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CHEAP Boards of Canada CDs

We love a bit of Boards here at the towers and what better way to listen to them than on a compact disc where you can put on and not worry about getting up to turn it over. Also brilliant for the car as you drive over spectacular mountain scenery or stuck in traffic on Armley Gyratory. Also very cheap.

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Boards of Canada

Probably the most anticipated release here for us this month and maybe this year is the Boards Of Canada LP. I will admit to being excited at the start of the week this week as I knew it was coming in. Rather sad like, we ripped the boxes open and banged it on..... I was gonna do a big opening spiel...view item »

Boards of Canada

Warp kindly re release Boards Of Canada's Twoism which is most good of 'em as there were only 100 copies of the original pressing and it was going for hundreds of quids on Ebay. Recorded in 1995 this was their 1st proper release and was recorded before the Hi Scores EP. Y...view item »

Boards of Canada
Tomorrow's Harvest

I’ve been waiting far too long for this moment being a massive fanboy but finally I get to hear the long awaited Boards of Canada album! I found ‘Campfire Headphase’ a bit of a letdown (after liking pretty much every single track they did beforehand) so I’m hoping ‘Tomor...view item »

Boards of Canada
Music Has The Right To Children

Here we have a vinyl re-press of one of the most lauded electronic albums of all time and certainly one that could be considered a ‘game changer’. Their particular brand of bleached out, saturated music is much copied but as this years ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ proves, no-one else really has come close to completely emul...view item »

Boards of Canada
The Campfire Headphase

The long awaited Boards of Canada album is here and as we work in a record shop we have already had hours and hours of discussion about its triumphs and pitfalls. So I'm virtually all talked out about it already. The initial impression was of something blander and more mainstream than their previous relea...view item »

Boards of Canada
Trans Canada Highway

There was a time here (once upon a time...) that when a new Boards Of Canada  release arrived, things would stop while we sat and listened to the treats on offer. The office pets would stop ruining the place, clocks would stop and the phone would go off the hook. Telling times are afoot cos when this new ...view item »

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