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CDs. Handy aren't they? Pop one in your pocket....or use it in the CD player in your car to make music come out. Everyone goes on about vinyl these days but CDs are ok too.  With the help of our pals at Cargo, we are pleased to bring you some of 2017s best releases on CD at knock down prices.  

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Luciferian Towers

I can’t believe I’m doing this but I am. This, in the grand scheme of things, is just another Godspeed humdinger. forty minutes instead of a cinematic hour plus. Plain rock music with no political self-sabotage -- no all-seeing preacherman, no devastating conspiracy. What Godspeed have been, from Allelujah to the now, is a steady ban...view item »

Do Make Say Think
Stubborn Persistent Illusions

Barnyard post-rockers awaken from their decade-long hibernation and realise that the world is kinda not so much what it was. People don’t get free passes for making the sounds they do anymore; you can’t be Explosions In The Sky and get away with it. Still, what DMST have always had against ...view item »

Mechanics Of Dominion

Oh, this is lovely. From the opening strains of bowed, vibrato cello and fluid tinklings of piano all the way up to its dramatic coda. Continuing their trend of a new and remarkable record every two years for I-can’t-tell-you-how-long, are Esmerine -- the set-up of members from GYBE...view item »


We drank some particularly strong coffee today; so it goes, Omni would say. Jumping about the place like an over-piqued collective of office drones mid mass-walkout, their guitars work themselves into a frenzy and thrive on it. Their last record, the snarkily titled ‘Deluxe’, was a fine blueprint to riff-spangled indie rock. This one...view item »

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
The Kid

The bearer of Norman Records’ Album of the Year 2016 returns just over a year later with a follow-up, and by the looks of it she’s more of a cosmic traveller than ever. I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s changed since EARS, and don’t worry, this ain’t no acoustic interlude album. It’s full of tho...view item »

Those Who Walk Away
The Infected Mass

This one marks the start of a brand new year for my ever-beloved Constellation Records, who are setting themselves up to have another beautiful banner year. ‘The Infected Mass’ is the first entry on the imprint for Matthew Patton, a sound artist and score dabbler who’s recently written music for dance pieces and orchestras. Her...view item »

Virginia Wing / XAM Duo
Tomorrow’s Gift

I know I'm actually the worst person on the entire planet to review this record (sax problems)....but there's literally no-one else and I kind of know it's good because the other day it was playing in the office and I almost got off my chair to find out what it was.  One thing is for sure, it's the best thing to come out of Bradford...view item »

Fly Invisible Hero

BDY_PRTS (most likely an abbreviation of ‘Beady Parts’) introduce their debut LP Fly Invisible Hero via Aggrocats. Strongly audiovisual, the band consists of Jill O’Sullivan (Sparrow and the Workshop), Jenny Reeve (Strike the Colours) and Johnny Scott (The Kill...view item »

Jane Weaver
Modern Kosmology

In which Jane Weaver does everything she should do to make a popular album in 2017. Let's run through the checklist. Neu like metronomic drumming? Check. Wibbly wobbly synths? Check. Vocals that recall Stereolab/Broadcast? Check. A cosmic/kosmiche feel...view item »

Gun Outfit
Out of Range

Phrases like 'brutally beautiful' and 'tradition warping' are used on the press release. All of which early promise dissipates on opening track 'Ontological Intercourse' which is a chirpy little guitar ditty that sounds at best like the nascent Yo La Tengo of 'River of Water' or Sil...view item »

Martin Hannett
Homage to Delia Derbyshire

Martin Hannett, then: Factory Records’ in-house producer that made some amazing, iconic records with OMD, Durutti Column and most famously, Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ and ‘Closer&...view item »

Peter Oren

I have a question for Peter Oren. My question is… can he please explain this lyric? It goes like this: “I came to at half past two to a diesel engine’s roar”. Has anyone ever woken up and thought, damn, that specifically diesel-run vehicle is giving me grief? No. Oren is unprecedented in this. A country singer with a kee...view item »

Introduction to Escape-ism

Having exhausted everything he could possibly do in his myriad bands, including the Make-Up, Chain & the Gang and XYZ, Ian Svenonius has signed his soul away with his very own solo album. Don’t lie: we’ve all thought about doing it, and we should all be so lucky to get to make our own ‘Introduction to Escape-Ism’. As ...view item »

Tom Mcrae
Ah, The World! Oh, The World!

