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Rephlex CHEAP CD Braindance Blowout!

One of the few things we can all agree on here at Norman Towers is that Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) and Grant Wilson-Claridge's Rephlex label has always been a British electronic music institution. In the game for over 20 years, they have never played by the rules or followed fashion, creating trends then ducking them. They've always been cheeky, defiant and the absolute embodiment of Rave culture as well as being at the cutting edge of forward thinking electronic music without ever taking themselves too seriously, all the while remaining fiercely independent. Here's a bunch of Rephlex CD's at the bargain price of just £4.49 including a few 2CD sets and even a couple of titles at £1.99. There's even a cassette in there too. Fill the gaps in your Rephlex collection with classics from The Bug and μ-Ziq, the pair of seminal Grime compilations, electro-funk from DMX Krew and Dwayne Omaar, drum 'n' bass/ Jungle mayhem from Soundmurderer & S-K1 and Macc & DgoHn. Then there's the more out their avant-garde gear from Hecker and Pierre Bastien, recent releases like the EDM compilations plus discs from The Tuss, Wisp, Dave Monolith, Aleksi Perala, Jodey Kendrick, Photodementia and more... Viva BRAINDANCE : )
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Kode9/ Loefah/ Digital Mystikz
Grime 2

Mark One/ Plasticman/ Slaughter Mob

Razor X Productions (The Bug)
Killing Sound

Soundmurderer & SK-1
Rewind Records

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