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As leaves crunch 'neath our feet and we remember how to turn on the central heating we take a browse through the latest records to soundtrack the months where we never see daylight. 
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Alvarius B
With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven - Vol. 1 Natural Wonder

Alvarius B is of course Alan Bishop, formerly of Sun City Girls and now going his own way. With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven is a series of three albums released simultaneously, and Volume One is reportedly the most melodic of the trilogy. Vinyl release from Abduction, with an inner sleeve containing all of Alvarius’s curious lyrics.
  • Vinyl LP (ABDT059ALP)
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Higher Moment / Amnesia

AMOR is the Glaswegian live disco group that most notably (surprisingly?) features Richard Youngs, with the rest of the outfit being made up of Luke Fowler, Paul Thomson and the double-bass-playing Michael France Duch. Higher Moment / Amnesia is fantastic stuff, with elastic double bass twisting itself around piano, Youngs’ ecstatic vocals, and a dead-on rhythm. 12” on Night School.

Arvo Pärt
Fur Alina

Arvo Part is a contemporary classical composer who just cuts through the barriers, being experimental enough to attract a certain audience and sheerly beautiful enough to entrance another. Mississippi here present a collection of their very favourite Part pieces, scored for a variety of groupings, from solo piano to string quartet. Spiritual minimal beauty from a master. The Fur Alina LP is housed in a lovely gold-ink sleeve.

Phantom Brickworks

What has Bibio in store for us this time? Lo-fi pastoral electronics, hi-fi Clarkalike bangers, dollops of disco or some of his peculiar, warm-spirited hybrids of the lot? In fact, Stephen Wilkinson’s new offering unexpectedly consists of semi-improvised, rather long pieces (up to 17 minutes). As the title Phantom Brickworks sort of suggests, these unhurried fellows reflect on the shifting meanings and associations of places as time passes. Another feather for Steve’s bow!

A Flame My Love, A Frequency

French multi-instrumentalist Cecile Schott returns to Thrill Jockey with her seventh full length album as Colleen. A large step away from her usual sound palette, Schott replaces her viola da gamba with synthesizers and electronic processes, opening new worlds to explore. Available on both LP and CD.

Joli Mai

Daphni presents a new album! The club-dance project of Dan Snaith (also the maestro behind Caribou) recently released a Fabriclive mix that was made up of fragments of unreleased new Daphni tracks… Well now some of those tracks have been extended, completed and released, in the form of Joli Ma. Sleek and human stuff, as ever from Snaith.
  • Vinyl Double LP (JIAOLONG22LP)
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Superlative Fatigue

Errorsmith hasn’t issued an album for thirteen whole years, but guess what… now he is! Superlative Fatigue arrives bursting at the seams with inventive synth sounds: Errorsmith’s Erik Wiegand has spent much of the last decade literally inventing synths and plug-ins. The record is also full of joy and good times: two LPs-worth of them in fact. Delicious stuff, out on PAN.


Ganglions are part of the wonderful scene(s) surrounding Sheffield DIY venue Audacious Art Experiment, and are consequently having their second EP released through Audacious’ label. Thirsty is a suite of tightly-tangled math-rock with indie-pop male-female harmony vocals, all sounding nice and direct. Edition of 100 cassettes.

Golden Teacher
No Luscious Life

This here blurb writer thought that this band had broken up. He’s very happy to have been proved wrong. Anyone who has ever seen Glaswegian sextet Golden Teacher live can attest to their brilliance. Featuring members of Silk Cut and Ultimate Thrush, the group’s hyper-rhythmic acid tests are true dance music in the way they sweep you up in these great rushes of feeling. This, their seventh record but first LP, was recorded at old haunt the Green Door Studio.

Morning Velvet Sky

Gulp return with their first new material in three years. The duo feature Super Furry Animal Guto Pryce and Lindsey Leven. Morning Velvet Sky is a taster for their yet-to-be-named second album due next year. This limited edition 12” features a Richard Norris (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve) dub mix and dancefloor remix.

Harry Pussy
A Real New England Fuck Up

Miami-based noise rock trio Harry Pussy were active for 5 years in the mid-’90s. They left a legacy of three influential albums and clutch of EPs. In 1998 year after they split, a slew of live recordings were released that displayed the band’s ferocity and energy. Now, A Real New England Fuck Up adds to those releases, capturing the trio at their blistering best. LP with extensive liner notes, limited to 500 copies.