Tom McRae’s eighth studio album Ah, The World! Oh, The World! Finds the English singer-songwriter, perhaps understandably, in rather a melancholic mood. The album title is a phrase taken from McRae’s favourite novel, Moby Dick, but it gets across perfectly McRae’s state of perplexity and dissatisfaction followi...view item »

The Moral Crossing

For anyone who only reads about Leeds being a great vibrant city let me re-iterate -  it is still bleak. Very bleak. It is made up generally of quite tall grey concrete buildings which block out any sun that has the audacity to squeeze through the near constant cloud cover. No wonder bands from Leeds are miserable  - I mean did you hea...view item »

The Buff Medways
Medway Wheelers

Billy Childish's Buff Medways have a new single out on Damaged Goods on 7" and CD. This is more of his medway infused sound which starts off sounding just like Dinosaur Jr and then goes into a more tuneful 60's type poppy thing instead of his usual blues route. Who'd have thought it eh? A new Billy Childish...view item »

Brand New Cage

Wild Billy Childish with yet another album here, more specifically his fifth in as many years with CTMF. While his work rate remains astonishing, what’s perhaps more impressive is that most of the stuff he comes up with is still pretty damn good. Cuts like ‘Are You Better Than Me?’ and ‘T...view item »

David West with Teardrops
Cherry On Willow

David West has been everywhere and been in everyone. Perth, San Francisco and New York, Rat Columns, Total Control and Lace Curtain. Here he makes and album of grimy and grungy lo-fi that suggests Marc Bolan has been dug up covered in soil a...view item »

Lean Year
Lean Year

This is a lot more relaxing than listening to Phil bang on about his decorating issues over the sound of a malfunctioning printer.  Unlike Phil, it’s quiet. They have all the right influences in place (Karen Dalton, Fred Neil and ...view item »

Lee Gamble
Mnestic Pressure

Here is the UIQ label head and champion of cracked electronic sounds Lee Gamble, making that sweet music for the Hyperdub family. He recently premiered acoustic music in a cave with the great Eliane Radigue, an occasion that I will forever regret not going to. I half expected this to be sonically related to that, but don’t you worry yourse...view item »

Professor Rhythm
Bafana Bafana

Awesome Tapes From Africa’s unceasing quest to widely circulate gems of African music continues with Professor Rhythm’s 1990’s house album Bafana Bafana. ...view item »

Mikael Tariverdiev
Olga Sergeevna

Mikael Tariverdiev’s score to the highly regarded 1975 Soviet TV series Olga Sergeevna has never before been released outside of Russia, but change is afoot… Earth Recordings have masterminded this ...view item »

Bark Psychosis

It’s hard to be objective about an album that was the soundtrack some of the grimmest times of my life. Early ‘90s, lost in an attic of a shared house in darkest Leeds, forever autumn and it seemed this album was rarely out of earshot. Strange thing is, I've barely played it since. At the time I was obsessed by ...view item »

Bardo Pond
Under The Pines

In 2011 my high school’s history teacher handed me a certificate for the classroom’s Space Cadet Of the Year award. He is unfunny and I hate him. Now, with the very same long hair and bad attitude, I would like to hand my award on to Bardo Pond, who make music the way you would if you were high, or sleepy, or maybe just like this...view item »

Graham Reynolds
A Scanner Darkly (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The state of dependence. It’s a tricky one, because sometimes I depend on the cats to keep me cuddly and warm on those long, dark winter nights in the depths of Yorkshire. But here, the story (I take it) tells of Keanu Reeves, stoned to his core on something called Substance D (shorthand for Death)... like, ...view item »

The Weather Station
The Weather Station

Singer, songwriter and producer Tamara Lindeman uses her Weather Station alias to create countrified panoramas, taking on all duties for symphonies fitting of whatever area of natural beauty is the most proximal to you. For us it’s Ilkley Moor, and I can certainly imagine looking out from it onto Lindeman’s favourite thing ever -- th...view item »

U Feel Anything?

