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SMX / Koehler
Blue 02

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White Magic

After Dan Judd dropped the first LP from his Sorcerer project in eight years back in 2017, it seemed like a good time for Be With Records to reissue his two earlier full-lengths. Moreover, the poly-genre style of White Magic was oddly prescient at the time, and heard a decade on the album’s mish-mash of hypnagogic pop, MPC funk, Balearic house and a whole lot more settles quite comfortably into the landscape of contemporary alt-dance. Nice music for fans of Lindstrom, Todd Terje and so on.

Neon Leon

Sorceror’s Neon Leon was a likable record when it was first released in 2009, and it remains a likable record now that it’s being reissued in 2018. Different cover artwork and a remastering job have given this LP a new lick of paint, but at heart it’s still a collection of gently playful cosmic disco tracks pitched somewhere between Lindstrom and Jens Lekman’s ‘Sipping On The Sweet Nectar’.

Starship Commander Wooooo Wooooo

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Strafe F.R.
The Bird Was Stolen

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The Stretch m-ARKhives

The Stretchmarks are a reasonably obscure group from the late 1980’s, featuring a wild mix-up of members from Nico’s backing band, The Blue Orchids, and the plunderphonic avant-messers who would later form Stock, Hausen & Walkman. The Stretch m-ARKhives presents an assembly of variously recorded material, showcasing the group’s noisy improvised funk madness. Out on Hot Air.

Sun Ra & His Cosmo Discipline Arkestra
A Night In East Berlin

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Sweatson Klank
Fine Lines

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Terre Thaemlitz / DJ Sprinkles
Deproduction EP 2

Terre Thaemlitz’s LP Deproduction was a bold, challenging and typically fearless piece of sound art. The arresting original of ‘Admit It’s Killing You (And Leave)’ brought together post-minimalist piano composition with discomforting samples. Here, all is stripped away bar the keys to leave an uncanny spool of music. Deproduction EP 2 also has Thaemlitz turning in an edgy, deeper-than-deep house remix of the same piece under the banner of her DJ Sprinkles project. Great stuff.
  • Vinyl LP (C027.EP2)
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The Beginning Of The End
Funky Nassau

Though the career of 70s band Beginning Of The End ended up being relatively short (they disbanded after their second album), things seemed rosy on the release of their 1971 debut LP Funky Nassau. The eponymous track was a huge hit, selling over a million copies and topping the Billboard R ‘n’ B chart. That song’s ebullient mix of American funk sounds, hi-life guitar and the polyrhythmic grooves of their native Bahamas are carried on through the full-length. Not a million miles away from The Funkees. The CD edition contains both this record and their self-titled follow-up.

The Boney Burger
Brew 07

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The Buttertones
Midnight In A Moonless Dream

Innovative Leisure may be best-known for their more beat-orientated output - BADBADNOTGOOD, Nosaj Thing etc. - but there is some fire in the belly of the LA label too. This is exemplified by The Buttertones, a ramshackle rabble who bear the influence of bands like The Gun Club and The Cramps. Their wide-eyed rock ‘n’ roll chops are all present and correct on fourth LP Midnight In A Moonless Dream.

The Dean Ween Group

The second LP from The Dean Ween Group arrives hot on the heels of the band’s last LP, but that doesn’t mean rock2 sounds rushed. Rather, the record brims with life and melody, suggest that Dean’s hiatus from Ween has done him a world of good. Songs like ‘Don’t Let The Moon Catch You Crying’ are beautiful, swooning rock jams in the vein of Eels and … well, Ween.

The Elm Street Group
Freddy's Greatest Hits

This really exists. Freddy’s Greatest Hits by The Elm Street Group mixes covers (Everly Brothers, Wilson Pickett etc), instrumentals and original songs played by respected professional musicians and sung by Robert Englund as Freddie Kruger. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this was largely ignored when it was originally released in 1988, but since then there has been a growing demand with people paying megabucks for second hand copies. It’s the must have novelty album of 2017!

