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Ian Hicks / Luxos / Carl Matthews / The Schmutz Sisters
Now and Then

Starting as a night in Glasgow run by JD Twitch  and Katie Shambles, So Low has become a label run under Optimo Music. This debut release states its intent. Four tracks, two brand new (Ian Hicks and Luxos) and two from 1982 and 1988 (Carl Matthews and The Schmutz Sisters). Expect further ventures in cold wave, dark wave and gothic industrial atmospherics.

Ian William Craig
Slow Vessels

Ian William Craig somewhat returns to his tremendously loved 2016 album Centres with an EP that relocates some of those pieces onto voice, piano and acoustic guitar, with just a few licks of subtle tape manipulation lapping at the edges. Slow Vessels proves that Craig’s songwriting is just as powerful when it stands naked as when it is wreathed in fuzz magic. 12” on 130701.

Everything Ever Written

Scottish indie rockers Idlewild started off as punks, shifted to alt-rock and spent their final days crafting pastoral folk records about Scottish islands and tortured romances. After that, frontman Roddy Woomble struck out as an acoustic act, leaving the band in deep hibernation. Now, they're back, with a follow-up to Post-Electric Blues that stitches together each incarnation of the band's sound. Fittingly, it's called Everything Ever Written. Expect heart-throbs and lyrics that don't make any sense, and are all the better for it.

Image Man

Image Man hails from New York City, and traces of the city’s crucial disco history have wormed their way into his house and techno productions. Glance is full of futuristic synth-shimmer, but with nostalgic samples of old soul and pop folded into the mixture. Spacey stuff, for the dancefloor or the home. 12” on 1080p.

Time Rewind

New EP from INKAMERA, the production / vocal project of fresh electro queen Victoria Lukas whom was half of Zerkalo with Drexciya/Dopplereffekt's Gerald Donald. Time Rewind is a set of club tunes that also move like synth-pop songs: a neat balance. Time Rewind’s seven tracks are pressed to twelve inches beautiful clear white vinyl, released by the Last Known Trajectory label.
  • Vinyl 12" (TRAJECTORY1021)
  • £8.99 £5.39 (saving: £3.60)
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Innercity Ensemble

With an all-star cast that incorporates Stara Rzeka, Kapital and T’ien Lai, the odds for Innercity Ensemble turning out quality music are high. And they don’t disappoint! III is sort of jazz-derived, but also totally grounded in thick heavy rhythms. Definite jazz-fusion vibes here, but without any of the weaker trappings of that genre. Out on Instant Classic.

Ion Ludwig
For Real We Are Not For You EP

Two deep-pulsing grooves from Ion Ludwig (also releasing as Alter Mahnn). The For Real We Are Not For You EP has been crafted with intelligence and great patience: both tracks are constructed with long-term development in mind, gradually evolving over the course of many minutes. 12” on Toi Toi Musik.
  • Vinyl 12" (TT04)
  • £7.99 £6.39 (saving: £1.60)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Shtamm (w/ Regis Remix)

Through his previous cassettes and EPs with Stale, Spanish producer Irazu has grown his techno palette hugely, from Nine Inch Nails esque preocessed guitars and heavy industrial pounders to stark dystopian and discordant drone pieces. On Shtamm he continues developing further, into energetic and frenzied percussion and dips into the cinematic. Features a remix by Regis.
  • Vinyl 12" (ST172)
  • £8.99 £5.39 (saving: £3.60)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Israel Vines

Experimental Techno from Israel Vines here, with 3 varied tracks on 12” vinyl. 2 dark, thrusting dancefloor demons and 1 dubbed-out piece of ambience. Gatekeepers is released by Eye Teeth, a recent sub-label of the Detroit-based Interdimensional Transmissions label with a focus on the sharpest cutting-edge of Techno.
  • Vinyl 12" (TEETH-3)
  • £7.49 £4.49 (saving: £3.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Light Moving

