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Mr. Mitch
The Man Waits (Remixes)

Mr. Mitch plucks out The Man Waits from his EP last year to allow it to stand alone at the helm of this 12”. Supporting its floating electronic melancholia are a trio of remixes, courtesy of Gage, Iglew and Logos, three hot-right-now producers who provide some totally different approaches. On Gobstopper Records.

Mumdance & Logos
Move Your Body / Hall Of Mirrors – Perc & Truss Remixes

Two killer production duos collide on this double A-side 12”, creating a piece of wax that is truly dense with talent. Two tracks from Mumdance & Logos’ collaborative album Proto get remixed by the duo of Perc & Truss, who crank up the techno power to the max. Move Your Body / Hall Of Mirrors - Perc & Truss Remixes is out on Tectonic.

Mumdance & Logos

My Invisible Friend
My Invisible Friend EP

Glorious! There’s driving noisy rock, hi-fidelity pop joy, speedy krautrock rhythms, and moment of discordant spaciness. Italian trio My Invisible Friend push all this together into long expansive tracks that push the 18 minute mark and fuse the walls of sound of My Bloody Valentine with the pace of Neu!.

Nana Love
Disco Documentary – Full Of Funk

This is purportedly one of the most mysterious Afro-Disco records produced in the 1970's. Its been unearthed by the BBE folks and forms the third instalment of their “Masters We Love” series. When the original album master tapes were found, unreleased material was discovered at the same time making this a bumper extended package. The music is perfectly poised between disco, boogie, soul and funk and is jam-packed with funky bass and top notch drum breaks and Nana wails like a banshee!   

Nathan Fake

Nathan Fake’s new album, his fourth, is the first time he has ever worked with vocalists; and what a pair of vocalists they are. Raphaelle from Braids contributes some swooning dramatism to ‘RVK’, while Prurient / Dominick Fernow contributes some sinister muttering to ‘DEGREELESSNESS’. These big-hitter tracks are supported by a brace of lively electronic instrumentals in classic Fake style. Providence is out on Ninja Tune.

Nathan Fake feat. Prurient

In a slightly surprising collaboration, warmly hazy electronica merchant Nathan Fake has teamed up with blackened noise-pain dealer Prurient. Degreelessness still sounds bright, but it has an anxious undercurrent to it, partly articulated by Dom Fernow’s distant mutterings. B-side Now We Know is a solo Fake production. 12” on Ninja Tune.
  • Vinyl 12" (ZEN12442)
  • £9.49 £7.59 (saving: £1.90)
  • In stock and ready to ship

The Vancori Complex

The Vancori Complex is the latest 12" from Neel, on the label he co-founded: Spazio Disponibile. It's also his debut solo EP. You may remember Neel from his work with Donato Dozzy on Voices From The Lake. This new release showcases three tracks as examples of his nuanced and supple style of techno. His skills in sound design and audio engineering bring a thrillingly dynamic edge. Compelling stuff.

Neil Landstrumm
Kris P Lettuce

This one comes with a serious wonkiness warning. Scottish producer Neil Landstrumm  was an early purveyor of the wonky techno genre and with releases on Planet Mu, Tresor, Mord and Snork Enterprises he leads the crowds still. With this new EP, Kris P Lettuce on Elektron Grammofon, we can promise it isn’t in anyway related to the kids toys, but is just as warped.
  • Vinyl 12" (EGR45-00006)
  • £12.99 £7.79 (saving: £5.20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Released in the same year as Tonight’s The Night, Zuma was more of a straightforward (but still a classic) Neil Young & Crazy Horse album. It features the live favourite Cortez The Killer and Don’t Cry No Tears which has been covered by Teenage Fanclub. There’s also an appearance from his old pals Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Neon Pearl
Neon Pearl

History's forgotten psych bands come ten a penny, but when they were as impressive as Neon Pearl, they deserve to be remembered. As a self-titled offering, this eight-track expedition contains rare and remastered studio recordings from 1967 and 1968. Crossing wires with the likes of The Zombies and Tomorrow - it's a hidden gem.

