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Amy Winehouse
Back To Black

Back To Black was the second and final album by Amy Winehouse. It was regarded as a classic pretty much upon on its release. Here she found her ideal musical partner in Mark Ronson whose soulful production was the perfect backdrop to her incredible voice. Contains Rehab, Love Is A Losing Game and Tears Dry On Their Own.
  • Vinyl LP (1734128)
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  • Vinyl Double LP (5369109)


Beck's famed record of folk pop, hip-hop and gleeful harmonica turntablism gets a reissue through its original label Bong Load! This alternative gem crossed a lot of paths, each united under the boy's smirky vocal, blending the mainstreams of rock and electronic into one neat package. A now old-school classic from the guy who will be a head-in-a-jar come the year 3000.
  • Vinyl LP (UMC3378)
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  • CD (GED24908)

Catfish and The Bottlemen
The Ride

The second record from unfathomably popular indie rock group who have proved that having the worst name in the history of pop music and producing music that is by numbers at best is absolutely no hindrance to world domination. Kind of like a Manic Street Preachers without the politics which despite my personal despair leads to a situation a lot of people are very happy with...particularly those at Island records (home to Nick Drake etc).  
  • Vinyl LP (4779986)
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  • CD (4781148)

Beautiful Freak

Very prolific and very sad, Mark "E" Everett has released literally tonnes of records at this point, but it all began with 'Beautiful Freak', a record that predated his infatuation with indie pop, twee theatrics and maudlin slowcore; this record has shades of grunge, trip-hop and alt rock, featuring the classic single "Novocaine For the Soul", as well as "Susan's House", which samples a Gladys Knight song and turns it into a spoken word nightmare. His creepiest, hardest to listen to and ultimately best record, Eels would never capture this disgusting sort of magic again.
  • Vinyl LP (5337715)
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Iggy Pop
The Idiot

The Idiot was Iggy Pop's first post the Stooges album and the one Dame David Bowie had a huge hand in by co-writing and producing. It had a dark electronic sound not dissimilar to Bowie's Berlin trilogy albums. It was a huge influence on the likes of Depeche Mode and Joy Division and it was the last record Ian Curtis listened to just before he took his own life. 
  • Vinyl LP (5736624)
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Straight Outta Compton

Reissue Heavyweight 180 gram LP with download card on UMC. This is a reissue of the 20th anniversary edition, and if I need to tell you any more about this then get bloody clicking. This is vital hip hop. Type it into youtube, and start your life already. With the biography film coming up later this year, you better get your homework done, otherwise you ain’t cool.
  • Vinyl LP (5346995)
  • £18.99 £11.99 (saving: £7.00)

Nick Drake
Pink Moon

Pretty much one of the most beautiful albums ever made. Just Nick, his ever fluid guitar playing, husky voice and on one track, a slither of piano. Listen to it late at night, on the headphones and admire the wonderful natural way the album was recorded. The songs are exquisite, odd at times, soothing at others. To me, the best Nick Drake album more because what isn't on it than what is. 
  • Vinyl LP (1745697)

In Utero

Nirvana’s In Utero, the album that famously followed Nevermind with a more caustic, cutting sound. Pretty emotionally and sonically heavy, particularly for a record that reached number one in the US. Includes "Heart-Shaped Box", "Rape Me", and the title track, which is essentially designed to be poppy enough to entice listeners into the abrasive depths of the record. Reissued on vinyl by Back To Black.
  • Vinyl LP (E4245361)


Originally released in 1994, Portishead's first record 'Dummy' is a collection of dark and sonorous electronic tunes inspired by rock music , jazz and hip-hop alike. 'Dummy' helped synthesize a new sound that became essential to the Bristol scene, coinciding with bands such as Massive Attack to put West Country trip-hop on the map. It also garnered a few hits, including "Numb" and "Glory Box".
  • Vinyl LP (8285221)
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Public Enemy
It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back

No hiphop collection should be without the 1989 breakthrough LP from PE. Chuck D’s lyrics and delivery matched with The Bomb Squad’s confrontational production represented a new high-water mark as to what rap could be capable of. The track listing is jaw-dropping - Bring the Noise, Don’t Believe the Hype, Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos, Rebel Without a Pause.... She Watch Channel Zero?! samples Def Jam labelmates Slayer, though it’s ironic to hear Flavor Flav being judgmental about viewing habits, having since been responsible for one of the worst sitcoms in TV history. Still, no questionable late career choices can overshadow this explosive statement of righteous black rage and defiance, that’s utterly uncompromising and iconic from the title down. Almost an hour’s worth crammed onto this LP but it sounds phenomenal.
  • Vinyl LP (5346821)
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Sonic Youth

1990’s Goo was considered to be Sonic Youth's most accessible album to date: it does, after all, contain the popular tunes ‘Dirty Boots’ and ‘Kool Thing’, virtually pop hits for Sonic Youth and it was their first for a major label.  Still, they kept their underground credentials with the classic sleeve art from Raymond Pettibon!
  • Vinyl LP box set (GOO07LP)
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Badmotorfinger was the third album by Seattle grunge-metal band Soundgarden. Released at the height of the grunge phenomenon, It was their major label debut and the album that introduced the band to a load of new fans. Contains the singles Rusty Cage (which was covered by Johnny Cash!), Outshined and Jesus Christ Pose.
  • CD box set (5714878)
  • CD (5725514)

The Cure

It's 1982 and The Cure had yet to embark on the brighter more commercial tunes that would lead them to become true indie legends. Pornography then was a last depressed splurt of gothy bleating before they finally got their act together. It may have frustrated everyone who listened to it at the time but in the intervening years its uncompromising, challenging atmospheres have seen it become a fan favourite and the sort of artistic statement that has influenced key artists that trailed in their wake. Not for their more faint hearted listeners, but a classic album nonetheless.    
  • Vinyl LP (4787547)
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The Cure
Seventeen Seconds

Seventeen Seconds was the second album by the Cure originally released in 1980. It was too bleak for bassist Michael Dempsey who left after hearing Robert Smith's demos. Smith went his own merry/miserable way in the end and the album is a fine example of their spindly proto-goth. It contains one of their finest moments in menacing single A Forest which exemplifies the dark nature of the material on the album.  
  • Vinyl LP (4787537)
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The La's
The La's

Oh those poor the La's. Just imagine the internet meltdown if they ever decided to release another note of music. As it is we have to make do with their debut and only album being re-issued over and over and over again. It is of course a brilliant record despite what Lee Mavers thinks and here it is once again on 180g vinyl with download code.  
  • Vinyl LP (4789714)
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Pulp Fiction

The Pulp Fiction soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks ever released. Really. I mean, where else will you find Dusty Springfield, Al Green and biblical references soaked in the blood of the deserving? Apart from a bible belt high school dance, of course. Vinyl as part of a ‘Back in Black’ release from UMC celebrating the best albums ever.
  • Vinyl LP (1111031)