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Adrian Corker

I’ve had some very pretty music to review today, and this CD is no exception. It’s a lovely bit of restrained neoclassicism from Adrian Corker, who Phil is already aware of because of Corker/Conboy but I haven’t encountered yet because my time in audio retail has been much shorter than his. This is a very nice CD though...view item »

Angele David-Guillou

Ooh, this is lovely, it’s quite soundtracky piano-led stuff from someone I’ve never heard of, Angele David-Guillou, and it’s making me think of Yann Tiersen and Ralfe Band’s scores to ‘Amelie’ and ‘Bunny & The Bull’ respectivel...view item »

Angèle David-Guillou
Mouvements Organiques

Angele David-Guillou here does what more artists should do: she takes selections from her most recent album, En Mouvement and rearranges them altogether, in this case for organ. The resulting ...view item »

Angele David-Guillou
En Mouvement

This is the second full length album from Angele David-Guillou following albums as Klima and as a member of Piano Magic. Right from the get go it's a heart stopping series of prime neo-classical compositions that dig deep into the work of the likes of Phi...view item »

Ben Chatwin
The Sleeper Awakes

As Talvihorros, Ben Chatwin made scorched-earth ambient styled after Tim Hecker and the OO Ray, leaving permanent scars on perfect droned surfaces. Under his real boy name, though, there are sightings of a homeward bound Chatwin, an artist juxtaposing the harsh dramatics of his old mu...view item »

David John Sheppard
Vertical Land

Massive changes are afoot in the world of former State River Widening sound sorcerer David Sheppard. In a fit of mid career bluster a ‘John’ has been added to his name. It might help google, it might not. Musically we are on the same tip as previous records under the name Snow Palms and as part of ...view item »

Dead Light
Dead Light

Who doesn't think about escaping from the city from time to time? Well the folks from Dead Light escaped from stinking old London to some rural backwater where they have been free to explore their billowing ambient compositions.  They've used treated tape, prepared pianos and all manner of experimental tomfoolery to cr...view item »

Ellis Island Sound
Intro, Airborne, Travelling

This is a long running collaboration between Pete Astor (Weather Prophets) and David Sheppard (State River Widening, Snow Palms).  The main track i...view item »

Ellis Island Sound

The jury is still out on this new Ellis Island Sound album. We had it on in the office whilst I tucked longingly into a sandwich and it was kind of drifting past, but pleasantly I must add. This collaboration between David Sheppard (Phelan/Sheppard, Snow Palms) and Pete Astor (The Loft/The Weathe...view item »

Ellis Island Sound

Philip Glass, Philip Glass, Philip Glass. The first two tracks here are so Phillip Glass the band might as well reside in a New York Loft apartment writing spherical songs, but the album soon settles into a sweetly tuneful set of home-made instrumentals. Ellis Island Sound’s previous record was an ...view item »

Ilya Beshevli
Wanderer Remixes

Ilya Beshevli’s recent album of gorgeous neo-classical piano compositions gets looked over by a couple of capable producers for this release of remixes. We get a lo-fi house take from Palmbomen and a Simian Mobile Disco-style take from Simian Mobile Disco, as well as a ver...view item »

Ilya Beshevli

Fuck I need to get out of the city. Dirt, bricks etc. This record is a piano led slice of escapism from city life.    It’s perky, the opening title track is Max Richter lovely, bustling along like a shopper heading through the Parisian crowds with delicious string plucks...view item »

Ilya Beshevli
Night Forest

Siberian pianist and composer Ilya Beshevli has a simply gorgeous ear for a melancholy melody, and his debut album Night Forest is full of sweeping neoclassical compositions of shimmering emotional power. Reissued on Village Green on CD and LP: the album’s first appearance on vinyl. Plus a download code for a labe...view item »

Ilya Beshevli
Primary Source

Why are they calling him a prodigy? Well, after releasing two full length albums in 2016 the young serbian composer Ilya Beshevli is back with Village green and releasing this three track EP. Primary Source continues in a similar vein to Wanderer and Night Forest comprising of serene modern classical p...view item »

Jim Copperthwaite
Ballroom Ghosts

Jim Copperthwaite presents his debut full-length album on the Village Green label. Evocatively titled Ballroom Ghosts, this album is full of really rather beautiful and intimate compositions that combine Jim’s movie soundtrack experience with some Reichian repetitive pulses. CD an...view item »