On their fourth album, Matterhorn, Michigan-based psych-rockers, Heaters have aimed high. They want to trump previous creative successes such as Holy Water Pool and Baptistina with their dynamic and precisely crafted sound. Since the aforementioned Baptistina, Heaters are re-energised by a line-up reshuffle with founding member Andrew Tamlyn leaving to form Fyrrh.

Helena Hauff
Have You Been There, Have You Seen It

Amazingly finding time to produce new music in between appearing at every single festival and club this summer, Hamburg’s finest Helena Hauff hops from Werk Discs to Ninja Tune proper with a new single. As you might well expect, industrial, electro and acid influences splatter across this muscular batch of top-shelf dark room bangers, but with plenty of light and mischief thrown into the mix to keep things fresh. 

Jason Williamson
Grammar Wanker: Sleaford Mods 2007–2014

Jason Williamson’s remarkable lyrics for Sleaford Mods, printed on the page rather than spat into your ears. Grammar Wanker collects together all the pieces from recent albums and singles, as well as highlights of early material dating back to 2007. Have fun counting all the mentions of the word ‘piss’!

John T. Gast
Inna Babalon

Slightly spooked electronic dancing tracks from John T. Gast, who might possibly have something to do with Dean Blunt / Inga Copeland / Hype Williams? Might not though, it’s genuinely unclear and murky, just like the quality tracks of Inna Babylon. Just 100 copies of this release out there, on hand-stamped cassette tape. Courtesy of 5 Gate Temple.

Julian Cope
Rite At Ya

Rite At Ya is a collection of 4 monumental cosmic jams from the Arch Drude, Julian Cope. It’s the 5th in the series of Rite albums, which he began putting out in the early ‘90s. The music contained here dates from 1993 to the present day. This will swallow you whole and spit you back out. A thoroughly worthwhile experience after trudging through the daily grind. CD only on Head Heritage.

Leonard Cohen
New Skin For The Old Ceremony

Cohen’s fourth album sees him adopting a richer sound palette than the more spartan and downbeat trio of records that preceded it. Chelsea Hotel #2 is the one everyone knows, but the 1974 disc is full of fan favourites such as Who By Fire, Field Commander Cohen and Lover Lover Lover. The lyrical content ranges from the intimately personal to the broadly existential, leavened with plenty of deadpan humour. This vinyl reissue includes a download code.

Lolina (Inga Copeland)

Self-released 10” from the former Hype Williams member under her Lolina moniker, last heard on wax on the baffling Live in Paris. Previously barely available as an edition-of-30 Australian tour CDR, it includes two vocal tracks and an instrumental, all sparse, dry, and brutally concise. Simultaneously delivers razor-sharp directness and inscrutability.

California Blue / Rock Yr Baby

California Blue/Rock Yr Baby by Luna is a 7” featuring two cover versions and will be released alongside the band’s new album A Sentimental Journey. Side A, California Blue is a cover of a song written by ELO’s Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty and Roy Orbison which was originally released on Roy Orbison’s 1989 ‘comeback’ LP Mystery Girl. The band claimed to have eschewed Jeff Lynne’s production style instead opting for a sound akin to Pavement’s off-kilter country classic, Range Life. The B-Side contains a cover of George McCrae’s disco classic and recent Luna live favourite Rock Yr Baby.

Lonesome Cowboy Bill

Luna’s Dean Wareham hooked up with his friend Cheval Sombre to record an album of western themed songs. Lonesome Cowboy Bill is one of two 7” singles to be released by Feral Child. Throughout Dean Wareham’s career with Galaxie 500 and Luna, the influence of the Velvet Underground has been apparent. Here, with Luna, he doffs his cap by covering the Doug Yule-penned song from the Velvet Underground’s Loaded album. On side B, Cheval Sombre gives us his interpretation. The album is due in 2018, until then you can enjoy Luna's more recent LP A Sentimental Education.

Mass Datura
Sentimental Meltdown

Mass Datura are ready to give the world their first full length statement. This London group is built up around Canadian frontman Thomas Rowe, and they have crafted some rather epic constructions around his multi-faceted songs. Heavy and psychedelic, folky and intimate: Sentimental Meltdown has it all. On All Types Of Slime Records.
  • Vinyl LP (5052442012191)
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Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band
Adios Senor Pussycat

One of the UK's most underrated yet much loved amongst those in the know songwriters Michael Head has a storied history in bands like the Pale Fountains, Shack and the remarkable Michael Head and the Strands. This is his first new material in over 11 years and it will be a joy to hear his music again. It's poetic and romantic and draws comparisons to Love, the La's and Nick Drake but with a ragged, workingman edge that ensures what he lacks in national treasure status is made up for with an enthusiastic cult following. 

