More Stuff You Might Have Missed in 2017

So many records, so little time. Here are some more of the things we are ashamed not to have given bigger props to in 2017. 
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A Middle Sex
Soul Sways West

Originally released on The Audacious Art Experiment we are delighted to issue a long-awaited vinyl edition of this posthumous album by Manchester dub/noise/improv collective A Middle Sex. Exploratory electronic repeato music that harks back to the golden age experiments of This Heat and Throbbing Gristle. Dark but essential.   
  • Vinyl LP (SANDBAR009)
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  • Limited edition

Adriano Zanni

A grand return to the Boring Machines label sees Adriano Zanni dive into oppressive soundscapes, densely composed, but lightly ornamented with field recordings, whispered words and micro processes. It's a deeply entrancing album, made ever more so when the processing over spills into outright abstraction.

Alder & Ash
Psalms for the Sunder

Montreal’s Alder & Ash take a leaf from Colin Stetson’s single instrument becoming a whole band, and takes the stark yet highly emotive soundtrack compositions of Warren Ellis and Nick Cave, adding in influences from noise and doom and a loop pedal. Made entirely on a cello Psalms For The Sunder is delicate and violent in equal measures. There are highly limited number of these handmade physical copies available, so be quick.
  • CD (LTS-028)
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  • Limited edition

Amy O

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Biotische Verwitterung

As dystopian as records come, Biotische Verwitterung is right up there - an angst-ridden German stab that's bleached in narcotic punk. This record seems lost in a lo-fi nightmare, swirling in black whole and destined for nothing but pain. Some call it "Hauntology"; Baldruin call it "Bavarian Gothic".
  • Vinyl LP (AR #26 / BH-115 / CRUS-23)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Brigid Mae Power
The Ones You Keep Close

The Ones You Keep Close was recorded by Brigid Mae Power with a band that included Peter Broderick (who also took care of recording and mastering the record). Brigid’s lush alternative-folk sound is in fine form right here. Available in vinyl and cassette formats (both accompanied with download codes) on the oscarson label.
  • Vinyl LP (oscarson no 12)
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Illinois River Valley Blues

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Charles Vaughan
Pylon Reveries

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Clive Bell
Asakusa Follies

Wire writer and all-round sound-explorer Clive Bell presents a suite of compositions for the shakuhachi, a variety of Japanese flute with a particularly rich reedy sound. Bell’s interactions with the instrument, clearly borne out of many years’ playing experience, reach deeply into the extended potential of the flute, producing some remarkable sounds. Asakusa Follies is released by Cuspeditions.
  • Vinyl LP (CUSPEDITIONS 004)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Electric Sewer Age
Moon’s Milk In Final Phase

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Winters Split

ELS is the solo moniker of Edward Simpson, one half of London duo Circuit Breaker who’ve previously toured with Sleaford Mods. Rather than continue down the glitchy, messed-up post-punk sounds of his main band, Simpson withdraws into introspective electronica for this six-track debut EP release Winters Split. 

Cucumber Water

Leeds-based primal screamers Engine finally get their act together to release their debut vinyl of homebrewed psych-tinged electronic pop odysseys. Clocking in at over 30 minutes over only 4 tracks, these multi-segmented song behemoths explore the distresses of love via house beats, wailing guitars and a shameless use of sampling. Mastered at Ten Eight Seven.

Girl One And The Grease Guns
The Strange Little Lines That Humans Draw In The Dust

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Great Ytene

It's very good (great in fact) to have Great Ytene back. Their debut self titled record was one of 2014's best. Here they pursue darker textures perhaps taking their cure from the concrete grey rock of the likes of Preoccupations. This one was mixed by MJ at Suburban Home who has added his trademark tape delay to the voice. Expect dark billowing avant-rock for bleak times. 
  • Vinyl LP (FAUX46LP)
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  • CD (FAUX46CD)
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Groom In Vineyards
Groom In Vineyards

Hissed out late night ambience from this Athens, Greece artist who promises to take you into a journey into the dark side of the city with this cassette release of churning soundscapes which have nods towards GAS or Celer but are altogether nastier. The soundtrack to being slightly scared after walking into the wrong alleyway.   
  • Tape (OSO/001)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition


Havah are an Italian band who, for their third album of stern and cold post-punk, have decided to delve into their country’s dark history of Nazi occupation and Fascism. Contravveleno is thus an intense listen, with the industrial and cold-wave dials turned up to the maximum. Released by Maple Death Records in a limited edition of 300 LPs.