From the always reliable Planet Mu comes U Feel Anything by Ziúr. Emerging from a new wave of Berlin techno producers, Ziúr is forging a new and exciting sound. Ziúr is very much at the heart of this new wave and is the founder and resident DJ of Boo-Hoo, a club night of und...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger
Hallelujah Anyhow

Me and my dad haven't agreed on too much musically of late but one thing we bond over is how overrated Hiss Golden Messenger are. I'll admit they've had their moments over the years  - the intimate 'Bad Debt' was great as were moments of 'The Lateness of Dancers' but what is slurred out on his recent albums hasn't warrented the regular good...view item »

The Wedding Present
George Best 30

When the Wedding Present approached Steve Albini with a view to recording a 30th anniversary edition of 'George Best' he described it as the worst idea he'd ever heard.... but he recorded it anyway and here is the result. .  If you've watched the Wedding Present live of late then you'll know that they play their songs at about half ...view item »

Brix & The Extricated
Part 2

Well it was a worry. A massive worry but Brix and her fellow the Fall escapees have made the sort of warm and enjoyable album that is the antithesis of the angry slop the Fall churn out these days. Having said that, it's clear that the ideal musical place would be right in the middle of the two which is what made B...view item »

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Ah, it felt like only last year that I was sitting in this exact chair, with these headphones on, listening to Antwood’s debut album with joy and confusion plastered over my face. That’s because it was last year, indeedy, a few months over 1 year ago Tristan Douglas of Canadian fame made his first public announcement, a decree of sca...view item »

Chelsea Wolfe
Hiss Spun

Over her five previous LPs, California’s Chelsea Wolfe has won many plaudits for her grand, gothic take on the classic singer-songwriter tradition. If Hiss Spun’s lead single ‘16 Psyche’ is anything to go by, all of the parts remain in good working order. If anything, Hiss Spun will...view item »


When I heard that Koyo were an experimental prog band from Leeds, I just had to get in there and review them. There are very few metal reviewers at Norman Records, but I guess there are very few metal records at Norman Records, too. As soon as the promo came in, we stuck it on and the atmosphere in the office was not too enthusiastic, but I was ...view item »

Jack Cooper

Blackpool. I love/hate it. I have a particular fascination with the North West Coast of England's seaside resorts. See also: Lytham, Morecambe, Southport. There's something otherworldly about all of them but Blackpool is the one you'd prefer to peer at through a telescope whilst sitting far enough away not to be sprayed in vomit.  Like More...view item »

Mountain Moves

Lovely Deerhoof. Who could possibly be mad? Weird and kindly, their artfully dismantled rock music continues to expand at rapid and prolific speeds, with new album ‘Mountain Moves’ following on just a year from ‘The Magic’. Here Deerhoof become a loving trope of players as they invite a roster of friends and tribute a leg...view item »

Angelo Badalamenti
Blue Velvet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The soundtrack to David Lynch’s 1986 movie ‘Blue Velvet’ perfectly suits the edgy film noir feel of the now classic film. It mixes original compositions from long term Lynch collaborator Angelo Badalamenti with the sort of originals that would suit the jukebox of any any shadowy dive ba...view item »

Gold Class

Foghorn-voiced rockers Gold Class are the latest band to go through a break up and write an album about it. But that's fine as safe relationships do not good music make  - see also Paul McCartney, Sting. I described their last album as the sound of standing outside a punk club...view item »

