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Kate Bush re-issues

There's no disputing the quality of this woman's work so feel the quality in this re-issue program which has all her albums remastered for vinyl either separate or housed in big box sets. You can also get them in CD box set editions. It's all rather confusing and mysterious rather like Kate herself. 
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Kate Bush

In 2005, Kate Bush returned to recorded music for the first time in 12 years, with the beautiful Aerial. This is her only double album, featuring the two sides A Sea of Honey and A Sky of Honey, which is notably one long single suite about a summer’s day. Aerial has been remastered, and is now available to you on CD and vinyl again!

Kate Bush
Director's Cut

This is where, instead of recording a new album, Kate went back to tracks recorded for her albums 'The Sensual World' and 'The Red Shoes' and reworked them using bits and pieces of the original recordings and new additions. The result is, as always, fascinating particularly the lead track 'Deeper Understanding' which just showcases how far ahead of the curve Kate has always been. 

Kate Bush
50 Words for Snow

50 Words for Snow is the tenth album for Kate Bush, coming five years after her last studio album, Aerial. The title comes from the belief that Eskimos have 50 words for snow. The album features a number of guest artists including Andy Fairweather-Low, Danny Thompson, Elton John and Stephen Fry, who recites 50 words for snow on the title track.

Kate Bush
Remastered Part I

Volume one of the Kate Bush Remastered CD box-set series features the first seven Kate Bush albums, from 1978’s The Kick Inside to 1993’s The Red Shoes, a time period that includes the super-classic Hounds of Love. Seven albums-worth of vintage Kate Bush material then, perfectly remastered. Box-set on Parlophone.

Kate Bush
Remastered Part II

Volume two of the Kate Bush Remastered CD box-set series features all of the later period Kate Bush material (from 2005’s Aerial to 2016’s live album Before The Dawn), plus a stack of rarities, including B-sides, covers and 12” mixes, all quite hard to get hold of. Hard to argue with this collection to be honest, especially with the shiny new remastering.

Kate Bush
Remastered in Vinyl I

Volume one of the Kate Bush Remastered in Vinyl box-set series features those ground-breaking and still jaw-dropping first four albums, from 1978’s The Kick Inside to 1982’s The Dreaming. This vintage Kate Bush material has been buffed and polished through remastering, for the highest possible quality. On Parlophone.

Kate Bush
Remastered in Vinyl II

The second of the Kate Bush Remastered in Vinyl reissue series features three of the great artist’s albums, dating from the eighties and nineties. We have Hounds of Love, The Sensual World and The Red Shoes, notable collections all. The material has all been remastered, and is presented on beautiful vinyl LPs for the first time in a long time.

Kate Bush
Remastered in Vinyl III

The third of the Kate Bush Remastered in Vinyl reissue series features three of the great artist’s more recent albums: the triumphantly-returning 2005 double album Aerial, her 2011 reworkings-of-earlier-material collection Director’s Cut, and 50 Words For Snow from the same year. All presented on vinyl in a very fine box-set from Parlophone.

Kate Bush
Remastered in Vinyl IV

Tantalisingly obscure delights await you within the fourth of the four Kate Bush Remastered in Vinyl box-sets. Two volumes of B-sides, one volume of 12” mixes, and also In Others’ Words, a collection of cover versions (imagine having your song covered by Kate Bush!). Lots of rare wonders then, readily available on vinyl at last.

Kate Bush
The Kick Inside

(8) Bad dreams in the night Would they ever reissue The Kick Inside? Now we have a remastered, remastered, Remastered version,   Kate Bush! It’s she, it’s Katy, She’s come home! Yes we, Norman Records™, Let her in at our window.   Ooh it gets dark, it gets lonely, At the Norman warehouse... (8)

Kate Bush

Lionheart was the second album by Kate Bush and was originally released in 1978 - the same year of her debut, The Kick Inside. The album was commercially successful but failed to impress the critics much. Now we have it remastered on CD and LP so we can listen with new ears. Contains the hit single 'Wow'.

Kate Bush
Never For Ever

After a two year break, Kate Bush released her third album, Never For Ever in 1980. It hit the number one spot in the ol’ album charts and album spawned three hit singles - Babooshka, Army Dreamers and Breathing. She even got Roy Harper to sing backing vocals on the latter. Remastered LP and CD on Parlophone.

Kate Bush
The Dreaming

New editions of Catherine Bush’s fourth LP here courtesy of Parlophone. People weren’t sure what to make of The Dreaming when it came out - too uncommercial, they said. However, time has been kind to the record. The Dreaming is now regarded as an unsung gem of Bush’s catalogue and regularly appears in those 'Best Albums Of The 1980s' lists. Both Big Boi and Björk are fans, dontcha know.

Kate Bush
Hounds Of Love

Hounds Of Love is one of those LPs that you can end up skipping over because you feel like you already know it too well. In particular ‘Running Up That Hill’, ‘Cloudbusting’ and the title track are all old friends at this point. But here’s the thing - as frequently as you might hear its famous singles (or their famous covers), as often as it might crop up in retrospective lists and talking heads documentaries, Kate Bush's fifth studio album will never get old. It's just too good.

Kate Bush
The Sensual World

She’s not wrong, y’know - it really is a Sensual World that we live in. Kate Bush had a tough task following up Hounds Of Love (who wouldn’t?), but with her sixth studio LP she passed the test with ease. The Sensual World is a quixotic art-pop masterpiece from the artist who wrote the book on such things. Finishes with ‘This Woman’s Work’. Originally released as the ‘80s drew to a close, this new edition has been given a remastering job by Parlophone.

Kate Bush
The Red Shoes

Kate Bush’s 1993 album The Red Shoes, newly remastered and reissued on CD and double LP formats. Inspired by a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale and a 1948 film, this album, the last before Bush took a decade-plus long break, features a number of guest appearances, including Jeff Beck, Prince, and Lenny Henry. On Parlophone.