New Jackson
Put The Love In It

The second single release from New Jackson’s (David Kitt) From Night To Night album on All City. Mixing the softly spoken vocal of Darkside’s Paper Trails and subdued disco groove and oddness of Soft Hair’s Lying Has To Stop. Comes with A B-side not on the album and a remix by Peaking Lights.

Nick Oliveri
N.O. Hits At All Vol. 1

Nick Oliveri is part of stoner metal / desert rock royalty, having played with Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Katzenjammer, Mondo Generator etc. But this compilation release focuses on yet other of his exploits, documenting times when Nick has added guest vocals to other band’s jams, and there are plenty of them. This is Volume One of the N.O. Hits At All series. On Heavy Psych Sounds.

Nick Oliveri
N.O. Hits At All Vol. 2

As a mixture Nick Oliveri's released and unreleased greatest works, N.O Hits At All Vol.2 is psychedelic series containing the best of a creatives past 25 years in the industry. Featuring both Oliveri's adept bass strums and unique vocals, this is a solid collection of an individual's impassioned works.

Noise Addict
10,000 Kids With Guitars

Noise Addict is what happened when some Australian teenagers saw a Nirvana gig and decided to try and do it themselves. Wahey! They actually ended up making a decent impact with their noisy punk-pop, and Numero Group now present two LPs worth of their best cuts. 10,000 Kids With Guitars comes with a chalkboard cover, so they tell us.

Gentefication EP

Dan Caballero is part of the Underground Resistance family, mixing their tracks as well as working with Los Hermanos, Orlando Voorn, and DJ 3000. His second release on his own Yaxteq label under his Nomadico moniker. Gentefication is an ode to street culture rising up against developers through fiery high tech techno and acidic basslines.
  • Vinyl 12" (YAXTEQ002)
  • £10.99 £6.59 (saving: £4.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Oddments Of The Gamble

It’s impossible to get Nils Frahm to sit still. If he’s not recording a solo album on the world’s biggest piano, he’s together with childhood friends Frederic Gmeiner and Sepp Singwald making lush and spacious ambient rock as nonkeen. Having recorded so many good songs they couldn’t fit them on one album, the trio decided to release two. The gods of coin-flipping favored the Gamble, but now the other tracks are available as well. Here are the Oddments Of The Gamble.

O. De Filippi
Favole Per Ogni Eta'

Oronzo De Filippi is one of the elite group of library music and obscure soundtrack composers who did the lord’s work in Italy back in the 70’s. His 1970 release Favole Per Ogni Eta’ receives a rare reissue here on the Cabiria Records label, putting it’s weird funky grooves back into circulation. Edition of 200 LPs.

Olafur Arnalds
Late Night Tales

Sensitive neo-classical pianist and composer Olafur Arnalds welcomes the listener into his musical taste with this latest edition of the Late Night Tales series. His mix combines plenty of different styles, and includes exclusive tracks from Arnór Dan, Arnalds himself, and actor David Tennant! Both CD and vinyl versions are mixed, but come with download codes for the unmixed original tracks.

Olafur Arnalds
Broadchurch - The Final Chapter

Like Olivia Colman and David Tennant, composer Olafur Arnalds has also returned for the third and final series of Broadchurch, with another suite of emotional minimal musical themes, played with tremendous subtly by both orchestra and smaller ensembles. Broadchurch - The Final Chapter is released on vinyl by Mercury.

Old Man Gloom

Heavy + Heavy = Heavy appears to be the formula behind this ‘supergroup’: members of Converge, ISIS, Mamiffer (and so on) have gotten together to produce another record of blasted fury music. NO was first released in 2012, but Old Man Gloom have seen fit to reissue it on Hydra Head. Double LP.

