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More Stuff You Might Have Missed in 2017

So many records, so little time. Here are some more of the things we are ashamed not to have given bigger props to in 2017. 

The One Ensemble
Saint Seven

Don’t worry, this record has got absolutely nothing to do with the BBC telly program ‘The One Show’. Mercifully not anodyne; it’s every bit as entertaining, also it’s just as hectic-sounding as my mind has been all day today. The One Ensemble (formerly ‘The One Ensemble of Daniel Padden) are a quartet of music...view item »

The Green Kingdom
The North Wind and the Sun

Sometimes record company interference can be a good thing. Michael Cottone (aka the Green Kingdom) continuing on his own merry electronic way when one of those industry big wigs at Lost Tribe Music suggested he concentrate on the organic and acoustic side of his music. My word has it paid off. 'The North Wind and The Sun' is a gorgeous album....view item »

Cucumber Water

Together at last: 12” wax and the music of local psychedelic fools (yes, fools) Engine! This band of giddy experimentalists pack a heck of a live show -- in part thanks to great, improvisational swirls from their visual artist -- and here get to work out all of their favourite things. On the title track and lede to ‘Cucumber Water&rs...view item »

Adriano Zanni

Multi-disciplinary artist Adriano Zanni (Punck) returns to Boring Machines with his first music in some time -- his previous release on the label was a photographic box. On ‘Disappearing’ he takes us for an ominous walk into the backwoods at dusk. Basically, th...view item »

Illinois River Valley Blues

All the gang is here. Brokeback is the long term project of Doug McCombs (Tortoise) but also includes James Elkington (Steve Gunn/Tweedy), is produced by John McEntire (Tortoise) and Sam Prekop (...view item »

James Green
Donkey Jukebox

So, James Green makes admittedly beautiful donkey artwork and you can peruse images of his linocuts and screenprints on the interwebs -- but it’s principally his music we’re concerned with here, and the soundtrack is appropriately delicate and Folksy. You’ll probably see what I did there. Green’s ‘Donkey Juk...view item »

Rafael Toral
Moon Field

Well, what have we here? It’s only the second today of a double bill of releases from Lawrence English’s Room40 label out of Brisbane! I’m genuinely excited. Spoiling myself today, this one’s called Moon Field by Rafael Toral but performed -- it says on the ...view item »

Tom O.C Wilson
Tell A Friend

Nothing scares me more than getting my haircut. I'd rather get extreme dental work done whilst abseiling down the Burj Khalifa. Therefore I'm more than impressed by Tom O C Wilson's latest video where he somehow mimes to one of his lurching complicated songs whilst getting his hair chopped. His hair looks great at the end and the song is no...view item »

Olan Mill

Alex Smalley makes his music under the name Olan Mill. On Orient, guitar and organ create a backdrop for delicate melodies plucked on a violin. Elsewhere layers of vocals and harp take over creating a stunning overall listening experience. Smalley has recorded for the Serein, Dronarvim and Preservation labels in the past. CD lim...view item »

Isnaj Dui

It’s the very welcome return of Isnaj Dui with a new full-length album for Halifax-based Rural Colours. Katie English is ceaselessly creative and has made a collection with a title which reflects that; the word Poiesis derives from Ancient Greek philosophy wherein a person brings into being something which did not exist before. Katie is ce...view item »

the night is dark, the night is silent, the night is bright, the night is loud

The night is dark, the night is silent, the night is bright, the night is loud -- according to Peter Hollo, the night is all of these things, sometimes all at once. Well it is ‘round where I live, particularly at Carnival time. Or a three-month span either side of bonfire night. Hollo sets about a...view item »

Girl One And The Grease Guns
The Strange Little Lines That Humans Draw In The Dust

Girl One and the Grease Guns are a 'mysterious' fuzzy indie pop band from the North of England. We know who they are of course as the bloke is always popping in dropping their records off. Unless he is an imposter. Maybe we need to say no more.  Anyway over the past few years they've been releasing 7"s of indie pop which is one part...view item »

Pale Seas
Stargazing For Beginners

My ongoing argument with my dad about War on Drugs reared it’s ugly head at a family gathering last week. It really needs putting to bed now and he needs to accept that he (and the entire remainder of the listening world) are wrong and I’m right. I'm reminded because  Pale Seas too h...view item »

Stafraenn Hakon

See what happens when I get excited? So there I was, for both of my first two reviews of the day; waffling and going way over my word-count allocation. Music knows no boundaries, nor should it regard such petty concerns with anything other than a sneer of disdain… Well, that’s what this serious Icelandic lot would probably say -- It...view item »

A Middle Sex
Soul Sways West

A little history. The sadly defunct A Middle Sex - Karl Sveinsson and Matthew Ashworth with Phil Sykes on drums originally replaced by Edwin Stevens - first came to our attention way back in 2009 on their split LP with Temperatures on the Carnivals label. They were then responsible for releasing the first ...view item »

