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Mute brought back more Can than any krautrock fan could possibly handle with the 'Can Vinyl Box', which featured seventeen Can records reissued in one bundle; now each record is stepping out on its own. The self-titled 'Can' is the band's eleventh record, released in 1978 and unfamiliar to most. Like 'Out of Reach', little of the music, if any at all, is attributed to the band's founding member Holger Czukay, who stepped back in the writing and composing department. 
  • Vinyl LP (XSPOON28)

Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment
This Is Capital Punishment

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Sing To God

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Carlton Melton
Mind Minerals

These psych freaks are named like a solo artist but make their noise as a bunch of plural. In 2015 they released arguably their most expansive record yet, a noodling monolith of tight rhythms and paths less travelled. They follow it up with Mind Minerals, an attempt at upgrading artistic impressions of futurism that's proudly labelled "3001: A Space Odyssey". We're told the drums are really good; we kinda knew that already.
  • CD (AGIT047CD)

Causa Sui
Live in Copenhagen

Oh how I bet our Ian wishes he could have been there. Two performances from the approaching legendary Euro-kraut group Causa Sui at release parties for albums in 2013 and 2016. As they rarely play live this is the opportunity to catch them in their element, stretching and twisting their songs out of all recognition. 
  • CD box set (EPR037CD)

Pure Moods EP

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Chain & The Gang
Best of Crime Rock

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A Journey

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Chihei Hatakeyama
Journey To The End Of August

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Chihei Hatakeyama / Vida Vojić

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Chris Liebing
Burn Slow

After a career spanning a quarter of a bloody century, big techno lad Chris Liebling is finally making one of his dreams a reality. He's always wanted to make an album like Burn Slow, slow minimal techno, achingly restrained. He's accompanied by a number of others, most notably Gary Numan, providing some uncharacteristic spoken word on 'Polished Chrome (The Friend Pt. 1). On Mute.
  • Vinyl Double LP (STUMM418)
  • CD (CDSTUMM418)

Chris Watson
Locations, Processed (Blue TB7 Series)

Chris Watson probably has the coolest CV of the original post-punk scene. Starting out as one of the founding members of Cabaret Voltaire, he has since become one of the world's premier recorders of nature, helping create meaningful soundscapes for David Attenborough's documentaries. On Locations, Processed he combines these practices, creating an audio odyssey using The Moog Sound Lab’s System 55 to celebrate the legendary Bob Moog.
  • CD (RDM106CD)
  • Vinyl LP (RDM106)

Christina Vantzou
No. 4

This latest LP from Christina Vantzou is a bit of a love-in. Getting together with Angel Deradoorian, Forma's John Also Bennett, Clarice Jensen and a fair few others, the Belgian composer allowed her collaborators to add or delete parts at will. Surprisingly, the record doesn’t feel cluttered, coming across more as the work of a hive-mind operating under Vantzou’s guiding hand. Tracks like ‘Some Limited And Waning Memory’, for instance, are full of the ambient minimalism and open spaces that characterised her three previous albums.
  • Vinyl LP (KRANK215LP)
  • CD (KRANK215)

Christina Vantzou
Nº1 Remixes / Nº1 Film

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Christine Ott

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In The City

Italians Do It Better here bring back an excellent 2010 EP by Chromatics. In The City contains 12” and instrumental versions of the title track, plus a brace of originals and a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s majestic ‘I’m On Fire’. Total woozy late-night 80’s synth vibes all over, perfect to brood and luxuriate in. Repress LP.
  • Vinyl LP (IDIB27BLUE)
  • Coloured vinyl

Tick Of The Clock

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Clint Mansell
Black Swan - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Splendor & Misery

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Cloud Nothings
Last Building Burning

Great news! Cloud Nothings have made their loudest record to date! It's also one of their fastest. The Cleveland OH band have drafted in Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth etc.) to help replicate their intense and powerful live sound on this thirty-minute one-sitting-listen slab of racket churn.  
  • CD (WEBB550CD)
  • Vinyl LP (WEBB550LP)

