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Opal Tapes (and sister label Black Opal) are responsible for introducing some very fine artists to the world at large. Always willing to take risks and give a platform to emerging artists as well as more established figures, Opal Tapes represents the true spirit of the underground and is easily one of the finest labels currently releasing electronic music from techno to drone and beyond.

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New Wave Of Nature

Following releases on Forbidden Planet, LL.M. and Pinkman, Annanan lands on Opal Tapes sister label Black Opal with a fine 4-track EP. Opening with the woody stomp, dreamy keys and squelchy bass of the titular cut and onto the lost in the night, melancholy of 'Bomb'. Over on the flipside 'Sphere' thumps with chunky drums, sci-fi electronics...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £7.00

DJ Ultra Greatsword

A few years ago I was on a dancefloor, Dave Clarke was spinning and this tune came on that blew my mind. To make sure it’s actually, genuinely a cracker of a tune, you have to do the “listen to it when you’re not off yer nut test”. It took me a while to track it down but in the end, turns...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.00

Neva Done This Before

DJ Slyngshot drops some letters from his name for this stompin’ 4-track EP on Opal Tapes sister label Black Opal. A no-nonsense asses shakin’ guaranteed DJ weapon, opening with ‘Golf One’ pr...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.99 - saving you £6.50

Domiziano Maselli

One of the most compelling things music can do is tell a story, and it's a story you'll find among Domiziano Maselli's Ashes. Noise and static gives way to throbbing bass which is joined by momentous drums. It's difficult not to imagine a journey when listening to this. And like any good journey, the j...view item »
  • Reduced from £8.99 - saving you £3.50

Emra Grid
Shay’s Vacation House

Emra Grid’s ‘Shays Vacation House’ is a work that feels suspended in time - both ancient and modern -- a microcosm that ceases to exist in any particular time or space. Cinematic opening piece ‘Land Is’ emerges like a newly discovered fossil or relic with all th...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.99 - saving you £6.50


‘Miccaotli’ is the second release from Andrea Taeggi under his Gondwana alias. The first of which ‘Aum’ appeared on Opal Tapes in 2015. You may recall his recent album for Type, or be familiar wi...view item »
  • Reduced from £14.49 - saving you £9.00

J. Albert
Small Room EP

Super-prolific techno footmover J. Albert comes back for another 2016 12", this time channeling dusty inner city beats for a good 4 tracks. Judging by the quality of A2 cut 'Ting Waan', this will be stomping, keeping bodies warm and limber deep into the winter nights and beyond. While he's just got things moving with his own Exotic Dance label, ...view item »


This one doesn’t muck about. Opal Tapes offshoot Black Opal (Patricia, J. Albert) dro...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.00

Quiet Witness

Sciahri’s previous EP on Black Opal still gets plenty of spins, so I’ve been proper stoked for this one. As the neighbours car slips out of their driveway, it’s time to crank this mother up… ...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £5.50