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Right, let's get through this thing. Bloody January eh? Freezing cold and wondering where your life is going. Well cheer up, we have the latest exciting records you can buy this year.   
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Aksak Maboul
Un peu l'Ame des bandits

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Australian Testing Labs
Music for Aircooled Motoring

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Brigid Mae Power
The Two Worlds

Irish artist Birgid Mae Power follows up her 2016 self-titled LP with The Two Worlds. Her expressive voice, gently warbling with more than a little Americana, could as well be likened to Grace Slick as to Elizabeth Fraser, although neither capture her entirely. On the excellent lead single ‘Don’t Shut Me Up (Politely)’ she sounds weary, indignant and assertive against misogynistic conceit, singing over droning guitar and a dusty, rumbling drum section.
  • Vinyl LP (TSQ5494)
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  • CD (TSQ5487)

Car Seat Headrest
Twin Fantasy

Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo originally recorded Twin Fantasy as a nineteen year old, but it remained unfinished. Not because he didn’t want to finish it, but because didn’t know how to. Now, with his band in tow, the use of a proper studio, and most importantly, time, he’s managed to complete the album he always wanted to make. Painstakingly deconstructing and reconstructing, (8 months was spent mixing the drums!) Twin Fantasy serves as the perfect follow-up to 2016's Teens Of Denial. This time there’s been no interruption from Rik Ocasek either.
  • CD (OLE10922)

Cavern of Anti-Matter
Hormone Lemonade

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Ceramic Hobs
Black Pool Legacy

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Chris Carter
The Spaces Between

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Chris Carter
Chemistry Lessons Volume 1

The synth-king of Throbbing Gristle, Chris & Cosey and Carter Tutti Void presents a solo album, his first for seventeen years! Chemistry Lessons Volume 1 has a sort of vintage flavour, with old-school electronics weaving around almost folk-esque melodies. It’s got twenty-five tracks too, so plenty of Carter to feast on. Released by Mute.
  • Tape (CSTUMM415)
  • Vinyl Double LP (STUMM415)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • CD (CDSTUMM415)

David Byrne
American Utopia

David Byrne returns with his first solo record since 2004, American Utopia features an extensive list of collaborators that include Oneohtrix Point Never, Jam City, Happa, Sampha as well as production from Brian Eno and Rodaidh McDonald. Modern producers with Byrne’s inimitable positivity, these are set to be some modern classics.
  • Vinyl LP (0075597932218)
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  • CD (0075597932201)

Django Django
Marble Skies

Art rockers Django Django have established themselves as one of Britain’s more original bands. From their unpigeonholable eponymous debut to it’s follow-up Born Under Saturn they have mashed genres together to make a sound all of their own. Their new album Marble Skies, like their debut, is a more lean affair than Born Under Saturn, but doesn’t fail to explore new territory.  
  • Vinyl LP (BEC5543135)
  • CD (BEC5543134)

Dr. John
The Sun, Moon & Herbs

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Take Back the Night

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Factory Floor
Heart Of Data / Babel

For Factory Floor's first record on their own H/O/D label, the band release two tracks inspired by the 1927 Fritz Lang classic of silent cinema and science fiction, Metropolis. 'Heart Of Data' and 'Babel' were culled from the score which the band wrote, and performed live in front of an awestruck Science Museum crowd in April of last year. Industrial modular synth rhythms and spacey, atmospheric textures ahoy. 12" on Heart Of Data.
  • Vinyl 12" (HOD001)
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Frankie Cosmos

Frankie Cosmos leader and chief songwriter Greta Kline has an impressive 52 releases under her belt in just seven years. Vessel is her third under the Frankie Cosmos name and sees her looking back at the effect this artistically prolific time has had on her through her particular brand of pleasingly melodic indie-pop. LP, CD and Cassette on Sub Pop, with a limited translucent blue vinyl version if you're quick!
  • Vinyl LP (SP1215X)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
  • Vinyl LP (SP1215)
  • CD (SPCD1215)

Fu Manchu
Clone Of The Universe

Did you miss Fu Manchu? Well here they are, back again with their twelfth album after four years away. Clone Of The Universe is a fuzzed-up epic, particularly when it comes to the eighteen-minute goliath of a track that takes up all of side two. That track features none other than Alex Lifeson of Rush(!) as a very special guest. Very nice. Released by At The Dojo.
  • Vinyl LP (ATD014)
  • CD (ATD014CD)

Stand By

French outfit Heldon’s 1979 album ‘Stand By’ is being re-released on limited edition sky-blue vinyl, courtesy of Souffle Continu Records. It’s essentially a rock record, built on electronic equipment, and is filled with proggy doom, punk ‘tude and guitarist Richard Pinhas’ masterful axework.
  • Vinyl LP (BB331LP)
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Insecure Men
Insecure Men

The Dr. Jekyll to Fat White Family’s Mr. Hyde, Insecure Men sees Fat White-ers Saul Adamczewsi and Nathan Saoudi try their hand at some sort of Lynch-ian sugar-pop. While the ultra-low-budget sound nestles this record next to FWF’s Champagne Holocaust, Insecure Men has a nice woozy feel that sees it fit nicely into the Fat Possum stable.
  • CD (FP16472)

Real Life

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The Correct Use Of Soap

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Monster Rally
Flowering Jungle

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Moon Duo
Jukebox Babe / No Fun

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Napalm Death
Harmony Corruption

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Nick J.D. Hodgson
Tell Your Friends

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Peanut Butter Wolf
My Vinyl Weighs A Ton