Coil / Zos Kia / Marc Almond
How To Destroy Angels

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Colin Newman
Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish

Colin Newman kept busy during Wire’s temporary early 80’s split, releasing three rather interesting solo records. Provisionally entitled the singing fish is a little unusual, with some entirely non-post-punk sounds creeping in there. Released on vinyl and CD, with the CD edition coming with a whole extra disc of demos and the like. On Sentient Sonics.
  • CD (SS03-04CD)
  • Vinyl LP (SS03LP)

Colin Newman
Not To

Colin Newman kept busy during Wire’s temporary early 80’s split, releasing three rather interesting solo records. Although in the case of Not To, some members of Wire were involved in the recording… Released on vinyl and CD: with the CD edition coming with an extra disc of mostly unreleased home studio demos. On Sentient Sonics.
  • CD (SS05-06CD)
  • Vinyl LP (SS05LP)

Colin Stetson
Those Who Didn't Run

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Et les Boites a Musique

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Not a Kick

Soundsystem upstart Compa takes time out from running his own CPA Records to return to Deep Medi with another firebrand set. The three tracks of Not A Kick are a neat demonstration of what the producer does best. Wedding grime drum programming with meditative bassweight and the sort of paranoid atmospherics of a Swamp81 drop, Compa makes it all sound effortless here.
  • Vinyl 12" (MEDI10102)

Contact Field Orchestra
Vol. 1

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High Havoc

High Havoc was the second album by cheesy-on-purpose London funksters, Corduroy. It was originally released in 1993. Here, they added brass to their sound thus expanding on their initial ‘cool movie soundtrack’ blueprint. Influences such as Curtis Mayfield show in their music. Reissue gold vinyl LP on Acid Jazz.
  • Vinyl LP (AJXLP443)
  • Coloured vinyl

Out Of Here

Corduroy’s third album, Out Of Here, saw the band moving away from their ‘70s movie soundtrack style to a more song-orientated jazz-funk sound - a bit like a less annoying Jamiroquai. Elements of what is now known as Yacht Rock were beginning to poke through too - listen to Practice What You Preach. It was originally released in 1994 and features a well funky cover of Motorhead’s eponymous song. Reissue blue vinyl LP on Acid Jazz.
  • Vinyl LP (AJXLP444)
  • Coloured vinyl

Cosmic Ground
Legacy / The Plague

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Craft Spells
Idle Labor

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Creep Show
Mr. Dynamite

Creep Show is a collaboration between John Grant and dark, electronic funksters Wrangler. Their debut album, Mr. Dynamite, is a surreal and experimental journey through the brooding underbelly of pop and funk. They throw together sounds from every imaginable analogue drum machine and synth you can imagine. John Grant’s penchant for dark humour in his lyrics is present and reinforced by Wrangler vocalist, Stephen Mallinder, of Cabaret Voltare fame. LP and CD on Bella Union.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BELLA735V)
  • CD (BELLA735CD)

Cremation Lily
Fires Frame the Silhouette

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Cristobal Tapia De Veer
Girl With All The Gifts

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Emo punks Cursive have passed the time since their inception writing about the difficulties of settling down and keeping the love you've found. Tim Kasher has effectively made it his life's work to expose, via shouting, the stresses of domestic living, and has also made some great, weird concept albums about relationships like The Ugly Organ. After a pithy dud in I Am Gemini, their 2012 rock 'n' roll monodrama, they return with Vitriola. An absolute classic Cursive album name, the record promises a return from founding drummer Clint Schnase, and considers (what else) the dystopia hellscape we're living in. It will no doubt be melodic, brash and all at once.
  • Vinyl LP (BSM239V)


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Beyond Dreams [Analog Passages]

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Distant Images

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Mystery Dub EP

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One / Three

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Dakota Suite & Dag Rosenqvist
What Matters Most

