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Stuff you might have missed in 2017

You must've been distracted by all the re-issues. It's the only reason we can think of for the masses of interesting new music lying on our shelves. Here are 50 of the best for you to spend your Christmas pennies on.

We’ve All Been Swimming

I'm not sure if anyone has ever wondered what Arthur Russell would sound like if he was still with us and releasing records on Ghost Box, but should that question ever be asked I would refer them to this album. This is a beautiful release, which whilst understated and relatively quietly spoken has a resonan...view item »

Martin Jenkins
Dance Cave

Here's the Pye Corner Audio lad stepping away from his usual nostalgic stuff to give us an EP of techno type sounds. He builds 'Dance Cave' up nicely with some burbling synths adding in bits and bats of percussion as if he's running along a path and things are sticking to him as he goes along. Midway through he adds in the sort of haunting synth...view item »


Emptyset, now there’s a name I know. I’ve probably sent a fair few of their (distinctive-looking) records out the door to a few of you lovely lot at some point in the last 20 months. Yes, I’m counting. Anyway, Bristol’s Emptyset -- well, James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas, for it is they -- have followed up their Pan Sonic-es...view item »

Scuba Death
The Worm At The Core

Further Records make everything around you look ominously blue in different degrees of dark on this utterly compelling record from Scuba Death. This is a dub techno offering that truly makes itself on atmosphere -- Ricardo Donoso proves himself, above all things, to make a great soundscape. Bolts of lightning...view item »

DJ Richard
Path Of Ruin

House vampire DJ Richard returns with more of his spooky dance consultations, furthering my growing suspicion that long dusty library aisles would make good club spaces. From within the same dusty twilight zone that gave us his ‘Grind’ LP, he offers ‘Path of Ruin’, three tunes that will surely turn those agnostic about wi...view item »


Herein I bestow wintry delights unto your festive season. As if they’d been tipped off to the quickly-advancing December, the lower-case dbh made up their third record of acoustic instrumentals, offering the finger-picking and fret-sliding that makes them of such use as back-up for Kiran Leonard and Irma Vep. With the feeling of dozily cra...view item »

A Common Truth

Rebecca Foon is really the most Constellation of artists doing the most Constellation of things. Her many excellent projects have included doomslaying Godspeed alternates A Silver Mt. Zion, the wonderful and actively explorative neo-classical of Esm...view item »

Erskine Lynas
Lease of Youth

Slightly off to the kilter of Local Action’s usual way of being is Erskine Lynas’ ‘Lease of Youth’, but it’s easy to see why the label ended up breaking their own rules for this one. Records like this are special and transcendent in their way, cutting through discourse and straight into the heart. Resembling the mum...view item »

Jung Body
Real Eternal Bliss

Jung Body wrote and recorded the 8 songs on this album -- all concerning the people in his life that he loved and lost -- during a 4-year period of constant turmoil, and sometime catharsis; one of the by-products of the making of his remarkably beautiful record. Plain-spoken, frank yet tender; these songs are moving tributes to much-loved human ...view item »

DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa
F Planet

New York producer DJ Spider and German producer Franklin De Costa have combined forces in the past for a pair of EPs on Killekill. They’ve reconvened for a plate on the ever-reliable Berceuse Heroique for a couple of superb, sci-fi techno cuts. First up is the excellent ‘F Planet’ which is like cruising over a decaying future c...view item »

The Soap Opera
Ready To Hatch

How sad we would all be if it weren't for indie pop. It's just so damn perky.  The Soap Opera are the latest to worship at the C86 altar but they also go back all the way to 1967 to the sort of sunny side up pop manufactured by the likes of Love and the Lovin' Spoonf...view item »

Mini Dresses
Mini Dresses

Let me just read that bit on our site again. LP on.....Warners? You mean the big company that made Bugs Bunny etc? Odd because Mini Dresses are a fey trio whose music and glasses scream 'indie 7" label'. Their music wallows in the sort of sad that is generally unheard of in the mainstream. There's a touch of Beach H...view item »

The Doomed Bird of Providence
Burrowed Into The Soft Sky

Stirringly political, The Doomed Bird of Providence’s work has long been focused on colonial histories of Australia, observing periods of oppression to indigenous life and identity. Where this previously manifested in lyrical observations and traditional storytelling, the group here create a meditative orchestral work through two aggressiv...view item »

El Ala De Mi Homunculo

Every time I think of the Japanese artist Aritomo I think of the quite brilliant press release for his previous album La Flor De Mi Tulpa which contained the following phrase "I released my last LP in the beginning of 2011. Honestly, it was a failure. My 5th LP was not good music". Let's hope Arcade Fire are equ...view item »

Emra Grid
Shay’s Vacation House

Emra Grid’s ‘Shays Vacation House’ is a work that feels suspended in time - both ancient and modern -- a microcosm that ceases to exist in any particular time or space. Cinematic opening piece ‘Land Is’ emerges like a newly discovered fossil or relic with all th...view item »