A muddy, expansive chunk of dancefloor techno from Portuguese IVVVO. Following a slew of releases on Opal Tapes he brings Light Moving to Fourth Wave, tying a rich palette of crackly sounds and dark ambient washes to a propulsive beat for a rushing club-facing sound. Out on vinyl LP from Fourth Wave.
  • Vinyl 12" (4TH013)
  • £9.49 £5.69 (saving: £3.80)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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J Dilla
Jay Dee's Ma Dukes Collection

Since his death in 2006 J Dilla’s prolific beats have continued to be released from the vaults primarily thanks to his mother, Yancey Media Group, and the sheer levels of productivity he kept at. Mad available on vinyl for the first time this is yet another collection of must have boom bap from the master himself.

J.D. Emmanuel
Echoes From Ancient Caves

Even if you missed your chance to be part of an early 80s ex-hippy meditation commune, electronic pioneer JD Emmanuel’s newest release may still be of interest to you. Layered with patterns and laced with little instrumental decorations, Echoes from Ancient Caves’ sole mission is to to bring you inner peace, happiness, and complete spiritual enlightenment. Limited to 500 copies.

J:Kenzo & Nomine
Ruffhouse / Blind Man – Om Unit Remixes

This one, released for Record Store Day 2016, sees veteran basshead Om Unit, now proficient in DnB and beyond, re-working two percussive odysseys by rising (risen?) star J:Kenzo and Nomine. You guessed it, skittering breaks collide with deep basses to deliver some serious heavyweight activity on Tempa.


With four years since his last solo full length, polish electroacoustic producer Jacaszek moves to big boys Ghostly International with Kwiaty. Incredible acoustic sounds sampled, cut and processed to the Nth degree create a collage of space and place. Based around a book of 17th century poems and featuring the vocals of Hania Malarowska from Hanimal. Melancholic joy.

Jack Rose
Jack Rose

Originally unleashed in 2006 this is a collection of live and studio recordings by the late finger picker whose influence has only seemed to increase since his untimely death at the age of 38. From his Pelt days onwards Rose had a distinct style which were music to the ears of anyone raised on John Fahey and Robbie Basho. Thankfully Three Lobed are re-issuing his back catalogue in these lovely old style Stoughton tip on sleeve editions.  

Jacuzzi Boys
Jacuzzi Boys

  • CD (HAR074CD)
  • £10.49 £5.25 (saving: £5.24)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Jaga Jazzist
One-Armed Bandit

Norwegian mega-band Jaga Jazzist have signed to Ninja Tune in order to release new LP One-Armed Bandit. A nine- or ten-piece group depending on which way the wind’s blowing, Jaga Jazzist create a sort of updated version of golden-age Library funk on this record. This means that the ‘70s fusion inflections are adorned with influences from Nordic Disco, Icelandic electronica and post-rock on cuts like 'Endless Galaxy'. Think Polar Bear and GoGo Penguin.

Jamal Moss
Ginger Snaps

The Hieroglyphic Being just doesn’t stop producing: Jamal Moss aka The Sun God, half of The Angel Race, Africans With Mainframes, Faces of Drums etc. unleashes a 12" of 3 killer cuts in his inimitable style. Chicago house / rugged techno meets free jazz on this mystical EP that will warp minds and move feet.

James Horner
Avatar (Music From The Motion Picture)

Composer James Horner has the created the soundtracks to many iconic films, including Braveheart, Apocalypto, Aliens and Titanic. Returning to work with James Cameron for his epic-in-so-many-ways-record-breaking-sales-hit Avatar. Available on vinyl for the first time, packaged with 6-page insert, on Music On Vinyl.

Jamie Lidell / Matthew Herbert
When I Come Back Round (Matthew Herbert's Long Night Dub)

This record, When I Come Back Round, is the live version of a work by Matthew Herbert and Jamie Lidell. Both are standout artists on the experimental house scene, so a collaboration was always going to be powerful. The release also contains Herbert’s own release entitled ‘Megaphone’. Available on Vinyl LP.  

