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Some Vinyl Bargains

You shouldn't just feel special because you're loved by your parents. You shouldn't just feel special because God loves you. You should feel special because we love you and to prove that here's some bargain vinyl.

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Tame Impala
Currents (Collectors Edition)

Like Tame Impala’s ___ album Currents? Well if you do, here’s your chance for deeper insight into the record, with a ...view item »

Natalie Prass
Natalie Prass

Between all the techno remixes and experimental punk bands from big city suburbs, Nathalie Prass is a refreshing singer-songwriter who knows how to encapture us with her pretty voice. We love being able to offer you something as simple, catchy and beautiful as her self-titled debut. Be careful not to go head over heels for her&h...view item »

Iggy Pop
Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall

Not only do we get a ferocious new album from James Newell Osterberg Jr., AKA Iggy Pop,  but we have been blessed with an even more unhinged performance of this killer material at the Royal Albert Hall. Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall is three vinyl LPs and a 16 page booklet of exactly th...view item »

Tame Impala
Live Versions

As wonderful as they are, there is an argument as to whether a Tame Impala live album is strictly necessary, especially one which has already come out twice, the only difference being the colour of vinyl. A cursory listen through the tracks though reveals a band at the peak of their powers, re-creating quite accurately the complex, sonically adv...view item »

Bear's Den

Authentic folkies Bear's Den continue their acoustic-fuelled ascension to heaven, one sparse and delicate record at a time. The trio makes an ornate but simple sound through guitars, more guitars and some soft percussion. Their newest work and their debut record, 'Islands' is coming out through Communion Records ...view item »

Nine Inch Nails

Released digitally in July, Caroline International bring the second in a series of three EPs from Nine Inch Nails to physical format. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross...view item »

St. Vincent

Hold on. Just adjusting to this one real quick. I need someone to do a system update to my understanding of St. Vincent, who has here transformed from her aerobic and often cosmic guitar workouts into a ballad-maker and pop blitzer. I’m not mad -- at all -- but figured the discussion around this record suggested a very small shift between ...view item »

The Horrors

I can't take any credit for this but someone suggested on 6 music last week that the Horrors are having Depeche Mode's career in reverse. If V is anything to go by they are currently in 'Music For the Masses' territory. It features huge swathes of stadium ready sounds that pokes a stick towards ...view item »

Thurston Moore
Rock n Roll Consciousness

Ok here's the thing. Why has he not aged? Does a life spent skewing screwdrivers into guitars somehow help reverse the ageing process? Or has the fact that he shed his Sonic Youth bandmate Kim Gordon for a hip young replacement helped keep him young? Whatever he's doing Thurston Moore neither looks nor soun...view item »

British Sea Power
Let The Dancers Inherit The Party

Although their unique way with live performance and semi-bonkers ideas might suggest otherwise, British Sea Power's music is often very standard stadium leaning rock and they continue this trend on this their first new material in four years. Full of intelligent songs the clunkily titled Let the Dance's Inherit the Part...view item »

Ben Watt
Fever Dream

Ben has stated in the run-up to Fever Dream’s release that these songs were deeply inspired by the Hendra release and its reception, the comprehensive touring and the rediscovery of his voice after 31 years of non-solo work and dj-ing. He felt compelled to write more. I’m glad he did. The record continues where Hendra left of...view item »