Olimpia Splendid
Olimpia Splendid

The debut album from Olimpia Splendid comes after their EP dropped in 2013 to praise of their gritty electric guitar and hypnotic rhythms. The six tracks on the album from the three girls from Helsinki have looping rhythms which are built upon with raging guitar and mantra like vocals. An intense and punk like slice of psychedelia.   

Ordre Etern
Revolució Soterrada

Ordre Etern are a product of the current Spanish political climate (explicit shout-outs to Goya and Lorca are made in the press release). They aren’t too happy about it apparently, and express this through good old-fashioned industrial drum pounding and vocal howling, with decent amounts of electronics too. Involving former Nurse With Wound collaborator Victor Hurtado. On Magia Roja / Tesla Tapes.

Orphan Swords
License To Desire Remixes

Orphan Swords are a Belgian duo who apply their electronics to a mysterious maelstrom of dark’n’noisy post-industrial sound. Here they’ve handed their License To Desire EP over to Helm, Prostitutes, Svengalisghost, Black Rain and Icon Template for a variety of remixes that smash the tracks apart and rebuild them into new shapes. Out on Aurora Borealis.

For The Head / The Past Is A Dream

After a good few releases spent overseeing and curating proceedings, Version label head Orson puts a couple of his own tunes into circulation. For The Head / The Past Is A Dream is a properly low-slung pair of sub-bass rollers, pitched to half-step speed and fine-tuned to devastating effect. 12” release, necessary for all serious dubbers.

Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

Speakerboxxx/The Love Below is the 2003 album from OutKast. This release contains over two hours worth of jazz, psychedelic and punk inspired Southern hip-hop. It can only be described as one of the most influential releases from a hip-hop group that went on to inspire so many of today’s hip-hop artists....and of course it contains the forever classic 'Hey Ya'. Available Vinyl LP Boxset.

OV / Diego
Perc Song (Chords) / Crack

OV and Diego (aka Suzanne Kraft / Dude Energy) take one 12” side each for this compelling Future Times release. Both cuts are jumpy and a little less usual. Perc Song (Chords) ducks and weaves around its main motif, and is rich in synthetic flavours. Crack is a soft drum-pummel with melancholy synth-lines that’ll reach into your soul. A very strong pairing.

Pacific Express
Black Fire

Pacific Express come roaring back from 1976 South Africa with the reissue of their debut Black Fire. They created a fiery, pioneering sound which cooked together a potent stew of Latin, R&B, soul, pop, rock and jazz. The blend was irresistibly funky with a militant swing; the mood was defiantly upbeat and optimistic in the face of the troubles of the time. Remastered LP on Matsuli.

Pact Infernal
The Descent Chapter II Reincarnated

The descent - Chapter II is a reassembled mix of past favourite artists that each provide their own interpretation of all the the tracks from Chapter II. Across all these remixes, Pact Infernal has been rebuilt and reshaped into things unlike anything we have seen before; with each of the tracks providing a small insight into the styles and tastes of the unique creators. This remade album totally changes the Pact Infernal we previously knew.
  • Vinyl 12" (HOROEX9)
  • £9.99 £7.99 (saving: £2.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
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Chase The Light EP

‘Chase The Light’ was rehearsed and recorded at ‘The Arch’, a creative centre in Tottenham for young artists, designers and musicians where Leo Wyndham (guitar, vocals), Rupert Turner (guitar), Will Dorey (bass), and Matt Hodges (drums) rehearse, record and sometimes sleep. Their close relationship to the space brings an intimacy to their Foals-esque riffs, broken vocals and heavy drums.

Panthera Krause
Solar System

After a couple of EPs on Riotvand and Uncanny Valley, Panthera Krause returns to Lobster Theramin with a huge EP filled to the brim with all corners of dance music covered. Acidic house, driving arpeggiated techno, and a couple of deep and chilled numbers. Pretty useful, a track for every time of day.
  • Vinyl 12" (LTWHT009)
  • £9.99 £5.99 (saving: £4.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Para One
Girlhood (The Original Soundtrack of Bande De Filles)

Soundtrack to the film Girlhood or Bande De Filles by Céline Sciamma by the long-time composer for all her movies, Jean Baptiste de Laubier, also known as Para One.  Avoiding sentimentality and exploring themes of love, friendship and the struggles of a Parisian underclass. Nine instrumental tracks and "Slow Down" featuring Frida Sundemo. Vinyl 12” on Because.