Love Is Happiness

Dig this fully classic vintage acid, retrieved from 1988 to re-energise modern dancefloors. Jaquarias’ acidic anthem sounds both historically prescient and viscerally kick-ass today, and this 12” re-press from Rockin’ House includes five different mixes of the tune, including ‘Acid Rain’ and ‘Acid Love’ versions. Love Is Happiness indeed.

Jared Wilson
Midnight On Ecorse Creek

The most acidic man on the earth, Jared Wilson, does exactly what you'd expect him to do and releases some killer acidic house. He stunned us with his miniseries Ghost Miners, and this 12" Midnight on Ecorse Creek seems to drop the same kind of sound, hinting at hooks and warmth from underneath a skeletal framework.

Jasen Loveland
Acid Series Vol 1

This is Jasen Loveland's breakthrough EP; recorded in Los Angeles and mixed in Detroit. The Acid Series was launched as a celebration of 10 years of No Way Back - the Detroit parties hosted by the Interdimensional Transmissions / Ectomorph crew. The series will focus on the type of 303 action dropped at their parties by the likes of Mike Servito and company. Proper smoke and strobes action.

Jay Daniel
School Dance EP

Remember your first School Dance? If it was anything like mine, it was a crazy balance between adolescent self-loathing and a hazy alcoholic swagger. That’s exactly what Jay Daniel captures in his new EP, with disorienting decorations circling distantly around sturdy beats that do not care for subtlety.

Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier
An Age of Wonder

Jean-Louis Costes
Le fantôme d'Archie Shepp

Here we have a live album from Jean-Louis Costes, recorded at the famed Instants Chavirés venue. I’m not entirely sure what subjects are inspiring Costes on Le fantome d’Archie Shepp, as I don’t speak French, but from the demented style of his vocals, he may well be possessed by the ghost of Shepp. An LP of fully committed odd-songs on the Disques Charivari label.

Jed Kurzel
Alien: Covenant (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Australian composer and singer/guitarist Jed Kurzel is known for being in rock group The Mess Hall, and then moving into composing for films such as The Babadook, Macbeth, and Assassin’s Creed. With Covenant closing the arc between Prometheus and Alien, Kurzel draws on the original’s stark isolation and pure horror with spine tingling effect.

Jeff Tweedy
Together At Last

Fans of Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy's positively sweethearted oeuvre will be pleased to hear he's got a new solo record out! This time, instead of releasing a lengthy double-album of new tunes with his son on drums (so dad rock it hurts), he takes old and often classic Wilco material and strips it down. A solemn, acoustic record, Together At Last brings together songs from the humble country beginnings of Tweedy's band to their experimental, canonical outer reaches, putting them all in the same intimate context. And we promise you it's him on the cover, not Neil Young.

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
A Year With 13 Moons

Maker of the abstract and turner of the world's axis, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma is one of musique concrète's rocks, using reel to reel tapes and field recordings of the area around his hometown to make half-compositions. He's pretty much always recording the sounds of his life, kind of like if WANDA GROUP was in The Truman Show. A Year With 13 Moons consists of sounds recorded to a stereo tape to create a record that's less fragmented and more sustainably gorgeous -- New Age coming from happy accidents.


Jega has been in the electronic scene from the mid ‘90s, having released albums on PLANET MU and here on Skam Records. He’s always produced warm, slowly pulsating electro and on this album, 1995, we return to the beginning with a collection of previously unreleased tracks from his debut. It’s a genuine slice of 1990’s electro and a gripping one at that.   

Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval's debut record under her own name (after a run of releases as the confrontational and action-packed rockettothesky) investigates the nuances of gender and sexuality through a mystical kind of folklore. Her unique, far-reaching voice combines with spectral guitar picking for a record like none other in her career -- those who are coming to this from Innocence Is Kinky will be taken aback.

Jerry Goldsmith
Chinatown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Roman Polanski’s 1974 Chinatown is now rightfully recognised as a masterwork of noir cinema. But the importance of Jerry Goldsmith’s evocative and atmospheric soundtrack is still not fully appreciated. That all changes with this remastered gold vinyl LP from Cinemax. So stare at the beautiful poster art included with the vinyl and remember, ‘Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown.’

