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(Sandy) Alex G
Beach Music

Beach Music is the seventh album by Lo-fi troubadour Alex G and follow-up to DSU which was no.37 in Norman’s top 50 albums of 2014. Alex G, full name Alex Giannascoli, takes his influences from all sorts of American indie of the ‘90s, mainly the good stuff - Pavement etc. The album was mixed by Jacob Portrait of Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Beach Music is likely to reach the places his other albums didn’t as he has now signed to indie giant, Domino Records.


1115 are a bit of an enigma. Vocalist Fehler Kuti teaming up with the mysterious “Grey” (Julian Maison/G.E.F.) for their Post-Europe “Opera”. Dark, psychedelic, distubing yet playful, their debut full length is an artistically free no-man’s land -- hints of Nicolas Jaar, Arca, Dean Blunt, and Juan Atkins combine with ghost like vocals. Vinyl and CD on Alien Transistor.

16 Horsepower

Denver's alt-country bellyachers, head-scratchers and hand-prayers: 16 Horsepower wrote religious songs and filtered them through a modern and often urgent version of the musical traditions they were in love with. Live, their music became more ferocious and strong-willed, and 'Hoarse' is an example of the band breaking into a sweat and letting it rain. 16 Horsepower could be punks, too, and cover the Gun Club and Joy Division on this recording -- as well as the slightly less punk Creedence Clearwater Revival, but you know.

18 Rays
18 Rays EP

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They Remixes

18+ generously handed over a load of stems to some respected producers, and what they got back is represented on They Remixes. Suicideyear, Mr. Mitch, Tia Maria and Audri Nix do the duties, representing sounds from trap to grime and countries from Puerto Rico to Portugal. 500 copies of heavyweight vinyl, on Houndstooth.
  • Vinyl 12"
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  • 18+

3 Teens Kill 4
No Motive

Remastered for vinyl by George Horn, No Motive is the 1982 release from New York experimental rock outfit 3 Teens Kill 4. Although the record may be from the 80’s, it could easily be plucked from any of the current new wave bands, showing just how progressive 3 Teens Kill 4 are- notice the references to Reagan throughout out the entire record. Available on vinyl LP.

A.J. Holmes
Robin Hood Gardens

A.J. Holmes here pays tribute to Robin Hood Gardens, a soon-to-be-demolished '70s housing estate in London. Holmes recorded these melancholy guitar and vocal songs in various parts of the estate, relying on the natural resonance of the spaces, rather than any post-production effects, to colour the recordings. 10” EP on Onomatopoeia.

Abram Shook
Love at Low Speed

Love at Low Speed is an especially personal collection of songs by Abram Shook, delving into the end of an eleven year relationship with all the serious song-weight you’d expect from that. The music is gorgeous and fully-detailed, packed with sweet strings, groovy bass and Shook’s impressive tenor vocals. Released by Western Vinyl.

Entangled In Vines

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Addictive TV
Orchestra of Samples

Graham Daniels and Mark Vidler (Go Home Productions) are VJs and mash-up artists extraordinaires, probably most well known for their Blondie vs The Doors melding into Rapture Riders. Taking this idea to a huge scale they have been travelling for the last 5 years and sampled over 200 musicians from more than 25 countries, pooling all of these recordings and creating a unique album from it, quite rightfully titled Orchestra Of Samples.

Aesop Rock

Leftfield hip hop champ Aesop Rock is as deft on the buttons as he is on the mic, and his soundtrack to Brooklyn-based civil war drama Bushwick has been the perfect vehicle for him to stretch his legs and show off the hidden depths of his beatsmithery. From noirish mood pieces to more conventional grooves, it’s a rich listening experience on its own, hence it’s getting the deluxe release treatment from Lakeshore Records.

Afrika Bambaataa
Bring It Up

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Afrikan Sciences

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Age Coin

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Ahmed Malek & Flako
The Electronic Tapes

The music of Ahmed Malek, an Algerian synth explorer active in the 1980’s, was never released during his lifetime, but Habibi Funk have been given access to his archives, and they’ve enlisted Flako to select and produce a cohesive album of highlights. The Electronic Tapes shows off the underappreciated talents of Malek, and the accompanying booklet adds insight.

Alan Vega & A.R.E. Weapons
See Tha Light / War

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Alasdair Roberts
Alasdair Roberts

Alasdair Roberts is a softly spoken Scottish folk musician with a gorgeously fragile voice, a voice that feels entirely perfect for the traditional songs he commonly sings. For this album on Drag City however, all the songs are original. From what I’ve heard though, they feel sound just as special and well-worn.