Para One & The South African Youth Choir

Elevate is the newest gospel-inspired house track from Jean-Baptiste de Laubier. Interrupting thumping electro house beats for introspective and soulful vocals, Para One takes the vocal qualities of The South African Youth Choir on a positive energy trip. The 12” includes an instrumental, acappella version and three remixes.

thrd mpct ep

Paradon’t is the sonic conjunction of Don’t DJ and Paraklang, taking the opportunity of their collaboration to take both of their sounds way out. thrd mpct ep has a weird and wonky kick to it, casually avoiding steady grooves in favour of a chopped-up blend of rhythms, samples and textures. Exciting experiments, released in a limited edition of 500 12”s on Disk.

Parquet Courts
Performing Human

Swaggering New York indie-punks Parquet Courts released Human Performance, their third or fifth album (depending on which ones you count), earlier this year. This is an EP of alt-versions and remixes of the title track, cannily titled Performing Human. The remixes come from Eaters and from Chris Pickering out of Future Punx. 12” vinyl EP.
  • Vinyl 12" (RTRADST807)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Parquet Courts
Captive Of The Sun ft. Bun B

Those who have schooled up on Parquet Courts may well know that Austin Brown’s love for Southern hip-hop is sincere. Just check his 2015 piece for The Talk House. Anyway, here Brown gets to live out the fantasy of many a doe-eyed music lover by stepping into the booth with one of his inspirations. Just one of the many standouts from their excellent Human Performance, ‘Captive of the Sun’ here comes fleshed out with a typically urbane verse by Houston O.G. Bun B. On the flip, heir-to-the-throne-of-DJ Screw DJ Candlestick shows his chopping-not-slopping chops.

Pascal Comelade
Le Rocanrolorama Abrégé

Having recently gone all the way in one direction by releasing a 6CD ‘Complete Works’ box-set, Pascal Comelade now does the opposite by cutting the collection way down again to fit into a twenty-four track double LP / single CD set. Le Rocanrolorama Abrege features music from 1993 to 2016, representing the multiple sides of Pascal’s ornate musical styles.

Analog Fingerprints Vol. 1

Probably best known for his work in Tiger & Woods Marco Passarani has operated under many names - Analog Fingerprints, M-Chrome and PSS-2099 to name a few. Released on glaswegian label numbers Analog Fingerprints Vol. 1 boasts his crossover style of acidic tech house and spacey disco groove. If you like to journey with Todd Terje, you’ll dig.

Paul Weller
Paul Weller

Paul Weller released his eponymous solo debut in 1992. This project started life under the name The Paul Weller Movement releasing the Into Tomorrow single. It was here that Weller displayed his love of 60s R&B, a genre that would appear frequently in his solo career,  with the single Uh Huh Oh Yeh.

Macrocosm Microcosm

PAUW are a trio of Netherlanders, who mix two different styles of psychedelic music very capably. That is to say, they have both the gnarly wildness of modern psych-rock and, more intriguingly, the whimsy and oddness of 60’s psychedelia. Macrocosm Microcosm is their debut full-length, out on Caroline Benelux.

Pearl Jam
No Code

High time for some Pearl Jam reissues to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the No Code-heralded next phase of their career. No Code found the band kicking back against their success with a wider, more experimental range of sounds: a bit of psych, a bit of garage. This reissue, the first vinyl release for the album since back-in-the-day, is out on Legacy.

