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Front & Follow

Oh look....those nice folks at Front and Follow have sent us a handful of their wares at bargain prices. Only limited amounts available so be very quick!

The Doomed Bird of Providence
Burrowed Into The Soft Sky

Stirringly political, The Doomed Bird of Providence’s work has long been focused on colonial histories of Australia, observing periods of oppression to indigenous life and identity. Where this previously manifested in lyrical observations and traditional storytelling, the group here create a meditative orchestral work through two aggressiv...view item »

Sophie Cooper & Julian Bradley
The Blow Volume 3

Yorkshire, being weird, produces all the finest sonic weird, and so it comes to pass that people like Sophie Cooper and Julian Bradley will make a weird album together. Cooper’s avant songs prefer not to be defined one way or the other by genre while Julian Bradley… I dunno, let’s just say he’s psych rock? I jest: he&rsq...view item »

IX Tab & Hoofus
The Blow Volume 1

The Blow Volume 1 marks the first in a new series of split tapes. The West Country’s IX Tab and Suffolk’s Hoofus both contribute solo tracks, and there are also a number of collaborations between the 2. Lots of experimental electronics and strange emanations: unusual vibes. Cassette tape on ...view item »

Kemper Norton

When Clint handed me this CD to review, I immediately sensed he was affording me the chance to learn about my ancestral roots -- although I’ve only been to Cornwall twice. It rained both times... So, ‘Toll’ by Kemper Norton then. Opening track ‘Yadnik’ is the aural equivalent of mizzle, that dense moistness in the a...view item »

White Flowers

I caught the end of Lutine's set at Supernormal this year and was in thrall to the heavenly vocal harmonising inherent in the floral, purist sound these two ladies kick out. Over a faintly distracting (harmonium?) drone their choral folk trilling enters the fray under the title 'Espera' an...view item »

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