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David Bowie
No Plan EP

So it turns out you didn't have to buy the Lazarus soundtrack to get these final recordings of David Bowie. It would be foolish not to release them in their own right as they are not only an important document of his last work but they are absolutely superb. The fact that they sound somewhat unfinished only increases their brilliance. Bowie sounds totally unhinged at times and totally inspired.  

David Chatton Barker & Ian Humberstone
Megalithic Monuments Volume I: Stanton Drew Stone Circle

Mythological imprint Folklore Tapes continue their run of weird and beautiful releases based on indecipherable rhetoric, this one combining label post-grad Ian Humberstone and David Chatton Barker. This one was recorded at the Great Circle of Stanton Drew, a stone circle with particular connections to certain objects of the sky. The duo do such abstract folk things as one can expect from the label, as well as reciting poems, droning on music boxes and processing the pastoral. Get outside.

David Maranha & Helena Espvall
Sombras Incendiadas

Daywalker + CF

Daywalker + CF  are Jon Beall (Entro Senestre) and William Thomas Burnett (Willie Burns), two producers from the US who between them have releases on L.I.E.S., Rush Hour, Echovolt, Not Not Fun, and Super Elevation. Three deep and club ready tracks to follow up from Supersonic Transport on Beall’s BANK imprint.
  • Vinyl 12" (BNK 006)
  • £11.99 £7.19 (saving: £4.80)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Dead Naked Hippies / Fling / Lamia / The Tiny Minds
4x 12" Volume 5

An important release for Leeds music: Dance To The Radio present four exciting new acts on one 12” for Volume 5 of their 4x series. We’ve got Lamia, The Tiny Minds, Fling and Dead Naked Hippies, doing their things in their chosen rock, punk, pop and other milieus. Great new stuff from Yorkshire, watch out for these.
  • Vinyl 12" (DTTR076)
  • £11.99 £6.00 (saving: £5.99)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Earth Body

As a nine-track expedition, Local Action label present Earth Body - a full-length that contributes to the modern evolutions of UK post-dubstep. Deadboy's latest release is influenced by spheres of R&B, house and dance - which fuse exciting new elements to the producer's trademark style.

Deap Vally

Deap Vally are a punk-poppish LA duo. Like most punk-poppish LA duos, they have stackloads of swagger and a tasty fuzz on their guitars. Femejism rattles through 13 tracks, some of which veer away from noisy pop songs into more experimental / proggy zones. Good time music with kick-ass attitude! On Cooking Vinyl.

Dear Reader
Day Fever

A few years deep now, Cherilyn MacNeil puts flesh on the bones of her Dear Reader project here. Lead single ‘I Know You Can Hear It’ has something of the best Dirty Projectors and The Mountain Goats to it (album producer John Vanderslice has already worked with the latter). Another fine addition to the City Slang pantheon.

Treetop Drive

The early works of Norwegian experimentalist Deathprod (aka Supersilent member Helge Sten) here receive some attention from Smalltown Supersound’s reissues division. Treetop Drive is an early 90’s work composed using Sten’s ‘Audio Virus’ array, spinning twisted samples and unruly electronics into a satisfyingly fried-sounding whole. LP reissue with remastered audio.


Deca’s music has been quietly doing its thing in the underground of Italy’s electronic experimental music scene for years. This album of Roland synthesiser explorations dates back to the late 80’s, when it was released only in a very limited cassette edition. Mass is full of the dark pulse and throb of the 80’s electro era, but expressed in Deca’s own special way. Vinyl reissue on Mondo Groove.
  • Vinyl LP (MGLP102)
  • £20.49 £12.29 (saving: £8.20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Delia Derbyshire and Elsa Stansfield
Circle Of Light – Original Electronic Soundtrack

An absolutely essential purchase for any fans of BBC Radiophonic Orchestra/early day synth, this very rare soundtrack created in 1972 by legendary composer Delia Derbyshire (along with artist Elsa Stansfield) finally gets a re-issue on the ever inquisitive Trunk records. They came up with a mix of sound design, tape manipulation and natural environmental sounds for Anthony Roland's 1972 film about the slides of radical stills photographer Pamela Bone. 