Jessica Says
Do With Me What U Will

Jessica Says had her career rudely interrupted by a major accident eight years ago, but she now returns to the musical arena with a record that engages with that recent past. Do With Me What U Will is a mature and catchy pop record that features Jessica’s cello as well as her vocals. CD / LP release on Chapter Music.

Jimi Bazzouka
Edits Vol. 4

More weird house edits and sly disco variations from Jimi Bazzouka and the Crowdspacer label. Edits Vol. 4 on vinyl 12” borrows the sounds of the 1980s Japanese new wave and turns them into surreal bangers and eccentric floorfillers, all dedicated to the life and work of genius Ryuichi Sakamoto.
  • Vinyl 12" (CRWDSPCRX005)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
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Joanna Gruesome
Peanut Butter 

‘Peanut Butter’ is twenty five minutes of hyperactive, violently melodic, aggressive, economic pop that’s packed full of tasty hooks and screams from highly acclaimed Cardiff based pop punk ensemble Joanna Gruesome. Recorded in Leeds at Hookworms frontman M.J’s Suburban Homes Studios, the album comes with the following warning: "a marriage of radical politics with peanut butter spread".

Joanna Gruesome / Trust Fund
Split EP

Fuzz is love: this split EP sees noise punx Joanna Gruesome continue their persistent assault on our indie rock ears with their pissed off shoegaze and gleefully screamed vocals. On the other side, though, there's also the one-man-band Trust Fund, which belongs to Ellis Jones, who makes a sound that lands between grainy indie rock and unhinged folk punk, and who has definitely listened to Neutral Milk Hotel in his time on this good planet.

Joe Garrasco & M.M.
Action EP

Italo-disco from 1986 by Joe Garrasco & M.M. remastered and reissued through Dark entries. Vinyl contains four versions of Action, two vocal and two instrumentals, one pair of them under it’s original title Love Sex For Sale. Comes with postcard with notes and original artwork for both versions.

Joey Agresta
Let's Not Talk About Music

Joey Agresta is a veteran of doing it his own way, with a stack of AKAs behind him: Son Of Salami, Joey Pizza Slice etc. Let’s Not Talk About Music, which includes upbeat songs like ‘I Feel Like Shit And I Want To Die’, was recorded in Joey’s bedroom studio over a period of three years, using tape machines all the way baby. Let’s Not Talk About Music is out on Wharf Cat Records.

John Cage with David Tudor
Variations IV

Modern Harmonic present an incredible recording of a performance of one of John Cage’s Variations pieces, put together with the intense involvement of the phenomenal David Tudor. The Variations IV gives a lot of freedom to the performers, and they really embraced that freedom: this is a riotous whirl of sound, with the perfect balance of random chance and crafty electronic focus. Pressed to lovely clear vinyl.

John Hassall & The April Rainers
Wheels to Idyll

John Hassall is one of the two Libertines who have kept a low profile: not for Hassall the busy drug-fuelled solo careers of Barat or Doherty. But he has now produced an album with his group The April Rainers, and what a lovely thing it is. Wheels To Idyll is imbued with the rich melody-pop sunshine of the 1960’s, and Hassall and co. get the sound just right. On VAM Records.

John Heckle
Changes E.P.

A match made in heaven, Liverpool’s premier box jammer John Heckle lands on Jerome Hill’s Super Rhythm Trax with four slabs of slamming, effervescent house music. The title track is an uplifting rush of cosmic synth strafes and pounding drums and “4am Chord” lays down a sweet Larry Heard lullaby, but it’s “JV Ride” that brings titanic piano chords big enough to shut down the dance.

John Holt
1000 Volts of Holt

John Holt’s snappily named 1974 album 1000 Volts of Holt is a particularly fine example of the legendary vocalist’s poppy reggae style. The instrumental arrangements are luscious and smooth, with generous swathes of orchestral overdubs placing the music in a special place. The covers Holt chooses to sing here are fully Holtified. LP reissue from 

John Matthias & Jay Auborn
Race To Zero

John Matthias and Jay Auborn have paired up to create an album that explores where we’re at in terms of space, sound, technology and place. The creative process included improvisations on acoustic instruments in character-rich locations, which were then transformed through intensive digital processing into something other. Race To Zero is an interesting suite of digital folk music, released by Village Green.

