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Sylvain Chauveau
Un Autre Decembre

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Themes For An Imaginary Film

The album’s made by Johnny Jewel and his mate Nat Walker (Desire). It’s three hours long, it’s called Themes For An Imaginary Film and is the debut release of yet another new Jewel venture, Symmetry. The LP edition is pressed on ‘windshield dipped in blood’-coloured vinyl. Themes For An Imaginary Film is targeted at ‘Painters, Writers, Photographers, Designers, Cruisers, Night Walkers, & Dreamers’, and it sounds like a perfect simulacrum of all of Jewel’s other output. We have reached peak-Jewel - this is a thing of retro-fetishist, Italo-wave, hypnagogic, New-Romantic beauty.

Kodiak / Translocated

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T&K Crew
Memory Child

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Talking Heads
The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads

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Tangerine Dream
Quantum Gate

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Tee Lopes
Sonic Mania

The Sonic series is as legendary for its lush hyper-pop soundtrack as it is for its super-speed platforming joy, so what a delight to get sixteen tracks of Sonic goodness pressed to vinyl for some proper listening. Sonic Mania is the work of Tee Lopes, and this vinyl collection (with exclusive artwork) is released by Data Discs for the twenty-sixth anniversary of the Sonic series.
  • Vinyl LP (DATA13)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl

Music Exists Disc 4

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Terre Thaemlitz / DJ Sprinkles
Deproduction EP 2

Terre Thaemlitz’s LP Deproduction was a bold, challenging and typically fearless piece of sound art. The arresting original of ‘Admit It’s Killing You (And Leave)’ brought together post-minimalist piano composition with discomforting samples. Here, all is stripped away bar the keys to leave an uncanny spool of music. Deproduction EP 2 also has Thaemlitz turning in an edgy, deeper-than-deep house remix of the same piece under the banner of her DJ Sprinkles project. Great stuff.
  • Vinyl LP (C027.EP2)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Terry Riley
Persian Surgery Dervishes

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The Afghan Whigs

Album the third from Sub Pop alternative heroes The Afghan Whigs, reissued on vinyl for the first time for your listening pleasure. Released in 1992, Congregation is popular with fans and 90’s music historians alike, being viewed as the moment where grunge intersected with soulful R&B influences. Sub Pop double LP reissue

The Afghan Whigs
Up In It

Sub Pop are reissuing a number of out of print Afghan Whigs vinyl and Up In It has not been available for over 25 years on the format. The 1990 album was the band’s second full length LP and became a must-play on college radio at the time. This album was the band’s debut on Sub Pop and the start of a long relationship between the band and the label.

The Afghan Whigs
Uptown Avondale

Originally released in 1992, Uptown Avondale is a cover album by Afghan Whigs paying tribute to the soul and Motown songs that influenced their rock sound. Containing covers of the Holland/Dozier/Holland classic Come See About Me and Beware by the Rev. Al Green, this is the first time Uptown Avondale has been fully released on vinyl by Sub Pop.

The Amps

Following the reunion of Pixies, Kim Deal’s one-time side project The Amps is subject to new interest as well. With this repress of 1995’s Pacer, 4AD is offering us a chance to really dig into what was once a grungy sidestep from The Breeders--described by long-time fan and ring-bearer Elijah Wood as “kind of experimental.”

The Apples In Stereo
Velocity Of Sound

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The Beta Band
The Three EPs (20th Anniversary Remaster) [Deluxe Edition]

Noted for *that* moment in High Fidelity when the guy in the store says "let's sell some records" and puts a Beta Band track on and people start wandering up to the counter to find out what it is. It's a reminder that the early the Beta Band was a good thing - their reputation is based on these three early EPs. The fact that they subsequently disappeared down a rabbit warren of their own making is, in time, starting to be forgotten.  
  • Vinyl LP box set (BEC5543617)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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The Black Dog
Black Daisy Wheel

Beloved electro-grumps The Black Dog are back with a pair of distinct albums on the theme of dismal, hysterical post-truth media society. Black Daisy Wheel tackles its dystopian theme in a subdued, ambient style, with uneasy textures and characteristically gloomy synths drifting about. Occasional beats find their way in, such as on the dubby ‘We Must Repeat’. There are also moments of total, aching beauty, such as the climax of ‘Cognitive Dissident’.
  • CD (DUSTCD055)
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The Blaze

