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Paul Haig
The Wood

Former Josef K frontman Paul Haig returns with his 4th solo album, The Wood. It is a culmination of three years work which sees him exploring similar territory to that of Four Tet, Floating Points and Love Over Entropy. He sees the wood as a place where things are hidden and secrets are kept, and draws parallels between this and the human soul. LP and CD on Les Disques Du Crépuscule.
  • CD (TWI1239CD)
  • Vinyl LP (TWI1239)

Paul Weller
A Kind Revolution

A Kind Revolution is Paul Weller’s 13th studio album and in celebration of the 40th anniversary of his first full length it has been released on a load of formats plus an incredible deluxe vinyl box set spread over 5 10” vinyls with individual artwork. Well er is still going strong and shows many youngsters how to do this. Deluxe versions include Instrumental and alternate versions of songs.
  • CD box set (0190295830595)

Peder Mannerfelt
The Screws That Hold The World Together

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Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Union Cafe

PCO's final studio album - Union Cafe, was only available on cassette and CD upon its initial release in 1993. GREAT NEWS: Erased Tapes are dutifully reissuing it on vinyl, coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of founder Simon Jeffes' death. Outstandingly beautiful music sure to cause instant happiness and awe. Very much looking forward to absolutely rinsing this one.
  • Vinyl Double LP (ERATP105LP)
  • CD (ERATP105CD)

Day Of Reckoning

Sold out - sorry!

Pep Llopis
Poiemusia La Nau Dels Argonautes

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Pet Shop Boys

Yes, yes, we know the Pet Shop Boys have been a bit crap for a while now. But when they were good, they were really bloody good. Their fourth LP Behaviour, first released in 1990, is the one that would probably win if you took a straw-poll among hardcore PSB fans as to which was the duo’s best full-length. It’s a gorgeous, wistful sigh of a record. Any album that starts with ‘Being Boring’ is going to be up to something, right? Now remastered and reissued - the CD comes with a second disc of bonus beats.
  • Vinyl LP (0190295821746)

Pet Shop Boys

The fifth LP from the Pet Shop Boys gets the reissue treatment through Parlophone. Very is way more vivacious than 1990’s autumnal Behaviour. A dance-pop album full of brash beats and soaring choruses, these songs show off the duo at their garish best. It ends with their cover of ‘Go West’, which this particular blurb writer absolutely loves but understands if you don’t feel the same way. As part of the re-release package the album has been remastered and the CD release comes with an extra set of B-sides, rarities and remixes.
  • Vinyl LP (0190295823085)

Peter Harris

Sold out - sorry!

Pharoah Sanders
Pharaoh Sanders Quintet

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Philip Jeck
Vinyl Coda III-IV

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Pinch & Shackleton
Pinch & Shackleton

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In The Hanging Gardens

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Miserable Miracles

Now down to a three piece Pinkshinyultrablast release their third album Miserable Miracles. Previous long players Everything Else Matters and Grandfeathered saw the Russian band produce massive walls of hypnotic noise that mixed the shoegaze sounds of My Bloody Valentine with the full on riffage of Smashing Pumpkins, this new stripped down trio have now adopted a more crystalline synth pop sound so it'll be interesting to see if they can still cut the mustard. 
  • Vinyl LP (AC3015021)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • CD (AC3015022)

Placebo (Belgian jazz fusion band)
Ball Of Eyes

Sold out - sorry!

From Deep Streams

Sold out - sorry!

Plush / Liam Hayes
Korp Sole Roller

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New Material

Sisters of Mercy fans rejoice as ominous people Preoccupations delve further into the bowels of the early '80s goth-rock scene. Their previous album was the worst thing we've ever heard and after struggling to sit through lead track 'Espionage' hopes for this are low. However these are people who were once very great indeed so you never know. 
  • Vinyl LP (JAG320LP)
  • CD (JAG320CD)

Primitive Man / Unearthly Trance

If there's one thing I know about metal bands it's that they love a collaboration. Okay, that probably wouldn't be the first thing I'd say I know about them but it's up there. United States doom heavyweights Primitive Man and Unearthly Trance make good on this tradition in the form of a spar across two sides of vinyl. There will be pummelling. 
  • Vinyl LP (RR74041)
  • CD (RR74042)

Prince Douglas
Dub Roots

Sold out - sorry!