John Williams
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 40th Anniversary Boxset

One of the most memorable scores of all time sees a respectfully vast vinyl release. Not any vinyl though. This has been hand etched and features 3D holograms on the record itself. There are also rare photos and a hardcover book featuring two essays on John Williams and his magnificent contribution to the Stars Wars adventure.

Johnny Cash
The Legend Of

'The Legend Of...', a best-of compilation originally released in 2005, chronicles the anthemic and widely canonized country rock of Johnny Cash. The record includes many standards from the songwriter and performer in black, including his prison-related songs ("San Quentin", performed in the prison as part of his tour, as well as "Folsom Prison Blues"), as well as "Ring of Fire" and "I Walk The Line". The record also depicts some of Cash's late-career covers, including his cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" and his work with U2.

Jonny Velon
Goodness Flows

Inventive singer-songwriter Jonny Velon tunes into the sounds and styles of various classic 70’s cats on his new album Goodness Flows: Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Murray Head… They all mesh together into an accomplished album of cool rock music. The album has eight tracks on the LP version, eleven on the CD and download versions. From Scratchy.
  • Vinyl LP (SR00045)
  • £17.49 £10.49 (saving: £7.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Tilted Reality EP

Jor-El presents us with three noticeably cold but colourful house tracks, evoking the deeper more emotional end of Sasha's record box. 'Tilted Reality' is awash with overlapping synth atmospheres; 'Elevation' ups the tempo with muted rhythmic keys; 'Solitude' breaks the beat slightly with smooth dub techno.
  • Vinyl 12" (Echocord 074)
  • £9.49 £5.69 (saving: £3.80)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Jordan GCZ
Fission Transmission

A brand new one from Jordan GCZ here, who sets his synths a nice workout-challenge: this thing arpeggiates like crazy. Fission Transmission is accompanied by an extra-drum version and a no-drum version on the flipside: perfectly suited to either an ambient drift-out at home or a busy floor-filling at the club. 12” from Off Minor.

Juanita Stein

Juanita Stein's rich musical background spans from Coldplay involvements, to bands such as Howling Bells and Waikiki. On this occasion, her solo album is America is pure and unadulterated. Inspired by photos from the Great Depression-era, this journey runs deeper beyond its delectable rocky exterior.


Artscore release from one of their fresh signings, Judas. The 12” is a trilogy of techno that’s darkly atmospheric and dense to the point of instability, while track two is a dizzying remix from ex-Sandwell District collective member, Silent Servant. Hopefully not anathema to the dance floor.

Jules Venturini
Whities 014

It’s been a hot year for London’s Whities, as the Nic Tasker-ran label of leftfield grooves has platformed pure charisma from the likes of Lanark Artefax, Avalon Emerson and Bullion. Whities 014 comes from Jules Venturini, a noted record store clerk and connoisseur of precious vinyl. This 12” packs three tracks that somehow find a point between the ironic optimism of James Ferraro and the sickeningly sincere buoyancy of Four Tet. Ravey New Age type beats with a flair for the dazzling and the delirious.

Julia Holter
In The Same Room

Julia Holter fans rejoice: here we have a set of live-in-the-studio performances of Holter material from each of her four albums. In The Same Room is the first in Domino’s new ‘Documents’ series, in which artists perform live in a studio, and it is a great beginning: Holter’s music sounds as crystal clear as ever on these recordings. CD and double LP editions available.

