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Alexandre Bazin
Sun Dog Trail

Alexandre Bazin is a member of Paris’s legendary GRM electronic music studios, and his new album Sun Dog Trail mixes some of the electroacoustic abstractions of the studio’s legacy with a rich emotional and melodic core (apparently blues music was a key inspiration for this album). Vinyl edition on Polytechnic Youth.

Arcade Fire

They used to actually be a phenomenal band and Funeral is all the proof you need. Full of gang chants and guitar twitches, big band fever and Springsteen suburbia, the Arcade Fire made a hopeful and triumphant rock record that fully deserved to be loud. With a handful of indie rock's best tunes on it, it traversed a whole lot of death and even a bit of romance -- "Crown of Love" is still their best, most heartfelt moment.

Basil Kirchin
Worlds Within Worlds

Here’s a fab vintage cult classic from Basil Kirchin, first released in 1974 on Island Records, despite being a veritably strange piece of work. Worlds Within Worlds is all about wildly manipulated field recordings, using the hottest tape techniques of the time to create highly atmospheric ambientish sound passages. Reissued by Superior Viaduct.


Shenzou is Biosphere’s 2002 record, upon which most of the tracks were built out of scratchy old vinyl samples of Debussy recordings, which lends the album a Gas-like classical flavour beneath all that nice shimmering looping ambience. This reissue of Shenzou also contains the album The Samphire Tower in full, as a bonus! Double CD and triple LP editions.

Mellow Waves

Been awhile since we heard from Cornelius but this album of his smooth, exploratory pop has been knocking about the office for some time and we can confirm that it's pretty good. His part cover here of Prefab Sprout's 'Appetite' points the way on an an album of intricate, soft and masterful compositions  
  • Vinyl LP (RSTRM348LP)
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  • CD (RSTRM348CD)
  • £10.99 £6.59 (saving: £4.40)
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Happy Meals
Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice is a shimmering record of fun-time synth-pop bounce, from Glasgow pop duo Happy  Meals. As well as making the music, the band have also been busily working away on making the actual physical albums: the whole edition of 500 LPs have been hand-painted in a rich marbled style by Happy Meals themselves.

24 Hour Revenge Therapy

Cheeky emo punks Jawbreaker originally released '24 Hour Revenge Therapy' in 1994, as the follow-up to their sophomore effort Bivouac. Once again, the Jawbreaker combination is in full effect on this record, the whole party resting on the witty, self-deprecating lyricism of Blake Schwarzenbach and their raw, unhinged presentation through crashing guitars and drums. '24 Hour Revenge Therapy' is a fine document from one of the most underrated pop-punk bands of the 90s. 

John Williams
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 40th Anniversary Boxset

One of the most memorable scores of all time sees a respectfully vast vinyl release. Not any vinyl though. This has been hand etched and features 3D holograms on the record itself. There are also rare photos and a hardcover book featuring two essays on John Williams and his magnificent contribution to the Stars Wars adventure.
  • Vinyl Deluxe LP box set (8736819)
  • Limited edition

Marcel Dettmann
Marcel Dettmann presents Rauch

'Rauch' conceals a smart and intriguing conceptual core: this is music inspired by the photographer Friederike von Rauch. Modular synthesis unfurls steady drones, whilst amniotic rhythmic bumps and soft noise licks add texture. The atmosphere is lifted with airy pads, completing the sonic counterpart to Rauch's stark artistic eye.

Nils Frahm
All Melody

Master of the aching, delicate phrase, and enrapturing melodious pulse, Nils Frahm is back with an album of wide instrumental scope. Born out of his newly constructed studio, this work represents a fresh approach, a glorious attempt to depict the mysterious and inherently beautiful music one hears from within.

Ocean Colour Scene
Live From The Hydro

Ocean Colour Scene fans  - we know you are out there. We presume many of you queued up all night when this was originally released on Record Store Day safe in the knowledge that you'd secured your copy. Well you'll be pleased to know that everyone else can now buy it too and now it comes with new artwork, a tour programme and a CD. 

The Punishment of Luxury: B Sides & Bonus

Supplementing OMD’s recent album The Punishment of Luxury, this collection gathers up the b-sides, remixes (by the likes of Manhattan Clique and Chicky & Coco), 80’s-style extended versions and other extras from the sessions. That ought to help the band finish their Christmas shopping! Available via 100% on 100% genuine CD format.

