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Home Normal - REDUCED!

That nice man at Home Normal has let us have a load of his back catalogue stuff for almost no pence so you can top up your ambience in time for a peaceful Christmas.   

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Altars Altars
Small Hours

Herein you’ll find Altars Altars making all the sounds that make sleepy warm drone fans want to applaud with tears. This gorgeous, slow and ever so distant record relies heavily on twanged-to-fuck guitars (twanged, in this sense, from the reel to reel tapes used), as if doing a Loren Connors reboot for a modern audience. These little,...view item »

Gurun Gurun
Gurun Gurun

3 new Home Normal's in this week. Like buses they tend to come at once... or when I'm waiting for a bus they never comeatfuckingall. This has arrived though and it's here in my hand and while I'm listening to it I have the CD right next to me in my periphery vision so I can stay focused. Nice work Phil. These guys are a Czech collective of exper...view item »

Ian Hawgood
Love Retained

I'm always concerned about reviewing a record in which an artist opens up in a press release about their previous struggles in that I may take pity on the record and glowingly review it out of fear that I may somehow make the situation worse .   Generally though you have to let the music do the talking and I'm taking what I want out...view item »

ISAN + Paco Sala + R Elizabeth + A New Line (Related)
Rough Imaginary

Well in the end I just went an opened the thing. So excited I was by hearing three unreleased A New Line (Related) tracks that I stuck my finger in the shrink wrap and clawed the thing open.   Indeed the three ANL(R) tracks are worth the admission price alone particularly opener ‘A Finger But...view item »

Ken Ikeda + David Toop
Skin Tones

What happens when two ambient guys -- one who is a musician, artist and sometime collaborator with David Lynch, and one who is a ‘sound curator’ and writerly academic from Enfield -- get together? Well they make improvised noises together to potentially scare children and unsettle even the most attentive and receptive of adults. ...view item »

Hiding Nature

Offthesky next. After a conceptual dronework for the Tokyo Droning offshoot, Home Normal unleash another stuttering, meandering, "twinkle chirrup & glitch fest" called 'Hiding Nature'. It sounds at one point like pretty chimes and elements of fine glass percussion are being played with by an amorphous blob monster from the planet Nexi...view item »

Tobias Hellkvist

Home Normal are cracking 'em out at the mo. There's another bunch of releases due over the coming weeks. This week we got two newies and the one I've got in my hands is a CD by Tobias Hellkvist. It starts off all pleasantly droney and warm sounding like many other releases sound at the mo. It does develop though as it's not just your fanc...view item »

Tobias Hellkvist
Kaskelot: Reissue + Remixes

Tobias Hellkvist has been composing richly-textured electroacoustic suites for some years now. Kaskelot is an EP that went down very well in Japan in 2011: now it gets a bulked-up reissue, with new remixes by artists like Chihei Hatakeyama and offthesky, each one of whom takes the sourc...view item »

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