Alasdair Roberts & Friends
A Wonder Working Stone

Alasdair Roberts carved out his name initially as a kind of Scottish take on Will Oldham but has since carved his own folky furrow. A Wonder Working Stone continues to showcase his knack of creating new music that is steeped in the ancient traditions of Scottish and English folk music. He is joined here by several friends from the Glasgow music scene, colouring in his stark and downbeat fables.  

Albert Ayler

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Albert Ayler

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Aleister Crowley
The Evil Beast

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Alejandro Mosso

Six new tracks from Alejandro Mosso, who reckons that this set represents a move away from sheer dancefloor utilitarianism and towards electronic music narratives: songs if you will. Gaia’s tracks are all named for celestial bodies, and they do feel like expressions of something, even if they still retain the power to make you move those feet. Double 12” on Hivern Discs.
  • Vinyl Double 12" (HVN040)
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Aleksi Perala
Simulation X

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Alessandro Cortini & Masami Akita

Masami Akita (King Merzbow himself) and Alessandro Cortini (of Nine Inch Nails) both own an EMS Synthi, and this Untitled release finds them each using the EMS exclusively to produce four sides of seething noisy electronics. The vintage analogue equipment is totally exploited, with vivid results that will interest synth fans and noise fans in equal measure. Double LP on Important Records, presented in a metallic shimmer-print sleeve.

Alexey Volkov
The Escalation

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All We Are
Sunny Hills

Featuring an excellent video showing a motorway tearing up a local community I was sad that All We Are hadn't put the same kind of effort and originality into their music which is fairly standard indie grind with nods to kraut rock, punk and has something of the Kills. But nevermind Steve Lamacq will love it. 

Allred & Broderick
Find The ways

Peter Broderick and David Allred’s musical partnership is a beautiful thing: they use only their voices and their chosen string instruments (violin and upright bass), and they record live, without overdubs or edits. The result is intimate friendship music, simply made but very deep. Find The Ways is released by Erased Tapes.

Alpaca Sports
When You Need Me The Most

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Alpha 606

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Altstadt Echo
Reposed In Nihilism

Eye Teeth. Imagine that. This label are keen for you to know that what they peddle is techno from Detroit/the U.S.A. at large rather than Detroit techno per se. While there are certainly elements of the Motor City sound across Altstadt Echo’s Reposed In Nihilism EP there is also enough Berlin, London and Amsterdam in there to keep things interesting. Regis is keen on Altstadt Echo, a fact that’s unsurprising given that his own work has clearly influenced this artist.
  • Vinyl 12" (TEETH-5)
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Alvin Aronson

A deep, subby, bubbly debut vinyl release from Alvin Aronson. The heavily titled Aevus contrasts warm analogue tones and ice-cold sounds for an atmospheric techno experience. Released on the label set up by DJ Richard, you know it’s worth more than a moment of your time. Out on 12" EP from White Material.
  • Vinyl 12" (WM007)
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Amancio D'Silva

Helping to form the zenith of 1960's jazz, is Integration - a slice of solid musical gold. Any aficionado would tell you an original pressing would cost you well of £1000, but the material itself is priceless; Amancio D'Silva amounts to a true high point in the history of British jazz.

Amy O

Amy O has many years of lo-fi bedroom recording behind her, meaning that she arrives at her second ‘proper’ label-released album with serious instrumental and songwriting powers. Elastic is a highly personal blast of a record: guitar pop music with a real kick to it. Released in CD and vinyl editions by the Winspear label.

Ancestral Voices
Night Of Visions

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Andrew Thomas Wilson
The Chain Reaction - Original Soundtrack

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Anjou is born from the ashes of Virginia's staple post-rock band Labradford, bringing together guitarist and singing man Mark Nelson with bassist Robert Donne for their first collaboration in a good minute. With Labradford all but disbanded, 'Anjou' is a good chance as any to recreate their magic, bringing together stunning ambient textures with a conflicting dose of noise. They're joined by Steven Hess, who has helped feel the noise for Fennesz, as well as Nelson's seminal instrumental project Pan•American. 

Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy

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Annelies Monsere

On Debris, Annelies Monsere shows that there is no reason you can’t put a love for traditional, folk-inspired songwriting and a love of dark drone sounds into the same record. Shunning most of the many illustrious collaborators she has worked with in the past, Monsere skillfully blends her voice with sparse-but-full droning instrumentation with pretty compelling results. LP on Morc.