Delroy Edwards
Hangin' At The Beach

Delroy Edwards’ new full-length for L.A. Club Resource is very much a full-length: it contains thirty tracks over two LPs. That gives the man plenty of time to play around with his different influences and approaches: lots of lo-fi synth jams and punkish dance tracks to enjoy here. Hangin’ On The Beach is released by L.A. Club Resource.

Depeche Mode
Playing The Angel

Depeche Mode keep it clinical with Playing The Angel, a self-explanatory live record that takes choice cuts from records such as Songs Of Faith and Devotion and Violator and puts them to the stage. Theatrical but brooding and ironed out in every discipline, this is pretty rudimentary stuff from one of the greatest synth-pop bands of all time.

Design A Wave
Trick State Gesture

Design A Wave take us all into the future with their three-piece release, ‘Trick State Gesture’. The record has a hard-hitting melancholic and head-spinning vibe surrounding it, with gentle hints of something meandering that push through old-school electronica. Described as being ‘mastered by someone’s dad’ and a mix of techno and soft-EDM that is available on Vinyl 12”.

Desmond Dekker

Israelites is a classic 1969 release by major reggae player Desmond Dekker. The album is notable for containing the first ever UK ska number one. It has, however, been mostly unavailable since the 60’s due to a lack of reissuing. Thankfully, Trojan have at last stepped up, remastering the audio and presenting it in an imitation of the original UK sleeve artwork.

Diamanda Galas
All The Way

Diamanda Galas returns to the album format for the first time in nine whole years! All The Way includes new approaches to various traditional tunes like ‘O Death’ and ‘Round Midnight’, interpreted in Diamanda’s highly individual voice and piano style. With both live and studio recordings included, All The Way gives a real insight into where Diamanda is at. CD and LP editions, released on the Intravenal Sound Operations label.

Dillon Wendel

This 12” is the work of Beatrice Dillon and Kassem Mosse, two producers with universally-admired skills. Pulse is a surprising and amazing move from these two, being (sort-of) beatless. That is, it is full of pulsations and feels rhythmic, but never quite kicks into an actual beat. What a wonderful long tease from these two. 12” on The Trilogy Tapes.

Psychic Lovers

Psychic Lovers is the debut album from Danish producer Dinner and it sharpens the melancholy synth pop of his first three EPs. Anders Rhedin’s sound pushes the textures and production of 1980s pop into extremes, including his distinctive croon. By doing this he highlights just how strange and sad these songs can be.

Dirty Three

The first ever EP by the mournful power trio of Warren Ellis, Mick Turner and Jim White, aka the majestic Dirty Three. UFKUKO, which appears here on the vinyl format for the first time ever, is an excellent example of the group’s magical sound, which seems to emanate from the very skies and seas themselves. Bella Union reissue.

DJ Bert & Eagle
I Am Your Master

Original pressings of this rare-as-hen’s-teeth two-track go for well over £100 on Discogs. A good thing, then, that the people at Stroom have seen fit to give it a remaster and re-press it to picture disc. These two bits of 80’s synthwave from the oddball Belgian duo are by turns spooky and funny, sort of like if The Rocky Horror Picture Show had been scored by Bauhaus.

DJ Bong Gozling
Anarchy In The House Sagesse

Gurgling away from the depths of underground acid house, is Anarchy In The House Sagesse - a vibrant 4-track offering from Serbian-based DJ Bong Gozling. Euphoric, adrenaline-fuelled and consistently off-kilter - this collection of chaotic-yet-ordered bangers makes for a searing nocturnal journal.

DJ Neewt
Biotope Trax

Typically rooted in intricate production and sampling, Biotope Trax is the works of a kid in a musical candy shop. influenced by, but certainly not limited to, prog rock, psychedelia and krautrock, this is an incredibly well-informed trio of tracks that uphold DJ Neewt's wide-ranging scope of diversity.

DJ Richard

Semi-anonymous DJ Richard and the rest of the White Material gang came up through the underground experimental noise scene, before shedding that skin and turning his attentions to club-efficient ghetto house, though a sonic adventurousness is still very much in evidence. Repress of the fast-to-sell-out 2012 edition.