Light In Your Mind

Cymbals open ‘Light In Your Mind’ with a glitch in serenity. Their beautiful, symphonic sound stutters like a dying light-switch, patched vocals and looping violins blocking the perfect flow and holding it back in a world of small anxieties. Clever stuff; pretty cool stuff. Expanded from its gauzier and more primitive early stages, C...view item »

Keep On Moving

ESG have reissued a new wave funk compilation of nine tracks entitled Keep On Moving. Described as being the product of a studio that was left to run itself, this record is the all consuming sound of the techno dance floor. Solid beats and slightly distorted cymbal sounds compliment the youthful vocals in this release. ...view item »

John Foxx and The Maths
The Machine

This is a specially composed soundtrack for an adaptation of EM Forster's short story The Machine Stops which explores our increasingly complex relationship with technology. This eerie and evocative score was composed by electronic music veteran John Foxx working along side Benge. Artwork is by the people respon...view item »

Sheer Mag
Need To Feel Your Love

A generation or two behind schedule, Sheer Mag sound like they could be the cast of School of Rock making music as adults. Having released a slew of fantastic 7”s that proved not only that they could rock, but that they could rock hard...view item »

Psychic Temple

I commented earlier today that everything these days is done by one person in a bedroom. As if to send a reminder that records are sometimes made the old fashioned way in a studio with a series of just-right musicians is this lovely opus by Psychic Temple.  Now by the band name and cover you might think this is a psych rock album bu...view item »

Television Personalities
Mummy You're Not Watching Me

Eighties underground post-punk group Television Personalities were a key part of the scene, lead by Dan Treacy’s smart lyrics and songcraft. Mummy You’re Not Watching Me is their second record, released in 1982 and packed full of special little indie pop songs. It’s getting a very hand...view item »

Out In The Storm

Ever since Phil Collins wrote 'Against All Odds' great music has come from terrible romantic break ups. Thank God we don't live in the 1950's where everyone met a partner then stuck with them miserably until one of them died. Waxahatchee aka Katie Crutchfield has had a recent such awakening and has poured all h...view item »

Paul Haslinger
Halt and Catch Fire (Original Television Series Soundtrack)

Synths… lots of synths. Twinkling synths, pulsing synths, synths with arpeggiators and synths with drumbeats, preferably of the 4/4 variety. This is what you’ll need if you’re going to make a soundtrack to a television series about the early days of the Internet in the 1980s. Also, you might like to draft in Paul Haslinger. He...view item »

Ulrika Spacek
Modern English Decoration

A band famously similar to Deerhunter, Ulricka Spacek made good on the time they were given in ‘The Album Paranoia’ to weave a record of retro-futurist guitar sparkle, mirroring some of indie rock’s best bands in wide open spaces. Being its target audience -- krautrock dads, satisfied by nothing...view item »

Black Origami

Gary, Indiana’s undisputed queen of footwork is back with her second album, following her widely praised, critically acclaimed debut back in 2015. An album which topped many end of year lists. Since then she’s given us a coupla great EPs on Planet Mu and been busy puttin...view item »

Chalice Hymnal

This is that good prog. This is that prog for guitar soloed skylines and heavy metal churches. This is that prog for “Baker Street” enthusiasts and wannabe choir members. This is that epic, everlasting, synth-soaked high-fantasy goodness. I’ll tell you why: because it contains the multi-instrumentation of three absolutely prog-...view item »

Proper Ornaments

Well I'm enjoying this but I'm cold where I am sat so I'm going to have to whip through it before I freeze to death. Proper Ornaments are duo of people from Veronica Falls and Toy and Ultimate Paintings and yes you are right they make tuneful ...view item »

Michael Chapman

Unlike Rick Astley's latest album the titular '50' doesn't refer to ace guitarist Michael Chapman's 50 years on earth. No he's a lot older than that, it refers to how many years he's been in the wonderful world of show business. He's had a funny career which has taken in a multitude of styles including singer so...view item »

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