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IX Tab & Hoofus
The Blow Volume 1

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Kemper Norton

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White Flowers

'White Flowers' is the debut record from Lutine, the sparsest of folk duos comprising of artists Heather Minor and Emma Morton. Their understated, decidedly meek recordings concentrate on vocal harmonies, guitar strums and enveloping flourishes of piano. Rather than modernising the genre, Lutine take from various folk traditions, including neo-classical and baroque. 

Shape Worship
A City Remembrancer

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Sophie Cooper & Julian Bradley
The Blow Volume 3

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The Doomed Bird of Providence
Burrowed Into The Soft Sky

The Doomed Bird of Providence is a project devoted to highlighting the darkness of Australian colonial history, and third album Burrowed into the Soft Sky is no exception. It does however break away from the previous two albums by leaving lyrics and vocals by the wayside in favour of two side-long instrumentals, each heavy with the weight of past atrocity. On Front & Follow.
  • Vinyl LP (FANDF046)