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Valentine's Day Misery!

Oh no. Lord, no. It's that time of year again where those lucky enough to be in a relationship are implored to spend spend spend on yet another set of unwanted gifts, leaving single folk horribly left out and isolated. Yes, its Valentine's Day. Taking a look around my local shops, everywhere from the pub to the corner shop to Poundland to Kwik Fit are imploring me to buy something...anything!...or...well the consequences would be too macabre to even think about wouldn't they? So we have collected together a set of records to hopefully make everyone feel a bit better about it, and give you a bit of a chuckle. From Texan post rockersI Love You But I've Chosen Darkness to BVDub's defeatest 'I Will Only Break Your Heart' to Dan Sartain's 'Fuck Friday Fuck Saturday Fuck Sunday Fuck You' here's a list of records which fly right in the face of all that gooey stuff. Oh, and stuck for that last-minute Valentines gift? Why not try a Norman Records gift voucher? (We're semi-serious...and we're not responsible for any subsequent relationship breakdowns.)
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Divorce / Singles

In my first week at university, I almost took someone I’d met at a fresher’s party to a Divorce gig. They were up for it at first, then they listened to the band online and decided that actually they were busy… Music to dispel friendship with. Obviously the gig was brilliant, because Divorce are ace: here you can get their first album along with a disc of singles. I would if I were you.

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
Fear Is On Our Side

My Bloody Valentine

Fully remastered version of My Bloody Valentine's 1991 classic, Loveless. Done by the man himself it is, as ever with MBV, difficult to work out where the myth ends and the truth begins. Kevin Shields claimed that listening to these new versions would "definitely" produce a different emotional effect from the originals. Listen through headphones on decent equipment and the subtle changes are apparent. But does 'different' mean its any better than the original?

Spare Snare
I Love You, I Hate You

  • CD (CHUTECD030)
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Tame Impala

Come on now, we know the score with this one! Lonerism, Tame Impala's second LP, has undoubtedly become a modern classic. It catapulted the Aussie group from psych stone-rockers to a global phenomenon who sell out stadiums world-wide. 'Elephant', 'Feels Like We Only Go Backwards', 'Apocalypse Dreams' - need we say more? 

This Mortal Coil
It'll End In Tears

Oh lord this is the album. Back in the 80's no-one had any time for the likes of Big Star or Tim Buckley. 4AD head honcho was different though. He had exquisite taste and was also ambitious enough to put together a floating member super group to re-interpret some of his favourite songs. It Will End In Tears will always be most known for the now classic Cocteau Twins assisted reading of Buckley's 'Song To The Siren', but their version of Roy Harper's 'Another Day' runs it close as do two (count em) Big Star songs.