DJ Richard
Path Of Ruin

DJ Richard’s Grind LP was one of the most celebrated house-centric albums of 2015, and now the lesser-spotted producer is back with a new EP on Hamburg stable Dial. The same rich atmospheres prevail on this EP, but there’s plenty to set the record apart. Just try getting your head around the abrasive drum bite and lopsided organ refrain that courses through “Gargoyle”, or maybe cut adrift into the bombastic synth soundtrack ambience of “Stygian Freeze”. In just three tracks our Richard manages to say a lot. 

DJ Shadow
The Mountain Will Fall

DJ Shadow broke new ground in the hip-hop world over 20 years ago with his magnum opus Entroducing. His new album, The Mountain Will Fall sees him continuing with his deeply forraged samples and experimental beats whilst also adding traditional song composition and live instruments such as synths, horns and woodwind. There’s a few interesting guests on here too with Run The Jewels and Nils Frahm the most notable of  the contributors.

DJ Sinclair
Bells (RPG Mix)

Mumdance and Logos launched their offshoot to their Different Circles label with Boylan remixing Logos into a deeply discomforting, near beatless and pure energy grime track. This is their remit it seems, single sided limited releases of grime instrumentals that carry the weight and power of the genre, with almost no beat. Next up DJ Sinclair. If you like Kahn and Neek’s fury, get on this.
  • Vinyl 10" (DEV002)
  • £6.99 £4.19 (saving: £2.80)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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DJ Slyngshot
Ain't Got No Time

Place No Blame is a newly-created platform from NTS show Reverie’s co-host Pietro. Inaugurating the label is Germany’s DJ Slyngshot, purveyor of lo-fi sample house. “O Town” cruises with a gorgeous melodic loop whereas “Ain’t Got No Time” ticks the clock off with dribbling piano keys. Also included in the release are Howard Williams of the Japan Blues show’s takes on the tracks.

DJ Sotofett
Borft EP

Borft is the four-track EP from DJ Sotofett. Back to the classic, old-school sounding experimental house the killer EP is full of tropical-dub with elements of techno. Described as ‘raj raj and mysteriousness’ this record is released on Borft Records and available on Vinyl 12”. Back to basics with this one.

DJ Sotofett & SVN
Current 82 / Dark Plan 5

Smooth team-up from DJ Sotofett and SVN (of SUED). 1 track per producer, both luxuriating in deep house, balearic vibes. Sotofett’s Current 82 is perhaps the more melancholy and SVN’s Dark Plan 5 the more stripped-back and dance-efficient, but the tracks make a good pairing. On Keys Of Life.

DJ Swagger
Haus Dubs

It’s been Swagger by name, swagger by nature, so far for mysterious house producer DJ Swagger but ‘Haus Dubs’ finds him in more laid back mode. Offering up three deep untitled rollers, his smooth touch for skippy drums and ethereal chords will delight early doors and early morning dance floors alike.

Django Django
First Light

Even I liked Django Django's first album and I like nothing. Nothing. These are the first sounds from what is presumably a new album coming up later this year and initial listen suggests its pretty decent. A hazy electronic pop song with nice harmonies. You get a Mickey Pearce remix too and this white label is very limited and won't be around long.  

Club Constructions 7

It’s been three years since the last Club Constructions release. DJC steps up to bring his rough and ready, straight-to-dancefloor bangers. The mysterious DJC joins the ranks of Jam City, L-Vis 1990, Lil Silva and Helix in this fascinating “DJ tool” series that is specifically tailored to getting clubs shaking.
  • Vinyl 12" (NSCC007)
  • £8.49 £5.09 (saving: £3.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Don Harper
Cold Worlds (Gate)

A previously unreleased Doctor Who score mastered from the original tapes. Includes additional electronic tracks from Don Harper's catalogue and music featured in George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. A collection of Horror-Electronics, supernatural soundscapes and sinister library muzak from Australian composer Don Harper. Centring on a previously unreleased score for the 1968 Doctor Who series The Invasion (a dark otherworldly sci-fi jazz suite) Cold Worlds is also a focus on the electronic music of this largely unsung composer. Like many Australian film composers (Ron Grainer, Dudley Simpson, Don Banks) Don Harper based himself in the UK during the 1960s and subsequently found employment at the BBC and other British film and library companies.