The Blaze will be absolutely massive. They kind of already are - a video upped to YouTube in 2016 for their song ‘Virile’ (yikes) has four million views and counting - but we reckon their debut LP Dancehall is going to make them REALLY massive. The combination of Disclosure-esque pop-house with Jungle’s ‘urban’ ‘cool’ vibe and that … thing that Bonobo does is just too big to fail.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Mini Album Thingy Wingy

Mini Album Thingy Wingy features seven new tracks by The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Anton Newcombe recorded the songs over the last year in his Berlin studio. Initially influenced by The Rolling Stones’ psychedelic phase, Newcombe has been incorporating ‘90s shoegaze, middle eastern and Brazilian influences into later recordings. On 10” red double vinyl with exclusive artwork (for the fans!), Clear vinyl 12” LP and CD.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Don’t Get Lost

After several enticing preview singles, the world now gets to enjoy the sixteenth album by The Brian Jonestown Massacre in full. Don’t Get Lost is the band’s Berlin album, and it mixes their classic psych-clatter sound with elements of jazz and post-punk, with help from guests like Tim Burgess from The Charlatans and Emil Nikolaisen from Serena-Maneesh. CD and double yellow vinyl LP editions on Anton Newcombe’s own ‘a’ Recordings imprint.

The Chemical Brothers

If you don’t know if, Further is the 2010 album of The Chemical Brothers, and it's kind of their shoegaze album. It also might be their best album of recent years, with the usual focus on big guest collaborations jettisoned in favour of an epic tangle of ecstatic electronic beats and textures. A full psychedelic trip without losing the big club power. Vinyl reissue.
  • Vinyl Double LP (6325301)
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The Chi Factory
The Kallikatsou Recordings

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The Chosen Brothers
March Down Babylon

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The Chosen Brothers
Sing & Shout

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The Coathangers

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The Coral
Magic & Medicine

It’s not the one with ‘Dreaming Of You’ on - it’s not even the one with ‘In The Morning’ on - but The Coral’s ‘Magic & Medicine’ is actually their most successful album in the UK, to date their only number one and also containing their only top-five single ('Pass It On'). This 2003 LP is as fine a representation of the Merseyside band’s skiffling psych-beat as anything else in their catalogue, and the songcraft is strong enough that it still holds its own all these years on.
  • Vinyl LP (MOVLP1889)
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The Cosmic Dead
Psych Is Dead

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The Decemberists
What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World

Most albums by The Decemberists have a strong narrative running through them (see The Hazards Of Love for example), but for this record, the band apparently let the songs develop into whatever forms seemed right. Consequently, What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World is The Decemberists in a different mode: should be interesting!

The Detroit Cobras

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The Durutti Column
Without Mercy

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The Ethiopians
Engine 54

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The Ex
27 Passports

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The Fear Ratio
Live E.P

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The Fortuna POP! All-Stars
You Can Hide Your Love Forever

Dubbed twee pop's answer to Live Aid, this 7" served as a final farewell to the good ship Fortuna Pop!, offering one last tick of the feelings-felt checklist. It's a cover of Comet Gain's lovely, whiny, shambly, romantic, ever-so-sad "You Can Hide Your Love Forever", arguably their greatest ever song. In a semi-starstudded version, this cover features members of Allo Darlin', Flowers, Mammoth Penguins, Fanfarlo, Tigercats and even Comet Gain. I feel a melancholy breeze.

The Future Sound Of London
My Kingdom Re-imagined

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The Glove
Blue Sunshine

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The Green Kingdom
Seen And Unseen

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The Growlers
Chinese Fountain

Apparently, California's The Growlers are self-proclaimed “Beach Goths”, which I suppose best describes their sinister take on surf music. Drenched in heavy, sun-soaked reverb and gloomy 80s post-punk, ‘Chinese Fountain’, the band’s fourth LP, weaves between sunny and sullen; coalescing the best of both worlds with perhaps more confidence than on previous records. 