John Matthias

Ah, John Matthias the physicist. I’m familiar with Matthias as he’s collaborated with some pretty high profile artists over the years (Radiohead, Coldcut etc) but I wasn’t aware of his prolific solo work, probably due to me not being much of a folksy type. ‘Gei...view item »

John Matthias & Jay Auborn
Pretoria Remixed

John Matthias (Derailer) joined forces with composer Jay Auborn to release Race To Zero through Village Green records in 2017, mixing modern classical with heavy electronic production. Here they bring Bristolian producer CUTS, Will Young’s (not th...view item »

John Matthias & Jay Auborn
Race To Zero

John Matthias and Jay Auborn have paired up to create an album that explores where we’re at in terms of space, sound, technology and place. The creative process included improvisations on acoustic instruments in character-rich locations, which were then transformed through intensive digital processing into...view item »

Keith Kenniff

Keith Kenniff aside from having one of my favourite names in pop music (okay, it's not pop music) is also known as Helios and he's a busy lad. Here's his first album proper under his name (bar a soundtrack called 'The Last Survivor' which featured tracks as him and Goldmund)...view item »

Matt Dunkley
Six Cycles

Matt Dunkley has more than paid his dues as an orchestrator and a conductor, working with most of the big-deal orchestras around and a number of big films (Inception, The Dark Knight…). But Six Cycles is his first record as an artist in his own right, in which he displays a grand creative talent...view item »

Matt Dunkley
Cycles EP

Matt Dunkley has more than paid his dues as an orchestrator and a conductor, working with most of the big-deal orchestras around and a number of big films: now he’s turning his attentions to original creations. The Cycles EP takes one piece from his recent debut, and bolsters it with remixes from Nigel Wie...view item »

Matt Dunkley
Cycles 7-16

Matt Dunkley's continuation of orchestral works sees the modern composer utilise a variety of styles, at times verging on the grandiose, always retaining a filmic drama. Fans of Max Richter will be pleased to notice a yearning melancholy, the slow fluttering strings of 'Cycle 11' being a good case in point....view item »

Ryan Teague
Field Drawings

Ryan Teague sounds like an interesting fella. A minimalist composer, producer and arranger based in Bristol, Teague's film and TV credits boast work for Coca-Cola, Subaru, Universal Music Group and the BBC!! Not frickin' bad going, sir. Nice to see he's also found the time to ...view item »

Ryan Teague
Block Boundaries

With comparisons to Max Richter and Philip Glass, Ryan Teague has a lot to live up to on 5th LP Block Boundaries, continuing his toeing of the minimalist boundary between the acoustic and the electronic. To be honest that division is pretty redundant as the overall sou...view item »

Ryan Teague
Last Known Position

Last time we saw Ryan Teague was the release of his brilliant Block Boundaries album out last year on Village Green. The Reichian cityscapes depicted on that release had real textural delicacy and forward thrust, so why not release a remix EP, especially since the original had a hint of 4x4 house. He’s extended the original and al...view item »

Snow Palms

My Friday morning malaise is immediately broken by a quick glance at the press release and a realisation that this is the work of David Sheppard (Phelan/Sheppard/Ellis Island ...view item »

Snow Palms
Origin and Echo

Snow Palms is a project of David Sheppard (he also wrote an acclaimed Brian Eno biography) that focuses on the rich power of mallet instruments, exploiting the fabulous combination of me...view item »

Soft Error

Soft Error are an electronic duo that have based their musical content using a complementary mix of synthesisers, drum machines and keyboards. Mechanism is the grainy and symphonic debut album from the duo, and it was recorded at the renowned Greenhouse Studio in Iceland. Available on Vi...view item »

The Do
Both Ways Open Jaws

This is sounding proper amazing on second listen. A Parisian duo specialising in sultry grown-up pop and tender mature indie with intricate arrangements and delectable hooks, I'm utterly entranced by the conclusion of the second song, 'Gonna Be Sick', a luscious emotive number I find very...view item »

Thomas William Hill
Asylum For Eve

Thomas William Hill has plenty of experience in the world of scoring films, and a richly cinematic strain is evident throughout new album Asylum For Eve, which mixes material from those soundtracks with entirely new works. His music has a soft intensity built from neoclassical piano and tinkering rhythms: you’ll f...view item »

Tom Hobden & Eliot James
Present: Roam

Present: Roam is the first collaboration between Tom Hobden and Eliot James. On hearing the lush orchestral compositions within, you might be surprised to learn that the two’s previous projects include Mumford and Sons and Kaiser Chiefs, but hey, popular music is ...view item »

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