just Joe Hisaishi’s soundtrack to the Miyazaki film Nausicaa Of The Valley Of Wind, but a special symphonic version, rearranged for an orchestra of 50! Hisaishi composed, arranged and produced this performance, so you know that this perfectly represents his musical vision.

Joe Hisaishi
Sora Kara Futtekita Shoujo - Castle In The Sky: Image Album

Sora Kara Futtekita Shoujo - Castle In The Sky: Image Album presents the rare musical material that Joe Hisaishi initially created on the basis of an image of Laputa, before the Miyazaki film Castle In The Sky (and Hisaishi’s final soundtrack) was completed. Deepen your knowledge of Hisaishi and Miyazaki’s works!
  • Vinyl LP (TJJA-10011)
  • £54.99 £49.49 (saving: £5.50)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

John Carpenter
The Fog

"Record shop collapses under weight of John Carpenter releases". Thank god we have good solid flooring as the John Carpenter re-issue frenzy continues unabated with this 7" containing two of the most recognisable themes from his soundtrack to The Fog. Not many of these and they are on red vinyl so move fast.   
  • Vinyl 7" (SIL71475)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Kolorit (Kassem Mosse & Lowtec)
Workshop XXI

This latest drop from Workshop Records (Willow, Move D) finds two old label favourites pooling their resources. Kolorit is Lowtec and Kassem Mosse, and on Workshop XXI they’ve both brought their a-game. The six tracks here are wiggly mixes of Moodymann-esque deep house, dub techno, Afrobeat and a uniquely screwball take on cosmic house.

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
Stranger Things: Halloween Sounds From The Upside Down (Picture Disc)

Spooky/nostalgia two-fer Stranger Things is pretty much held together by its solid soundtrack, created by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein who blew the dust off their dads’ old synths. They made an ambiance that breathed denim jackets, perms, and an unadulterated fear of the unknown. Now the kind folk at Invada are releasing a sweet picture disc featuring the scariest unknown b-sides. Limited edition only.

Lena Hessels

Lena Hessels is the daughter of Terrie Hessels, guitarist with Dutch anarcho-punk band The Ex. She was born in 2000, which makes her a youngster, but a youngster who knows bands such as Sonic Youth and Konono No.1 from the times they stayed at her parents house as she was growing up. She has also immersed herself in Ethiopia’s musical heritage. All-in-all, it makes her debut mini album, Billow, an interesting prospect. LP and CD on Terp.

Les Baxter
Space Escapade / Music Out Of The Moon

Les Baxter has been officialling dubbed 'the founding father of Exotica', and here's a timely reissue of one of his greater works. 'Space Escapade' was Baxter's spectacular 1958 piece de resistance, featuring his trademark eclecticism and lush orchestral effects. Also included is 'Music Out Of The Moon' with its six songs originally having seen the light of day as 3 separate shellac '78s in 1947. Bandleader Baxter was joined by composer Harry Revel and Dr Samuel J Hoffman on theremin. Remastered, 180g vinyl LP on Vinyl Passion. 

Never Odd Or Even

Here is a nice neat clean-up release from Levitation, who existed for a relatively brief time in the early 90’s, but whose second album Meanwhile Gardens was never released until recently. There wasn’t, however, enough space to include everything, so the three lost tracks are now getting their own vinyl release, as Never Odd Or Even, on Flashback.
  • Vinyl 12" (FB006)
  • £9.99 £8.99 (saving: £1.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Meanwhile Gardens

Much to the band’s evident dismay (see the press release), Levitation’s second record Meanwhile Gardens was never released in 1993 when it was recorded. It has taken until now for the album to receive the full, proper release it was meant to: now, we can all hear the alt-guitar sound the band crafted back then. On Flashback.

Lightmen Plus One
Energy Control Center

Bubbha Thomas, bandleader and drummer, worked in the background, touring the US with R&B revues and playing as a session musician.He was then inspired and affected by the civil rights movement of 1960s America and the trailblazing music of John Coltrane. He formed his band The Lightmen. Energy Control Center, his third LP is a masterpiece of '70s maverick, spiritual jazz from Houston, Texas.

Lionel Marchetti + Cat Hope (Performed by Decibel)
The Last Days Of Reality

Famed avant-garde composers Cat Hope and Lionel Marchetti have some of their work performed by Decibel on this new Room40 (Merzbow, Norman Westberg) release. The Last Days Of Reality sees Hope and Marchetti combine on two tracks while Marchetti also has four solo pieces here. Impressively performed by Decibel, the mix of portentous noise, concrete techniques and precise electroacoustic composition is reminiscent of both Coil and Karlheinz Stockhausen in equal measure.