The Handsome Family

The Handsome Family are an alt. country/Americana duo made up of husband and wife Brett and Rennie Sparks. They have been plying their trade since the early ‘90s to a committed fanbase. Unseen is their tenth album and is the first new material since the band had massive, and it has to be said, unexpected success (35 million streams on Spotify!!) with their song Far From Any Road which was used as the theme song for cult  2014 TV show True Detective.

The Hanging Stars
Songs For Somewhere Else

The Hanging Stars are from grim old London but make the sort of sun dappled 60's and '70s influenced psychedelic folk and cosmic country that you usually find emanating from the other side of the atlantic. Here they follow up their much loved debut 'Over the Silvery Lake' with another batch of timeless, hazi Americana (but from England).    

The Hempolics
Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Volume 1

With a title that describes the perfect romantic evening round my house this is a band aiming to put organic rootsy vibes back into music with an infectious romp through Reggae, Electro, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Rock and Pop. Perfect sunshine vibes to get those dull days at festivals up and running. 

The Hit Parade
Oh Honey I...

Secretive, ageless indie outfit The Hit Parade drop in from their native habitat (the 1960s) to deliver a new 7”. The titular A-side ‘Oh Honey I…’ recalls Shelagh Delaney’s drama A Taste of Honey and/or its 1961 film adaptation, while the B-side ‘History of Art’ pays homage to the late novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard. As always, it’s a labour of love by the band - cut by hand, recorded in mono, limited edition.

The Holydrug Couple
Hyper Super Mega

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The Horrors

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The Housemartins
The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death

It's quite silly to forget about the Housemartins when we recall great '80s indie bands. They were enormously popular at the time outselling all the people who have ended up more lauded. They were kind of like an 80s indie the Monkees. Catchy songs, fun personas but as with everything Paul Heaton has been involved in there were serious messages behind all the seemingly lighter than air pop fun. This is their second and final album from 1987.    

The Human League

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The Intelligence
Live In San Francisco

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The Knife
Shaking The Habitual

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The Last Dinosaur
The Nothing

An eleven piece record from London’s very own The Last Dinosaur. A collection of songs written about lead singer, Jamie Cameron’s, youth and the struggles he faced as he powered through in his teenage years. The Nothing is possibly the right title for this record as it captures melancholy and sadness at its very peak. A heartbreaking collection of tracks available on Vinyl LP and CD.  

The Libertines
Up The Bracket

Read the Libertines wikipedia page and there's an entire section headlined 'Problems'. Luckily their debut Up the Bracket was made before many of these problems started as founding members Carl Barat and Pete Doherty were at the top of their cheeky-chappie-strung-out-on-heroin phase. It crystallised their 'closer than brothers' songwriting partnership and has regularly been cited as one of the best albums of the early 2000s. Then came the problems but at least we got this out of them.  

The Lovely Eggs
This Is Eggland

This Is Eggland, the new album from The Lovely Eggs sees the psych-punks working with a producer for the very first time, somewhat eschewing their DIY ethos. They haven’t chosen just any old producer either, they’ve gone for the man who remodeled the sound of The Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev, Dave Fridmann. The title is a pun on This Is England, the Shane Meadows film, and a comment on the current state of Britain. Thematically, the duo preach how living a non-conventional, non-conformist lifestyle is the best way to be.

The Lovely Eggs
If You Were Fruit (Deluxe Version)

The Lovely Eggs are a punky duo out of Lancaster, UK who look like they've been around the rock 'n' roll block a few times but still retain enough brattish energy and invention in order to to keep their music fresh. If You Were Fruit was their debut album from 2009 which now comes in a deluxe edition featuring bonus tracks from their first EP Have You Ever Heard The Lovely Eggs? Comes on 'eat shit' coloured vinyl...whatever that is. 

The Luck of Eden Hall
The End Of The Lane

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The Messthetics
The Messthetics

What happens when you take the rhythm section out of Fugazi and add a jazz guy? Something like the Messthetics I imagine.  Here's nine songs they recorded in their practice space, semi structured with lots of room for improvisation. Simple guitar, bass, drums set up explored by some of the finest players in the biz.  