Peder Mannerfelt

Fresh from a release on Joy Orbison/Will Bankhead’s Hinge Finger, Peder Mannerfelt hops over to Jackmaster’s Numbers for three curious slabs of sort-of-techno. The title track recalls the best bits of late-90s Eurodance as well as Peaches at her most brazen. Very cool record with a very cool screen-printed sleeve.
  • Vinyl 12" (NMBRS52)
  • £8.99 £5.39 (saving: £3.60)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Penik Ettek / Datasmok & D.Carbone

In what seems like an antidote to the sassy house resurgence, Penik Etteck, Datasmok and D. Carbone offer a four track 12" designed to ruin rave dancefloors the world over. Nothing pretty or soulful exists here; everything is forced into distortion, sounding remarkably Dutch, and destined for dark raves. 

Pentagram Home Video
The Satanic Path

New music in a semi-vintage style from Pentagram Home Video, one of the artists on Death Waltz’s ‘Originals’ spin-off label. The Satanic Path is all about thick analogue synth curtains and potent drum machines, creating a very doomy vibe indeed. This is the debut album of the Pentagram Home Video Project.


“Menacing” and “Punishing” are common words when you search for this Dublin based trio. And.. well, they aren’t wrong. Think of Swans with a leaning towards Neu! krautrock driving rhythms. Swirls of loops and feedback clash and gather, falling in and out of harmony with a solid bass and drum to follow.

Perera Elsewhere
All Of This

The second album by Jahcoozi member Perera Elsewhere was created in many different ‘elsewhere’s, from Istanbul to Berlin to Mumbai. All Of This is downtempo and downbeat, bringing in trip-hop vibes to its experimental art-pop sound-world. All Of This is released by the Friends of Friends label.

Contagious Life

The debut album from London hardcore crew Permission lands like a concrete punch but faster. Contagious Life is eight tracks of breakneck energy and furious frustration: all yr favourite elements The vinyl release comes along with a insert of lyrics and a download code, and is released by La Vida Es Un Mus.
  • Vinyl LP (MUS151)
  • £15.99 £9.59 (saving: £6.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Perry Monroe
Killing Spree (Original Soundtrack)

Here is Perry Monroe’s original soundtrack to the schlocky splatterfest 1987 horror film Killing Spree, being released for the first time on any format whatsoever. The audio has been taken from the original master tapes, and is pressed to an astonishingly complicated configuration of vinyl: the A-side and B-side are somehow coloured altogether differently, with two or more colours per side. Released by Terror Vision Records & Video.

Person Of Interest
Down For Your Fantasy EP

Person Of Interest deposits four new tracks in your lap in the form of a 12”. Down For Your Fantasy is an EP of juicy house goodness, richly stocked with lively breakbeats and booming bassline throb. Vivid listening, and even more vivid dancing. 12” EP on the Unknown To The Unknown label.
  • Vinyl 12" (UTTU077)
  • £9.49 £5.69 (saving: £3.80)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

New Lines

Having debuted on the Peak Oil label back in 2012, Personable is back after having released Umor Rex, Opal Tapes and Leaving. New Lines sees Personable push his twisted off-kilter approach to modular music further into the future with some hints of grime and techno across this killer four track LP.  
  • Vinyl LP (Peak 07)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy


After releases on labels such as Blackest Ever Black, Samurai and UVB-76 Bristol based drum and bass producer Pessimist brings his deep, dark and moody rhythms to the Osiris label with his latest EP Pagans. Brooding rolling subs and perfectly chest thumping kicks ride through showy ambience, a city at night.

Pet Shop Boys
Inner Sanctum

Pet Shop Boys! As ever, the mighty pop duo have a hot single on their hands in the form of Inner Sanctum, taken from their recent Super album. This 12” release boosts the single with 2 demo versions and, more remarkably, a remix from the one and only Carl Craig! Craig straps the (already pretty dance-friendly) PSB pop into a full-on techno suit, with floor-filling results. 12” single on x2.

Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys singles always get the proper old-school pop 12” treatment, and Undertow, the latest from their recent Super record, is no exception! The track itself gets remixed twice by Tuff City Kids, while Baba Stiltz gets to work on ‘Burn’. Plus a new version of Pet Shop classic ‘Left To My Own Devices’! 12” single on x2.