Don't DJ
Hyperspace Is The Place / Hyperspace Is No Place

Hyperspace is The Place / Hyperspace is No Place is the latest mini-album from Don’t DJ. A collection of ambient sounds and experimental electronica make this mini-release a great listen. As with a lot of Don’t DJ’s work, the tracks build slowly into a rhythmic trance of soft beats and soothing melodies. Available on Vinyl LP.

Donor / Truss

Donor and Truss join together to create 12 inches of thick, dark techno. There is a lot going on with these three tracks, and most of the sonic elements are deliciously distorted. Consequently, Ash would almost border on the abstract if it were not for those firm, firm 4/4 beats keeping everything in order. On M_Rec LTD’s Grey Series.

Dosh & Ghostband
Def Kith II: The Price Is Ill

Dosh & Ghostband (look at the pair of them there on the cover) reportedly put together the 4 tracks on Def Kith II: The Price Is Ill in a trifling 4 days: listen carefully and you’ll here the heat of spontaneous creation. It feels like various elements are being carefully examined and then swiftly thrown into the mix, all to serve the purpose of dancing, baby! Propulsive good times on Anticon.
  • Vinyl LP (ABR0157)
  • £11.99 £7.19 (saving: £4.80)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Dot Product
Dot Product

Dot Product find a home on the Osiris Music label with this self-titled vinyl LP of noisy, minimalist electronics and drone. The duo of Wedge and Kamikaze Space programme combine their skills to create sombre and abrasive dark-ambient soundscapes, with some playful humour in the track titles to lighten the mood a little.


A four-track release from Doubler on the appropriately-named Confuse House label. Alter VU does have the fundamentals of house music, but the edges are fuzzy and stranger things are going on, so that this can’t necessarily be called dancing music. Tasty quasi-ambient unhouse sounds. Alter VU is released in a limited edition of 200 12” copies.
  • Vinyl 12" (CH007)
  • £10.49 £6.29 (saving: £4.20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Dr. C. Stein
Selected Works 1983 - 1988

A one time member of Doxa Sinistra gets the reissue treatment from the ever-on-point Jj Funhouse. This release gathers together choice cuts from the limited CD-r issues of the early work of Hanjo Erkamp. It’s minimal wave at its most intriguing, touching on all manner of moods by way of a rich range of synthesizer tones from the sweet to the savage.

Duane Pitre
Bayou Electric

Academic drone-artist and former pro skateboarder (seriously) Duane Pitre returns with Bayou Electric. Completing the trilogy started by his last two records, this piece is built up around a field recording rich with personal resonance, around which the sonic resonances of the ensemble were built. On Important Records.

Dub Oven
Skin 'N' Bones

Music From Memory have announced the final 12" in their schedule for 2017: it's a reissue of Dub Oven's self-released, one-off, 1983 EP 'Skin N Bones’. Gary Miles and Blaise Smith met at San Francisco’s notorious 181 Club in 1982. This was music for the dance-floor, influenced by the riotous local patrons of the clubs, Lee 'Scratch' Perry's Jamaican dub excursions, funk, new wave and soulful vocals. The past's future is... now. 12" EP on MFM.

Ribcage (Dense & Pika / Adrian Sherwood Remixes)

Dubfire went old-school with RibCage, returning to the historic core of his own sound. And he’s brought in some special producers to investigate that core in their own way. Dense & Pika throw lots of extra goodies into the mix, while dub-techno controller Adrian Sherwood juicily examines every element in turn. 12” on Sci-Tec.

Duke Garwood
Garden of Ashes

Duke Garwood operates out of South London, but comes fully-equipped with all the accoutrements of the heavy, god-fearing blues. Garden Of Ashes has a simmering sound to it that feels like it could erupt (though it tends not to), with darkly gorgeous imagery of apocalypse and love. It is released on CD and LP by Heavenly.