Proper Ornaments

One of them is in Ultimate Painting and Veronica Falls, another is in Toy and Pink Flames. Thus have we Foxhole, a record that abounds in sweet harmonies, clever songwriting and jangles galore that was put together between bouts of work with their other projects. Lead track ‘Memories’ is Lennon-pastiche par excellence. Vinyl and CD from perennially-good Tough Love (Let’s Wrestle, Cymbals Eat Guitars etc.).
  • CD (TLV093CD)
  • Vinyl LP (TLV093LP)

Public Image Limited
This Is PiL

  • CD (PIL002CD)
  • CD (PIL002CDX)
  • Vinyl Double LP (PIL002LP)

How To Get Ideas

Shades of The Mars Volta and The Mae Shi in the shape-shifting pop-prog chaos here. Two-part vocal harmonies morph with a sort of anarchic precision on each track as guitars twiddle away dextrously. The instrumentals cycle from rambunctious math to Glitter-beat glam to Wurlitzer-driven funk - often within the space of a single minute, let alone a single song. It’ll be a 10” vinyl in your hands soon enough.
  • Vinyl 10" (TRUI015)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Quiet Slang
Everything Matters But No One Is Listening

If you used slang on the beach would it be loud? Beach Slang certainly think so because their new album, Everything Matters But No One Is Listening, comes courtesy of Quiet Slang. This is the Beach Slang you know and love, but a little more stripped down, opting for cellos and pianos rather than anything electric. 
  • Vinyl LP (BSM225V)
  • CD (BSM225CD)

Life After Death

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Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus
Promised Land Sounds

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Ratgrave is the new project from Julius Conrad and Max Graef. From squelchy electro-funk to smooth, chilled vibes via some more erratic beats, this album has everything you want for a good night in or out. It was recorded over a three year period in three different locations, although they are keen to point out that they were all on terra firma, and we can only assume that this informed the record’s final outcome. Ludwig L lends additional EFX to the album. LP on Apron.
  • Tape (AA03TAPE-GOLD)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
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  • Tape (AA03TAPE-ORANGE)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Red Red Eyes

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Relay For Death
Natural Incapacity

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Rhythm & Sound
Roll Off

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Richard Ashcroft
Natural Rebel

I mean... will you just look at him. This 'natural rebel' was of course best known for being the frontman of the Verve until they multi imploded. "My strongest set of songs to date" says Ashcroft about his latest collection. Not a hard achievement I suppose given the quality (or lack of) seen in his solo career to date.  Someone get this man a tin of prunes.  
  • Vinyl LP (4050538423822)

Richard Ashcroft
Alone With Everybody

Richard Ashcroft, as you probably know, was the lead singer with The Verve. Alone With Everybody was his debut solo album, and moved Ashcroft even further away from The Verve’s early shoegazing sound. It was very popular with people who like this kind of thing upon its release in 2000. Chris Martin of Coldplay has apparently hailed Ashcroft as the greatest singer in the world. 180g vinyl repress on EMI.
  • Vinyl Double LP (6775203)

Richard Reed Parry
Quiet River of Dust Vol. 1

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Perfect Stranger

Six more tracks released by Music From Memory by the Dutch art-disco singer Richenel. The songs on Perfect Stranger are from Richenel's 1982 cassette only debut album La Diferencia. This is disco in the post-punk vein, all austere and jagged, but very danceable all the same.
  • Vinyl LP (MFM 034)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Rick and Morty
The Rick and Morty Soundtrack

Aww geez. Wubba lubba dub dub. Eek barba durkle. And so on. This Rick And Morty tie-in album was only a matter of time, given the popularity of the show and the general high quality of the soundtrack. Whatever format you buy the Rick And Morty Soundtrack on, you’ll be getting twenty-six tracks, eighteen of which are by Ryan Elder and others that range from the Blonde Redhead bit they use as the ‘Evil Morty’ theme to Belly and Mazzy Star, plus exclusive new tunes by clipping. and Chad VanGaalen.
  • Vinyl LP box set (SPDX1265)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Vinyl Double LP (SP1265X)
  • CD (SPCD1265)

Weather Diaries

Much like Take That, Ride were popular and much-loved in their earlier days and following a long hiatus made a successful comeback where one of them was wearing a hat. Here, finally are the first fruits of their new work which was rather unfathomably produced by DJ, producer and remix man Erol Alkan. How will these lords of shoegaze fare in middle age? We’ll find out soon.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (WEBB510LPI)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
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  • Vinyl Double LP (WEBB510LP)
  • CD (WEBB510CD)