The Necks

Vertigo is album number 18 for Australian jazz trio, The Necks. They like to take a simple idea and allow it to develop organically through improvisation. They don’t know where they’re going when they set off but they always seem to get there. Their music is very human, it allows room for space, it’s ambiguous allowing the listener to interpret it in their own way.

The No Ones
Sun Station

The tragically self-deprecating No Ones are made up of corners European and American and make for something of a super-group if you happen to like R.E.M., I Was A King or The Minus 5. Peter Buck and buds have here created a 7" of pop chime, using cool-guy guitars, close harmonies and a good belting of hard psych. 

The Oscillation

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The Paragons
On The Beach

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The Passengers
Queen Of Weird / Danger Zone

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The Pharcyde
Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde

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The Postal Service
Give Up

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The Psychedelic Furs
Talk Talk Talk

Time to get some of those old Psychedelic Furs records out in the world again. Talk Talk Talk, dating from 1981, was a very popular record at the time, and the brash alt-rock sound shows us why: perfectly primed for college radio!
  • Vinyl LP (88985459971)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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The Raincoats

Odyshape was the second LP from post-punk legends the Raincoats and it really is odd shaped music they made. It's the sound of music plunging headlong into previous unseen areas and at times can be a challenging listen but with moments of pure inspiration such as opener Shouting Out Loud. It was notable for featuring a host of drummers following on from a Spinal Tap-esque drummer crisis. When those drummers were of the calibre of the likes of Robert Wyatt and Charles Hayward then it seems to have been a blessing. Marble vinyl edition remastered from the original tapes.    

The Replacements

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The Rolling Stones
Blue & Lonesome

Blue and Lonesome sees The Rolling Stones, in the sixth decade of their recording career, going back to their roots and playing the blues. The album features versions of songs by Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon and Jimmy Reed It was recorded live in the studio in just three days. Eric Clapton makes a guest appearance too.

The Rutles
The Rutles

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The Secret Sisters
You Don't Own Me Anymore

You Don’t Own Me Anymore is the latest release from The Secret Sisters. A twelve-song collection of haunting and vocally mesmerising tracks that were written by accident and unintentionally became an album. A cracking collection of folk and country that sounds like it could be plucked from the USA some hundred years ago. Available on Vinyl LP and CD.

The Slowest Lift
The Slowest Lift

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The Smittens
City Rock Dove

I knew it! The Smittens are a twee indie pop band out of Vermont with a nice line in jangly indie charm but you know what they are obsessed with don't you? What in fact all twee indie pop bands are obsessed with. Dirty grinding filthy sex. They talk about nothing else in the press release. It's all sex, sex sex with these people.   

The Soft Moon

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The Soft Moon
The Soft Moon

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The Spook School
Dress Up

Dress Up is the debut LP from Scottish DIY punks The Spook School. This is one of those records that makes you feel like you've found a new friend by the end of it. Across a baker’s dozen of songs the band pen witty, moving odes to gender, identity and social anxiety. Sonically we’re talking charmingly ramshackle jangles ala Ezra Furman and Joanna Gruesome. A winning record.

The Stroppies
The Stroppies

Melbourne-based The Stroppies took inspiration from Guided By Voices and The Great Unwashed in getting ideas recorded as quickly as possible so they were never standing still creatively. Starting out as a three-piece, they added a drummer following their wish to create more than the limiting nature of keyboard drum beats would allow. Despite fleshing-out their sound, their lo-fi, DIY charm still remains intact. The Stroppies are comprised from members of bands such as The Stevens, Dick Diver and See/Saw. Self-titled mini-LP on Tough Love Records, limited to 300 copies.
  • Vinyl LP (TLV108LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

The Tango Saloon

The Telescopes
Stone Tape

6 more tracks of distorted noise and out there shoegaze from Stephen Lawrie's now pretty legendary thirty year old project. This time it's a bunch of racket and improvisation exploring 'Stone Tape Theory whereby inanimate objects can absorb energy from living beings. 'Scuse me while I go shout at my sausages.  

The Telescopes
Early Studio Recordings

Telescopic noisegazers The Telescopes are best known these days for steadily releasing ear-splitting beauties ever since breaking a decade’s silence in 2002. So just in case you’d forgotten that they have numerous releases from before then, here’s Early Studio Recordings, where you’ll find some of their early studio recordings (namely the EPs Kick the Wall, 7th# Disaster, The Perfect Needle and To Kill a Slow Girl Walking).