Dustin O'Halloran & Hauschka
Lion (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The new Saroo Brierly film Lion has Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel in central roles and Hauschka and Dustin O'Halloran on the soundtrack. O'Halloran is an experienced film soundtrack composer, whereas melodic prepared-piano tinkerer Hauschka is more often sighted in experimental music contexts, but the pairs different angles intersect wonderfully here. CD release on Sony Classical.

Dwight Sykes
On The Rocks

The record that Dwight Sykes should probably have released in the 1980’s is available to pick up on this nine-track record. On The Rocks is a pretty low-fi and easy listening affair that contains elements on 80’s soul and jazz, but with a rough and ready finish of a not-so-overproduced album. Available on Vinyl LP.

Dylan Golden Aycock
Church of Level track

Dylan Golden Aycock is one of those guitar-playing types who manages to effortlessly overcome the enormous baggage accumulated by that instrument and push straight through to gorgeous clarity. Church Of Level Track dabbles in American Primitive and country sounds, with a slightly psychedelic backbone running throughout. A quality LP, released in an edition of 500 on the Scissor Tail Editions label.

Dynamo Dreesen, SVN & A Made Up Sound
Sessions 03

After releases on SUED and Acido Records, for the third coming together of Dynamo Dreesen, SVN, and A Made Up Sound (2562) they move to the Sessions label. Continuing their very effective collaboration into further experimentations with leftfield techno and house. The backbone is there, everything else is fair game.

Concupiscence EP

Recorded in 2012/2013, the tracks on this latest release from Elon Katz, aka E L O N, see Katz take an experimental new direction away from the more regular studio based work he produced under the name White Car. Citing influences such as Actress and 90’s beat based electronica, ‘Concupiscence’ explores the eroticism of electronic music through the use of samples of pronography and cinematic sex, transforming the visual on screen sexuality into weirdly animalistic soundscapes.

Tools Of My Purpose

E-Saggila is the solo alias of the Summer Isle Records labelrunner Rita Mikhael. Tools Of My Purpose has equal roots in both techno and hostile noise, and the four tracks of this EP are all ready to stink up the dancefloor with its acrid distortions and pummelling industrial rhythms. 12 on BANK Records.

E.G.Kaidan : Esplendor Geométrico + Hijokaidan
E.G.Kaidan (Live In Tokyo 24 November 2013)

Esplendor Geométrico (Spanish Industrialists) travelled to Japan in 2013, and played a show with Hijokaidan, the almighty Japanoise pioneers! The resultant monster, E.G. Kaidan is a beat-driven harsh cacophony, the two group’s sounds gelling surprisingly well. Full credit to E.G. vocalist Arturo Lanz for facing up to Queen Junko herself.

Lunar Ruins

Repress of E.R.P.’s 2011 release Lunar Ruins. Expect glacial pads, thick rolling basslines, taught electro drum kits wide ethereal strings and minimal stripped back funk. Lush and seamless production that jumps on Detroit favourite like Derrick May and slows it to an electro groove. As good in the sun as it is the depth of night.

East Wall
Eyes Of Glass

Dark Entries present a much needed, official remastered reissue of this much sought after and bootlegged Italo Disco gem from Fabrizio Chiari (ex-keyboardist of Kirlian Camera) and Wilma Notari. Originally released in 1982 it still sounds glorious some 34 years later. Includes a double-sided postcard with photos of the band, lyrics, and liner notes by Italo Diso legend Flemming Dalum.

East Wall

Premium quality vinyl reissue of the ultra rare LP. East Wall are better known for the 12" hit "Eyes Of Glass", but this is an amazing album from a few years later. Crossing through different styles and with many great tracks. A must for fans of Minimal Wave, Dark Entries, Mannequin. Limited 300 copies. First copies available on transparent coloured vinyl. Vinyl 135 g / LP-cover with 3mm spine, 280g , 2014 remastered versions. Tracks: A1. Silence A2. Ice Of FireA3. Twenty Five Sunsets Before DawnA4. Angelo B1. BlueB2. PrivacyB3. Twenty Seven

Ecstatic Vision
Sonic Praise

Psych, psych and more psych from Philadelphia’s Ecstatic Vision. Indebted to the likes of Hawkwind and more recently Wooden Shjips, Sonic Praise is their debut effort packed full of riffs, solos and motorik drumming. Utterly retro space rock for those who like it classic. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Relapse.