The Remote Viewer
Us. In Happier Times

It's been eleven years since the last the Remote Viewer album the rather lovely 'Let Your Heart Draw A Map'. This 'new' effort is actually a collection of unreleased material from back in the day rather than the Lancashire duo getting back together over a cup of tea and a flapjack. The album continues in the direction they were headed with 'Let ...view item »

Crown Larks

Crown Larks flit around the edges of krautrock and Chicago influenced math rock with complicated patterns of sound that suggest the band aren't happy to stick to one sound and indeed one time signature. Their jazzy and sprawling arrangements suggest a restless spirit that seems to blend elements of Tortoise, ...view item »

Sophie Hutchings

A piano is nice. Sometimes you can play it and it sounds like the whole room around it. Sometimes it sounds like a whole region of mountains and shrubbery and the like; I remember listening to the wonderful Madeleine Cocolas record on FutureSequence last year and imagining someone making neo-classical in a valley of snow-tipped hillside, kinda l...view item »

Al Chem
Weird Fiction

This is a beautifully mysterious album of dubbed out electronic mantras that stretch over the course of the record like a mist. While 'No Hopper' is a tight piece of electro dub with typically smoked vocal by Ras Michael, 'Prophet' really is the A side killer here a meditative drone of dubby techno bubbles with a repetitive lollop that seems to ...view item »

Lomond Campbell
Black River Promise

We've all thought about running away from it all haven't we? About 15 million times this year for me to be precise-ish. Well FOUND frontman the very Scottishly named Lomond Campbell actually did run off from the city and into a dilapidated hut to make this his first solo album. What resulted is a string-l...view item »

Adrian Crowley
Dark Eyed Messenger

For this album mahogany voiced Irishman Adrian Crowley decided to dispense with the guitar that has been a constant throughout his career and concentrate on placing his well worn voice over a mixture of pianos, mellotrons and electronics.  My early fears that this was going to be an album of just voice and twinkly piano are thankfully shatt...view item »

Matt Christensen
I know What The Fight Is

Matt Christensen’s first vinyl effort in a while is an exercise in lounge sabotage, offering a slowcore spread of distantly and inappropriately arranged sounds. With chords echoing out into distant spaces, drums playing a rhythm of their own mind, keys sprinkling where they’ll sprinkle and gorgeous, irreverently jazzy basslines, this...view item »

How Nice It Is

Nicely weirded, Tongue. What this band make out of a struggle is marvellous: their holy trinity of trombones, vocals and electronics make for an EP of writhing, half-completed pop music, as if these songs were wading through the bad underwater level of a wonderful video game. “How Nice It Is” offers languishing trombone notes...view item »

Bohemian Garden

Well it pretty much does what it says on the tin. Winsome harpsichord-led pop that owes everything to the late 60s wandering of the Left Banke and perhaps a bit to the proto Broadcast moves of United States of America.  ...view item »


Everything I’ve heard so far from the exuberant Lost Tribe Sound label has seemed rooted in grand structures and baroque gestures, yet looking optimistically forward and prospectively neo-modernist. Their latest release is no different. Simple and rustic elements are fused with electronic sounds on th...view item »

A Goal is an Image

‘A Goal is an Image’ is the first full, proper album on Rabit’s Halcyon Veil album and is well placed as a strong representation of the label's aesthetic. City aka Vancouver artist Will Ballantyne’s sound on this album really encapsulates the emotive core that ...view item »

Jon Collin
The Nature

One of the blues’ lopsiders, Jon Collin puts his steel guitar in an environment far, far bigger than it and creates melodic chasms. ‘The Nature’ is suitably titled, offering improvisations with the occasional unfiltered field recording extracted from wherever the hell he was playing -- sometimes he was hauled up at home and oth...view item »

Walking Boss

Oo, I always like to review records from bands that I have absolutely no previous knowledge of, so when Clint walked over with Walking Boss in his hands I was looking forward to listening to it and spawling out some words on the website. We (Clint and I) were both under the impression that it was going to be a heavyish record, so when I started ...view item »

Waveform Transmission (Rod Modell & Chris Troy)
V 2.0-2.9

The ever reliable Astral Industries imprint bring us the first new material in over 20 years from Detroit dub techno/celestial ambient master Rod Modell (DeepChord, cv313) and the elusive Chris Troy operating as Waveform Transmission. The former is a familiar and prolific artist with to...view item »

Jack Cooper

Blackpool. I love/hate it. I have a particular fascination with the North West Coast of England's seaside resorts. See also: Lytham, Morecambe, Southport. There's something otherworldly about all of them but Blackpool is the one you'd prefer to peer at through a telescope whilst sitting far enough away not to be sprayed in vomit.  Like More...view item »

Sana Obruent

Enormous.  Sana Obruent aka San Francisco's Paul Lopez makes music that is so far removed from his place of living that it is almost hard to reconcile. He must have very thick black out blinds to make music like this in the sunshine state. His last album 'Dyatlov' soundtracked the strange story of some skiers who went missing in 195...view item »

Loner Deluxe
Songs I Taped Off The Radio

Sorry but we are idiots. Stupid, useless idiots. No, don't argue. If we were not then we wouldn't have put this album into the stock room without... you know...putting it on our site. How are we still operating? Answers on a postcard please (as we can't get the hang of this 'internet' thing).  Anyway this much delayed record is the ...view item »