Julion De’Angelo & Thomas Xu
Roots That Talk

Detroit’s Sound Signature Records (Theo Parrish, Hanna) front two tracks a-piece from Illinois up-and-comers Julion De’Angelo and Thomas Xu. De’Angelo’s offerings are by turns lopsided synth-funk (‘Chase the Summer’) and softly-spoken deep house ala Kerri Chandler (‘Pocketfull’). While Xu’s tracks are similar steeped in the history of Midwest techno, the drum tracking is busier and the synths have more bite to them.
  • Vinyl 12" (SS069)
  • £12.99 £7.79 (saving: £5.20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy


With noted influences from the likes of PJ Harvey, Chelsea Wolfe, and Warpaint, definite darker edges of Julia Holter Swedish four-piece JUNODEF have been together for less than a year and are already putting out their debut album on Rundgang. Ocean filled with brooding post rock with a near gothic twist.

K. Leimer
Land of Look Behind (Expanded + Remastered)

K. Leimer created Land of Look Behind by turning speech patterns into rhythms, resulting in an intriguing suite of luscious music. This particular reissue expands the original album to include three never-before-released tracks via download code. The LP features audio remastered by Greg Davis and also comes with an insert that includes an essay.

Seven Sins

Seven Sins, the debut LP from one of the heroes of modern dub music delivers 2 discs of subsonic resonance and skanking grooves, even featuring a few welcome guest vocal performances. If Kaiju's other Deep Medi releases are anything to go by, this will surely vibrate a few stomachs and will continue dubstep on in the direction that it always should have gone.

Ten Flowers

Kalbells is Kalmia Traver of Rubblebucket, working solo for the first time. Ten Flowers is a kaleidoscopic suite of playful and colourful electronics, dotted with percussions and field recordings and, of course, Kalmia’s voice, which weaves itself all around and about. Released by NNA Tapes, although it isn’t available on tape: only CD and LP editions!

Enter The Sponk

Kalla is a new producer from Ireland, but his sound fits right into the hard-jackin’ dirty sound of Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Enter The Sponk has four powerful tracks, each of which focus on those firm and funky low-end rhythm kicks that’ll override your mind. Edition of 300 12”s, each one hand-stamped.
  • Vinyl 12" (DABJ-1224)
  • £8.49 £5.09 (saving: £3.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Kamikaze Girls

Straight outta the Leeds DIY scene burst the duo of Kamikaze Girls. Their debut album, Seafoam concerns itself with mental health issues and is full of personal and candid anecdotes. They explore a gamut of influences spanning shoegaze, punk / Riot Grrl and fuzz pop along the way. A couragous, positive and important new record. LP on Big Scary Monsters.

Kate Nash
Made Of Bricks

Come on admit it. You've been counting down the days until the 10th anniversary of Kate Nash's debut 'Made of Bricks'. Now known more for being an activist and political mouth piece this harks back to the time she made actual music. She was dead sassy back then - a bit like a perky and tuneful Janet Street Porter. 

Kate Tempest
Brand New Ancients

An interesting one here from Kate Tempest, one of our favourite new rappers in recent years. Here we have Tempest performing her poem Brand New Ancients, a poem which won the Ted Hughes Prize for innovative poetry. Written before her album Everybody Down, the poem creates a link between the ancient myths and the modern day.

Katie Von Schleicher
Shitty Hits

The debut album from the complicatedly named Katie Von Schleicher is an album of sweet pop that has nods towards the 70s soft pop of the likes of Emitt Rhodes. The grandiose arrangements suggest she could fit in as tour support the Lemon Twigs pretty nicely. Kind of emotional but also glam tinged.    


Geoff Wright - otherwise known as Kemback - occupies himself with many different professions (violinist, teacher, producer, to name a few). Kemback's history is fairly strong; having released records with features from people like DJ Bone, and recording with labels like Omena Records, he has built quite a name for himself. This vinyl is another taste into the intricate and eclectic work from a man as special as Kemback. 
  • Vinyl 10" (DUB008)
  • £9.49 £5.69 (saving: £3.80)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Kemper Norton
Lowermoor EP

Conceptual to the bitter end, Kemper Norton continue to weave precise and intricate narratives out of their music with the 'Lowermoor' EP, which serves as a research composition on "the Camelford water poisoning of 1988". They dissect this particular piece of controversial history through the usual means: traditional folk, sampled noise and a lot of experimenting.