March Of The Mysterious

It might have something to do with it being late on a Friday afternoon, but I’ll cut straight to the chase anyway: this new one by Kryshe is a sumptuously beautiful record. Gorgeous textures and slightly melancholic melodies with tranquil keys and guitar abound, with the occasional bit of muted, mournful brass ...view item »

Charles Vaughan
Pylon Reveries

When we were kids and on family holidays me and my brother would photograph pylons resulting in aghast grandparents. "We've taken you bairns all the way to Castle Douglas and all you've done is take photos of the damn pylons".   Whether Charles Vaughan did similar is possibly a moot point as we are not actually sure he exis...view item »

Vibracathedral Orchestra
Live At Total Inertia

Finally, I can say what we’re all projected to say to our kin in the twilight of our years: I was there! Not at a Beatles gig, though; not even at the fake-last LCD Soundsystem show. Nah: I was at Total Inertia when these skronky psychedelic titans of Yorkshire played a sh...view item »


Havah are an Italian band who, for their third album of stern and cold post-punk, have decided to delve into their country’s dark history of Nazi occupation and Fascism. Contravveleno is thus an intense li...view item »

Neil Campbell & Richard Youngs
Six Scores

Somewhere in a suburban drawing room two men of advancing years decided on a musical project like no other. Each would write music for the other to play then they would put it all together without the other hearing what the other had done. I think I got that right -- I'm as confused as you are. Anyway anything featuring these two former ...view item »

Yeah You

Yes, them. This is Newcastle’s finest and most wholesome noise duo, a coming together of father and daughter Mykl Jaxn and Elvin Brandhi, who make music extremely out of book via tangled improvisations on horrid electronics and shouted-into microphones. The pieces come out like sermons told on broken machines, the words shouted but scuzzed...view item »

Tim Mislock
Now Is The Last Best Time

Tim Mislock says of his debut fuzzy drone-fest, Now Is The Last Best Time; “I wanted to create a world that made the listener feel like they were floating.” On that count, he has succeeded. Mislock has had to observe as his step-father gradually deteriorated at the hands of the degenerative ...view item »

The Cult Of Dom Keller
Paradiso Is On Fire

I’m the worst treated reviewer ever. Appalling! With this one I even had to go and find the LP which has been sat in the stockroom for two weeks and remind us all it was out. Phil had not a clue. And do I get any thanks?  Well the thanks is that I get ...view item »

Mt. Mountain

Cardinal Fuzz’s slowest and saddest do psychedelia as emo on ‘OMED’, a record of wide open spaces filled with wah-ing tragedy. With the usual garage rock schematics and a typical understanding of meandering, skygazing guitars, the band sound like they’ve taken the aesthetic of their label and repurposed it for a melanchol...view item »

Love Is Love

Whilst eating my breakfast this morning I began half hoping that Woods had covered Lungfish's 'Love Is Love' for this latest record but no such luck.  The latest Woods record comes entangled in a backstory about the US election etc but you don't really need to know about that. What you do need to know is that ...view item »

Howie Reeve
smaller, now

Howie Reeve’s tentative tenure in the excellent Tattie Toes proved his mash-up of structureless guitar composition and indie pop pretty indispensable; his new solo effort ‘smaller, now’ is a direct continuation of his verbose, sparse, furious and super-silent work, its juxtapositions always cra...view item »

James Yuill
A Change In State

James Yuill studied audio forensics at university. They’ll let you do anything nowadays won’t they? As long as you’ve got the £40k to give ‘em, ey! But look, Yuill’s a last bastion of hope, a graduate using their degree to earn some money and pay some taxes and A Change in Stat...view item »

Amy O

It's either her second album or her ninth the press release wonders. That's because like sorta namesake Alex G, Amy O released a load of lo-fi albums before releasing her albums proper. She's used that time honing a particular brand of fuzzy pop songwriting that is full of energy and surprising chord changes. On 'Lav...view item »

Alder & Ash
Psalms for the Sunder

" I love the cello". Not my words but those of Brian Wilson. These were according to anecdotal evidence the only words spoken by the Beach Boys legend to someone I knew who met him at a party. Well Brian may well like what he heres on this record by ace cellist Alder and Ash as the entire thing is made...view item »

Clive Bell
Asakusa Follies

This blows. It involves a person called Clive Bell blowing the shakuhachi flute. Now that I have been crude and ruined serious discourse, we can begin thinking about how it sounds. ‘Asakusa Follies’ is a minimalist record that attempts to bring improvisation as close to you as it can, demolishing the idea that you’re listening ...view item »

Lush Purr
Cuckoo Waltz

If you, like me, were devastated when the Yawns split up then the related Lush Purr offer some hope for a better future. They make dreamy lo-fi pop that has an off kilter feel about it with nods to Cowtown, Bis and Urusei Yatsura. Why does so much good musi...view item »

Out In The Storm

Ever since Phil Collins wrote 'Against All Odds' great music has come from terrible romantic break ups. Thank God we don't live in the 1950's where everyone met a partner then stuck with them miserably until one of them died. Waxahatchee aka Katie Crutchfield has had a recent such awakening and has poured all h...view item »