Odd Nosdam

“This ain’t how California’s s’posed to sound!”, my inner Sunshine Boy cries out in horror. Jokes, man. It’s SanFran / Bay Area’s finest fuzz-drone-beats purveyor, co-founder of the mighty Anticon and generally very smiley guy Odd Nosdam (D...view item »

Expect The Best

Full disclosure: I thought this record was called ‘Expect the Beast’. As a diligent and dutiful employee, I have been doing so. Turns out what I’m supposed to be expecting is the best, which is a lot to ask. Widowspeak have been an extremely charming band in the past -- ripping on Fleetwood Mac...view item »


Here’s some sonic Body Horror for ya, courtesy of some fresh blood from somewhere around Manchester. Apparently much of the source material comes from a pack of early Slipknot samples, which Croww has mutilated and reassembled into these Frankenstein, mutant, industrial/noise/grindcore/drill & bass infor...view item »

Fake Laugh
Fake Laugh

Were people generally more romantic in the '80s? Is it a phone thing? Is it that a line such as "oh the alcoholic afternoons when we sat in your room they meant more to me than any living thing on earth" takes a long time to text? Better just put "u up 4 shag?".   Luckily I've found a man out of time. His name is K...view item »

The Error of My WAVs

What on earth has Neil Scrivin aka Phono Ghosts been up to? Sounds like he took a skip load of olde Funk, Boogie, Freestyle, Yellow Magic Orchestra and Art of Noise ...view item »

SpeedLine Connect / Sun Runner

If people didn't have voices the world would be a nice quiet place. You should hear our office  - voices making noises. All the time. My ears need a sooth and so I'm heading to this Waterpark 12" which I had noted to review last week before I ran out of ear space. It's just the sort of thing to listen to if you need a soothe. A fluttering b...view item »

Joey Agresta
Let's Not Talk About Music

Oh I think I remember this guy. He released records on labels like Feeding Tube under monikers such as Joey Pizza Slice. Now returning to a more sensible moniker he has unleashed a bunch of his home recordings made using vintage tape machines. The most impressive thing is that he has done all this whilst having the distraction of wearing a moust...view item »

A Lilac Decline
The Mountain Rages

Decline. I like the word ‘decline’. Always have always will. Like lilacs too so I’m probably ok with this lovely tape release on Rusted Rail. Straight from the off this sounds like something special indeed. A Lilac Decline is Cecilia Danell (ah I get it!), of both ...view item »

The Physics House Band
Mercury Fountain

“Do you wanna be a rock band or not?” - me, to the Physics House Band, who are not listening. This record of compelling psychedelic amusements has me, a first time listener, fairly stumped, as they roar into view from some moody meditations on “Mobius Strip” before fading out in the heat of the moment. They re-emerge on &...view item »


hemisfär combines the quarter talents of South African musicians Alex van Heerden and Derek Gripper, plus Kate Ehrhardt and Magnus Johansson for a very interesting time indeed. Easy to call jazz but sprawled out into electroacoustic flutterings and an ambling towards song, this self-titled record seems to emphasise the silence around it, th...view item »

Les Marquises
A Night Full Of Collapses

With an enormous cast featuring Matt Elliott and the cream of France's neo-classical community in tow, Jean-Sébastien Nouveau has here concocted the sort of noir-ish chamber pop that has the kind of sweeping intensity and deadly serious world view that can only be truly provided by the French. ...view item »

James Murray
Killing Ghosts

A quick gander on a well-known website at the busy discography of James Murray reveals him to be a hard-working lad. Although the description, “Ambient/downtempo artist from the UK” hardly seems adequate based on the thrilling sound-waves bleeding out of the (second set of) headphones covering my ears this afternoon. Heavily ...view item »

Porter Ray

Discovered by Shabazz Palace's Ishmael Butler, Porter Ray has here documented his early life in Seattle via as series of innovative hip-hop snapshots which combine the classic boom-bap sound with a sort of dreamy post chill wave. Opener ‘Waves’ provides one of the more innovative hip-hop tracks of...view item »

The Workhouse
Now I Am On Fire

The Workhouse exist for people like me who remember the glory of glacial '80s bands like Kitchens of Distinction and The Chameleons. They are old and proud. On 'Garage 59' they reference Vauxhall Viva's. Ha! remember those? Them and Spangles.   T...view item »

Yair Yona

Yair Yona is an Israel born guitarist who has mastered a rather enjoyable style of slide and pick across a series of evocative albums. Here he veers from flat out desert rockers such as the very Pell Mell like 'Sir Bassar' to more out there drifting cinematic pieces such as 'Seven Days In Complete Darkness' which ...view item »

Ian Hawgood
Love Retained

I'm always concerned about reviewing a record in which an artist opens up in a press release about their previous struggles in that I may take pity on the record and glowingly review it out of fear that I may somehow make the situation worse .   Generally though you have to let the music do the talking and I'm taking what I want out...view item »

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