The Third Sound
All Tomorrow’s Shadows

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The Walker Brothers
Nite Flights

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The Zephyrs
The Witches / The Crown Prince of Lies

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Thelonious Monk

Don’t confuse this one with Thelonious Monk’s 1964 studio LP of the same name. This version of Monk is a previously-unreleased live recording taped a year earlier, in Copenhagen, for Danish radio. Along with a stellar band made up of Frankie Dunlop, Charlie Rouse and John Orr, this recording is yet another casual masterpiece from the late, great pianist. Contains a super version of 'Nutty'.

Spaced Out

Sold out - sorry!

Thomas Bush
Old and Red

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Thomas Newman
Skyfall (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Skyfall was one of the best Bond films of recent years, and its soundtrack wasn’t all that shabby either: in fact, Thomas Newman’s work here was nominated for a god-damned Oscar. This double LP set contains the whole soundtrack (but not the Adele theme song I’m afraid), presented beautifully. From Music On Vinyl.
  • Vinyl Double LP (MOVATM177)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Tomasz Bednarczyk
Illustrations For Those Who

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At Weddings

Sarah Beth Tomberlin is the daughter of a pastor, and attended a Christian school before dropping out. Through the plaintive folk of At Weddings, she searches for an identity distinct from her faith. At the same time the album is inspired by Christian music, creating a profound tension at her music's heart. 

Tortoise/ The Ex
In The Fishtank

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Transformation / Beau Wanzer
Kozmik / Orbit

This split 12” on Nation offshoot Kode plays two of techno’s more idiosyncratic voices off against each other. Transformation’s offering is a hypnotic slow-mo grind, full of faraway screeches and eerie percussion. Kind of like Kraftwerk’s ‘Autobahn’ if Kraftwerk had actually been Fuck Buttons and the record was cut at 33 when it was meant to be cut at 45. On the flip, L.I.E.S./Jealous God bloke Beau Wanzer gives us a track called ‘Oklahoma 3’, which sounds nothing like any of the music from Oklahoma. It actually sounds like a darkwave rendering of Hype Williams.
  • Vinyl 12" (KODE05)
  • £15.99 £9.59 (saving: £6.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

The Last Resort

Dane Anders Trentemøller’s oily debut album is back for a 3LP repress on Poker Flat. Blending techno, IDM and synthpop with a slimy, dubby production style, Trent’s goes all-in on the swank, from rousing driving tune ‘Take Me Into Your Skin’ and compelling live bass crumbler ‘Vamp’ to minimal dancefloor stuff such as ‘Chameleon’.


Triptides are just great and I'd be prepared to go into battle with anyone who says otherwise. They play superb jangle-some '60s inspired guitar pop with nods to the Byrds, REM and Pink Floyd. Their last album 'Azur' saw them at the top of their game so our entire office is on tenterhooks waiting for this to hit.  

Snake Eyes

Sold out - sorry!

TV On The Radio
Young Liars

We all remember where were were when we first heard TV On The Radio, right? Well this Norman Records Description Writer (tm) was actually working at Norman Records old Armley office when we were all blown away by this EP. The band mixed innovative pop with electronica and dub and appeared to have Peter Gabriel on vocals. I'll still maintain this was their best release and *that* acapella Pixies cover is just inspired. 

Ty Segall
Ty Rex

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Ty Segall & White Fence

The Second Coming Of Marc Bolan aka Ty Segall releases his umpteenth album, and this one’s a collaboration with fellow retromaniacs White Fence. Joy - the pair’s first LP together since 2012’s Hair - sees the duo sticking to their guns and cranking out fifteen tunes of melodious, Aladdin Sane-aping niceness. Out via Drag City.

Tyler Childers

This ten track release from Tyler Childers is highly anticipated and features plenty of pretty famous musicians helping out - such as Russ Pahl on the Jews Harp. Purgatory is released on vinyl LP and CD and is released on Hickman Holler Records. Get your hands on these fast, because they'll certainly sell fast! 

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