A slow, haunting new LP from Dakota Suite here. What Matters Most sees DS auteur Chris Hooson join forces with Dag Rosenqvist (Jasper TX) and former collaborator Emanuele Errante (Elem). With Hooson taking up the singer-songwriter's archetypal companions of guitar and piano, the other two augment his snow-slow songs with all manner of instruments and effects. They flush tracks like ‘Now That You Know’ with a mournful, glacial beauty that brings to mind a digital Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.
  • Vinyl LP (KALKLP107)
  • CD (KALKCD107)

Asphalt For Eden

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Dam Funk
Architecture II

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Dan Kye
Joy, Ease, Lightness

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Dan Mangan
More or Less

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Dan Michaelson
First Light

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Daniel Blumberg

Daniel Blumberg. Not a name we now well but he's already played in the likes of Yuck, Oupra and Hebronix. Further selling points are that Blumberg had a hospitalization just before recording the record and also broke up with his long term partner weeks before so expect some pretty raw emotional songwriting on this debut. 
  • Vinyl LP (STUMM424)
  • CD (CDSTUMM424)

Daniel T.

Sold out - sorry!

Snap Outtavit

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Danny Elfman

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Dark Buddha Rising

For the latest LP from Finnish doom-metal crew Dark Buddha Rising, guitarist V. Ajomo states that the band “have done a full cycle of the orbit and now is the time for gravitational slingshot towards the new dimensions in sound, deliverance and vision". Quite. Anyway, II is sludgy, loping doom par excellence. Just one track per side, but so overwhelming are the two editions of ‘Mahathgata’ that you'd probably need a sit down if II had any more music on it. The second side was recorded at their underground practice space of Wastement, aka “the asylum of eternal feedback”.
  • Vinyl LP (NR109LP)
  • CD (NR109)

David Bowie, Trevor Jones

First time repress  and remastering of the soundtrack to Labyrinth on vinyl, 31 years after the initial release of the film on 1986. Written by David Bowie and Trevor Jones (who has done soundtracks for The Dark Crystal, Cliffhanger, and Dark City). Includes Bowie’s opening title track Underground. Includes download.
  • Vinyl LP (5735484)

David Newlyn
Collected Fictions

David Newlyn returns to the lovely Sound In Silence (yndi halda, bvdub) for a new record of ambiences and beat experiments. Collected Fictions manages to be both one of Newlyn’s most diverse releases and also an album that maintains a strong aesthetic throughout. Be he serving up grainy tape-loops ala The Caretaker (‘Introduction (Broken Cassette Mix)’), post-rocky drones (‘Hymn To Bleachgreen’) or Boards Of Canada-style instrumentals (‘Travelling For A Living’), Newlyn always maintains a plaintive, slightly hypnagogic feel.
  • CD
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  • Limited edition
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Dead Moon
Strange Pray Tell

Sold out - sorry!

Death From Above
Outrage! Is Now

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Dedekind Cut

Named after the mountain lake town he now calls home, 'Tahoe' is electronic producer Fred Welton Warmsley III’s latest journey into immersive and synthetic music taking in pensive mists choral melodies, field recordings and drone pieces taking in both classical and contemporary influences. 
  • CD (KRANK213)

Deepchord & Fluxion present Transformations
Bonafide EP

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Mountain Moves

Jittery art rockers Deerhoof normally make their splintered music in isolation but here on their new album they have opened the door to the outside world and collaborated with the likes of Matana Roberts,Lætitia Sadier and Juana Molina. They also have a go at a Bob Marley song. Human contact = good. 
  • Vinyl LP (JNR233LP)
  • CD (JNR233CD)

Delphine Dora & Sophie Cooper
Divine Ekstasys

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Depeche Mode
A Broken Frame | The 12” Singles

Depeche Mode were one of the first major acts to embrace the potential of the 12” single. During their heyday the group would drop luxurious vinyl releases of their hits, always with striking artwork and often featuring extended versions and remixes by the hottest producers. Now a selection of their best work comes remastered and reissued in this fetching box set. A Broken Frame also contains a poster.
  • Vinyl LP box set (88985482011)