Lol Coxhill / Raymond MacDonald

Lol Coxhill was a free-improvising soprano sax player who had been in the industry since 1970 and has recorded with artists as diverse as Kevin Ayers, The Damned and Shirley Collins. For Morphometry, he teamed up with fellow sax-tooter and friend, Raymond MacDonald. The tracks were recorded 10 years ago, this turned out to be Coxhill’s last visit to Scotland. The front cover is from a woodcut by Ian Barrett, nephew of Pink Floyd’s flawed genius, Syd Barrett. Yellow vinyl LP on Glo-Spot. Includes a CD copy of the album.

London Modular Alliance

International Black bring you Modular synth shop London Modular’s own London Modular Alliance, back with another EPisode of knotty productions rendered - yes, you guessed it - on modular synthesisers. And they know how to compose with these jam-tastic instruments. There’s some really rapid electro on the A side followed by chill acid and atmospheric DNB on the flip.

Los Sospechos

Shot in Peru and examining love between a postcard seller and an American tourist which crosses cultures and leads to family strife and woes, the Postales soundtrack is provided by Brooklyn-based Los Sospechos, an afro-latin funk duo made up of members of Daptone’s Menahan Street Band and Budos Band. Vinyl LP from Coalmine.

Luc Ferrari
L'Escalier Des Aveugles

The late Luc Ferrari composed L’Escalier des Aveugles (The Stairway Of The Blind) for Spanish National Radio as part of 1990’s European Day Of Music. Over a musical landscape that takes in everything from lopsided electroacoustic composition to sky-scraping ambiences, six actors speak in order to guide the listener through different parts of Madrid - the subway, a market, a gallery containing Goya’s The 3rd Of May 1908 and so on. The resulting work is engrossing and often moving.

Luca Nieri

Luca Nieri gears up for the release of his new Alchemy LP with a sampler from the record. The three tracks here set the scene nicely for the full-length, an album which sees Nieri paying homage to ‘60s/‘70s film soundtracks. Nieri’s compositional attention to detail is such that it’s not hard to imagine these sensual, wistful pieces of library music making it to the silver screen themselves one day.

Lydia Lunch

Lydia Lunch is known for being part of New York’s No Wave scene with her band Teenage Jesus and Jerks and as a solo artist. She has also collaborated with Sonic Youth, The Birthday Party, Foetus, Henry Rollins and more recently, Cypress Grove. Her new album, Marchesa, is inspired by the writing of Marquis De Sade, of whom Lunch is a longtime fan. LP and CD on Rustblade.

Lyra Valenza
Scan, Deliver

Opal Tapes offshoot Black Opal (Metrist, J Albert) drop an excellent debut EP from Denmark’s Lyra Valenza. The duo of Hjalte and Severin’s Jens Konrad turn in four tracks of rave hyperrealism on Scan, Deliver. Numbers like ‘Reality Blizz’ enmesh the post-trance explorations of Lorenzo Senni with Special Request’s wildside junglism. We look forward to hearing more from this lot.

Machinefabriek with Anne Bakker
Short Scenes

Walking electro-acoustic ambient factory Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt) converts sessions from another project with violinist-violist Anne Bakker into a suite of vignettes for Zoharum. They’re short. They’re scenes. They’re Short Scenes. If you’re familiar with the ‘briek, you’ll have an idea of what this is like, although Zuydervelt’s manipulations show great restraint overall; it’s mainly multi-tracked strings, rather than glittering, digital textures.

Marc Romboy & Petar Dundov
Dimension D EP

Yer boys Marc Romboy & Petar Dundov return to Systematic (Steve Lawler, Will Saul) with their second joint EP of 2018. Dimension D works the same channels as its predecessor Caper Tran. Both the title track and ‘Meteor Shower’ are the sort of melodious big-room tech-house tunes that KiNK - another former collaborator of Romboy’s - would be proud of.
  • Vinyl 12" (SYST0122-6)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Marco Beltrami
A Quiet Place (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

You might have heard that John Krasinski’s 2018 movie A Quiet Place doesn’t feature a whole lot of talking. As such, it was all the more important that whoever Krasinski chose to do the music came through with the goods in order to adequately fill all that empty space. Scream/Resident Evil composer Marco Beltrami did just that. His score is yer classic high-octane horror romp, all sawing strings and pummelling tom-toms.

