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Sometimes we buy too many things. To clear a bit of space in our stock room for all of 2018's exciting new stuff, we are giving you some rather tasty discounts on a bunch of them.

The Magnetic Fields
50 Song Memoir

Worth the admission price alone for the line "some wank the valet" that comes deep within this latest opus from songwriter in chief Stephin Merritt, '50 Song Memoir' has the feel of an idea emerging from a record company thinking....what do we do with him? He's already written '69 Love Songs', he's made a record in th...view item »

Mercury’s Rainbow

Here’s Zomby’s homage to, and re-imagining of the pioneering Eskibeat sound created by Grime Godfather Wiley. The influence across the sixteen tracks is clear to hear, yet ‘Mercury’s Rainbow’ is still unmistakably a Zomby album - refracting Wiley’s template through his own laser/rav...view item »

Arthur Russell
The World Of Arthur Russell

The World of Arthur Russell is the 2004 compilation which captures the breadth of Russell’s musical capabilities. From the banging New York disco cuts, to his more introspective and experimental cello-centric songs, Soul Jazz have created something for both long-time fans and interested beginners....view item »

Danny Elfman

Sam Raimi’s Darkman, 1990, came about when he failed to get the permission to make Batman or The Shadow. He created his own story where a superhero is borne out of misfortune and tragic lost love. The film has a score written by Danny Elfman who has scored many films for ...view item »

Kenji Kawai
Ghost In The Shell (Original Soundtrack)

OK I might as well admit it now and get your moans out of the way - I haven’t seen Ghost in the Shell. Oh I know, I can hear your cries of “you haven’t seen Ghost in the Shell??1111?!11” across time and space. To be honest I’d much rather not listen to the soundtrack to such a legendary sci-fi film with som...view item »

Martin Hannett
Homage to Delia Derbyshire

Martin Hannett, then: Factory Records’ in-house producer that made some amazing, iconic records with OMD, Durutti Column and most famously, Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ and ‘Closer&...view item »

Two Trains

Icelandic experimentalist Hogni already has projects as GusGus and Hjaltalin but his newest and haughtiest work deserves its own alias, eh? Mixing deep, choral vocals that feel remote and church-like with soaring pop tunes and production beds a la newer, more lopsided R&B, he creates a record quite endless with possibilities, responsive to a...view item »

LCD Soundsystem
American Dream

You can have a strange relationship with LCD Soundsystem, a bit like Marmite - you either love them, or hate them. This ten track release, entitled American Dream, is no doubt a great collection of tracks for any LCD fan but might not be for everyone. Available on Vinyl LP and CD on DFA / Columbia.  ...view item »

Paul Weller
Paul Weller

Paul Weller released his eponymous solo debut in 1992. This project started life under the name The Paul Weller Movement releasing the Into Tomorrow single. It was here that Weller displayed his love of 60s R&B, a genre that would appear frequently in his solo career,  with the single Uh Hu...view item »

Wolf Parade
Cry Cry Cry

Hi. Um. Could this be a little better, please? Thanks. I’m not about ready to let go of one of my favourite indie rock bands yet, even if their discography has already been detailing a steady decline into uselessness. Dan Boeckner and Spencer Krug made one of their genre’s most exciting ever records in ‘Apologies to Queen Mary&...view item »

Love Is Love

Whilst eating my breakfast this morning I began half hoping that Woods had covered Lungfish's 'Love Is Love' for this latest record but no such luck.  The latest Woods record comes entangled in a backstory about the US election etc but you don't really need to know about that. What you do need to know is that ...view item »

Hudson Mohawke
Ded Sec - Watch Dogs 2 (Original Soundtrack)

To end a massive 2016(having worked with ANOHNI and Kanye West), Hudson Mohawke released a bunch of original material he had worked on for the soundtrack to the open world hacking game Watch Dogs 2. Featuring his trademark glitchy hip-hop beats and distorted low end trap horns in cinema...view item »

Townes Van Zandt
Texas Rain

As the ‘90s began, a rejuvenated Townes Van Zandt began recording duets with artists that were admirers of the country singer/songwriter. Willie Nelson, Doug Sahm, Emmylou Harris, Jerry Jeff Walker and Freddie Fender were among those who c...view item »