Kenji Kawai
Ghost In The Shell (Original Soundtrack)

A classic reissue of an extremely classic soundtrack for a phenomenally classic movie; this edition Ghost In the Shell is a real triple threat. Kenji Kawai's music for this animated 1995 masterpiece of science fiction is a chilling blend of futurism and tradition, balancing wistful, half-remembered melodies with icy meditations on the world to come. Its theme transposes Bulgarian folk for a Japanese choir, laying out Kawai's innovative composition for all to hear. On top of all that, it's a monolith of a reissue, so get it while you can.

Kensuke Ide with His Mothership featuring Pongsapon Upani vs Hair Stylistics
Otemoyan Isan

Kensuke Ide And His Mothership make gloriously soft and sweet “Luk Thung” (Thai country music), joined here by Khaen player Pongsapong Upani, Otemoyan Isan is a pop song crossover track in support of the film Bangkok Nites. Backed with an instrumental and remix from Hair Stylistics/Violent Onsen Geisha (imagine V/Vm with hip hop breaks). This record is equal parts fun, sweet and completely bonkers.
  • Vinyl 12" (EM1163TEP)
  • £13.99 £8.39 (saving: £5.60)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Kerry Leimer / Like A Villain

FTS001 is the first in a series of split 12” on First Terrace. Here, the two sides come from different ends of the musical spectrum. Kerry Leimer takes his influences from artistic movements such as Dadaism and Surrealism and Krautrock, creating ambient and new age pieces from a punk perspective. Like A Villain is trained singer and composer Holland Andrews who creates widescreen soundscapes that can reach a glorious cacophony using her voice.

Kevin Drumm
The Back Room

He's a noisy drone artist, so of course there have to be two Ms at the end of his name: just call him Kevin Drumm))). He's been a serious player in the electro-acoustic scene for a while now, working with an eclectic roster of experimental artists including Jim O'Rourke. In his own right, though, he makes intense noise with a variety of analogue electronics. 'The Back Room' was made two years ago -- and released scarcely -- but now it's back for all to hear.

No Generation

Available in Europe only, this six-track EP, entitled No Generation, is cut from extra tracks from Kindling’s previous full length album. A genuinely crafted collection of dream-pop and indie-rock that uses rather technical drumming and the most laid back vocals to give us an overall pleasurable listening experience. Available on Vinyl LP.

Kings Of Leon
Aha Shake Heartbreak

I once compared Kings of Leon to Blueshammer from the film Ghost World yet they have since become one of the world's biggest bands so who is laughing now eh? This is their second album from 2004 and preceded their incredible, unprecedented fame. The album scored a healthy 7.4 on Metacritic which surely is enough to get you rushing out to buy this re-issue.   

Kingsley Bucknor
Just U and Me

Kingsley Bucknor started out playing with Fela Kuti in his native Nigeria, before recording this self-released electrofunk album in London in 1985. It’s quite a bit different from African Woman, his recently reissued, Lagos-recorded 1979 LP, but there’s still a discernible Afrobeat flavour atop the Zapp-influenced, vocoder-drenched grooves. A particular highlight is Don't Give Up Ya Luv, which highlights his sloppy DIY eccentricities while being funky and smooth where it counts.
  • Vinyl LP (LER 1011)
  • £19.49 £15.59 (saving: £3.90)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy


The first reissue since 1991 of the only full length by The Kingstonians originally released on Trojan in 1970. Long out of print, highly sought, Sufferer was a defining record in the boss reggae sound and the title track was a huge hit with the skinheads becoming a bestseller. Heavyweight and coloured limited edition on Music On Vinyl.

Kit Grill

Kit Grill has an NTS Radio show and also dabbles in visual art as well as producing music. His sound is tightly focused, extracting maximum value from the basic techno elements. New EP Westway is released as a 12” pressed up in a limited edition of 200 copies, on Grill’s very own Primary Colours label.