Rings Around Saturn
Rings Around Saturn

Melbourne techno producer Rory McPike is back as Rings Around Saturn. His new, self-titled album flows with a range of abstract and dance-floor styles. McPike stylishly applies his considerable talents to 11 tracks here, delivering fizzing, pulsating new wave techno and imposing abstract electronics on a double-pack LP. 300 copies only. On Brokntoys records.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BT30)
  • £24.99 £19.99 (saving: £5.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

In Our Circle

Nathan Amundson makes some of the slowest and smokiest guitar music out there, and he does it under the alias of Rivulets. Previous records have been candle-burning delights to rival the languishing intensity of Jason Molina; In Our Circle showcases him as all of his best selves, whether he's attaching space rock to his resume or doing harshed pastoral psychedelics in the vein of latter day Neil Young. As always, a lot of it is sad and hopeless, because, yeah, Rivulets album.
  • Vinyl LP (TAL106LP)
  • CD (TAL106CD)

RMFTM / 10000 Russos

Dutch psych-rock scuzzers Radar Men from the Moon descend from their lunar abode for supplies and to collaborate with Portuguese men o’ drone 10,000 Russos. This is all at the invitation of the splendidly-named Fuzz Club label. The result sounds like a huge car repairs warehouse on a busy day. Great EQ on the drums on this one.
  • Vinyl LP (FC98V12)
  • Indies-only

Robert Forster w/ Jherek Bischoff & String Quartet
People Say

Sold out - sorry!

Robert Wyatt
Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard

Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard was Robert Wyatt's third solo album and in complete contrast to the previous all self penned Rock Bottom features interpretations of music from other musicians. It is split into two sides Ruth and Richard (naturally) and features some of Wyatt's most playful work. It wasn't particularly well received though and it would be another ten years until Wyatt released another studio album. 
  • Vinyl LP (REWIGLP41)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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  • CD (REWIGCD41)

Rod Modell
Dawn, Dusk, and Darkness

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Roger Eno
Dust of Stars

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Ron Gallo
Stardust Birthday Party

Ron Gallo was going through a difficult time when recorded his last album, Heavy Meta. This, he felt, prevented him from putting the real Ron Gallo on tape. With his new album, Stardust Birthday Party, he’s managed to find his essence. It’s still indie rock that fans of The White Stripes would probably like, though. Vinyl LP or CD on New West.
  • Vinyl LP (NW5267)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Last copy
  • Vinyl LP (NW5246)
  • CD (NW6431)

Round Four (feat. Tikiman)
Find A Way

Sold out - sorry!

Round One
I'm Your Brother

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Roy Montgomery

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Royal Blood
Royal Blood

Rock two-piece Royal Blood have paid their dues doing lots of pleasant tearing up of shit in quaint environments, and are now set to release their self-titled debut, featuring the two singles that have won them love so far: "Little Monster" and "Come On Over". The record continues to try and amp everything up to a volume dial that reads MAX, so you can be overwhelmed by the drumming, roll with Ben Thatcher's gruesome vocal snarl and enjoy some nice old fashioned riffage.
  • CD (0825646244379)

Ruby Throat
Stone Dress

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Ryley Walker
The Lillywhite Sessions

Dave Matthews Band recorded an album with producer Steve Lillywhite which was scrapped at the label’s behest. Now, this bit confuses me - the press release here describe the album in terms I would not match with Dave Matthews Band such as ‘art rock’ and ‘masterpiece’. However, they are terms I can associate with Ryley Walker who has tried his hand at re-recording the album, The Lillywhite Sessions. Although the Dave Matthews Band version was scrapped, some tracks showed up on their 2002 album Busted Stuff. From hearing those tracks I think they might sound rather fine in the hands of Ryley Walker. LP and CD on Dead Oceans.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DOC170LP)
  • CD (DOC170CD)

Ryuichi Sakamoto
async - Remodels

Sold out - sorry!

Sami Baha
Free For All

As he's partly responsible for one of the greatest tracks of all time (Total Freedom's Bitch Better Have My Money edit), I've always had a soft spot for Sami Baha. His new album is a compelling document of the state of contemporary "club" music, and features guest spots from UK Drill superstar Dimzy, as well as Yung Lean and Egyptian MCs Dawsha and Abanob.
  • Vinyl LP (ZIQ398)
  • CD (ZIQ398CD)

Sarah Nixey
Night Walks

Nighthawk and vocalist for Black Box Recorder Sarah Nixey’s third album is finally here. Night Walks caters right to those of us who need that sophisticated pop sound, loaded with electronics and very catchy. Nixey's voice covers the entire range from a suave whisper to ecstatic soprano high notes. 
  • CD (BLRS009CD)
  • Vinyl LP (BLRS010LP)

Future Disc

2016 was a different time. Sexy Swede Sasac’s funky Future Disc EP made its first appearance online, but only now do the kind folk at Fasaan Recordings recognise its commercial brilliance. A little too well-produced for your everyday vaporwave fair, a little too catchy to stick to a Bandcamp download-only release. Finally available on vinyl.
  • Vinyl LP (FA009)

Mass Observation (Expanded)

Sold out - sorry!