Not Waving
Good Luck

London based Italian Alessio Natalizia returns to Diagonal with his ninth full length as Not Waving. Keeping in line with his abstracted and experimental take on club culture and EBM, Good Luck distills the oddness into catchy twisted pop. Well, almost, this stuff is pure freedom, from acidic punky techno to cheeky pop with a love of rave. Features the single Where Are We with Marie Davidson.

Sentiment Of Callousness

Only the heaviest industrial techno from OAKE, the Berlin-based duo with a murky experimentalism guiding their productions. Sentiment Of Callousness is a four-track EP inspired by a brutal year, and it channels that year into some fully-loaded slammers that are dense like fog. 12” EP on the SNTS label.

Pia Fraus
Field Ceremony

Estonian dream-pop shoegazers Pia Fraus enter their 20th year with the release of Field Ceremony, their first album in 10 years. Sweeping melodies glide over ethereal instrumentation whilst their gaze is fixed to their feet. If you like My Bloody Valentine, Chapterhouse, The Pastels or The Pale Saints, you should probably give this a go.

Robert Crotty & Loren Connors
Robert Crotty With Me: Loren's Collection (1979-1987)

Around the same time Connors laid down his first primal solo guitar albums at his home in Daggett Street, New Haven, he recorded these duos with visiting local bluesman, Robert Crotty. Connors revered the elder guitarist, and with his trademark vocal moan audible beneath Crotty’s more sonorous singing, there’s a sense of a teacher / apprentice relationship between the two. This collection of standards and improvisations is available as a double CD, or an LP with a bonus CD. 

Rod Modell
Dawn, Dusk, and Darkness

Rod Modell, who as DeepChord has been responsible for a colossal amount of quality dub techno over the years, here presents a book of photography for the first time. Dawn, Dusk, and Darkness contains personal photographs of Barcelona, and is accompanied by a CD of Barcelona field recordings and related audio moods by Modell. Book with CD on 13/Silentes.

Snow Palms
Origin and Echo

Snow Palms is a project of David Sheppard (he also wrote an acclaimed Brian Eno biography) that focuses on the rich power of mallet instruments, exploiting the fabulous combination of melodicism and percussion that these instruments (think marimbas and metallophones) can provide. Origin And Echo is full of excellent intuitive compositions, and is released by Village Green.


Funf is Teleman’s third release following 2014’s Breakfast and 2016’s Sanity - two pretty neat albums, it has to be said. The EP is also their most experimental work. The band decided to throw themselves a curve ball, well, five curve balls to be exact. They worked with a different producer for each track on the EP, picking them all from electronic and dance backgrounds. The producers involved were Timothy J. Fairplay, Oli Bayston of Boxed In, Moscoman, Bullion and Ghost Culture. The result is still Teleman-esque but seasoned slightly differently, which was the band’s aim.

Thom Yorke
Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

Originally released 5 seconds ago, here's a white vinyl luxury re-issue of the album Thom originally released on Bit Torrent in his latest attempt to re-badge the music industry. The music on record makes no such grand statements, comprised of some of Yorke's most minimal and quiet electronic work yet, continuing his descent from dramatic synth artist on 'The Eraser' and modest groover on 'AMOK' to something of an electronica hybrid artist. Out in time for Christmas. 

Tokyo Flashback

Tokyo Flashback is a compilation by the legendary P.S.F. Records label, the number one location for underground experimental psychedelic rock from Japan in the nineties. The first volume was released in 1991, and it contains tracks by Mainliner, Michio Kurihara’s White Heaven, and Kousokuya, as well as label mainstay Keiji Haino, in two different forms. Lovely remastered vinyl reissue from Black Editions.

World Of Pooh
The Land Of Thirst

Cult classic underground indie-pop from San Francisco's World Of Pooh. 1989’s The Land Of Thirst was in fact the only album they were ever able to release, and has been vanishingly rare in physical editions for a long time now. But this record is so brimming with interesting and exciting indie action, it really needed a reissue. And here it is! On Starlight Furniture Co.

Blank Tape

Don’t worry folks, the newest album from worriedaboutsatan isn’t actually a Blank Tape conceptual release: although it is in cassette format, it is also filled with music. worriedaboutsatan have always been great at creating evocative atmospheres with their semi-ambient post-rock \ electronica, and Blank Tape fully delivers. Released by Spun Out Of Control.