Ed Askew (with Steve Gunn / Joshua Burkett)

Ed Askew here shows off his talents in two different contexts. Rose is a double 10” set, with each piece of vinyl containing a different radio session with a different duo partner. One is a WFMU session with Joshua Burkett, the other is a Dandelion Radio session with Steve Gunn, and both are full of deft and delicate folk-tinged musics. On Okraina Records.

Ed Macfarlane / Various
Glistens - A Library Compilation by Ed Macfarlane

One of the perks of making music in a band that people like is that occasionally, someone will ask you to put together a cool compilation! Ed Macfarlane of Friendly Fires is in just such a situation, and has assembled his favourite pieces of 1980’s library music for you to enjoy. Glistens is a great, hand-picked introduction to a rare area. Out on Lo Recordings.

Edgar Jones
The Song of Day and Night

Edgar Jones, who made his name in the world of cult underground Liverpudlian psychedelia  by fronting the band The Stairs, returns with his first new album in five years. Operating solo here, Edgar shows off his deep affection for Northern soul and 60’s beat sounds, with The Song Of Day And Night sounding almost like a lost Nugget. Out on Skeleton Key Records.

Edwin Astley
The Baron - Original Soundtrack

Edwin Astley’s sterling soundtrack work for vintage British TV series The Baron recieves a fresh new vinyl release. With bold themes and cool cues to rival the Italians, Astley’s music still sounds great today, especially in the newly remastered audiophile-grade form it is presented in here. LP on Network.

Einstürzende Neubauten

Blixa Bargeld was in Leeds doing his thing with Teho Teardo the other day and it was quite extraordinary, and now here he is doing what he does best with his legendary avant-garde noise outfit Einsturzende Neubauten, whose new album commemorates the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I. With such harrowing subject matter I'm expecting something pretty sombre and hard-hitting from these mallet-wielding mood masters.

Einstürzende Neubauten
Alles Wieder Offen

Neubauten's new release 'Alles Wieder Offen' ("All Open Again") is released on their own Potomak label. Recorded in their own studio funded by a world-wide network of subscribing supporters. Elaborate packaging in Digipak with a full colour booklet containing lyrics in both German and English.

Sturm Und Drang / First Mover

  • Vinyl 12" (SHIP051)
  • £10.99 £6.59 (saving: £4.40)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Influkz EP

This is Bristolian producer Ekoplekz’s latest six track EP for Vancouver label More Than Human. Following in the wake of an inhumanly prolific output (two LPs on Planet Mu as well as an EP on WNCL records already this year) ‘Influkz’ offers an irresistible blend of unsettled beats and revolving patterns rising and falling in and out of consciousness.

Ela Orleans
Circles Of Upper and Lower Hell

This is surely the most grandiose and bold statement in the musical career of the Polish born, Glasgow-based musician Ela Orleans. A varied amalgamation of all her previous work is presented as a sprawling double LP which is apparently loosely based on Dante's Inferno. Expect celestial ghostly pop songs, synthy textures and the grandest of grand visions. 

Élan Vital
Shadow Self

Elan Vital operate out of Dunedin, New Zealand, that hotbed of exciting creativity. The trio pull off a fine thing in taking the rich organ sounds of vintage days and applying their textures to the structures of synth-pop. Yum yum! Shadow Self is moody and danceable dream-pop to lose your head in, and it is released by Fishrider Records and Occultation Recordings.

M 008

2016 remaster via the one and only Murder Capital - originally issued back in 1995 on I-f's Interr-Ference Communications as an untitled 12" (HM 1202). Pure class electro-techno filth from the revered, yet unsung hero of the Dutch underground - Ronal Klaver. Still sounds fresher than a pre-moistened towelette.