Lift Music

Sold out - sorry!

Sea Pinks
Rockpool Blue

Sold out - sorry!

Seraphim Rytm
Prayers By The Lake

Sold out - sorry!

Severed Heads
Big Saints Reward (1988- 1990 Dubs)

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Shabazz Palaces
Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star

Afrofuturist, cosmic hip-hop experimentalists Shabazz Palaces release their third full-length for Seattle’s Sub Pop label. Here, the group’s lore is at its most dense and intriguing, their sound resides in both the past and the future simultaneously, and their list of collaborators continuously expands; Julian Casablancas and Thundercat are just two of the acts along for the ride. Available on limited coloured as well as classic black vinyl, CD and cassette.
  • Vinyl LP (SP1210)
  • CD (SPCD1210)

Shadow Child & Mark Archer present MASC
Non Stop EP

Sold out - sorry!

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
100 Days 100 Nights

Sold out - sorry!

Sheer Mag

The songs from Sheer Mag’s first three 7” singles are what you will find on the simply titled Compilation, all recorded DIY-style in whatever little corners were available at the time. You can really hear the band grow into their sound as the 7”s were originally released between 2014 and 2016. Vinyl LP release on Static Shock Records.
  • Vinyl LP (SSR049)

Shellac / Mule
Soul Sound

Sold out - sorry!

Shirley Collins
An Introduction To

With her long-awaited return to the stage and to recorded music still fresh in the mind, what better time to get An Introduction To the English folk legend Shirley Collins into circulation? Shirley’s career has been long and varied, so it is extremely helpful to have these fifteen tracks plucked from her discography to serve as an entry point for the new listener.
  • Vinyl LP (VIN180LP126)
  • CD (TICD002)

Shit & Shine

Sold out - sorry!


Sold out - sorry!

Ancient Lights

Rod Modell AKA Deepchord (see also  Echospace, Waveform Transmissions, Transformations) has hooked up with the two blokes from Detroit’s nospectacle, Chris McNamara and Walter Wasacz to become Shorelights to make some ambient techno. Amber Lights is a passionate exploration of space, body and mind. Limited edition double 12” on Subwax bcn.


Sold out - sorry!

Siavash Amini + Umchunga
The Brightest Winter Sun

Sold out - sorry!

Sir Richard Bishop
Tangier Sessions

Sold out - sorry!

Sonic Youth
Washing Machine

A return to in-print and on-vinyl status for a few Sonic Youth albums. 1995’s Washing Machine contains examples of the band in weirded 60’s girl-group mode (‘Little Trouble Girl’), as well as ‘The Diamond Sea’, the only 20+ minute, whole-side noise jams ever to make it to a ‘proper’ Sonic Youth studio album. Double LP reissue.
  • Vinyl Double LP (4743107)

Sontag Shogun
Absent Warrior, Abandoned Battlefield

Sold out - sorry!

Magic Fly (Remixes)

Sold out - sorry!

Spacemen 3
For All The Fucked-up Children Of This World We Give You Spacemen 3

Before going on to form Spiritualized, Jason Pierce worked with Peter Kember (Sonic Boom/Spectrum) as Spacemen 3. Here we have a the first reissue since it’s original release in 1995. This album is of the first recording session they did together in 1984, over a decade before it’s release and shows their sparse, psychedelic rock in its formative years.
  • CD (ORBIT039CD)
  • Vinyl LP (ORBIT039)

Highs, Lows, and Heavenly Blows

Sold out - sorry!