Room Inside the World

For their third album, Room Inside The World, Canada’s Ought have allowed previously alien elements into their tight post punk sound. Here, frontman Tim Darcy’s aping of Ian Curtis, and the spiky guitars and frantic drums are interspersed with the obligatory vibraphone, synths, drum machines and a 70-piece choir that bands apply when they get a bit of coin behind them. Will it spoil the brilliant sound of before? Time will tell though the band haven’t mellowed out, maybe things may have just got a whole lot more interesting? We doubt it.  

Pandit Pran Nath
The Raga Cycle, Palace Theatre, Paris 1972 Vol. 2

Pandit Pran Nath is a legend of the Indian classical vocal raga, who crossed over into the Western cultural consciousness in 1972, when he performed in Paris. This double LP release on Sri Moonshine Music takes recordings from that special occasion and puts them onto wax, ready for spiritual or just musical home consumption.


Extremely deep business from echospace [detroit] producer Phase90, who used field recordings from Detroit’s Masonic Temple in order to imbue the record with a supernatural darkness. Absonia, which was recorded for an art installation last year, is pitch-black ambient space dub, just the way you echospace [detroit] fans love it.

Infinitati [intrusion dubs]

Phase90’s album Infinitati was already a great example of the echospace [detroit] house sound, but this dubbed-out reworking by Intrusion might make it an even better one! As well as finding eight different ways to say ‘remix’ without saying ‘remix’, Intrusion has thoroughly spaced out the mix, using looping, tape manipulation and various desk business to reach even deeper than before.

The Impossibility

The latest on the ever collectible Polytechnic Youth is this much anticipated album from Polypores (aka Stephen James Buckley).  Like a lot of people out there makes haunting electronic music inspired an ever growing batch of vintage equipment. The album has also been inspired by the destruction of the planet Earth by the human race. 

Rick Wakeman
The Phantom Of The Opera

After completing his journey to the centre of the earth, Rick Wakeman decided over 15 years later to give Andrew Lloyd-Webber a run for his money by soundtracking the 1925 silent film version of Phantom of the Opera directed by Lon Chaney. Taking a more baroque turn, this release features harpsichords and organs, giving a much fuller picture of the score than its previous incarnation as 1990's Phantom Power.
  • Vinyl LP (OWS22)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Subversive III: Spelende De Mens

RMFTM (that’s Radar Men From The Moon for names-in-full fans) close out their trilogy of Subversive albums with De Splende Mens, perhaps the most potent entry in the series. The Eindhoven group pull all manner of dark and experimental sound styles into their orbit, chewing them up and spitting out a frenzied power-pulse of punk-industrial-krautrock-technoid sounds. Double LP on Fuzz Club.


Well, here's a thing: Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud and his first studio album in 8 years. In the meantime, he has been occupied on many things including sound design, film scores, art commissions... you name it. So it's good to have him back with a new LP, especially since the loss of his family; this record forms part of the necessary mourning for them. Bringing together digital technologies and live instrumentation, Fibolae is a warm, organic and tenderly cocooning record. 

Kimono My House

Demented electro-pop duo Sparks celebrate 40 years of sharp wit and falsetto crooning. The deluxe reissue of Kimono My House adds new material and essays to the endlessly weird and catchy chamber pop arrangements, strange productions and glamorous theatrics within. What more do you want; there’s a song called "Thank God It’s Not Christmas".

What a Time to Be Alive

Although Superchunk leader Mac MaCaughan rightly says he would swap eight years of terrible music for having his country not run by a child, much great art is coming out of the Trump years. Superchunk have a lot to say but have tried to make an album that is uplifting and not depressing to listen to. It also features more guest backing vocalists than any other Superchunk record.  

The Rolling Stones
On Air

On Air showcases The Rolling Stones in a 1960s BBC recordings stylee. So you get them at their rawest, most direct and bluesy, bringing us their R&B love and Country influences which characterised their early sound. You fans will love this. All restored using ‘Audio Source Separation’ for that bit more clarity. In heavyweight double LP, CD and deluxe double CD packages.

The Slowest Lift
The Slowest Lift

The Slowest Lift is, I am pleased to announce, the sweet team-up of Todmorden’s finest Sophie Cooper and Vibracathedral Orchestra / Piss Superstition man Julian Bradley. Both are excellent at handling linear, semi-abstract and fully messed-up sounds, and this debut album of theirs is a strange and wonderful trip to take. Vinyl release from VHF.