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We are delighted to be taking over the mail order on behalf of Saltaire's mysterious and beautiful Home Assembly Music imprint. The label has a history of releasing distinctively packaged albums, often coming with bonus CDs containing a stellar cast of remixes. So whether you fancy the haunted, spectral electronica of Fieldhead and The Green Kingdom, the house-inflected guitar atmospherics of Northerner or the pastoral pop of the Hood-related The Declining Winter, its all here at insanely cheap prices. The label is hoping to switch to vinyl next year with a slew of exciting releases in the pipeline, so grab yourself a bargain while you can.
Please note that this promotion officially ended on Thursday November 14th 2013. Any discounted items may now have returned to full price, and other items may no longer be available at all. If you missed out on this promotion then sign up for our email alerts so that you stand a better chance of not missing out on the next one.
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They Shook Hands For Hours

Paul Elam (aka Fieldhead) was (and probably still is) a bearded explorer of the kind of lo-fi loop based music that was popular in the early to mid 2000s. He blended a jittery, glitchy production style with swathes of haunting ambience that sounded like they'd escaped from the Stars of the Lid book of haunt. They Shook Hands For Hours was the first of three albums he made and will appeal to any fans of cinematic electronica.    

I Am On Your Side

Northerner's debut album The Ridings was a deep journey through the back rods of sparkling Vini Reilly-esque guitar compositions. On I Am Your Side he sprinkles samples, lo-fi house and funk sounds liberally with the guitar taking a back seat but still audible through the crackle. For those who miss the Durutti Column, then Northerner has the same playful ideas about cross genre exploration.   

The Declining Winter
Official World Cup Theme 2010

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The Declining Winter
Haunt The Upper Hallways

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The Green Kingdom

The Green Kingdom has released some wonderful albums most notably his North Wind and the Sun record on Lost Tribe Sound. Prismatic was an earlier effort which blended a micro-glitch style with haunting neo-classical in the fashion of Harold Budd. A Graphic Designer by trade, his music has a similar kind of attention to detail to create small world soundscapes.