Speedy Ortiz
Twerp Verse

Twerp Verse is the third album by Massachusetts indie-rockers, Speedy Ortiz. The band are fronted by ex-Teacher, songwriter and gnarly guitarist, Sadie Dupuis. They have been gaining a solid following over their seven years for their modern take on ‘90s american indie having toured with Thurston Moore, The Breeders and Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks. Available as pink with rainbow splatter vinyl LP, which also includes a bonus 7” and lyric insert, standard black vinyl LP with lyric insert, CD and Cassette.
  • Vinyl LP (CAK126LPX)
  • Vinyl LP (CAK126LP)
  • CD (CAK126CD)

Spencer Zahn
People Of The Dawn

Debut album from bassist Spencer Zahn. On People Of The Dawn he takes the vocabulary of jazz but plays with the semantics. The bass is still the thing holding it together but rather than melodic improvisation Zahn plays with texture. Helped by Darkside's Dave Harrington who did the electronic processing on the album.
  • Vinyl LP (DDR32LP)

Spinning Coin

After a couple of excellent 7"s and some pretty sweet support slots Spinning Coin finally drop their big debut album. This Glasgow band have slowly honed their sound of luscious indie-pop that takes inspiration from the golden ages of indie (both C86 '80s and early '90s grunge) but crucially remembering to add in future classic melodies to the equation. 
  • Vinyl LP (GEOG42LP)
  • CD (GEOG42CD)

Hot Thoughts

Released especially for Record Store Day is this special Spoon 12” single, which contains two new and exclusive tracks! On the A-side is a remix of Hot Thoughts by Dave Sitek, of TV On The Radio and general super-producer fame, while the B-side contains a cover of the Elvis song ‘Love Letters’. 12” on Matador.
  • Vinyl 12" (OLE11331)
  • Limited edition

SS MD / Pye Corner Audio
Issue No. Twenty-Two

Sold out - sorry!

I Love LA

Sold out - sorry!

Stelvio Cipriani
Un'ombra nell'ombra (Ring of Darkness)

Sold out - sorry!

Steven Rutter

Sold out - sorry!

Stick In The Wheel
Follow Them True

London-based folkies and multiple folk award nominees Stick In The Wheel have given folk music a bit of a thematic update by being politically and culturally aware, linking today’s world to the traditional folk tales of yesteryear, with a kitchen sink-style delivery. Their second album Follow Them True sees the band taking folk music to a whole new level, musically and lyrically challenging and thought-provoking.
  • Vinyl LP (SITW007LP)
  • CD (SITW007)

Gang Signs & Prayer

I keep seeing him in my morning Metro. He tweets doesn't he? And he's gone from grime king to global superstar following appearances on Jools Holland and with Kanye. This record shows him immersing himself in the sort of songwriting and production that may have been unexpected from listening to his raw early work. It's already sold 69000 copies and is now out on vinyl. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (0190296968020)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Sufjan Stevens
Tonya Harding

Sold out - sorry!

Sun Ra and Solar Arkestra
On Jupiter

Where are we in the great intergalactic Sun Ra catalogue? Well, On Jupiter is a funk album of sorts, recorded in the late 70’s no less. Ra engages with what was going on down in the streets but from the perspective of his own spacemind. The Solar Arkestra follow gamely, and another unique Sun Ra artefact was created. Reissued by Art Yard.
  • In stock and ready to ship

Sundays & Cybele
On The Grass

Sold out - sorry!

Wave Refraction

Sold out - sorry!

Sunn O)))

As any fool know, there’s none more heavy than Sunn O))). They’ve been collaborating a lot recently, both apart with various other projects and together with Scott Walker and Ulver, but at last we now have a pure new Sunn record! Kannon leans extra hard on the metal apparently, so look forward to that. On Southern Lord.
  • CD (SUNN250)


Still out here, still making remarkable music, still refusing to put their time into graphic design or making up titles: its Supersilent! The mighty electroacoustic trio of Helge Sten (Deathprod), Arve Henriksen and Ståle Storløkken continue to blur the boundaries between post-jazz, electronic music, and see-what-comes improvisation on 14, with the wonderful inventive chemistry between the group as apparent as ever. Out on Smalltown Supersound.
  • CD (STS332CD)

Suzanne Ciani
Help, Help, The Globolinks!

Oooh! Never-before-released music from Suzanne Ciani, written in 1980 for Gian Carlo Menotti’s children’s opera Help, Help, The Globolinks!. Ciani works her synthesiser into bold shapes that manage to push exciting musical boundaries while still keeping things suitable for the kids. First commercial release, on Finders Keepers.
  • Vinyl LP (FKR094LP)

Fall Into the Sun

Back after a two-year break-up, Swearin’ are releasing their first album in 5 years. Somewhere halfway between Wavves and Alvvays (but without v’s, for some reason) you’ll find Fall into the Sun. Come and get your fix of girl-fronted, clever and noisy indie-rock. Comes with a tiny hint of tasty self-deprication. 
  • CD (MRG654CD)

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