Wild Waters

Will you just look at the sleeve. It's incredible. It's presented in a big cardboard fold out thing and on the front the band logo is stuck on in felt. It's beautifully done and shows what can be achieved with sleeve design. You wouldn't mind paying £20 or so for this. But I'm not just here to ramble on about the sleeve, I'm trying...view item »

Groom In Vineyards
Groom In Vineyards

Actually what would you imagine our office to be like? Bearded music lovers quietly discussing the latest releases speaking in hushed reverential tones? Or a screaming, screeching cross between the Nathan Barley office and a toddlers birthday party led by the human equivalent of a bluebottle?  It now seems improbable that we once re...view item »

Electric Sewer Age
Moon’s Milk In Final Phase

‘Moon’s Milk In Final Phase’ was originally issued in 2012 on the Divine Frequency label and is comprised of four tracks from Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson and Danny Hyde’s sessions dating back to 2007. Apparently the music was originally intended to conclude Co...view item »


Is this familiar because it's really good or because we've played it in the office at some point and it's infected my soul? Anyway let me tell you about the tracks I have available to me. Initial reports would suggest that this will appeal to fans of late '70s New York sorts like Richard Hell and ...view item »

Jason Loewenstein
Spooky Action

Jason Loewenstein was always the most tangled member of Sebadoh. Where Lou Barlow’s songs were always slick and tuneful, Loewenstein had a more angled agenda and this carries on into his first solo album for 15 years. Fans of the sort of twisty Ameri-indie that Loewe...view item »

Jack Cheshire
Black Light Theatre

Heavily influenced by Can, Grizzly Bear, and Television london psych-folk artist Jack Cheshire has brought his long time collaborators together for his new album. Written within self imposed isolation and produced by Rob Ellis (Bat For Lashes/...view item »

Winters Split

ELS is the solo project of Edward Simpson of Circuit Breaker fame delivering his first slice of magnetic joy, or more likely magnetic doom, on new (and possibly his) label Gateway. Mastered by Stephen Bishop (Basic House/Opal Tapes).  There are certainly some downcast electronic gloom tunes on h...view item »


Well lo and behold! Gayle Brogan of Electroscope has popped her head above the parapet once again -- this time on Belgian label Morc Records (we haven't left the EU yet, you see). In so doing she confirms her title as the Scottish highlands’ very own Grouper. Murmurations is ...view item »


Here's an album of very pleasant jangle pop from Wigan's Sprinters. They do that thing a lot of other bands are doing at the moment which is yer Real Estate/Horsebeach type melancholic jangle pop. You can tell they are influenced by the former by the fact th...view item »

Biotische Verwitterung

Infuse hauntology with a bunch of gothic terror and you might be halfway to understanding ‘Biotische Verwitterung’, a record whose swirling flurries of cascading, whirring, ghosting sounds make me feel quite uncomfortable. With samples from people who sound like they probably stopped existing, dilapidated techno beats and random sire...view item »

Head Of Light Entertainment

Art rock. It really does straddle the line - that one where inventive crosses over to annoying. Well Teeside's finest art rockers Head of Light of Entertainment aren't afraid to hover dangerously near the annoying side but what that also means is that they take the sort of musical chances which can lead to the odd moment of brilliance. There's s...view item »

Swap Babies
Furnished Man

Right, what have we here? This lot have previously been more rooted in the jazz and minimal scenes in Sweden but have here combined to make.....wait for it.....shoegaze. As if there's not enough of that in the world but perhaps because they are used to playing more complex musics then this must be water to a ducks back off them. Certainly on my ...view item »

Milo's Plane
Individual Development Plan

Noise rock as decrepit as our fucking internet, Milo’s Planes stop and start and riff and raff, until the only word you wanna use to describe them is “angular” but you know you shouldn’t because everyone’s sick of hearing it. The angular ‘Individual Development Plane’ strides forth as a semi-mathy but fu...view item »

Add Red

The second cassette release on fledgling label don’t drone alone comes from sad_rave who realises Michael Pisaro’s ‘Add Red’ score in somewhat unexpected fashion. Layering field recordings, sine waves and all manner of acousmatic sounds, this almost twenty two minute soundworld/collage is l...view item »

Brigid Mae Power
The Ones You Keep Close

Though Peter Broderick is here (usually a sign that I'll not like something), he takes an instrumental back seat to Brigid Mae Power's keening voice and warm arrangements. An Irish singer and multi instrumentalist she has a wavering jazz infected style which on excellent opener 'I Don't Know How To Do This N...view item »

Great Ytene

Just like life in general Great Ytene have got a lot bleaker since their brilliant self titled debut on Bella Union. 'Locus' follows the loss of a whole album of material down what is described in the press release as a 'wormhole'. It has forced a clean slate though in which Great Ytene have seemingly gone from technicolour into black and white....view item »


We're stoked to have scored exclusive copies of this awesome tape on Sivilised - the label that previously released now sold-out tapes from Mirror Gaze and Atlantikwall -- the latter appeared in the Quietus top 100 releases of 2016. You'd be forgiven for thinking 'Ratsickles' was at times the work of a full b...view item »

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