Anthony Naples
Body Pill

The first full length album from NYC’s darling of the latest scene Anthony Naples and it’s a cracker. Body Pill is released on Four Tet’s Text Records. Laid back deconstructed melodies  with elegant strings and a damn catchy beat - touches of Todd Terje’s love of synthetic sounds that add a certain frisson to the tracks. Vinyl.

Anthony Naples
El Portal EP

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Anthony Parasole
Infrared Vision

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Anton Karas / Gertrud Huber
The Third Man

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Antoni Maiovvi & The Karakura Orchestra

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Apollo Brown & Skyzoo
The Easy Truth

Detroit meets Brooklyn with producer Apollo Brown (Danny Brown, Ghostface Killah, Guilty Simpson) and rapper Skyzoo locking productions. Heavy hitting and big Premier beats backing a lyrical concept album that ain’t about hustling, but striving to succeed. Features guests Stalley, Conway, Westside Gunn, and Joell Ortiz.

Conch Shell Motives

Since running Skull Disco and Apple Pips Bristolian Appleblim has moved to Berlin and had a few releases through R&S, Aus Music and Tempa merely hinting at things bubbling beneath the surface. Now he introduces his new label Beatnik Boulevard with his first release. The lines between house, electro, techno and pure bass weight getting ever more blurred Conch Shell Motives brings it for old ears and new.
  • Vinyl 12" (BEATB001)
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Arash Moori

Heterodyne has reportedly been in-progress for 13 full years, which is quite something. The result is Arash Moori’s magnum opus, a suite of experimental electronics that is often rhythmic and sometimes harsh. Always compelling though, especially when you learn that many of these sounds are from self-built devices. On Type.
  • Vinyl LP (TYPE125)
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Accadde A.......

This album by Arawak (aka Luciano Simoncini) is a rare and elusive library music favourite from the homeland of such things, 1970’s Italy. Accadde… A is a funky, laid-back suite of sounds, well-suited to sexy lounges and dreamy boudoirs. This reissue is available on either black or splatter vinyl, from Golden Pavilion.

El Ala De Mi Homunculo

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Arrigo Lora-Totino
Trio Prosodico

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Arrigo Lora-Totino
Out Of Page

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Arthur Verocai

Arthur Verocai’s debut album is an obscure hidden classic of funky Brazilian samba-soul music, released to not-enough interest in 1972 but rediscovered in 2004 by Harmonic 313. Consequently, Verocai returned in 2007 with Encore, an album of new compositions recorded with an ensemble who understood his vision. Now reissued by Far Out Recordings.

Point Of Origin

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Root Beer EP

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This Will Not Stand

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At The Drive-In
in•ter a•li•a

Resuming transmission after 20 years 'off' (they were of course playing in myriad bands such as the Mars Volta) are turn of the century intense noise thrashers At The Drive In. After returning for live shows in 2012 the band of self produced this much anticipated album which promises their classic sound thrust forward into previously unchartered waters. 

Ata Kak
Daa Nyinaa / Bome Nnwom

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Atelier du Mal
Noblesse Oblige

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August Rosenbaum

August Rosenbaum has been a fairly major session player in the Danish music scene for some time now. Playing as part of electro-soul duo Quadron’s live set-up, and recording with Canadian/Danish R&B duo Rhye. His prodigious ability as a pianist saw him playing tunes by the likes of Thelonious Monk and Wu Tang Clan and pieces by Erik Saite at school concerts. Vista is his debut album on which he mixes elements of jazz, pop, classical with a cinematic reach and soulful delivery.

Future Politics

Austra’s third album Future Politics arrives just at the right time. It has the ambitious mission of making sense of the current state of the world. Future Politics is filled with crystalline anthems, inspired by group leader Katie Stelmanis’ time living in Montreal and Mexico City, that have enough punch for the dancefloor or enough chill for the headphones. On Domino.


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With releases on Crosstown Rebels and AZMred over the last two years Azimute bring their mix of deep, minimal and techy house and techno to Derrick May’s legendary Transmat label. Always deep and with solid groove, Azimute like to play with a slightly leftfield element over the top, keeping it fresh and unique as well as solid.
  • Vinyl 12" (MS 94)
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Áine O'Dwyer

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B-Ball Joints (Low Jack)
Blue Boy Joints

Blue Boy Joints is the twelve-track release from B-Ball Joints. A complete and utter dissection of techno that has been glued back together with absolute menace and disorder. Although it might take some time for your brain to readjust to the new noises that it’s hearing, give it time and collapse into the madness. Available on Vinyl LP.
  • Vinyl LP (PRR006)
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"BBF" Hosted By DJ Escrow

Babyfather -who I think you’ll find is a pseudonym for Dean Blunt, often working alongside Arca (though we've been told by Hyperdub this isn't who it is despite the earlier EP being credited to both - legal ed) is clearly in a archly sarcastic state-of-the-nation mood: just look at that sleeve art! “BBF” Hosted By DJ Escrow is the first full-length attributed to the project, and slides slickly around that murky Blunt territory. Includes ‘Meditation’. On Hyperdub.