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Miniature World

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Tomorrow's Shore

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Ryuichi Sakamoto
async - Remodels

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Salad Boys
This Is Glue

Salad Boys impressed with their debut, Metalmania, back in 2015. A mere three years later the New Zealanders return with their second album, This Is Glue. It’s everything Metalmania was but more so - the hooks are hookier and their approach to the album is a more mature one. This is all good news for fans of REM, The Bats, The Clean, Yo La Tengo, The Feelies and Ultimate Painting, because this is a record you will like. If you act quickly you can get a limited edition powder pink coloured vinyl version, otherwise it’s black vinyl or CD.
  • CD (TIM128CD)

Serge Gainsbourg
Intoxicated Man

First of all, what an astonishing title for an album. Intoxicated Man features classic Serge Gainsbourg material from the period 1958 to 1962, when our man was in his simmering, swaggering pomp. Intoxicated Man maps out a very particular style of cool, which Serge absolutely excels at. Le Chant du Monde have collected together his 'Le Poinçonneur des Lilas', 'La Chanson de Prévert' and 'La Javanaise' LPs along with the 'Les Loups dans la bergerie' 7" EP.
  • Vinyl LP box set (CM574312527)
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Shudder To Think
Ten Spot

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Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy, aka Sophie Allison, a 20 year old from Nashville, has previously made some lovely mid-fi music that would please fans of Boston bands of the 1990s, as detailed on her recent compilation, Collection. Her proper debut album, Clean, gives her a bigger stage and bigger production values, but the songs remain true to her roots. Clean was produced by War On Drugs/Deerhunter producer, Gabe Wax.
  • Vinyl LP (FP16521)
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  • CD (FP16522)

Songs: Ohia
Travels in Constants

Under the Songs: Ohia moniker, Jason Molina released an untitled one song EP for a subscription series on Temporary Residence Records called Travels In Constants. The EP went under the radar, lost between the release of the albums Ghost Tropic and Didn’t It Rain. Now, released on vinyl as Travels In Constants EP, the 18-minute long title track featuring just Molina and an acoustic guitar, is paired with a another lost epic, Howler, which clocks in at 13 minutes.
  • Vinyl LP (TRR246LP)
  • Limited edition

Perpetual Journey

Having been silent since 2015’s Struktura, it’s a delight to witness a return from the secretive (though no longer anonymous) Strië. Her comeback EP, Perpetual Journey, charts the unfortunate and inhumane voyage of the dog Laika. It continues somewhat in the slow and reverberating collagist loopery of her previous work, only I daresay with production than ever.

Sun Kil Moon
Ghosts Of The Great Highway

Out of print for far too long, Ghosts of the Great Highway is a timely reminder of the power and emotion Mark Kozelek's music once had. This was his first 'group' record post Red House Painters and is seen as one of his best. With a band featuring Anthony Koutsos (Red House Painters), Tim Mooney (American Music Club), the album fine tunes Kozelek's previous poetic sadcore with a healthy dose of Americana. Vinyl reissue contains original bonus track 'Gentle Moon'. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (RTRADLP885)

Sun Ra
Of Abstract Dreams

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Ok actual gonna-be-big record time. This hotly tipped million piece have already released two stellar singles and proved that not everything on Jools Holland is the worst music to blight humanity but now it's time to drop the big one. We are expecting multi-layered technicolour pop with nods to the Avalanches, Beck and Devo.  Hopes is high. 
  • CD (WIGCD413)
  • CD (WIGCD413X)

The Breeders
All Nerve

Taking a break from their knitting for awhile, the Patti and Selma Bouvier of indie rock re-unite with the 'classic' era line up of the Breeders for their much anticipated first new album in a decade. Expect taut and lop-sided avant rock full of unusual melodies and that golden throated voice. How much better will it be than the last Pixies album? 
  • Vinyl LP (4AD0035LPE)
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  • Vinyl LP (4AD0035LP)
  • CD (4AD0035CD)

The Future Sound Of London

It's excellent to see such a seminal work still deserving reissue treatment. Future Sound of London's 1994 masterpiece is a timeless collage of synthesised and environmental sounds, standing at the centre of the duo's vast contribution to electronic music history. If you don't already own it, time to make a change.
  • Vinyl Double LP (5778707)
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The Housemartins
London 0 Hull 4

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The Limiñanas
Shadow People

Shadow People is the fifth album proper by Perpignan’s hazy psych-pop duo The Liminanas. Their sound is harks back to Serge Gainsbourg’s work with female vocalists such as Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. Needless to say, then, that they exude cool. 180g vinyl LP, in a gatefold sleeve, and CD on Because Music.
  • Vinyl LP (BEC5543243)
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  • CD (BEC5543242)

The Men

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The Orielles
Silver Dollar Moment

The Orielles are a three-piece made up of a Post Office Christmas temp, and English Lit. student and an A-Level student. Despite their tender years, the trio have made a very enjoyable indie-pop record in Silver Dollar Moment. It is reminiscent of many bands you loved in the ‘80s and ‘90s, whilst maintaining a certain freshness. LP and CD on Heavenly
  • CD (HVNLP147CD)

The Pharcyde
Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde

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Simple Pleasure (Expanded Edition)

Simple Pleasures is the fourth album by Tindersticks, and a great example of the band’s mid-90’s songcraft. In fact, Simple Pleasures marks the beginning of a movement towards lighter songs, with more soul and gospel in them. This reissue adds twelve bonus tracks, including a remix by Adrian Sherwood. Double LP from Music On Vinyl.
  • Vinyl Double LP (MOVLP2023)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Young Jesus
Young Jesus

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