These four tracks from Elemnt play around with techno and ambient forms, sometimes sounding like distant drifting and other times settling into precision-tooled squelch-techno. The latter variety of Water is sleek and business-like and frankly irresistible. 12” release on Hidden Hawaii, pressed in a limited edition of 300.
  • Vinyl 12" (2333)
  • £8.99 £5.39 (saving: £3.60)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Elizabeth Parker at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
The Living Planet

Emmy-nominated in 1984, Silva Screen bring us Elizabeth Parker's super evocative soundtrack to the BBC television series 'The Living Planet'. Futuristic BBC Radiophonic Workshop synthesizers and super sound effects blend to perfectly accompany and conjure up stunning images of the Earth’s environments. On 'Arctic Pearl' vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve! All very exciting! Limited to 500 copies.


Emanon is a long running collaboration between Exile and Aloe Blacc which started when they were still teens. Since, they have separately had releases on Stones Throw and worked with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Whiz Khalifa, and Big Sean. Now they have returned to release their first album in 13 years. Masters at work.

Emil Amos

Playing in a wide range of bands - OM, Grails, Holy Sons, and Lilacs and Champagne, multi-instrumentalist Emil Amos puts out his first full length as a solo artist. Set out as music written for film, the LP stylistically touches base with each of the projects he is known for, landing somewhere between Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore and Dalek.

Emma Gatrill

With credits running to playing with Alessi’s Ark, Rozi Plain and Rachael Dadd, harpist and multi-instrumental Emma Gatrill often gets compared to Joanna Newsom, Björk and Joni Mitchell. Developing her sound further with incorporating synths, drum machines and layering techniques Cocoon brings warm, rich and soulful pop music.

Emmanuelle Parrenin

Emmanuelle Parrenin and crew recorded this material over the course of a few late 70’s and early 80’s years (around the time of Maison Rose), and they are now making an appearance on record for the first time ever! Perelandra is a strange and heady mixture of electroacoustically-tangled acid-folkish psychedelic minimalism, still intensely entrancing today. LP release on Souffle Continu Records.

Emo Kid
Gqomtera EP

Durban, South Africa based producer Emo Kid explores Sgubhu and Gqom on his new EP Gqomtera. While Gqom is defined by its intense rhythmic percussion, Sgubhu lightens things up to a allow a more airy party vibe to push through. Aimed directly at the dance floor. 12" on Gqom Oh! Comes with bonus download code.

Resan Till Plutonia

Empfänger’s press release for this new 12” boasts of their “crackbrained” sound, and it’s hard to argue once you’ve listened to Resan Til Plutonia. These are proper electro tracks, but they are produced so harshly and heavily that they could drive a person mad. In other words, yum yum. 12” EP released on Born Free.


Subtext (Roly Porter, Vex’d) drop the sophomore LP from upstarts electronicists Emptyset. On Demiurge the Bristolian duo use IDM techniques to create music that shape-shifts from ultra-leftfield techno to full-on noise experiments. It’s an intense, brooding listen pitched somewhere between Merzbow and Modeselektor.


Subtext (Roly Porter, Vex’d) re-press Emptyset’s 2012 mini-LP (which means it’s an EP, then) Medium. The bass-bothering duo recorded these tracks on location in a ruined Gothic mansion near Gloucester, and the reverberant surroundings add extra depth to these moody cross-breeds of dubstep and electro-acoustic composition.


Japanese Producer Yu Asaeda releases his new record of experimental bass music on two varying formats. The vinyl of Binaural contains several exclusive tracks only available there on lovely marbled wax. The cd has it’s own bonus track on the second disc and contains Japanese liner notes for you to pick through. It also has an exciting Obi-strip to behold! Format madness courtesy of the Samurai Horo label.

Divided: Body

ENA continues his interrogations into his own live sets, taking another few slices of performance and developing them into something new. Divided: Body is all about heavy, metallic-textured electronics: punchy and coldly funky at the same time. This is a 12” release, pressed to marbled vinyl, released by the Horo label.

Ennio Morricone
Un Uomo Da Rispettare

Still the reissuers keep digging, and still the vast soundtrack archives of Ennio Morricone keep providing high-grade goods. Un Uomo Da Rispettare, a 1972 crime flick starring Kirk Douglas, drifts into some real deep avant territory: eerie atmospheres and dissonant orchestrations, very nice indeed. Reissued by Superior Viaduct.