Matthias Puech

Matthias Puech is a builder of modular synths, and also a user of those synths, in this case creating an abstract electronic soundscape that also evokes in some way an Alpine hike. Alpestres actually has a lot of sonic focus and narrative drive for a modular synth record, with evocative titles in various European languages to help the listener off on their sonic trip up the mountain.
  • Vinyl LP (HITD 042)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Max Richter
Mary Queen of Scots (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ever look at the current British political miasma and imagine how differently things might have turned out if Mary Stuart had been allowed to take the English throne back in the 16th Century? Well, now you don’t have to! New blockbuster flick Mary Queen Of Scots follows the highs and lows (there were more lows) of Mary’s relationship/rivalry with Queen Elizabeth. Max Richter (The Blue Notebooks, Guerrilla) has done the score, which is what we have here. It’s yer regular Richter fare, all sawing strings and Michael Nyman-ish chamber vibes.

Mori Ra
Brasserie Heroique Edits Part 6

Osaka cheeky chappy Mori Ra returns to Berceuse Heroique sublabel The Brasserie Heroique Edits for a second contribution to their series of twelves. Simply lush production here. Side A leans closer to eighties electro, with harsh percussion and chipmunk vocals. Side B goes more for jaunty, psychedelic house and cosy melodies.

Mołr Drammaz
Times Before Emojis

The Polish underground is one of the most hyperactive in the world. Mołr Drammaz have been a crucial part of this underground since 1994, in ever-shifting permutations. ‘Times Before Emojis Came’ compiles material from many of the involved artists, it’s a sound genuinely unpredictable, both dank and ecstatic. From entwined rhythmic jams to liquidated electronics, this is experimental without pretence.  

Neville Watson
The Midnight Orchard

Don’t Be Afraid have kept in touch with acid tech-houser Neville Watson, who returns to the label with his first LP in five years. Cover art’s a bit ‘Ghost in the Celt’, innit. He’s sounding more serious and pensive than before, but there’s nowt more boring than the dead-serious techno producer conceit - Watson knows this and ensures there’s always plenty of fun along the way.

NHK yx Koyxen / Kohei Matsunaga & Masayuki Imanishi
Self Split EP

I really admire Kouhei Matsunaga’s dedication to carving out multiple different artistic identities for himself, and I admire even more so his obtuse decision here to mash those identities back together again. The Self Split EP credits Kouhei alongside Speedy K and NHK yx koyxen, both of whom are also himself: only Masayuki Imanishi is an actual different person. The four tracks are suitably wild and enticing, whoever made them. Diagonal 12”

Nubiyan Twist
Tell It To Me Slowly

Nubiyan Twist making big moves out here and signing to Strut. The Leeds soul-jazz group celebrate the occasion with the release of new single ‘Tell It To Me Slowly’. The tune, which features a turn from sax player Nick Richards on vocals, is an invigorating mix of Afrobeat-indebted rhythms, jerky electronics and massed brass. Think a more fiery rendering of Archie Pelago or Badbadnotgood. Nubiya Brandon guests on B-side ‘Sugar Cane’.
  • Vinyl 7" (STRUT198S)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

The Gentle

Acid chef Nuel’s new EP on Midgar Records is a solid four-part hypnosis. Right from the first kick drum until the final reverb, The Gentle will have you bobbing your head off into a deeper trance, taking you far away from your mundane worries while you space off to some psychedelic Italian techno.

Live in Marseille

VAAGNER present a vinyl edition of a cassette originally released in 2015 on Ascetic House. 'Live in Marseille' documents a stunning performance from OAKE, the duo of Eric Goldstein and Konstanze Bathseba Zippora, captured in Marseille, France, 18 October 2014. If you've heard their records on Downwards, Stroboscopic Artefacts and SNTS you will know that the duo deal in an intense sound which is as heavy as it is beautifully ethereal. A mesmerising ride through heaven and hell. Remastered and cut @ Dubplates & Mastering.

Oren Ambarchi, Crys Cole, Leif Elggren

This unholy alliance between Oren Ambarchi (AUS), Crys Cole (CAN) and Leif Elggren (SWE) took place at a residency in Stockholm’s EMS Studios in 2016. The story goes that the harsh winds blew off the windows, prompting the trio to take desperate measures to stay warm and record. Sounds more like a contact mic passing through a cow’s intestines to me. It’s a good sound.
  • Vinyl LP (UE 235)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Osynlige Mann
Airports / Exodus

Gothernburg bass player Osynlige Mann of URAN GBG and The Exorcist returns with two new tracks on Höga Nord. The a-side, 'Airports' reimagines Kraftwerk as slightly sexier, and more brood. The b-side meanwhile, 'Exodus', has Mann reimagines his trademark style using more electronics. Fans of electro rejoice!

Arla II

Overmono is the duo of the producers Truss and Tessela, who happen to be siblings (they must have a proud mother!). Arla II is their second EP together, and it finds the brothers Russell taking a techno framework and using it to allude to hardcore here, ambient there. The Arla II 12” is out on XL Recordings.

