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Ultra cheap stuff from Krayon records including Vibracathedral Orchestra, C. Spencer yeh, Oren Ambarchi. Limited quantities. Get on it sharp.

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Astral Social Club / Glockenspiel
Smash Crater #1/Assorted PCP

I just stuck the Astral Social Club side of this split 7" on at what I assume must have been the wrong speed and it sounded like V/VM remixing that Mr. Blobby record from years ago. One to fuck with people at parties and that. At its intended 33rpm 'Smash Crater #1' is yet another gem from the industro-psych-techno-stomper side of Neil Campbell's...view item »

C Spencer Yeh / Jon Lorenz / Ryan Jewell
Live At The CAC 7.21.08

We seem to be living in a special time for C. Spencer Yeh 7"s at the moment, I think this is the third one in a couple of weeks. On 'Live at the CAC 7.21.08' he's scratching away manically on a violin like a John Cale possessed (yes I know he played the viola before we get inundated with angry letters) while Jon Lorenz honks away lyrically on ...view item »

Freschard & Stanley Brinks
Midnight Tequila

Midnight Tequila is the second collaboration between French indie chanteuse Freschard and former Herman Dune frontman Stanley Brinks and follows on from their 2014 effort, Pizza Espresso. Here you’ll find a collection of songs that have an irresistible late ...view item »

Moon Unit
New Sky Dragon

I'm running out of things to say about psych rock nowadays, so much of it streams its way into the office each week that I feel like I'm in a permanent state of spaced-out bewilderment. Anyway, Moon Unit play psych/krautrock type stuff that concentrates on the purely mongy terrain of drone. I can hear pseudo-sitar, synth drone and loose Vibracat...view item »

Our Love Will Destroy The World
Blue Eyes Are My Reward

Hey, I've got blue eyes which makes me the perfect guy to review this. What they're my reward for though, I have absolutely no idea. Maybe for the torrent of Digestives I demolished at lunchtime? You might know Campbell Kneale from his fine Birchville Cat Motel project, or even the split single he did with Neil Campbell that time (aw, those guys...view item »

Paul Flaherty, Chris Corsano, C. Spencer Yeh Trio / Oren Ambarchi & Matt Skitz Sanders

Triple blast from sax drums and violin wizards here and what a trio splattering out frenetic cacophony like being attacked by a a zillion killer ants. It's a hyper rush of intensity from start to finish leaving my jaw on the the floor. "What the fuck just happened???" CHAOS!!! Oren and Matt pull out an unexpected move with huge drum blasts in al...view item »

Vibracathedral Orchestra
Unnatural With Pain-Relief

Yet more essential action from the revived Vibracathedral Orchestra. One side is a beautiful resonant jam (I mean, pretty much all VCO meets that description, but this is extra lovely), and on the other we hear the quartet going full throttle at Cafe Oto with assistance from actual drum demon Chris Corsano. Yes!...view item »