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Faux Discx - REDUCED!

We love Faux Discx and it's very sad they're finishing. But the good news is that we've managed to grab a load of their stock on the cheap. There are some fantastic records in this collection so don't dawdle.

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Cold Pumas
Persistent Malaise

Cold Pumas are one of a huge great crop of exceptional youthful DIY bands appearing in the UK lately with variously weighted mixes of ‘90s lo-fi indie, kraut-psych and noise-pop for what’s turning into quite a defined hypnofuzz aesthetic...Saun...view item »

Dignan Porch

Not paid a huge amount of attention to the London based outfit Dignan Porch before. They began life as solo project by Joseph Walsh that has slowly evolved over a couple of albums and singles (primarily for the excellent Captured tracks label) into a full band effort. ‘Observatory’ is the groups first LP for ...view item »

Great Ytene

Just like life in general Great Ytene have got a lot bleaker since their brilliant self titled debut on Bella Union. 'Locus' follows the loss of a whole album of material down what is described in the press release as a 'wormhole'. It has forced a clean slate though in which Great Ytene have seemingly gone from technicolour into black and white....view item »


Here's what our Mike had to say when the tape first came out on Sun Ark in 2011:   Yeeeeah!! Here we have the long-anticipated audio cassette from Leeds's finest psychedelic upstarts, Hookworms, who are full of nice people who've played in other bands as is the Leeds 6 way. Out in an edition of 150 so you'd better make sure ...view item »


Monotony are for those of you who a) like southern punx Sauna Youth a great deal and b) like it when bands continually swap up instruments live. Comprised of the same members but in different roles, SYx2 make a slightly chunkier and more straightforward strand of punk rock; it’s less about the garage speed...view item »


Is this familiar because it's really good or because we've played it in the office at some point and it's infected my soul? Anyway let me tell you about the tracks I have available to me. Initial reports would suggest that this will appeal to fans of late '70s New York sorts like Richard Hell and ...view item »

Sauna Youth

This debut LP proper from Sauna Youth is very much an album of two sides, with the first being taken up by the opening track ‘Town Called Distraction’, “a spoken-word short story written by Patrick Fisher (of Cold Pumas) ...view item »

Sweet Williams
Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight

Robin, oh Robin. Sometimes I worry for my young review friend. This is a shoe-in for his own personal enjoyment and he dismisses it. Swats it away like a fly. But there's no chance I'm going to let this one go, perhaps because I lived through the '90s.  Sweet Williams are a noisy lot from Brighton who contain people who used to be i...view item »

Teardrop Factory
Thrash In The Heart

Teardrop Factory make that kind of unholy shoegaze mess that wrestles to get the message through to your ear: the feedback is incidental, and all the noise antics ultimately feel like ways of wrapping up pleasant tunes that would be twee on another day. Unlike a plethora of bands who champion the same sound, though, Teardrop Factory have a treas...view item »

Trust Punks
Double Bind

We’ve only heard those first two tracks, but it’s sounding worryingly like Preoccupations might be failing to follow through on their one job -- to have the best guitar sound out there -- in favour of making a synth-gloomed post-punk record with all the standard nihilism it affords. If that’...view item »

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