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Opal Tapes (and sister label Black Opal) are responsible for introducing some very fine artists to the world at large. Always willing to take risks and give a platform to emerging artists as well as more established figures, Opal Tapes represents the true spirit of the underground and is easily one of the finest labels currently releasing electronic music from techno to drone and beyond. Check out some of the class discounted titles on offer...
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New Wave Of Nature

Following releases on Forbidden Planet, LL.M. and Pinkman, Annanan lands on Opal Tapes sister label Black Opal with a fine 4-track EP. Opening with the woody stomp, dreamy keys and squelchy bass of the titular cut and onto the lost in the night, melancholy of 'Bomb'. Over on the flipside 'Sphere' thumps with chunky drums, sci-fi electronics and spectral melodies. The EP closes with the sinister groove of 'Gone' which utilises the hefty skeletal drums which are present throughout the EP which ride underneath a quivering synth and dread filled piano. Tidy stuff throughout as ever from Black Opal.

Domiziano Maselli

One of the most compelling things music can do is tell a story, and it's a story you'll find among Domiziano Maselli's Ashes. Noise and static gives way to throbbing bass which is joined by momentous drums. It's difficult not to imagine a journey when listening to this. And like any good journey, the joy at its end is overwhelming.

Emra Grid
Shay’s Vacation House

More dark ambient devilry from the excellent Opal Tapes (Soft Issues, Fret) here. Emra Grid’s Shay’s Vacation House is a set of murky drones that will appeal to anyone who’s been enjoying The Stone Tapes’ recent output. Grouper and His Name Is Alive are also mixed up in Shay’s Vacation House.


Andrea Taeggi, one of the fellas from Lumisokea, brings back his Gondwanana alias for a super-punchy spacey trip. Miccaotli is crammed with bold drum programming and fresh synth sounds and sharp effects, but the production is still rigourous and tight: everything deployed very efficiently and with a good feel for space. Opal Tapes 12”.


Hungarian producer/songwriter/sound artist Gosheven drops the follow-up to his well-received 2017 debut LP Leaper. As on its predecessor, Bivaq has Gosheven utilising unusual tunings - from the schools of La Monte Young, Wendy Carlos and more - to create these off-kilter numbers. Many of the tracks were conceived in tandem with a group of contemporary dancers, and cuts like ‘Until Exhaustion’ have a very organic sense of movement to them. Musically the record comes across like Atlas Sound if Bradford Cox was more interested in the textures than the songcraft.

J. Albert
Small Room EP

Super-prolific techno footmover J. Albert comes back for another 2016 12", this time channeling dusty inner city beats for a good 4 tracks. Judging by the quality of A2 cut 'Ting Waan', this will be stomping, keeping bodies warm and limber deep into the winter nights and beyond. While he's just got things moving with his own Exotic Dance label, this one comes out on Black Opal. Fair's fair in the realm of the thunk.


This one doesn’t muck about. Opal Tapes offshoot Black Opal (Patricia, J. Albert) drop an EP of stern club fare from Lyubocha. Berzerk's four tracks bring together the hard techno of Ostgut Ton, Ross From Friends’ lo-fi house flex and bubbling acid grooves ala Matrixxman. They are the sort of DJ tools that will breathe new life into any mix.

Quatermass EP

Devon Hanson has recorded under his own name, including collabs with Wanda Group and Karl Fousek, and also as Stefan Jós. His first under this new moniker appears on Opal Tapes’ vinyl offshoot. Four tracks of subtle, dubby, uncluttered and minimal house, made up of crisp rhythms and silvery, pristine tones echoing across spacious plains. 

Quiet Witness

Sublunar Records boss and UNKNOT member Sciahri (Sciahriar Tavakoli) has his third bite of the Black Opal cherry. New EP Quiet Witness is a set of murky, mysterious techno that sounds like it was constructed largely from sonar signals. Anyone who’s dug recent drops by Pessimist or Sciarhri’s fellow Black Opal alumni Lyubocha should get to Quiet Witness sharpish.