Peter Doherty
Hamburg Demonstrations

Erstwhile Babyshambler and Libertine Mr Peter Doherty comes back with a solo record, put together in Hamburg. Hamburg Demonstrations skims across an array of pop culture and political references (Graham Greene, the Paris attacks, Amy Winehouse), offering the listener the opportunity to witness the world from Doherty’s particular perspective. Out on BMG.

Peter Howell and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Through A Glass Darkly

Through a Glass Darkly is a seminal document in terms of synth music. Peter Howell began work on the album in 1977 with the brief to create music to fill one side of an LP. The result is a low budget classic and ranks alongside great works by the likes of Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre. Through A Glass Darkly is available on 180g vinyl LP.

Peter Van Hoesen / Wata Igarashi / Etapp Kyle / Marco Shuttle
Semantica 10.IV

Release number four in Semantica’s ten year anniversary series contains tracks from four different artists from around the world, each jacking up some electronic good vibes. That’s exclusive material from Wata Igarashi, Marco Shuttle, Etapp Kyle and Peter Van Hoesen, providing a clear picture of where Semantica is at right now.

Bestial Burden

Just a year after the maggot-crawling 'Abandon' was released on Sacred Bones, power electronics musician Pharmakon returns with her second record, 'Bestial Burden', written about the time Margaret Chardiet spent losing one of her organs to major surgery. The record reflects Chardiet's experience of seeing the human body in terms of surgical objects, and in feeling "a widening divide between [the] physical and mental self". Only four minutes longer than 'Abandon', the record continues her trend of making short, punishing works that utilise harsh noise, piercing screams and gruesome samples to confront the listener. 

Phil X Milstein & Thurston Moore
Songs We Taught the Lord Volume One

Here’s the tapes of a 1996 live performance by Phil X Milstein (on tape loops and musical saw) and Thurston Moore (on guitar and feedbacks, obviously), supporting none other than John Fahey. Songs We Taught The Lord Volume One has never been released before, but now gets a tasty vinyl pressing limited to 400 copies, thanks to Feeding Tube Records.

Phil X Milstein & Thurston Moore
Songs We Taught the Lord Volume Two

Here’s the tapes of a 1996 live performance by Phil X Milstein (on tape loops and musical saw) and Thurston Moore (on guitar and feedbacks, obviously), supporting none other than John Fahey. Songs We Taught The Lord Volume Two was initially released in 1997 by Chris Corsano, but it’s been in the void since then, plus this vinyl release has remastered audio. On Feeding Tube Records.

Philip Glass / Alfred Schnittke
Violin Concerto No. 1 / Concerto Grosso No. 5

Minimalist maestro Philip Glass directs his talents towards interpreting the work of Soviet and German composer Alfred Schnittke. Violin Concerto No. 1 / Concerto Grosso No. 5 capture Schnittke’s rich polystylistic approaches and grand melodies, tempered slightly by Glass’ delicate and restrained attitude. The 180g vinyl LP on Deutsche Grammophon includes a download code.

Phillip Glass
Songs From The Trilogy

Phillip Glass is most noted for his minimalist repetition, but now approaching his 80th birthday and still performing with his ensemble, he has a lot more in his back catalogue than that. Songs From The Trilogy is a collection of pieces taken from three of his operas - Einstein On The Beach, Satyagraha and Akhnaten.

Phillippe Hallais
An American Hero

Philippe Hallais has been producing as Low Jack for some time, but here he steps out under his own name for the first time, presenting some rather different experiments. An American Hero finds Hallais taking on the tropes of, er, ESPN sports documentaries, presenting a suite of ambientish tracks that trace out the ghost of one of these generic narratives. An American Hero is released by Modern Love.
  • CD (LOVE106)
  • £7.99 £4.79 (saving: £3.20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Pierre Mariétan
Rose Des Vents

Rose Des Vents was commissioned in 1981 by the French Government (unlike most of the records you listen to), who wanted Pierre Mariétan to document the sound-life of towns near Paris. He did this, but he also applied plenty of treatments, additional instrumentation and serialist composition to the end result, making for some rather special electroacoustics. Double LP reissue on Mana.