Hot Thoughts

Released especially for Record Store Day is this special Spoon 12” single, which contains two new and exclusive tracks! On the A-side is a remix of Hot Thoughts by Dave Sitek, of TV On The Radio and general super-producer fame, while the B-side contains a cover of the Elvi...view item »

Beach House
B-Sides and Rarities

A self-acknowledged serving of mediocrity from the most emotionally milquetoast band of all time? Don’t mind if I do. Few bands can make me want to cry as soon as I hear a song of theirs open, and boring old Beach House do it every time. This collection of discarded tunes is no less beautiful than usual, offering cut tunes that beam as bri...view item »

Don Harper
Cold Worlds (Gate)

A previously unreleased Doctor Who score mastered from the original tapes. Includes additional electronic tracks from Don Harper's catalogue and music featured in George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. A collection of Horror-Electronics, supernatural soundscapes and sinister library muzak from Australian composer Don Harper. Centring on a previously ...view item »

Suicide Squad: The Album

The Suicide Squad movie has an all-star line-up of actors playing an all-star line-up of superhero characters, so it makes sense to give it an all-star line-up of artists on the soundtrack. Acts as varied as Eminem, Panic! At The Disco, and Creedence Clearwater Revival are featured: my ...view item »

Stephen John Kalinich
A World Of Peace Must Come

Oddball 1960's poetry record from renowned Beach Boys lyricist performing some of his very own super idealistic poetry under hazy lights. If you like spoken word stuff about world peace etc then A World of Peace Must Come is the record for you. The main draw for Beach Boys ...view item »

Bamnan and Slivercork

There is a subtle, engaging quality to these tunes. I still don't think it's as strong an album as the two that followed, but if you enjoyed the other offerings from Midlake don't miss this one either. Tim Smith sings in the style of the best weird indie-rockers, sounding sleepy and slightly off-key, but very pleasant as he croons through each s...view item »

Mike Cooper
Blue Guitar

Lopsider Mike Cooper makes some of the most infuriating virtuoso acoustic guitar music  we’ve ever heard, which means it’s all things good, of course: having travelled far and wide for releases on room40, FRKWAYS and anywhere else that wants you to think it’s really weird, he’s now got this goodie out on IDEA. Above ...view item »

Volume 1

Initially BNQT are everything that is wrong with everything. First up that vowel-less name  - you are supposed to say Banquet. Who knew? I thought it was like NRBQ. Secondly it's the sort of thing that's sold into us as a 'supergroup' featuring members of Band of Horses, ...view item »

Hold/Still Remixes

Suuns hand over their Hold / Still album to a brace of producers for this album-length collection of remixes. We’ve got ambient stretches from Beatrice Dillon and Lee Gamble, a psychy version from Dark Sky, a techno explosion from VIRL, and dance ...view item »

Belgica (Original Soundtrack)

Those Dewaele brothers do love a challenge: for Felix Van Groeningen’s film Belgica, they not only composed an original score, they also created tracks ‘in character’ for a number of the fictional musical artists featured in the film. Naturally, Soulwax pull off the ta...view item »

Julia Holter
In The Same Room

None of what I am about to say takes anything away from the quality of Julia Holter's music which I think is excellent particularly on 'Have You In My Wilderness but I'm having a hard time knowing what the point is of this record. It's part of a series of live-in-the-studio albums on Domino sister label Domino Documents and seems not much more t...view item »

The Rolling Stones
Blue & Lonesome

Blue and Lonesome sees The Rolling Stones, in the sixth decade of their recording career, going back to their roots and playing the blues. The album features versions of songs by Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon and Jimmy Reed It was recorded live in the studio in just three days. ...view item »

Sharon Signs To Cherry Red: Independent Women 1979-1985

A big stack of awesome feminine sonic radicals are gathered up on this compilation, from searing post-punk to dub to rockabilly bands. Sharon Signs To Cherry Red: Independent Women 1979-1985 features a whole wonderful subculture, with tracks from Strawberry Switchblade...view item »

The Bevis Frond
The Auntie Winnie Album

The Auntie Winnie Album was the sixth album to be released by psychedelic rock act The Bevis Frond. Originally released in 1989, it is ripe for rediscovery. The Bevis Frond is essentially Nick Saloman who writes, produces and performs everything with bits of help here and there. He is one of the most un...view item »

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