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December's Best Records

For those who griped at the fact that our Albums of the Year were published at the beginning of December then here is a round up of December's best records, one or two of which might have made it had we published in January. 

Plant Age

After a few EP releases on L.I.E.S Terekke finally drops the big one after 5 years of experimentation with beats and basic equipment. It's a slow moving burble of an album, eight patient tracks which blend simple beatwork with dubby atmospheres. Standout is the gorgeous 'Need U' a lengthy drift into dub techno perhaps with nods to the dubbier en...view item »

Total Control
Laughing At The System

Laughing At The System is the first music from Melbourne’s Total Control since their second LP, Typical System in 2014. The band are essentially a post-punk band influenced by the likes of Joy Division, but throw a bit of ‘80s electro in the mix too. The band don’t necessarily always tour with the full...view item »

Thor & Friends
The Subversive Nature of Kindness

Thor Harris: Swans’ former charismatic percussionist, and potential future governor of Texas. Chief friends are marimba player Peggy Ghorbani and multi-instrumentalist Sarah “Goat” Gautier. Their music is rooted in tonal percussion and often recalls minimalists...view item »

Damiano von Erckert
In Case You Don't Know What To Play

Damiano Von Erckert Has been fast getting reputation as a unique talent in the world of dance music. He wants to make people happy which, in 2017, is a very good thing to do. He uses all manner of sounds from around the globe to create his pulsating opuses, most notably on opener 'From thew Sun', which uses samples from where people are happy an...view item »

Jung Body
Real Eternal Bliss

Jung Body wrote and recorded the 8 songs on this album -- all concerning the people in his life that he loved and lost -- during a 4-year period of constant turmoil, and sometime catharsis; one of the by-products of the making of his remarkably beautiful record. Plain-spoken, frank yet tender; these songs are moving tributes to much-loved human ...view item »

Cucumber Water

Together at last: 12” wax and the music of local psychedelic fools (yes, fools) Engine! This band of giddy experimentalists pack a heck of a live show -- in part thanks to great, improvisational swirls from their visual artist -- and here get to work out all of their favourite things. On the title track and lede to ‘Cucumber Water&rs...view item »

DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa
F Planet

New York producer DJ Spider and German producer Franklin De Costa have combined forces in the past for a pair of EPs on Killekill. They’ve reconvened for a plate on the ever-reliable Berceuse Heroique for a couple of superb, sci-fi techno cuts. First up is the excellent ‘F Planet’ which is like cruising over a decaying future c...view item »

Colin Potter
The Abominable Slowman

Definitely Ant’s bag, this record, but apparently he “has to go give his daughter her packed lunch and then go to her nativity play”. Honestly he should just pack in listening to all this gloomy, heart-devouring industrial electronic music and focus on living his lovely life. The latest in a slew of reissues and declarations of...view item »

Mini Dresses
Mini Dresses

Let me just read that bit on our site again. LP on.....Warners? You mean the big company that made Bugs Bunny etc? Odd because Mini Dresses are a fey trio whose music and glasses scream 'indie 7" label'. Their music wallows in the sort of sad that is generally unheard of in the mainstream. There's a touch of Beach H...view item »

Virginia Wing / XAM Duo
Tomorrow’s Gift

I know I'm actually the worst person on the entire planet to review this record (sax problems)....but there's literally no-one else and I kind of know it's good because the other day it was playing in the office and I almost got off my chair to find out what it was.  One thing is for sure, it's the best thing to come out of Bradford...view item »


It’s a seventy-five minute record with a buncha flutes on it -- they’re leaving it to me. Having made her best record in ‘Vulnicura’, a stressful, catharsis-denying record of never resolved and never romanticized heartbreak, Björk returns with ‘Utopia’, continuing to writhe in the undefined sonic contours...view item »

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