Bad Daddies
Over 30 Singles

Over 30 Singles is an anthology charting the career of this here punk band Bad Daddies, aka B.D. Included on this compilation are some of their ultra-limited 7” singles and cassette releases. If Bikini Kill, The Urinals, Melt Banana or The Bags are your thing then you should probably check this out.

Lavender (Night Fall Remix) feat. Kaytranada and Snoop Dogg

Collaborations are rarely more effective than this. The coming together of the rapidly ascending Kaytranada and rap veteren Snoop Dogg makes Lavender (Night Fall Remix) by BADBADNOTGOOD a perfect fusion of hip hop and electronica. Its video also captures the Western zeitgeist excellently - as S.D aims a good at a clown-style President Trump.

Wait Any Longer (Live EP)

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Band of Horses
Everything All The Time

Everything All the Time was the debut album by US dreamers Band of Horses. The group had emerged from an earlier incarnation Carissa's Weird and set about on a course to make chiming transcendental Americana that aimed at the stars. There's nods to ELO, the Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev in here and you may have heard the track The Funeral which has been used everywhere on TV ads, games etc. But even without that flagship track, Everything All the Time is a minor classic. 
  • Vinyl LP (SP690)
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Part-Time Gunslinger

Bandshell gives us four vigorous new tracks to chew over, housed inside some of the finest sleeve art I’ve seen on a 12” for a while. Part-Time Gunslinger’s rhythms stutter and clunk in enjoyable ways, and the rest of Bandshell’s track constructions are also full of offset surprises. 12” on the FTD label.
  • Vinyl 12" (FTD008)
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  • Label(s):
  • FTD

Basic Channel
Octagon / Octaedre

Another re-press for Basic Channel’s seminal ‘Octagon’/‘Octaedre’ 12” here. Originally issued in 1994, the two tunes here are the creme de la creme of the dub techno sound that the duo of Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus forged in the Basic Channel fire. It's now almost a quarter-century on from their first release and both tracks still sound great in the club.

Basic Channel
Phylyps Trak II

Minimal/dub techno pioneers Basic Channel re-press their 1994 classic Phylyps Trak II. Split across two sides of wax, this one is a mighty fusion of hard techno beats, thick bass and Ostgut synth textures. It’s also just as good if you spin it at either 45 or 33 - the slower one is the sort of deep meditation that has influenced countless artists down the years.

Bass Clef

Two new cuts from Bass Clef, the ever-reliable project of Ralph Cumbers. Typically for a Clef production, Entendrillar is exuberant, fun and addictive, weaving a dense nest of synths and rhythms that’ll get you nodding and / or shimmying. And B-side ‘Transprism’ is no slouch either! Strong 12” release on The Trilogy Tapes.
  • Vinyl 12" (TTT050)
  • £9.99 £7.99 (saving: £2.00)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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The Finishing Line

Bis like their Record Store Day releases and this is the 'solo' project of one of their number 'sci-fi' Steve and his Batteries project. Previously described as Devo meets Queen of the Stone Age, it's not hard to imagine what he is doing here. Expect bouncy new wave pop fun with a metallic edge. Fans of Bis, in fact, could enjoy.
  • Vinyl LP (DYI019LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
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BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Fourth Dimension

A vinyl only reissue of Paddy Kingsland of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop's 1973 solo album, 'Fourth Dimension'. Much sought after by synth-sniffers the world over, this record features plenty of VCS 3 and 'Delaware' Synthi 100 action backed by a 1970's session band. Includes funfair favourite and Doctor Who Theme B-side 'Reg'.

Beach House
B-Sides and Rarities

Beach House present a comprehensive selection of their B-sides and rare tracks in one handy compilation, with recordings that stretch from 2005 to 2015. Treats include a surprising cover of Queen’s ‘Play The Game’ and a slowed down ‘Cough Syrup Remix’ of ‘10 Mile Stereo’, as well as tracks that have been newly mixed and mastered to suit this release. B-Sides and Rarities is out on Bella Union.