Illumination Through Feedback Distortion EP

The Illumination Through Feedback Distortion EP is just as driving and heavy as its fabulous name suggests. Klankman has an intuitive knack for potent techno productions, as well as a fine array of analogue synthesisers with which to sprinkle the mix: just listen to the acidic tweaks on ‘Beginnersgeest’! 300 copies of this 12” out there, on Details Sound.


FTLT was released in 2012 and was the last time we’ve heard from east london rapper Klashnekoff. S.O.N. Records thought it was about time it was brought to vinyl for the masses. BIIIG hip hop beats from Beat Butcha and Red Spyda guest productions fit seamlessly alongside Klashnekoff’s high energy and chest pounding style.


Ferdous Dehzad and Nick Klein release their debut full length as electronic pop two piece Klyne. Minimalist, synthetic and a warm soul at it’s pop covered core, the dutch duo have made a move on to Because music, fitting neatly alongside Metronomy. Danceable tracks with a softer reflective side.

Koehler / Stabudown Productions
Jim V Dan

This is a stand-off! A battle between two renegade rave heroes, Koehler and StabUdown Productions aka James Donadio of Prostitutes. Jim V Dan sees the two produce aggressive, tetchy takes on each other’s material. Expect banging breaks, deadly bass and industrial bleeps fired by cannons and exploding in showers of dub shrapnel. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton, 300 copies only of this vinyl 12” on Diagonal.

Koichi Namiki, Katsuhiro Hayashi and Tohru Nakabayashi
Galaxy Force II & Thunder Blade

London’s Data Discs continue their impressive work souring and releasing retro game soundtracks to vinyl with two soundtracks on one. Sourcing the audio from the original arcade games Galaxy Force II (1988) and Thunder Blade (1987) by Koichi Namiki, Katsuhiro Hayashi and Tohru Nakabayashi. With extra goodies of a full band arrangement of Beyond The Galaxy from Galaxy Force II by Hiroshi Kawaguchi and three bonus tracks that weren’t used on Thunder Blade.
  • Vinyl LP (DATA10)
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Konami Kukeiha Club
Contra 3: Alien Wars - Original Video Game Soundtrack

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Contra game franchise Mondo bring us the soundtrack to the 1992 sequel on vinyl. Because Alien Wars was on the super nintendo the composers had so much more to work with in terms of production and could seriously let loose. The result is pretty mad, and filled with insane percussion and time signature changes.

Here In Iowa Remix EP

Korraleven are no longer a going concern, having bowed out with the original version of Here In Iowa. But they are surely allowed this little bonus release, which gathers some assorted treats together, including a Peaking Lights remix and a live cover of Guns & Roses’ ‘November Rain’! 12” for Record Store Day, on Be With Records.

TT / Love

Koreless turn out two new tracks on the Young Turks label. TT / Love finds the Koreless sound sidestepping away from the big sweeping cinematic nature of recent releases, instead delving head-first back into the club environment. These are two big tracks, though the radically cut-up vocal on Love shows that this doesn’t mean a drop in imagination.

European Song

We might see a lot of this in the coming year: albums riven with shock and rage at the election of Donald Trump. Kreidler apparently had a rather playful record all recorded and ready to go, but the darkness of European Song quickly took over after the election. Repetitive and nervy electronic rock, improvised in the studio and presented in defiance. LP / CD editions on Bureau B.


Selfed is a composition produced to accompany a Kevin Trappeniers solo dance piece. It must be quite a piece to witness, as Kreng’s soundtrack is a noisy, droney, abstract work of wonder. This release is a double 10” set in blue/black and red/black wax, with the fourth side of vinyl containing an etching

Qu'Est-Ce Qu'll A (D'Plus Que Moi Ce Negro La?)

Philippe Krootchey was a highly active DJ in Paris in the 70s and 80s. Forming the group Love International releasing Dance On The groove And Do The Funk in 1981. Here we have a remaster and reissue of his debut solo outing housing his huge energy in freak out electro-disco. Features the english version and slowed remix. Vinyl on Dark Entries.

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