Derek Bailey, Tristan Honsinger

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Des Demonas
Des Demonas

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Destroyer AKA Canadian singer/songwriter Dan Bejar used a backing band for the first time on his third album, Thief. At the time of its release in 2000 it was considered his best to date, the sound of an artist hitting his stride, and remains a jewel in his back catalogue to this day. Bejar is also a member of The New Pornographers. Orange vinyl LP on Merge.
  • Vinyl LP (MRG372LP)
  • Coloured vinyl

Devendra Banhart
Cripple Crow

The interesting thing about Devendra Banhart was that he claimed that he hadn't heard any of the early Tyrannosaurus Rex recordings before embarking on his music career. It probably is a good job or he might have stopped right there. His fourth album dials down the squeaks and whinnying that made his early work so eccentric and reveals a folk musician with musical warmth and a lyrical ability to connect.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (XLLP192)
  • CD (XLCD192)

Devendra Banhart
Ape In Pink Marble

A really nice, delicate release from freak-folk mainstay Devendra Banhart, although I think he might have toned down the ‘freakiness’ by now. Ape In Pink Marble is an LA production, imbued with the sunny attitudes of sweet sweet California. Released on Nonesuch: the LP edition comes with a bonus poster.
  • Vinyl LP (0075597945317)

Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics
Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop

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Dick Diver
Calendar Days

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Dickon Hinchliffe
Red Riding: In The Year Of Our Lord 1980

  • Vinyl LP (BLACKEST020)

Dilly Dally

After a couple of years of thrills and spills touring in support of their 2015 debut LP Sore, Dilly Dally return to Partisan for another crack. By all accounts the band almost called it quits after their first album dropped, but fortunately for them and their fans they got it together enough to turn in nine more bits of grungy alt-rock anchored on singer Katie Monks’ ragged howl.
  • Vinyl LP (PTKF2156-1)
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  • Vinyl LP (PTKF2156-3)
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  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • CD (PTKF2156-2)

Omega Station

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Dita Von Teese
Dita Von Teese

Quite a collaboration here, between legendary US burlesque revivalist, model and occasional actor Dita Von Teese and naughty French synth-romancer Sébastian Tellier. Mutual admiration brought about this collaboration, with Tellier and his wife Amandine de La Richardière respectively handling music and lyrics while Von Teese performs vocals. The music is familiar Tellier-territory - all engorged, liquid synths and seductive motifs, to which Von Teese’s suggestive voice is, unsurprisingly, an ideal match.
  • Vinyl LP (REC145)
  • Coloured vinyl

DJ Nigga Fox

DJ Nigga Fox continues to forge a brave new world on this latest EP. His first solo release on Warp sees the Principe fellow turning the global clubsphere inside-out, bending rhythms and genres to his will to create body music of unique power. The likes of ‘Poder Do Vento’ reference everyone from Fade To Mind to Buraka Som Systema to DJ Bin Laden.
  • Vinyl LP (WAP401)

DJ Spooky presents Phantom Dancehall
Phantom Dancehall

This innovative 9-track EP from DJ Spooky – out on limited-edition coloured vinyl via VP Records – features vocal performances from Walshy Fire, Sanjay and Lady Saw, underpinned by innovative electronica and adventurous reggae. Expect layered instrumentals, and contemporary riffs on classic dancehall grooves. 
  • Vinyl LP (0054645248518)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Django Django
Django Django

Django Django hail from Edinburgh but without doing a disservice to the city sound like they are from somewhere more exotic. Their debut album blends electronics, guitar twangs and Beach Boys-esque vocals to produce a sound that is meticulously crafted. The Beta Band meets Bo Diddley meets Animal Collective. What's not to love? 
  • CD (BEC5161105)

DMX Krew
Libertine Traditions 07

Sold out - sorry!