Head Of Light Entertainment

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Howie Reeve
smaller, now

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Isnaj Dui

Isnaj Dui, aka experimental musician Katie English, presents her new full-length Poiesis. True to form, she continues to blend sparse motifs created from all sorts of electronic and acoustic sources. Her trademark Orientalist flute is present, if less so than previously. Slow and artful, English covers a spectrum from playful to quite sinister and tense. Poiesis comes in a hand-stamped sleeve, as with all Rural Colours releases.
  • CD (RC83)
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  • Limited edition

Jack Cheshire
Black Light Theatre

Heavily influenced by Can, Grizzly Bear, and Television london psych-folk artist Jack Cheshire has brought his long time collaborators together for his new album. Written within self imposed isolation and produced by Rob Ellis (Bat For Lashes/PJ Harvey) Black Light Theatre is filled with Bayonne esque percussive flutters and has one foot in the dark and one in the light.
  • Vinyl LP
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

James Green
Donkey Jukebox

Donkey Jukebox started life as an art installation by James Green in a Yorkshire pub. Green created pieces of music by looping phrases he played on a French lap organ and weaving them into nonrepeating linear soundscapes. Artist and musician Green is hardly prolific as a solo artist, this being only his second album in 13 years, but in that time he has also formed The Big Eyes Family Players and collaborated with Alasdair Roberts.
  • Vinyl LP
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

James Yuill
A Change In State

James Yuill studied audio forensics at university. They’ll let you do anything nowadays won’t they? As long as you’ve got the £40k to give ‘em, ey! But look, Yuill’s a last bastion of hope, a graduate using their degree to earn some money and pay some taxes and A Change in State shows where all his student loan went. Yuill’s toured with groups such as Royksopp, M83 and Hot Chip which should give you an indication of his musical direction - building, vast electronic music which is super danceable but also like the soundtrack to some epic future.

Jason Loewenstein
Spooky Action

Here is the first solo album in 15 years from the 'other one' in Sebadoh. Whilst Lou Barlow always had his pop chops to hand, Loewenstein was a bit more ragged and out there and so it proves on this album of inventive grungy pop with hints of Beefheart in some of tangled guitar playing. Sebadoh fans, you need to be on board. 

March Of The Mysterious

Not music for an imaginary soundtrack, thank goodness: Christian Grothe aka Kryshe initially made this music as a score for a special screening of the 1915 film Alice In Wonderland. A confounding synthesis of contemporary, free jazz and brooding filmic ambience, the record's atmosphere matches the darkly joyous surrealism of Lewis Carroll.

Lush Purr
Cuckoo Waltz

If you, like me, were devastated when the Yawns split up then the related Lush Purr offer some hope for a better future. They make dreamy lo-fi pop that has an off kilter feel about it with nods to Cowtown, Bis and Urusei Yatsura. Why does so much good music come out of Scotland? I don't know. It just does.  

Wild Waters

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Mike Cooper

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Milo's Plane
Individual Development Plan

Bristolian crew Milo’s Plane fly in for a messy post-hardcore landing with their third album Individual Development Plan. The album races through twelve tracks in minimal time, chucking equal parts melodic songwriting and gnarly guitar thrashing at the listener. The album is released on vinyl by Gravy Train Recordings.

Mt. Mountain

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Neil Campbell & Richard Youngs
Six Scores

Somewhere in a suburban drawing room two men of advancing years decided on a musical project like no other. Each would write music for the other to play then they would put it all together without the other hearing what the other had done. I think I got that right -- I'm as confused as you are. Anyway anything featuring these two former A Band members is bound to be unique and this may be the most unique of all.  

Olan Mill

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Debut by Onus presenting six tunes honed from baritone guitar, bass and drums, each hosting intricate, chorus-sung narratives from vague and seemingly remote space-time locations. The music is dark-toned and downbeat; with descending arpeggios and sparse cyclical riffs a-plenty, interlocking with skeletal drums to provide lean bones for nebulous melodies and scuffed harmonies to take hold. Lyrically, the album opens up snapshots of rewilded outskirts, ritual humiliation, generational rifts and dispossessions; mining deep veins of residual cultural memory vivid enough to feel like premonitions. Lighter relief is to be had with more abstract grapplings with mapping the unknowable and framing a response to divine silence. Limited to a measly 50 cassettes with lino-print sleeves, each including a download code.