Summer In Abaddon

After a couple of LPs for Ace Fu around the turn of the century, Touch & Go provided a home for Pinback’s third full-length Summer In Abaddon. The 2004 album is a prime example of the stirring indie-rock that the band did so well around that time. Contemporaries like Wolf Parade, Les Savy Fav and Death Cab For Cutie would have all been happy to have come up with something like Summer In Abaddon.

Water Bomb / Cold New Worlds

The first release from Pinch’s Cold Recordings label for a year see the boss back at the helm. With releases on Tectonic, Deep Medi Musik and Planet Mu Pinch has been at the forefront of dubstep and it’s continuing evolution. Two mix friendly tracks of hybrid bass music, happily fitting with breaks, dubstep and techno. Water Bomb has been highly sought after since being featured on Mumdance’s Fabriclive mix.

Pit Ponies
Magnificent Second Occupation

Pit Ponies, as the name signifies, identify strongly with an English working class tradition, and they carry this through with their direct, soul tinged music. Magnificent Second Occupation certainly kicks back against working class marginalisation, but it has a definite joy to it too. Released by Trashmouth Records.

POLICA and s t a r g a z e
Bruise Blood: Reimagining Steve Reich’s Music for Pieces of Wood

The first of two records made in collaboration between dark synth pop group Poliça and Berlin based chamber orchestra Stargaze. On their first release together they have reinterpreted Steve Reich’s Music For Pieces of Wood from 1973, drawing from its polyrhythmic minimalism growing it into an equally sonically explorative piece utilising a broader palette of sound.

Population One
A Mind Of His Own

Terrence Dixon had a couple of releases as Population One on Juan Atkins’ legendary label Metroplex “back in the day” with 17 years between his Earth 2976 12” and A Mind Of His Own. Now officialy remastered and put back out through Metroplex, these four tracks are spacey and tripped out detroit techno given new life.

Porter Ray

If Porter Ray's debut single is anything to go by, then his full length - Watercolor - is to be highly anticipated. Sacred Geometry is a promising and deep electronic expedition, layered amongst a reel of candid lyrics - keep an eye out for this burgeoning Seattle-based innovator.

Sylvester Stallone / Smut

Big boy Powell delivers two new tracks ("Sylvester Stallone" and "Smut"), not for his own Diagonal Records, but for the more indie-ish XL. Perhaps signalling forthcoming crossover appeal? Let's hope so, because Powell’s tracks deserve a good-sized audience. On this 12”, Sylvester Stallone hits as hard as it ought to with a title like that, and Smut is suitably murky.

Electric Glitter Boogie

The straightforwardly-named Power take their influence entirely from Australia’s history of greasy pub hard rock: music to drink beer and flail around to. Electric Glitter Boogie delivers on both its title and its history, being a straight-down-the-line guitar thrash recorded raw and direct for maximum impact. Released by In The Red.

Reaching Out

As Precipitation, Vancouver artist and musician Zefan Sramek produces intimate, low-key bangers, each apparently recorded in one take. As well as stuttering drum machines and synth-bass throb, delicate minimal piano and twinkling synths play a crucial role in creating the lovely atmospheres of Reaching Out. 12” on Get The Balance Right.

Prefuse 73
Rivington Nao Rio

Prefuse 73 returns after a remarkably long break (four years!) to treat us all with a fresh platter of his clicking minimal-hip-hop, reverb-soaked and with odd production touches abound. Guest vocalists include Busdriver, Rob Crow and Helado Negro, and Rivington Nao Rio is released by Temporary Residence.