Eric Copeland
Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect

Eric Copeland has been exploring fractured grooves for years now, both solo and with his main outfit Black Dice. But here he lands a double LP on ‘proper’ dance label L.I.E.S., showing a serious intention to get folks moving. Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect is a twelve-track set of weird bangers that’ll give open-minded dancers a seriously good time.

Eric Feremans
The Antwerp Killer

Supposedly this is “one of the rarest vinyl horror soundtracks of all time”, so plenty of reason for B-movie / synth-score fans to be excited: you can finally get your hands on The Antwerp Killer! Eric Feremans designed many of the synthesisers used here himself, which explains how he knows how to use them to create precisely the right tense affect. Reissue on Finders Keepers.

Eric Siday
The Ultra Sonic Perception

A fascinating collection of experimental 1960s electronics here. Eric Siday was an early pioneer of the Moog synthesizer as well as musique concrete and extended technique, and integrated these disciplines into film and soundtrack music. This collection brings together a series of eerie electronic miniatures which originally came out on 10" 78rpm discs, some of which were featured in '60s episodes of Doctor Who! One for the Derbyshire/Ciani fans.

ESP Ohio
Starting Point Of The Royal Cyclopean

ESP Ohio is yet another band by Robert Pollard, working once again with his fellow Guided By Voices member Doug Gillard. Starting Point Of The Royal Cyclopean is a proper nice rock album, with guitar chug, bonus brass parts, and catchy tunes. The good ship Pollard sails on… Released by the Guided By Voices Inc. record label

In Animal Tongue

Carla Bozulich has managed to drag her bunch of Evangelistas, kicking and screaming, into the studio to record their fourth LP. As with the band's previous efforts In Animal Tongue is collection of experimental songwry drawn from the primordial soup of the subconscious. The instrumentals Evangelista offer up here are all murk and muck, as much musique concrete as they are anything approaching a traditional ‘band’ sound. It’s oddly compelling, particularly with Bozulich doing her sort of sickly Lydia Lunch thing over the top. File In Animal Tongue next to This Heat and Nurse With Wound.

Shapeshifter LP

Eyedress is a strange creature, and so is Shapeshifter. Featuring a load of artists near to his Manila home and across the world including rapper ThisisDA, Pyramid Vritra, Jiin, and the opening track has King Krule’s alter ego Edgar the Breathtaker delivering a Space Ape esque monologue. This album moves from dark witch-housey beats and grimey vocals to shiny pop and vocoders with ease.

Fabio Frizzi

This is just fabulous stuff: Fabio Frizzi’s soundtrack to the 1980 thriller Luca Il Contrabbandiere / Contraband, newly mastered for vinyl reissue. The soundtrack veers between funky theatrics, orchestral swoon and catchy tunecraft, ending up with a delicious brew of stimulating fun. Vinyl reissue on Death Waltz

Fabrizio Rat
La Machina EP

Inventive little EP here from Fabrizio Rat, a producer and pianist who set out to construct this EP using only a drum machine and a piano. The results are 4 Techno tracks made out of deliciously fiddly little looped sounds from the piano: strings scraped and prepared, the surface tapped and treated. La Machina is impressive as an invention and as a set of dancefloor tracks.

Faetch & Sunil Sharpe

After only a couple of 12”s on Earwiggle German producer Faetch teamed up with head honcho at the On The Hoof label Sunil Sharpe (Tinfoil) for this four tracker. Vigorous, dirty and rave ready, from deep heavy and speedy Wriggleee to the grittily acidic Trainer Books. A sweaty and fun record for long nights. Very limited hand stamped white label.

Faith No More
Sol Invictus

The eighteen-year wait for a follow-up to Album Of The Year is finally over! Faith No More return with their new album, Sol Invictus. The album features the singles Motherfucker and Superhero. I’m guessing that fans will be clambering over each other to get their hands on one of the 750 copies of the limited edition gold vinyl (which are now sold out and only available on black vinyl!).

The Healer

Fallbeil are a Hamburg crew who rock a really sharp combination of electro and acid: the squelches are severe and the percussion is fat. The Healer features two new Fallbeil cuts as well as a remix by Innyster that really cranks up the industrial flavours. Hard-hitting 12” on Mannequin, as part of their ‘Death Of The Machines’ series.
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