Pale Seas
Stargazing For Beginners

On the verge of a promising breakthrough, Pale Seas suddenly disappeared. Five years later Stargazing For Beginners finally appears. In the intervening years the band have perfected their craft to create an expansive indie sound akin to Doves or The Verve.  Working with producers who between them have worked with The Verve, Michael Kiwanuka, Devandra Banhart and The Bees has helped their focus. The band’s leader Jacob Scott takes his influences from Neil Young, Elliott Smith and Half Japanese as well as seeing his artist mother devote her life to her art.


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Rafael Toral
Moon Field

Highly skilled and storied Portugese sound artist Rafael Toral makes a welcome appearance on Lawrence English’s Room40 label. The sound field Toral employs on this latest album is stark and clinical, but the tones vibrating within are etched deep with studious character, whether it’s a measured guitar drone or a clipped sax ramble.

the night is dark, the night is silent, the night is bright, the night is loud

New album from Peter Hollo’s (Fourplay, Tangents) solo project Raven. At it’s heart, is his cello, creating loops, drones and ambiences. Backed up with electronics, sampling and piano Hollo doesn’t so much force two worlds together but molds them to fit seamlessly. Neo classical meets breakbeats, noise and glitches. Think Squarepusher meets Arthur Russell.


NYC's proud lineage of jangle nods in approval as Rips make a chiming rock record full of watery guitar hooks and ramshackle virtuosity. Recorded at a scruffy fidelity with a half-snarly, half-sad vocal clamouring its way through the riffs, they make the kinda summer sentimentality you'll like as fans of Horsebeach, Hoops and Beach Fossils.

Add Red

The Don’t Drone Alone label makes a long-awaited return with their second release, an intriguing realisation of a Michael Pisaro score by sad_rave. Add Red mixes field recordings of club scenes with precisely tuned sine waves and plain synth interjections, knitting together an abstract sound-narrative that’ll entice and beguile. Limited edition of fifty cassettes on Don’t Drone Alone.
  • Tape (dda002)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition


Sprinters to all intents and purposes are Wigan's answer to Real Estate. Now based in marginally more fashionable Manchester, the group play a high octane form of janglesome indie pop which suggests that Wigan is the sunniest place on earth. If on the Manchester scene Horsebeach bring the murk and sad then Sprinters are a little bit more jolly. 

Stafraenn Hakon

Stafrœnn Hakon is the band of Ólafur Josephsson. New album Hausi sprung forth out of some improvised harp melodies played by Lárus Sigur∂sson, with the band constructing intricate post-rocky song structures around those starting points. Hausi sounds very Icelandic. Released by Vogor Recordings.
  • Vinyl LP (VOGORLP001)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

Swap Babies
Furnished Man

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The Cult Of Dom Keller
Paradiso Is On Fire

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The Green Kingdom
The North Wind and the Sun

With a steady stream of releases over the past decade through Dronarivm, SEM, and Tench Michael Cottone has delivered a huge and diverse catalogue of sun drenched, heartwarming ambience as The Green Kingdom. His first release on Lost Tribe Sound sees them convince him to strip back the electronics and focus on more acoustic instrumentation. Find a tree to sit under in the shade and forget the big bad world.
  • Vinyl LP (LTS-027)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

The One Ensemble
Saint Seven

The One Ensemble created Saint Seven to be played ‘in the round’. Folk and chamber music are combined with experimental and improvised passages. The musicians sing, play cello, guitar, bass clarinet, accordion, drums and percussion creating a piece of music that is austere at times but then will explode into a full-on dramatic power.

Tim Mislock
Now Is The Last Best Time

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Tom O.C Wilson
Tell A Friend

Having released a fair amount of material in other guises, Tom O.C Wilson makes his first outing under his own name, with an album of jaunty, unpredictable tracks. Though poppy in general, there's a distinct air of strangeness, with shifting time signatures, instrumental hooks and meandering vocals coming at you from all angles.

Vibracathedral Orchestra
Live At Total Inertia

Vibracathedral Orchestra are a wild, shamanic collective who recently reformed to continue their path of improvised psychedelic noise bursts. This limited white vinyl  10" captures them live at one of their favourite haunts, Wharf Chambers in Leeds and perfectly encapsulates the experience of their intense and raw live shows. 

Out In The Storm

Waxahatchee presents her fourth album Out In The Storm, which is borne out of the ashes of a relationship collapse. As ever, music and songwriting provide a vehicle to self-love and renewal. With a mostly live-in-the-room production, Out In The Storm is a strong indie-rock record with a real personal punch behind it. Out on Merge.

Love Is Love

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Yeah You

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