The Flaming Lips
Greatest Hits Vol. 1

I remember sitting by my radio cassette player one Sunday evening in 1986 with my finger poised to hit play and record simultaneously to record The Flaming Lips No.3 hit, Jesus Shooting Heroin. This is all lies of course. The Flaming Lips haven’t had any real chart hits as such, but they are releasing Greatest Hits Vol. 1 which is a sprawling 52 track 3 CD collection containing some of their best-loved songs and more obscure ditties from 1992 onward. It even includes that song that was only released on an MP3 stick inside a gummy skull. The LP version is a more concise and recognisable 11 track best of.

The Gun Club
Mother Juno

These weird avant punks blended a garage rock sound with rockabilly and raw energy to subvert the expectations laid down by their genre, taking influence from post-punk and all its weird offshoots. The Gun Club originally released the often more traditional 'Mother Juno' in 1987, and it now sees reissue by Bang! Records.

The Gun Club
Lucky Jim

Reissue of the last album recorded by The Gun Club founder Jeffrey Lee Pierce, first released in 1993. They are still unique in their vicious combination of post-punk and country. Lucky Jim is by far the darkest entry in their discography as the band grappled with identity, death, and belonging. 

The Just Measurers

There was only ever 300 copies of Flagellation, the one and only LP by The Just Measurers, pressed back in 1983, so it’s no wonder that this really weird DIY punk record has recently been changing hands for the best part of 500 notes. Emotional Response saw fit to reissue the LP, so now you can grab a copy without breaking the bank...and you should, too.

The Magic Numbers

The nicest band in rock return with their fifth LP and first since 2014’s Alias. Siblings Stodart and Gannon may have beefed up their sound a little on Outsiders - there’s a grit to cuts like ‘Sweet Divide’ which evokes modern blues-rockers like The Black Keys - but their trademark harmonies ala The Mama’s and the Papa’s keep things on the sunny side.

The Nels Cline 4
Currents, Constellations

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The Nonce

They may want to reconsider that name but this is a rare chance to get one of the great lost albums from the Golden Age of Hip-Hop.  Initially part of the Project Blowed collective these two 17 year olds were considered innovators of the LA Hip Hop Underground and this album contains material thought by all involved to have been chucked in the bin. 

The Perth County Conspiracy
The Perth County Conspiracy

The Perth County Conspiracy were a psychedelic folk group from the 1970s whose records now fetch big bucks. If you don’t have big bucks, then the people at Flashback have conveniently reissued their eponymous 1970 LP at an affordable price. Despite coming only a few weeks after their Columbia debut, the band agreed to do this album exclusively for Canadian Radio. They penned original material as well as arranging covers of Bob Dylan, Donovan and Smokey Robinson for the broadcast. It’s all wrapped up in a neat little package for this release.

The Sun God
The Anticipatory Organization

Described in the press release as 'three rousing tracks to stir the attention' (whatever that means), this record is probably one you're going to want to listen to should you need to have your attention stirred (apparently). It's worth noting that amongst the attention related jokes that these three tracks are actually pretty the album art. The Sun God is, of course, Chicago's finest - explorer of rhythmic cubism Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being.

Tim Burgess
As I Was Now

Who would you recruit if you were putting a band together? Me I'd go for Phil Collins (drums), Nick Beggs (bass), Robert Fripp (guitar), Viv Savage (keys) and Elton John (triangle). Tim Burgess went for some lesser names because these were the names he'd already recruited for his band to play on his latest album. Sadly due to our Twitter spat I wasn't considered but little does he know I play a mean cor anglais. His loss. Anyway this was apparently recorded in 2008 which I find hard to believe as Ladyhawke is on it and she was surely about ten at the time.  

Essen Fur Alle

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Tubby Hayes Quartet
The Syndicate: Live At The Hopbine 1968 Vol. 1

Repress and first ever CD release of this 1986 Tubby Hayes Quartet performance. Disappointingly Tubby is not a tuba or a tuba player, but a sax player. This is very, very fast jazz, with the star of the show being Hayes's remarkable drummer who manages to maintain a precision and delicacy for its entire length.

Us and Them
On Shipless Ocean

On Shipless Ocean is the second record from pysch-rock band Us and Them. What makes this record even more special is that it is available on a limited pressing blue vinyl. Available only as an LP and released on Mega Dodo. Apparently, when you listen to this you feel like you're in a warm 'liquid bubble'. Interesting. 