Beattie Cobell
Treatment Works

Shuffling, dozey and psychedelic sound experimentation from London based live electronic duo Beattie Cobell. Rolling Analogue and digital worlds together, and born from free improvisations they juxtapose the cold and surgical tonal precision with gritty blurbs and rhythms. FFO Black Dice, Faust, Cluster.
  • Vinyl LP (MTH010)
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  • Limited edition

Beck / Nash / Reyenga

Sold out

Beckie Bell
In The Right Place

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Ben & Sadar's
We Are Righteous People

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Ben Lukas Boysen
Golden Times 1

Ben Lukas Boysen hands over his tracks Golden Times 1 and ‘Nocturne 4’ (taken from the album Spells) to both Max Cooper and Tim Hecker(!) for some vivid and idiosyncratic reworkings. The EP is rounded out with a new Boysen original in the form of ‘Evensong’. 12” on Erased Tapes.

Ben Penn
Spare Hobby / Carrera

The handily rhyming Ben Penn is a Dutch 'agent' who has made what he describes as "inter dimensional higher level funk" using a vocoder to create that true '80s electro vibe. He's an expert on the synthesiser and uses this instrument to create wild retro flourishes to remind you of the time you danced to Hancock (Herbie).  
  • Vinyl 12" (ST 004)
  • £10.99 £8.79 (saving: £2.20)
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Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow
Black Mirror: Men Against Fire

In what is amounts to arguably the darkest and most dystopian television programme of 2016, Charlie Brooker's sensational Black Mirror has returned with a vengeance. This Men Against Fire soundtrack composed by Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow provides the perfect companion to a stunning and harrowing array of visuals.

Benjamin Ball
I Just Keep Dancing

Taken from Benjamin Ball’s 1984 debut album Paulina and the second single taken from Cultures of Soul’s Boogie Breakdown compilation of South African synth disco alongside The Cannibals and Harari. Contains original disco boogie mix, backed with an edit by Boston deep house duo Soul Clap.

Benjamin Wallfisch
Annabelle Creation (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Spooky haunted doll franchise Annabelle is back with another film of eerie horror, with the new film Annabelle Creation. The movie is soundtracked in suitably fearful style by Benjamin Wallfisch, who composed these pieces in between work on Dunkirk and Stephen King’s It, so you know he’s got the skills. LP in an ingenious sleeve, from Silva Screen.

Sound Of Danger

Dark Entries uncover another cold synth gem. Remastered from the 1981 recordings, Beranek, having received a great amount of exposure due to being banned in on Norwegian radio, recorded this album which wasn’t well received but is a cold(wave) masterpiece, with iced metal synths and a glam David Bowie-esque vocal performance.

Bernard Fevre
Orbit Ceremony 77

Library music is, by definition, pretty obscure, but this one really pushes it. Bernard Fevre’s Orbit Ceremony 77 is an album of library music that was never even released, and was thought lost to the ages. Until a fortunate discovery of the original tapes that is! Now these strange 70’s space-synth pieces can finally be heard. Out on Medical Records, pressed to mustard coloured vinyl.

Bezier / Fort Romeau
Purify / Korgs

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Beyond Serious

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Big Boi

Big Boi of Outkast fame brings his third full length solo album, and first in 5 years via RCA. On Boomiverse collaboration is key, and features works with Adam Levine, Killer Mike, Snoop Dogg, Gucci Mane, Kurupt, Eric Bellinger, Sleepy Brown and CeeLo. Available on CD or coloured double vinyl with download.
  • Label(s):
  • RCA

Big French
Stone Fish

A second full-length album of the strange and personal weird-pop vision conjured up by Quentin Moore and the rest of the Big French crew. Stone Fish’s sixteen tracks are tight but wobbly, pirouetting quickly between different high-technique guitar parts, grooves and melodic ideas. Plus keen exploitation of quirks of the reel-to-reel tape recording medium! On Wharf Cat Records.
  • Vinyl LP (WCR066LP)
  • £16.99 £10.19 (saving: £6.80)
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Big Star
Radio City

Sold out

Bikini Kill
Revolution Girl Style Now!

Sweet! This is the absolute earliest material of furious Riot Grrrl legends Bikini Kill, consisting of their first demo tape. This is also the first ever vinyl appearance of Revolution Girl Style Now! on the vinyl medium, and includes three extra tracks not on the original release. So DIY that the tape runs out before one of the tracks is done.

Bill Baird
Summer Is Gone

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