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Faux Discx - REDUCED!

We love Faux Discx and it's very sad they're finishing. But the good news is that we've managed to grab a load of their stock on the cheap. There are some fantastic records in this collection so don't dawdle.
Please note that this promotion officially ended on Monday October 16th 2017. Any discounted items may now have returned to full price, and other items may no longer be available at all. If you missed out on this promotion then sign up for our email alerts so that you stand a better chance of not missing out on the next one.
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Cold Pumas
The Hanging Valley

This is the first we’ve heard from Cold Pumas in quite a while: their debut album was released 4 years ago. Now with a slightly tweaked line-up, the band remain in fine form, and The Hanging Valley charges forwards with as much kraut-motorik power as they ever had. Co-released by Faux Discx and Gringo Records.

Dignan Porch

Great Ytene

It's very good (great in fact) to have Great Ytene back. Their debut self titled record was one of 2014's best. Here they pursue darker textures perhaps taking their cure from the concrete grey rock of the likes of Preoccupations. This one was mixed by MJ at Suburban Home who has added his trademark tape delay to the voice. Expect dark billowing avant-rock for bleak times. 

Irma Vep
No Blues Handshakes

Irma Vep is the solo venture of Edwin Stevens, a Manchester music stalwart who can be spotted in various of the city’s bands, including Klaus Kinski and Desmadrados Soldados Des Ventura. No Blues Handshakes is a ten track set of personal songs for (mostly) guitar and voice), taking Stevens’ Welsh hometown as the central inspiration. Released on CD and vinyl by Faux Discx.

Lab Coast
Lab Coast

Lab Coast have been doing their sweetly-flavoured DIY guitar pop thing for almost a decade now, so it’s a good time for this release to land. Lab Coast is a kind of introduction to the group, featuring tracks from throughout their career that have been hand-picked by Lab Coast and Dan Reeves of Faux Discx. What an excellent collection of lo-fi loveliness.


Monotony have apparently become an actual band only reluctantly: initially they started out just making some deliberately simple punk songs (five written in an hour they say). People seem to like it though, so here is Monotony’s debut release, a self-titled 12” EP containing six songs. 300 copies only, on Faux Discx. All members also play in Sauna Youth.


NYC's proud lineage of jangle nods in approval as Rips make a chiming rock record full of watery guitar hooks and ramshackle virtuosity. Recorded at a scruffy fidelity with a half-snarly, half-sad vocal clamouring its way through the riffs, they make the kinda summer sentimentality you'll like as fans of Horsebeach, Hoops and Beach Fossils.

I’m A Bastard

Brighton-based crew Sealings play a form of post-punk rock wherein the guitars often sound like they are trying to pull far away from the martial rule of the drum-machine / bass guitar rhythm section. Add in some hazed vocals and you have I’m A Bastard, a strong debut. LP released by Faux Discx in collaboration with Italian Beach Babes.

Sex Hands

Sex Hands were formed by three childhood friends from the North Wales coast. After relocating to Manchester, Alex, Dylan and Edwin played their first show in 2011 on the Comfortable on a Tightrope stage at SFTOC, Salford. A month later Joe Logan of Waiters was recruited for his sweet bassy licks and amazing posture. From then on the band has been on a rock 'n' roll whirlwind, playing shows with the likes of Trumans Water one night and The Babies the next. After their previous releases which include a split 7" with Daily Life (on the Icecapades label, which features artwork by Sex Hands own Alex Humphreys and Manchester artist Lucy Jones) as well as the self released mini album, Season One (Giant Hell), this is Sex Hands proper-real-life-hi-fi-fully-rockin'-full-length record on Faux Discx/Negative Space. With artwork by Manchester based artist Mike Redmond that compliments the bands rough around the edges, scorched pop rock, PLEH is 13 tracks of non-stop melody mashed fun time hug and roll hits. Influences include The Clean, Pixies and Weezer. Sex Hands are not a garage pop band, they have never practiced in a garage. They never practice.

Sweet Williams
Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight

Sweet Williams are one of Brighton’s finer guitar-based bands, and they’ve now clocked up a second full-length LP. Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight has Thomas House leading his crew into a full array of tightly-coiled songs, with plenty of blasted heft and sharp howl to go around. This is the good stuff. Edition of 500 180g LPs from Gringo Records and Faux Discx.

Teardrop Factory
Thrash In The Heart

Fuzz rock layabouts Teardrop Factory's debut record, 'Thrash in the Heart', isn't quite as metal as it sounds, especially when you consider their last release was called 'Topshop EP' (named one of Norman Records' singles of the year). Instead, the band offer a great deal of affection for the loose and careless indie rawk of the 90s, as well as the noisier ventures that came with it - My Bloody Valentine name-drops are imminent. 'Thrash in the Heart' was recorded in the band's bathroom, and it shows. It's being released on Faux Discx.    Tracks: 3AM Coke Dream Bleed Peel Slowly A Way Away Taste Like Medicine Deeper + Deeper Ex-Friends Now We Shatter Colour of Bones Circles Spider Baby Superimposed Fake Tan

Trust Punks
Double Bind

Get ready for some noisy, young avant punk courtesy of New Zealand group; Trust Punks. Double Bind is a tight rock album which isn’t afraid to go off and do its own thing; from deep, menacing tunes to simple chord punk rock that's most reminiscent of the Women/Viet Cong/Preoccupations axis. There’s a hint of Krautrock in the drumming and the swirling guitars and it reminds me of bands like TOY or Can, whilst keeping that punk rock energy throughout.