Birth Of Dancehall: Black Solidarity 1976-1979

The name Ossie Thomas may not be as well known as Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry or King Tubby, but like those producers Thomas has been responsible for writing some important chapters in Jamaican musical history. In particular the riddims he made in the latter part of the 1970’s under the name Black Solidarity were some crucial first steps from the genre we now know as dancehall. The Kingston Sounds compilation Birth Of Dancehall - Black Solidarity 1976-1979 gives Thomas his dues. Sugar Minott, Josey Wales and a mis-titled tune from Sammy Dread (‘Wat Wah’ is in fact ‘Righteous Dread’) are among the track listing.

Still In A Dream - A Story Of Shoegaze 1988-1995

Still In A Dream - A Story Of Shoegaze 1988-1995 does its genre a service, providing a comprehensive retrospective that digs much further than the obvious surface: Lush, Ride and The Cocteau Twins are all here, but so are Swirlies, Flying Saucer Attack and Smashing Orange. 5 discs, packaged along with extensive liner-notes, on Cherry Red.

Sing and They'll Sing Your Song

Compilation to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Megaphone record label. It features a wide range of the label's roster, including legends like Michael Head and Karen Dalton (a favourite of both Bob Dylan and Adele). The CD comes with a booklet of unpublished photos of all the musicians. 

Ingrid Goes West (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ah yes, Ingrid Goes West. It's a [scrolls down Wikipedia page to critical reception] critically acclaimed movie with favorable reviews. A film about [scrolls back up to start of Wikipedia page] someone moving to LA to hang out with someone they follow on Instagram, it sounds to me an incredibly relatable experience, and is soundtracked by some suitably idealistic dance hits, road trippin' to soul, new wave and more. Can, Islands and Bobby Oroza are three artists that exist on this soundtrack.
  • Vinyl LP (NEON1)
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Via Maris

New release from Via Maris released on cool DJ Beneath's record label, his first since releasing on cool label Livity Sound, and built for the likes of cool ex-club Plastic People. Shelleys is three tracks of bass heavy techno that still manages to show the breadth and depth of Via Maris's talents. 

Vicktor Taiwò
Joy Comes In Spirit

Vicktor Taiwò attempts to combine twin loves of pop music and experimental on a record of inner belief and self-actualisation. His debut, Joy Comes in Spirit, gambles on its bedrock of singer-songwriter soul with amorphous deviations. Tunes stretch and expand, taking on retro game music, rap and 808s-era Kanye in its fetch quest for introspection.
  • Vinyl Double LP (IL2049V)
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Wata Igarashi
Question and Answer EP

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Wax Chattels
Wax Chattels

Auckland’s Wax Chattels self-identify as ‘guitarless guitar music’. This description makes plenty of sense when you get a load of their eponymous debut LP. There’s a lot of rock-isms going on here - the yelpy vocals and pounding drums of a garage rock band, bass licks with a light punk-funk flavour - but the band’s crunchy keyboard sound does the work of a distorted six-string. This being a Captured Tracks release, there’s a nice seam of poppiness that runs through Wax Chattels. Think At The Drive In meets The Gun Club.

Will Long & DJ Sprinkles
Yellow / Ivory / Rust (Long Trax EP 3)

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With The Dead
With The Dead

With The Dead are a supergroup, although they’re not so keen on the term. They are a heavier-than-heavy metal trio made up from Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening of Electric Wizard and Lee Dorrian of Cathedral and Napalm Death. Dorrian also owns the pioneering UK label Rise Above. The label have had a fractious relationship with Electric Wizard over the years, but all seems fine on their eponymous debut...or has it added to the brutal sounds waiting to fight their way out of your speakers? I think you’re gonna like this.

Wojciech Golczewski
Beyond The Gates

Wojciech Golczewski has scored several cult horror flicks at this point. The Polish composer now adds the post-Stranger Things B-movie Beyond The Gates to a roster that includes Tonight She Comes and Dark Souls (the movie, not the game). Death Waltz Recording Co. - who film score buffs will be familiar with as a label that has put tonnes of screen music on wax - press Golczewski’s retro, John Carpenter-esque score to pink vinyl.


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Workdub EP

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