Lady With The Ring

Documenta had been working on the third instalment of their Drone Pop trilogy, but a chance flurry of inspiration caused them to veer off-course and come up with this five-track EP. Lady With The Ring is inspired by a legend of an Irish woman who had to be buried twice after being raised from the dead. If you want a more in-depth account of the legend of Margorie McCall then you’ll have to listen to the record - Spiritualized/Spacemen 3 bassist Will Carruthers gives a detailed synopsis on the eponymous title track. The rest of Lady With The Ring is a mix of folk-rock, post-rock, free-jazz and drone styles. Think Sparklehorse, Mogwai and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.
  • Vinyl 12" (TSR14EP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Don't DJ
All Love Affairs Fail But They Never End EP

Wise words from Don’t DJ there. All Love Affairs Fail But They Never End is a somnambulant, wistful collection of techno-noir. Don’t DJ’s originals range from purring electronica in the vein of Jan Jelinek (‘Veles’) to lengthy and pensive synth ambiences (‘Two Of Pentacles’). Newworldaquarium provides a deep, minimal and ethereal re-rub of ‘Veles’.
  • Vinyl Double 12" (BH050)
  • £14.99 £11.99 (saving: £3.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Doris Norton
Artificial Intelligence

Sold out - sorry!


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Downtown Boys
Cost Of Living

The brilliant Downtown Boys made an absolutely monumental record a couple years back in Full Communism, a hardcore record with skronking sax, righteous politics and an abiding love for Bruce Springsteen. Their new record, Cost of Living, sounds like a structural upgrade to their sound, the lead single "A Wall" more dynamic but no less thrilling. A compassionate strike against the racism and Islamophobia present in American life, it continues the band's necessary fight against what they describe as "the whitewashed world of rock".
  • Vinyl LP (SP1206)
  • CD (SPCD1206)

Drakkar Nowhere
Drakkar Nowhere

Sold out - sorry!

Colliding Contours

Sold out - sorry!

Hippo Lite

Sold out - sorry!

Druk 11000
Zamboling / Sibsoo Bazaar

Sold out - sorry!

Dub Oven
Skin 'N' Bones

Sold out - sorry!

Eagle Twin
The Thundering Heard (Songs Of Hoof And Horn)

Doom-laden blues duo Eagle Twin are back with their long-awaited third album, out on 30 March on Southern Lord. This is a commanding record, weaving together rumbling vocals—courtesy of Gentry Densley—sky-scraping guitar riffs and powerfully dynamic beats, with nods to classic folklore and searing storytelling.
  • CD (LORD250)

East India Youth
Total Strife Forever

Seemingly sponsored entirely by the Quietus on release, Total Strife Forever was the debut album from William Doyle under the moniker East India Youth. Much of the hype was justified on an album which blended Animal Collective-like mayhem through to ambient passages and full on thumping techno. Stolen have now re-issued on 2LP/2CD whilst Doyle continues to work slowly now under his own name.   
  • CD (SR073B)
  • CD (SR073)

In This Light And On This Evening

The third album from this highly derivative yet universally popular group. In This Light And On This Evening showed the band start to shake off the Joy Division-on-an-off-day vibe of their first records and start to introduce electronics into their dark sonic stew. Features the 'classic' ‘Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool’. 
  • CD (PIASR185CDX)
  • Vinyl LP (PIASR185LP)

Edward Ka-Spel, Steven Stapleton, Colin Potter, Quentin Rollet
Man Who Floated Away / The Closer You Are To The Center, The Further You Are From The Edge

Sold out - sorry!

Ekuka Morris Sirikiti

Sold out - sorry!

El Michels Affair
Return To The 37th Chamber

El Michels Affair, who have worked directly alongside members of The Wu Tang Clan, follow up their 2009 album Enter The 37th Chamber with (what else?) Return To The 37th Chamber, another album of live-band Wu Tang reinterpretations. But this isn’t an ersatz middle-class novelty project: no, it's an inventive, funky and soulful new creation! LP and CD editions on Big Crown.
  • CD (BC017CD)

Little Fictions

Look, new Elbow! This band of friendly Mancunians have been known to split opinions in the Norman office, but they are beloved to many, and with good cause. Little Fictions is the band’s seventh album, put together by Garvey and the gang with special contributions from the The Hallé Orchestra and the London Contemporary Voices choir. Sweeping and intimate at the same time, just like Elbow. Released by Universal.
  • Vinyl LP (5723497)
  • CD (5722720)

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