Pretty Sneaky

Lively, fine-tweaked club tunage from Pretty Sneaky. 1, utilitarianly titled to reflect the fact that this 12” ushers in a new Pretty Sneaky label, has pads and sound effects ducking and weaving around half-speed bass and double-speed drums. This is sweet and groovy stuff that moves lightly on its feet.


Seeing the words "debut album" and Prince in tandem with one another is pretty disorientating, but PlectrumElectrum is a first, of sorts: his backing band 3rdEyeGirl step up here, hoping to bring one of pop music's greatest stars back around in a particularly prolific burst of his career.

Prince and the Revolution
Purple Rain (2015 Paisley Park Remaster)

Seriously exciting stuff here for Prince fans: as well as a remastered version of the deeply classic album Purple Rain, the CD versions of this reissue also include a whole disc of contemporary tracks from the great one’s immense and closely guarded archives, which haven’t even been bootlegged before! Revel in the rarities. On Warner Bros.


Prix are a lesser-known band that came about when members of later-period Big Star shot off on their own. Historix is a set of ferocious mid-70’s rock music, packed with riffs and flaring vocals. Barely any of this material has been widely heard: 2 singles released at the time and a Japanese CD release 15 years ago is all the attention it has received. So praise due to the efforts of HoZac Archival.

Prophets of Rage
The Party's Over

Prophets of Rage consists of the members of Rage Against the Machine(/Audioslave) sans-vocalists, Chuck D and DJ Lord of Public Enemy, plus Cypress Hill’s B-Real - in other words, a Justice League of guys who just aren’t willing to let it go and move on to new strategies. “The Party’s Over” features vintage Morello riffage, over-enunciated, old school raps, and that same dusty feeling of camo cargos at hard rap-rock and ska festivals. Continue sticking it to the man with this handy 12” single!

Psychic TV
Allegory & Self

Sacred Bones present a pair of Psychic TV reissues. Allegory & Self, released in 1984, is in fact one of the group’s most pop-friendly albums ever, a surprising move for the group led by Genesis P-Orridge and Alex Fergusson. Take this chance to relish the sound of the weirdos storming the charts! Out of print on vinyl for almost three decades, here is Allegory & Self reissued.

Psychic TV

Genesis P-Orridge and Co. return with their follow up to 2014’s Snakes. Features two haunting (as only PTV know how to be) originals as well as continuing their weird-ening of classic songs with reappropriations of “Jump Into The Fire” by Harry Nilsson and The Creation’s “How Does It Feel To Feel”.

Psychic TV
Pagan Day

Sacred Bones present a pair of Psychic TV reissues. Pagan Day originally came out in 1984, presenting raw versions of songs fleshed out elsewhere. Unlike the ornate full band recordings, these are four-track demos and sketches, recorded by Genesis P-Orridge and Alex Fergusson alone. Out of print for three decades, here it is reissued!

Rainbow Party

This 3-track taster is anything but a shallow and polished chat-ready take. Rainbow Party is, in fact, as deep and sprawling as its kaleidoscopic sleeve - and splashed with multiple genre influences throughout. Containing no less than punk, hip-hop and leftfield electronica; Psymun are throwing a party, and everyone's invited!

Public Memory
Veil Of Counsel

Public Memory make a shuffling kind of music out of slithering bass tones, slow-swaggering drum machines and Thom Yorkie vocals, all put through a dubbed-up and tripped-out production style. Veil Of Memory is a three track EP that sonically stands in between last year’s debut album and their forthcoming 2017 follow-up. 12” on Felte.


Even though very much in their infancy, London based Pumarosa show that a butt load of effort pays off when developing a sound of your own. Their third short play release plays out post-indie rock with worldly wisdom, casting off the shackles of childish wonder with fond reflection. Vinyl released on Fiction.

Pvre Matrix

Pvre Matrix like to keep things as all-about-the-music as possible, and hence has given this release no track titles, no real EP title, and no press release. Hardcore. What this does is shift all out attention to the contents of the wax: hard and fast percussive workouts that can swallow you whole if you’re not careful. One copy per customer for this limited 12” white label.

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