Paul McCullough
Night Of The Living Dead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

As we’re sure you’ve already deduced from the title this is a new edition of the music from Tom Savini’s 1990 remake of George Romero’s classic horror flick Night Of The Living Dead. What you may not be aware of is that this Strange Disc reissue is the first time that Tom McCullough’s score has been pressed on vinyl. Neat. It's a very John Carpenter sort of affair, all spooky synths and nasty chords.

Roll With The Punches (Kowton Linear Mix / Kowton Dub Mix)

Bristol's dubstep artist, curator and shopkeeper Peverelist gets his tune "Roll With the Punches" reworked on this 12" of the same name, with two attempts at the same remix tried on by another one of Bristol's notable electronic artists Kowton. He goes in for a dub remix the second time around, though you can only hear that one on vinyl. 

Philip Glass
Candyman (Original 1992 Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Neo-classical stalwart Philip Glass was known to dabble in the film scoring business now and then -- he's produced works for the epic ambient landscape movie Koyaanisqatsi, as well as the thrilling drama the Truman Show, about that dude we're all watching on TV (who, ironically, is Jim Carrey). 'Candyman' is one of his most renowned soundtracks, and while the film was originally released in 1992, you can now hear the soundtrack on vinyl, right here in 2014.


Popcaan has spent the years since 2014’s debut LP Where We Come From consolidating his seat at the top table by working with artists like Gorillaz and Jamie xx. His new full-length Forever finds him take Vybz Kartel’s vacant throne as King Of The Dancehall with a series of crossover bangers. His chirpy, melodious flow pairs well with riddims that show influences of bashment, trap, hip-hop, Afrobeats and more.

Positive Centre
The Leaf Switch

Opal Tapes. Very good label. One of the best, in fact. If you’re unfamiliar with the Teesside imprint then Positive Centre’s The Leaf Switch is as good a place to start as any. This is a record of terse, frosty electronics/found sound instrumentals. They range from dog-eared synth ambiences to the kind of obtuse anti-techno that The Trilogy Tapes has been so keen on recently.

Positive Centre
Forever Optimum

Positive Centre rounds off an excellent 2018 in which he has already dropped work via Opal Tapes and In Silent Series with an LP for Horo (ASC, Ontal). Forever Optimum oscillates between two equally menacing electronic styles. On the one hand we have lumbering, slightly industrialised techno takes like ‘Ossified Cobalt’; on the other, haunting ambient vistas not a world away from Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement. Forever Optimum is eerie and memorable.

The Snake Bites Twice

Posthuman present four new powerful slices of their sound, featuring (we are promised) even more energy than their previous releases. The Snake Bites Twice is positively drenched in acid, and tracks like ‘Down 2 Jakk’ will bring the rave into your home in seconds flat. 12” EP on the Craigie Knowes imprint.

Powell Tillmans
Spoken By The Other

Intriguing collaboration between Turner Prize-winning photographer/music-maker Wolfgang Tillmans and discordant-club-botherer Powell. Released under the name of Powell Tillmans, ‘Spoken By The Other’ is their first release together - a 12” coming out via XL, who put out Powell’s debut LP ‘Sport’ back in 2016. Tillman’s voice and Powell’s mid-range, synthetic gruff forms a complete synthesis across these six tracks. The release is limited to a one-off, 1500 copy run.
  • Vinyl 12" (XL965T)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Rachael Dadd
Spark Illuminate / The Holly And The Ivy

It's Christmas 7" season and here's the latest by folky singer songwriter Rachel Dadd. She takes the image of the holly and the ivy as a base for two festive themed songs. Firstly she covers The Holly and the Ivy the actual 19th century folk song but also supplies an original song Spark Illuminate to warm your heart over the yuletide season.     

Whities 018

Reckonwrong returns to Nic Tasker’s Whities (Avalon Emerson, Coby Sey) with another EP of unusual singer-songwriter fare. The four tracks of Whities 018 incorporate a fair range of influences. Everything from Bullion’s Oliver Postgate-ish techno to Active Child’s lush queer pop to the confessional meanderings of The Divine Comedy are referenced here. Reckonwrong ties it all together with a weirdly captivating and somewhat tragicomic vocal manner.

Redd Kross
Hot Issue

Redd Kross are a Californian punk/power pop band led by brothers Steve and Jeff McDonald. Hot Issue gathers together rarities and other unreleased nuggets from the band’s archive. The songs date from 1980, when they were known as Red Cross, and go as far as 2007. Reissue vinyl LP and CD on Merge.

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